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Wallace and Gordon win High Cascades 100

The fifth annual High Cascades 100 rolled out under sunny skies but considerably warmer temperatures than previous years in the low to mid nineties. The extreme heat took its toll on many racers with a record 60 DNF's although the overall finish rate was still a healthy 85%. Beginning and ending at Bachelor Village, the sold-out event treated finishing racers to grilled burgers with all the fixin's along with plenty of local brew.


Cory Wallace (Kona) got his first ever win at an NUE Series race completing the 100-mile course in just 7:39:54.

"The NUE series is something I've always intended on being part of so it was nice to finally get down to one of the events," said the 30-year-old Wallace.

The race started with an unfortunate incident as favorite and last year's winner Barry Wicks (Kona) crashed hard on his collarbone and abandoned the race.

"We had both been racing on the road at the Cascades Cycling Classic all week and had been looking forward to riding together on this day. To see him go down sucked, and it was hard as hell not to stay there with him, but he's a tough guy and I knew he would be all right," said Wallace.

"It took a while to get back into race mode after the accident as my teammate Sean Babcock and I rode together for the first couple hours in the fifth and sixth positions. For the next three hours, I would pick off riders one by one but could never get the gap below two minutes to race leader, 2011 NUE Champion Christian Tanguy (Team CF)."

On the descent after Lava Lake, Wallace saw puffs of dust indicating Tanguy was not afar ahead. With 20 miles to go, Wallace caught and passed him as Tanguy pulled over to let him by.

"I pushed hard up the climb to get a gap on Tanguy, who was riding really well, and then cruised the descent at a conservative pace to avoid crashing or having mechanicals," said Wallace.

Wicks went to the ER, where doctors confirmed his broken collarbone, but he returned later to congratulate his teammates and race finishers. Just four minutes later, 38-year-old Tanguy finished second at 7:43:26.

"I started to hear braking noises from behind so I pulled over to the side and Cory flew by," said Tanguy. "The next two hours it took to get to the finish was a real struggle but I did not fall apart, pushing all the way to the line. I had a great time and hope I will have the opportunity to race here again."

Michael Tobin (G-Fit), 50, finished third in 7:56:09. Five minutes later, Carey Smith (Team CF) crossed the line in 8:01:35. Evan Plews (Reall Racing) suffered a flat tire that set him back to fifth place at 8:03:57 with the British National Marathon Champion Neal Crampton (Torq Performance)rounding out the top six at 8:12:34.

Perhaps the most amazing finish of the day was 13-year-old Brian Hart Jr. (Hapi-Go) who finished 12:57:33 riding his 26-inch full-suspension Giant Trance X. Hart Jr. became the youngest NUE finisher ever coming in 150th out of 230 starters in his division.

"This was my first 100-mile race, but it was more like a training ride than a race for me. The longest one I had finished until today was a 62-mile race two weeks ago. It also had over 11,000 feet of climbing. My only goal was to finish. I got tired but it was fun."


"We were all together until we got to the first dirt section, and then there was just like a plume of dust. I saw Alice and I passed her and then I never saw her again. I took a spill coming around Bachelor which kind of hurt and my chain jammed. I was freaking out but I got that fixed. Then, at about mile 75, my stomach really started feeling bad but I rolled into Edison, got some Coke and some food, and from there on it was pretty much survival."

Following her fourth place finish last year, Jana Repulski (Broken Spoke Cycling) improved to finish second this year in 9:40:14 and then, 10 minutes later, Jennifer Shultz (Balance Point Racing/Fresh Air) in at 9:51:59, among just three to finish in sub-10 hours.

"A 100-miler has been on my bucket list for the last five years, and I finally decided to make it happen this year." Schulz has stage racing finishes that include the BC Bike Race (2011-first) and Trans Rockies 3 (2012-third). "This race was very challenging with the extreme heat and I definitely learned a lot about pacing and nutrition. I rode hard and reminded myself to smile and enjoy the experience. I am definitely pumped about a third place finish and can't wait for my next 100-miler!"

Alice Drobna (Webcyclery, CycleSoles) improved to finish fourth at 10:02:45 following her fifth place finish last year. Twenty-five minutes later, Nicole Dolney (Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club) finished 10:27:54. Last year's race winner, Alice Pennington (Team S&M/Kona) took sixth this year in 10:41:19.

Although she was not among the top finishers this year, 16-year-old Susannah Hart (Hapi-Go), finished her first 100-mile race becoming the youngest girl to complete an NUE Series race. Adding to the wow factor, she chose a 29" hardtail Redline Monobelt singlespeed with a Gates Carbon belt-drive and 39/22 gearing.

"I switched out my 1.9" rear tire for 2.2 for better traction the day before the race and my favorite part was from Swampy aid station to Skyliner (mile 30-41). There was a nice long downhill were I had a good opportunity to sing some hymns. I enjoy doing this. It makes me very happy and helps keep my mind off the race. Lava Lake was so beautiful! The best part about these long races is the camaraderie you get from riding with other people."


AJ Linnell (Fitzgerald's Bicycles/Misfit Psycles) made it two in a row in the singlespeed race. Gerry Pflug (Team CF) who has earned a commanding lead in the NUE series with four wins and just one second place finish behind Linnell at Tatanka. Ten minutes later, Joe Santos (Cyclepath) finished second at 8:53:10 on his 32/19.


Fifty-year-old Tim Phillips (Broken Spoke) captured a very narrow victory in 9:23:47, just one minute ahead of 55-year-old Marland Whaley (Red Barn Bicycles) who placed second at 9:24:50. 51-year-old Jerry Lentz (Hutchs of Bend) took third place in 10:06:54. Less than a minute later, David Saurman (Fitzgerald's Bicycles) rolled into fourth place in 10:07:00.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cory Wallace (Kona)7:39:54
2Christian Tanguy (Team CF)0:03:32
3Michael Tobin (G-Fit)0:16:15
4Cary Smith (team cf)0:21:41
5Evan Plews (Reall Racing)0:24:03
6Neal Crampton (Torq Performance)0:32:40
7Peter Watson (Balance Point Racing)0:33:31
8Brett Nichols (World Cycle/Scott)0:39:49
9Josh Oppenheimer (TruWhip Cycling)0:47:24
10Clint Muhlfeld (Sportsman & Skihaus Cycling Team)0:49:40
11Matt Woodruff (Kuhl/Rocky Mountain)0:51:42
12Sean Babcock (Kona/Sellwood Cycle Repair)0:56:38
13Todd Meier (Red Lantern Racing)0:56:46
14Adam Wirth1:10:58
15Brent Gorman (
16Justin DeMallie (Filth & Fury)1:11:24
17Dale Cook (Two Wheeler/Specialized)1:12:12
18Nelson Snyder (Cyclepath Racing)1:13:17
19John Weathers (Sunset Cycles)1:15:11
20Tyler Miller (Hammer Nutrition)1:24:04
21Mark Schafer (Eastside Cycles)1:26:08
22Patrick Means (Team S&M)1:26:25
23Scott Bradway (Team S & M)1:35:39
24Dan Henderson1:38:55
25Steven Williams (GS Tenzing)1:42:03
26Trevor Norland (Team Dirt)1:45:05
27Cory Bolen (Team Eastside Cycles - Boise)1:47:49
28Owen Murphy1:50:11
29brant buchholz (therapeutic associates PDX)1:52:00
30Patrick Nagler (Broken Spoke Cycling)1:54:02
31Justin Hill (none)1:54:17
32Dan Watson (Gentle Lovers)1:55:00
33Josh Cady (Moots)1:55:27
34Dave Byers (Fitzgerald's Bicycles / Athlete360)2:00:49
35Tony Buoncristiani2:00:58
36Jeff Malnick (Above Category Racing)2:03:52
37paul miers (Reno Wheelmen)2:04:38
38Zach Powell (Joyride Cycles - Boise)2:13:50
39Sean Hassinger (Broken Spoke Cycling)2:14:55
40Troy Mayr (Incycle)2:16:17
41Joseph Williams (Team Williams)2:19:05
42Darby Benson2:19:26
43Rex Johnson2:20:58
44Alex Wilson (Recycled Cycles)2:21:14
45Josh Kobobel2:22:40
46Jesse Luckett (Cyclepath Racing)2:24:11
47kevin chandler2:24:45
48Tom Oconnor2:26:29
49Seth Barnard (Service Course Velo)2:30:50
50Marc-Francois Bradley (Sophrona)2:31:58
51Jason Bond (
52Martin Ayling (8th Street posse)2:38:27
53Rusty Dodge (Fanatik Bike Co.)2:44:11
54Doug Turnbull (Tensegrity PT Cycling)2:45:29
55BJ Albertson2:45:34
56Trevor Ashenbrener (The Bike Hub)2:49:29
57John Williamson2:49:30
58Thomas Hainisch2:51:41
59Kelly Gillespie (Das Radhaus)2:52:53
60David Buchler (n/a)2:55:02
61Doug Higley2:56:28
62Daniel Hall (Singletrack Racing Development)3:01:57
63Matt Green (Team Eastside Cycles)3:02:14
64Bryan Warnock (Team Eastside Cycles)3:03:48
65Damon Runbreg3:08:50
66tom williamson (MAC Cycling)3:10:44
67Michael Conway3:10:46
68Lee Newkirk (Fischer Plumbing)3:10:47
69Matthew Perry3:10:48
70Robert Wilson (Renton Center Cycle.)3:16:10
71Chris Calhoun3:16:11
72Michael Kosmala (Team S+M)3:16:13
73David Baker (sunnyside sports)3:18:15
74Joe Feider3:19:02
75Bradlee Herauf3:26:29
76David DiMarco (Slocum)3:27:40
77David Tsai (Slocum Race Team)3:27:41
78Mark Ely (Fischer Plumbing)3:27:55
79Andy Anderson (Bike Hub)3:27:56
80Casey Hill3:28:05
81Matthew Krahn (Brass Monkeys)3:30:11
82Jody White3:30:14
83Raino Zoller3:30:37
84Nate Frederickson (Pain Cave Productions)3:33:28
85Rick Holscher (Eastside Cycles)3:36:02
86Jeremy Larsen (Rose Bike)3:40:26
87Mike Pease (Iron Horse Brewery)3:43:29
88Mike Conroy (MOX Multisport)3:44:43
89Todd Olsen (Bigfoot Bicycle Club)3:45:05
90Barry O'Connor3:51:08
91Lloyd Connelly (DNR)3:52:01
92Anthony Cree (Snoqualmie Valley Velo)3:54:20
93robert lee (filth and fury)3:56:35
94Bob Reininger3:57:31
95Jeb Sorom (Momentum Brewing)3:58:44
96Mark Roughgarden (Switchback Magazne p/b Clif Bar)4:05:59
97Brian White4:06:26
98Abram Ditman (Victory Velo)4:06:28
99scott carroll (Team Dirt)4:06:58
100David Town4:07:23
101Andy Kunkler4:08:19
102Jay Swavely (Camas Bike and Sport)4:10:26
103Keith Doyle (Rock n Roll)4:10:38
104Dodi Nov (Fischer Plumbing Cycling)4:11:34
105James Kerr4:12:07
106Greg Schutt4:12:12
107Darin Cole4:13:02
108Doug Howe (Blackjack Mob)4:14:16
109Dean Hastriter (George's)4:15:07
110Matthew Chappell (Big Chicken Racing)4:20:02
111Jeff Clausen (Deschutes Brewery)4:25:49
112Spencer Cheng (North American Velo)4:26:46
113David Hassinger (Broken Spoke)4:27:28
114Eric Newman (Team Guitar Lab)4:29:09
115Sam Costello (Olympia Orthopedic Associates)4:29:11
116Erich Weiter4:29:29
117Doug Schultz4:30:52
118Mark Miskowiec (Sunnyside Sports)4:30:57
119Chris Pemberton4:31:23
120Darrell Finlayson4:33:15
121Steve West (Hutch's)4:36:41
122Don Petersen4:37:10
123Brian Vierra4:39:15
124Ryan Kelly (Voler/Bicycle Centres)4:39:51
125Peter Tang (Jet City Velo)4:40:01
126John Monroe4:40:03
127Robert Spies4:41:19
128Brian Roddy (Rolf Prima)4:43:25
129Dan Sheerin (Slocum race team)4:47:32
130Andrew Gendler (Team Eastside Cycles)4:49:50
131Tim Nelson4:50:43
132Denis Glenn4:51:02
133John Race (Northwest Mountain School)4:51:16
134Keith Bell4:51:37
135Christian Martin (River City Bicycles)4:51:38
136Trey Jackson (Team Dirt)4:52:02
137Walter Coburn (Center cycle Renton)4:52:26
138Tim Krigbaum4:52:27
139sean fitzpatrick (victory velo)4:53:30
140Mark Press (Kickin' Cancer)4:55:13
141cameron coker (Alliance P & O)4:56:34
142Ted Lamb (Rebound Tireless Velo)5:07:41
143Robert Trombley (Switchback Magazine presented by ClifBar)5:07:45
144Andrew Wilcox5:12:29
145Matt Hickey (Cascade Couriers/ Bend Velo)5:13:35
146Steve Langenderfer (Cascade Couriers/Bend Velo)5:14:35
147brian engel (brass monkeys)5:14:57
148Chris Breemer5:15:01
149tomas patek (World Cycle & XC Ski)5:15:02
150Brian Hart, Jr (Hapi-Go!)5:17:39
151Colin Martin (Toyota Forklift)5:18:13
152David Shaeffer (Hammer and Cycle)5:26:32
153Matthew Wood5:26:34
154Brett Andres (Stumptown Cycling)5:26:36
155Steve Villareale (Metal on Metal)5:26:58
156Ken Sinclair5:30:22
157Eric Holm (Rasmussen BIke Shop)5:32:29
158Shawn Gore5:33:01
159Rich Wilson (center cycle /
160Mark Burriesci (Betos Brothers)5:39:01
161Lorin Hayden (Kickin' Cancer)5:41:31
162Bruce Fiestner (Kickin' Cancer)5:41:38
163Andy Throckmorton5:44:14
164Ross Doyle (Rock n Roll)5:49:23
165Brett Luelling (Portland Bicycle Studio)5:51:11
166Erik Denninghoff (Team DNR)6:00:18
167Dale Pankey6:00:45
168Nate Chapman (Cycling Through the Centuries)6:02:05
169Bradley Herman6:09:44
170Craig Zirzow (Miracle Racing)6:10:19
171zachary smith6:10:20
172Jeff Lahti (Stumptown Cycling Club)6:20:53
173Derek Leckrone (Vet Bike)6:26:49
174Carl Russell6:28:18
175Richard Haight6:36:01
176Shane Parker (The Spokesmen)6:37:11
177Tom Parker6:40:15
178Dan Fitzpatrick (Slocum)6:40:33
179Alan Greenbaum6:41:40
180Bill Haase6:41:41
181Damon Toth7:03:22
182Steve Campbell7:06:57
183Thad Miller7:08:54
184Bill Sudermeier7:20:20
185Sten Swanston7:20:40
186Craig Nadel (Live Medium/Groove Labs)7:24:34
187eugene Nicholson8:02:54
DNFBarry Wicks (Kona)
DNFKirk Dickerson
DNFGarry Falor
DNFBrandon Garlington
DNFIan Graves (BPS)
DNFMathew Holter
DNFNicholas Jackson
DNFJosh Kenyon
DNFJason Newell
DNFSwanson Shane (Eurosports)
DNFBill Thompson (Summit Performance Coaching)
DNFPeter Vraniak
DNFPeter Leavitt (Wattie Ink Elite Team)
DNFRyan McGlone (Boneyard Cycling Team)
DNFErik Anderson (Victory Velo Racing)
DNFBill Chang
DNFColin Chisholm
DNFJoseph Flannery
DNFScott Fleck (Hammer Down Mountain bike Team)
DNFScott Gerwig
DNFDale Grandlic (Attachmate-SnoValley Velo)
DNFLynn Green (NA)
DNFDavid Hill (Team Dirt)
DNFSean Jennart (Team Hilti NW)
DNFCharles Kim
DNFDwayne King
DNFDave Kolthoff (Team Mito Canada)
DNFThadeus Lund (Lund Chiropractic)
DNFMarc Lutz (Scorpius Cycles)
DNFShawn MacKenzie
DNFMichael Prochaska (Pensar Development, Inc.)
DNFseth ramsey (Rebound / R.E.P.)
DNFKevin Reinkensmeyer
DNFTodd Reitmeier
DNFDamon Roberts (Chinook Cycling, Yakima)
DNFBob Stephens (Corsa Concepts)
DNFAndrew Stines
DNFJason Trock (MOX Multisport)
DNFStephen Ushy (Balance Point Racing)
DNFscott whaley (Fischer Plumbing)
DNFKarsten Zuendel
DNFJean-Christian DiStefano
DNFLuke Astell (Mt Stuart Physical therapy)

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Serena Gordon (All Access Racing)9:02:53
2Jana Repulski (Broken Spoke Cycling)0:37:21
3Jennifer Schulz (Balance Point Racing/Fresh Air)0:49:06
4Alice Drobna (Webcyclery, CycleSoles)0:59:52
5Nicole Dolney (Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club)1:25:01
6Alice Pennington1:38:26
7Julie Grialou (Methow Cycle & Sport/ Blue Star Coffee)2:06:45
8Niki Milleson (Rose Bike)2:23:32
9Rachel Millsop (University of West Georgia)2:27:35
10Mary Brown2:29:00
11Michelle Andersen (Mud Honey)2:34:34
12cindy lewellen2:34:36
13Lisa belair-sullivan (
14Julie Urlaub (Taiga Company)3:04:07
15Chantel Astorga3:20:23
16Izette Swan (Team Group Health)3:23:51
17Susan Peithman (River City Women's Team)3:34:22
18Maggie Rising (Team Dirt)3:48:28
19Riva Johnson3:49:34
20Jordan McCoy (Team East SIde Cycles)4:09:47
21Jennifer VanGorder (DART Nuun)4:09:48
22Ronda Sundermeier4:16:36
23Carrie Ward (Sturdy Bitch)4:28:07
24Susannah Hart (Hapi-Go!)5:09:52
25Aimee Furber (Cascade Couriers/ Bend Velo)5:12:07
26Christi Daprano Evans (Southside Cycling)5:14:13
27Meagan Masten (Upper Echelon Fitness)5:40:27
DNFHope Zak (Athletes Lounge)
DNFSharon Hart (Hapi-Go!)
DNFAmber Reiss-Holt

Singlespeed men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1AJ Linnell (Fitzgerald's Bicycles/Pivot Cycles/American Classic)8:42:39
2Joe Santos (Cyclepath)0:10:31
3Doug Andrews0:18:25
4Steven Mills0:28:18
5will sullivan0:44:55
6Dejay Birtch (Ride for Reading, Maxxis, Stans, Pivot)0:56:08
7Ryan Eisele (Reall Racing)1:03:19
8Dax Turner1:04:21
9Matt Zanner (Independent Fabrication)1:20:29
10Aron Yevuta (Victory Velo racing)1:36:38
11Christopher Latura1:43:10
12alex phipps (Broken Spoke Cycling)1:53:00
13Alex Ebright (Pain Cave Productions)2:16:16
14Tiago Reis2:18:13
15Zack Phillips (PCP Racing)2:25:12
16Sean Donovan (Broken Spoke Cycling)2:27:30
17Thomas Schulz2:31:46
18Robert Wilson3:01:23
19Brice Stivers (River City Bicycles)4:45:59
20Carlos Matutes (George's Cycles)4:46:00
21Robert Hutchings (DOD)5:00:49
22Jonathan Baker5:16:01
23Rich Maines (Ergon/Hammer Nutrition)5:49:26
DNFLoren Gard (Cascade Couriers/Bend Velo)
DNFWally Hockman (
DNFWayne Clark

Masters 50+ men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tim Phillips (Broken Spoke)9:23:47
2Marland Whaley (Red Barn Bicycles)0:01:03
3Jerry Lentz (Hutchs of Bend)0:43:07
4David Saurman (Fitzgerald's Bicycles)0:43:13
5kelly smith (Broken Spoke)0:59:37
6David Caplan (
7Wayne Tonning (Multnomah Athletic Club)1:11:26
8Michael Johnson1:25:05
9Bob Grover (Etna Brewing Co./Deslavo Custom Cycles)1:29:08
10Steve Lamerdin1:35:16
11Guy Orozco1:36:22
12Jesse Ferrer1:45:50
13Steve Petersen (Dirty Fingers)1:46:45
14Mark Waechter1:55:07
15Chauncey Curl (CyclePath)2:00:55
16Mark Klinger2:13:35
17michael todisco (Minuteman Road Club)2:22:04
18Terry Winger (Center Cycle Racing Team)2:46:43
19Marc Fortier (
20Page Rost (Eastside Cycles Boise)2:56:09
21Randy Winwood (Nampa Fire)2:57:29
22Frank Benish (W.A.R. Wenatchee Area Racers)2:58:00
23Frank Brummer (team mack)3:05:17
24David Hersey3:17:28
25Chris Tauscher (Rebound Tireless Velo)3:23:50
26William Dan Clements (Outdoor Addictions)3:24:26
27Alan Beattie (Snoqualmie Valley Velo)3:27:22
28michael goudy (Spoke and Wheel Bike Shop)3:30:16
29Michael Van Skaik3:31:07
30Bryan Newberry3:48:42
31Robert Copeland3:51:21
32Michael Cooke (TNR)4:00:20
33Bill Nicholson4:04:55
34Stephen Crozier (Boneyard Cycling)6:19:00
DNFRussell Buschert
DNFglen campbell (Team Penny/Center cycle)
DNFJames Davis (Kick Cancer)
DNFKevin English (WebCyclery)
DNFTerry Patterson (ICO)
DNFSean Stribling
DNFJohn Wright


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