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Bourdevaire and Simril win Grizzly 100

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Big Bear race gets underway

Big Bear race gets underway (Image credit: Trophy Photos)
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The 2014 Big Bear podium

The 2014 Big Bear podium (Image credit: Trophy Photos)
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The 2014 women's Big Bear podium

The 2014 women's Big Bear podium (Image credit: Trophy Photos)
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The 2014 masters Big Bear podium

The 2014 masters Big Bear podium (Image credit: Trophy Photos)
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The 2014 single speed Big Bear podium

The 2014 single speed Big Bear podium (Image credit: Trophy Photos)

Some of the best endurance riders in the state, the lower 48 states, and a number of countries, lined up in the San Bernardino mountains of Southern California for the first-ever National Ultra Endurance (NUE) Big Bear Lake Grizzly 100.

Simril achieves her fourth NUE series win

Brenda Simril, Motor Mile Racing, achieved her fourth win of the NUE race season, in her childhood hometown of Big Bear, cheered on by family and friends. She won the race in 6:30:40 on Saturday, beating Jane Rynbrandt (CTS) and Mary Dannelley. The only possible hurdle in route to Simril’s first NUE series title will be if another racer can get four wins. If that occurs, The Fool’s Gold 100 in September would serve as a tie breaker to determine the 2014 NUE Series Champion.

“When I found out that one of the new races in the series was the Grizzly 100, I was absolutely thrilled. I grew up in Riverside and my family had a cabin up here when I was about 10 years old or so. My sisters were ski instructors and in the mid-80's when they started this new thing called
"mountain biking" during the off-season, so I joined in and started racing up here shortly thereafter.

Bourdevaire tackles the Grizzly and gets the win

It was a close three-man race that came down to the final kilometers but it was 24-year-old Julien Bourdevaire from Team Black Star Racing that won, finishing in 5:00:43. He finished only six seconds ahead of Tinker Juarez (Team Sho-Air) and another 10 seconds ahead of Jason Siegle (Sdg/Felt) in third place.

“It was such a tight race. I’m a thoughtful boy, and, as soon as I start a race, I don’t typically feel any external pressure because I am just focused on my own bubble. But, this time, my opponents and the course layout disturbed my thoughts.

“Ben was the first to blow out and I managed a gap on Tinker, progressively. I didn’t make the breakaway directly because our difference in speed was only about .2 km/h per hour but at the end of about one minute, 30 feet separated us on the top of the climb. Unfortunately, I made an error, as did Tinker, on the skyline, choosing the double track road instead of the single track. As a result, we rode into the finish line with just seconds separating us.”

Andrews is back with his first NUE win of the season

Doug Andrews, 53, made a triumphant return to racing following successful surgery and weeks of recovery after suffering from a twisted small intestine earlier in the season that threatened his life. Andrews was the NUE Masters Champion in 2011, earning the nickname “The Hulk” for his massive victories, often by over two hours on the rest of the Masters field and sometimes within the top ten overall.

He won his race by nine minutes ahead of Alex Hawkins and Robert Meighan (Cal Giant Specialized).

“It’s great to see an NUE event now in Southern California, the Grizzly 100. I was hoping to see other NUE Masters cronies show up, like Marland Whaley, David Jolin or possibly somebody out east like Masse, Sanborn or Herriman. They would have loved it, hopefully next year. For those of you wondering, this course is on par with many of the other great NUE courses and worth the trip out. I plan to be back next year.”

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Julien Bourdevaire (Team Black Star Racing)5:00:43
2Tinker Juarez0:00:06
3Jason Siegle (Sdg/Felt)0:16:50
4Ben Bostrom0:27:57
5Dana Weber (Stage21)0:31:19
6Jean-Louis Bourdevaire (Team Blackstar Racing)0:34:05
7Matt Freeman (Cts)0:36:52
8Greg Gibson (Bear Valley Bikes / Truckerco)0:37:28
9Brian Evans0:40:46
10Mac Brown (Bonk Breaker / Bmc)0:46:11
11Daniel Munoz0:47:30
12Hunter Keating (Harmony Systems/ Trek)0:51:07
13Phil Kelly (All Pro Bicycles Simi Valley Ca)0:53:55
14Brian Roggeveen (Momentum Racing)0:56:34
15Ryan Steers (Pedalers Fork/10 Speed Coffee)1:06:54
16Coley King (Veloworx)1:12:24
17Stuart Gonzalez (Bear Valley Bikes/Honey Stinger)1:12:47
18Kip Biese (Kjbikecoaching)1:17:13
19Romolo Forcino (Chains Required)1:19:03
20Josh Kolbo (Linked Cycling)1:21:36
21Creed De Jager (Don's Bikes)1:26:31
22Ramon Escobar1:28:17
23Austin Klise1:34:35
24Brian Johnson (Dons Bike Shop/Rock Sports Racing)1:34:38
25Lee Simril (Motor Mile Racing)1:52:48
26Nate Adams (Kasel Cycling - Jax Bikes)1:53:59
27Chris Branson (Don's Bikes)1:58:31
28Nathan Heronen (The Path Bike Shop)2:06:17
29Derek Oldfield (Spy/Giant)2:08:58
30Stephan Gratziani2:16:16
31Mark Addy2:16:17
32Max Debrouwer (Herbalife)2:31:34
33Daniel Eitman (Kasel Cycling/Jax Bicycles)2:31:43
34Joe Sprankle (Thinkasg)2:53:00
35Kristian Rauhala (Pear Sports)2:53:51
36Chad Elmer (Chains Required)2:57:53
37Scott English3:25:12
38Thomas Varvaro (Thinkasg)4:51:58

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing)6:30:40
2Jane Rynbrandt (Cts)0:08:13
3Mary Dannelley0:44:38
4Rhonda Geiszler (Phoenix Patriot Foundation/Trek San Diego)1:09:44
5Jonna Palmer (Team Jonna)1:16:25
6Madeline Bemis (Bear Valley Bikes)2:01:25

Singlespeed men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Allan Laframboise (Bike For Bender)5:53:36
2Andre Campos (Nutrishop Orange/ Redmonkey Sportsfullerton Bikes)0:37:45
3Richard Long (Cycle-Smart Grassroots Team)1:00:01
4Raul Tarango2:59:33

Masters men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Doug Andrews6:30:30
2Alex Hawkins0:09:06
3Robert Meighan (Cal Giant Specialized)0:32:44
4Steve Kinney0:36:02
5Jake Winebaum0:41:09
6Robin Brown (Harmony Homes)1:12:27
7Patrick Silva (Pjsduilaw.Com)2:24:21
8Cody Morrow2:42:34

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