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English earns a victory, Willett wins her third

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Women's overall leader Jodie Willett

Women's overall leader Jodie Willett (Image credit: Emily Dimozantos)
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Adrian Jackson leads two other riders during stage 3.

Adrian Jackson leads two other riders during stage 3. (Image credit: Emily Dimozantos)
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The start of stage 3 of the Red Centre - MTB Enduro

The start of stage 3 of the Red Centre - MTB Enduro (Image credit: Emily Dimozantos)

Day two of the Ingkerreke Commercial MTB Enduro led riders along some of the most popular sections of Alice Springs singletrack and in so doing, saw a change of yellow jersey wearer from one 24-hour solo World Champion to another.

The Lasseter's Hotel Casino stage 3 started at the picturesque Alice Springs Telegraph Station amidst the awe-inspiring Ghost Gums and historic buildings of Australia's yesteryear. With little time to take in the sights, competitors were soon powering along a short 2km sealed section before turning onto some rougher 4WD tracks and then into the Kurrajong singletrack area. With an extensive network of well ridden trails, the Kurrajong area is often riders' most popular spot due to the flowing nature of the trails and the fun, technical riding it delivers.

These technical trails suited the reigning 24hr Solo World Champion Jason English as he found he had the legs and technical ability to pull away from his chasers as the 50km stage plaid out. Having gained a short gap on the lead bunch of six riders just after the water stop at the 24km point, English kept his heartrate down and saved his energy for the short punchy climbs whilst still moving fast enough to pull away from the pack.

English ended up winning the stage in 2:17:19 with a healthy margin over second place Ben Randall in 2:19.46 and the yellow jersey wearer at the time Adrian Jackson who finished in 2:20.48.

Jackson is a five-time Mountain Bike Orienteering World Champion, currently holding the sprint and long course titles and won the Red Centre MTB Enduro at Alice Springs back in 2008 but could not match 24hr specialist's speed over the 50km technical course resulting in the yellow jersey swapping from one World Champion to another with English currently leading by a handy two minutes and 48 seconds in the general classifications over Jackson and Ben Randall a further three minutes and 46 seconds behind.

The women's race was slightly less eventful with yellow jersey wearer Jodie Willet making it three for three by adding the stage 3 victory to her stage 1 and 2 wins yesterday. Despite admitting that she had not crashed so many times in a mountain bike race for a long time after crashing three times, Willet handled the technical terrain and loose conditions with enough speed to secure the victory.

After breaking the finish tape Willet as the women's winner she said she did not realise she was in the lead so just kept the pace up from the word go, a tactic that saw her confirm a healthy lead over her nearest rival.

Willet crossed the line in 2:50:01 ahead of second placegetter Jenni King in 2:53:38 and third place getter Rebecca Rusch in 2:56.51.

Speaking to Rusch after the the day's stage, Rusch admitted that she is having the time of her life at the Red Centre saying that, "Today's stage is my favourite cross country race ever!"

Rusch went on to say that she thought stage 1 on Monday was fun, but was really impressed by the quality and flow of the trails in stage 3 and had to keep reminding herself that she was racing and not just here for a recreational ride.

With Willet's third straight stage win, she has confirmed her yellow jersey position with a seven minutes and 52 seconds lead over second place Jenni King with Rusch a further seven minutes and 40 seconds further back in the general classification.

On day three, racers will be transported to a remote start location at the Trephina Gorge for a gruelling 95km race back through the Eastern MacDonnell Ranges to the finish line in Alice Springs. Although some handy leads have been built up in both the men's and women's categories, with four stages and plenty of riding still to go, the race could be taken by anyone of the top five in each category.

Open men 18-39 stage 3
1Jason English2:17:19
2Ben Randall0:02:27
3Adrian Jackson0:03:29
4Andrew Fellows
5Robbie Hucker0:06:09
6Clarke Petrick0:09:15
7Ben Henderson0:10:36
8Jarrad Burrell0:12:00
9Brenton Jones0:14:38
10Peter Butt0:17:13
11Christopher Hanson0:20:36
12Jeremy Inglis0:20:43
13Oliver Klein0:22:32
14Dave Nairn0:23:20
15Ed Holinger0:23:21
16Simon Ball0:24:02
17Chris Herron0:24:24
18Damian McGrath0:24:31
19Damon Wicki0:24:41
20Jamie Burton0:26:02
21James Devonshire0:27:20
22David Johnston0:29:27
23Carl Patton0:31:46
24Kevin Wells0:32:16
25Mark Simpson0:34:27
26Jason Halls0:35:49
27Simon Drew0:36:09
28Jarrad Needham0:36:19
29Jason Hatzimihail0:36:21
30Anthony Shippard0:39:47
31Neil Gledhill0:40:18
32Callum Haigh0:42:45
33Ken Allen0:44:15
34Grant Brow0:44:16
35Chris Cooper0:45:02
36Lloyd Newell0:45:08
37Ben Drew0:45:17
38Phil Mawbey0:45:22
39Vaughan Sketcher0:46:26
40Craig Storey0:50:31
41Adam Taylor0:51:30
42Jason Finlay0:52:06
43Shane Jenkin0:52:59
44David Randabel0:53:11
45Benjamin Bruce0:53:31
46Simon Dec0:54:31
47Adam Kelly0:58:00
48Grant Rieger1:03:49
49Aaron Lee1:05:09
50Jarad Kohlar1:08:38
51Andrew Packer1:08:52
52Kris Bitz1:09:50
53Marcus Neil1:10:07
54Chris Browne1:10:24
55Peter Gill1:10:26
56Nigel Adcock1:10:28
57Hugh Watson1:15:45
58Mick Ross1:17:19
59Chris Jenkins1:17:22
60Sam Stow1:20:06
61Stephen Fortuyn1:21:21
62Andrew Baker1:21:33
63Pete Keach1:22:30
64Adrian Dillon1:31:04
65Leigh Fitzgerald1:34:53
66Gordon Webb1:45:52
67Ashley Dunn1:50:12
68Wayne Dickinson1:52:13
69Jason Hikawai2:00:26
70Carlos Aberasturi2:04:17
71John Macfarlane2:11:36
72David Lee2:12:37
73Kim Mason2:13:59
74David Cooney2:19:56
75Adam Reinhard2:22:40
76Andrew Hearne2:36:38
77Adam Younie2:44:45
78Edmund Hoh4:24:11

Open women 18-39 stage 3
1Jodie Willett2:50:01
2Jenni King0:03:37
3Rebecca Rusch0:06:50
4Jenny Fay0:12:22
5Gracie Elvin0:16:03
6Megan Dimozantos0:19:28
7Rebecca Ormsby0:20:34
8Emma Bradley0:23:57
9Kate Heynes0:33:16
10Melissa Anset0:33:20
11Courtney Shinn0:34:24
12Nikola Terry0:50:08
13Lyndall Smythe0:55:07
14Paula Sutton0:57:05
15Julia Anders1:01:01
16Simone McCallum1:05:16
17Claire Garcia-Webb1:05:17
18Alexandra Stephens1:14:43
19Lisa Quinell1:23:52
20Kim Hearne1:29:05
21Susan Brooks1:30:35

Veteran men 40-49 stage 3
1Paul Darvodelsky2:40:11
2Jason Blair0:05:26
3Mark Winnen0:07:37
4Bill Murphy0:07:52
5Aaron Caden0:09:35
6RIchard Peil0:10:42
7John Whittington0:12:39
8Alan Carpenter0:13:43
9Les Heap0:16:39
10Mark Hardy0:17:19
11Steve Munyard0:17:29
12Johno Fausch0:22:18
13Phil Blum0:30:07
14Peter Svara0:33:33
15Erik Lock0:35:58
16Neil O'Leary0:36:43
17Matt Aldridge0:37:41
18Jim Bettridge0:37:51
19Stuart Taylor0:39:05
20Ken Donovan0:43:00
21Jules Leaver0:45:52
22Damian Tice0:46:55
23Michael Heyburn0:48:14
24Andrew Herod0:48:36
25Mike Valmadre0:52:28
26Wayne Johnson0:54:52
27Andy Everest0:56:23
28Cameron McDougall0:57:23
29Michael Tyrrell0:58:37
30David Henley0:58:56
31David Michelmore1:00:30
32Craig Mitchell1:02:24
33Lester Hamilton1:04:35
34Paul Bevis1:09:01
35Darby Lee1:11:40
36Leon Nardella1:11:57
37Franco Cavalieri1:14:45
38Tim Turner1:16:24
39Ken Moloney1:24:40
40Ron Hollingsworth1:24:47
41Antony Wickham1:29:18
42Ross Mcnally1:29:23
43Drew Quartermaine1:30:11
44Ashleigh Smith1:36:53
45Scott Wood1:42:56
46Jack Heyward1:51:27
47Peter Pearse1:55:17
48Anthony Marker2:00:06
49Mark Obrien2:00:17
50Stephen Brady2:01:14
51Scott Yaxley2:04:11
52David Moyes2:08:22
53Miles Prosser2:20:05
54Paul McDonald2:30:02
55Clive Smith2:30:06
56Jonathan Sutcliffe2:36:17
57Stuart Vassiliou3:17:29
58Andrew Hellier3:50:08

Veteran women 40-49 stage 3
1Kim Beckinsale3:11:08
2Kellie Robinson0:03:44
3Sharon Heap0:09:33
4Jane Ollerenshaw0:24:47
5Karen Fausch0:47:05
6Meg O'Leary1:15:36
7Cas Ryan1:25:40
8Ciara O'Sullivan1:30:16
9Nikki Caldwell2:45:27

Vintage men 50+ stage 3
1John Allison3:02:33
2David McLOSKEY0:01:40
3Bert Floss0:01:43
4Paul Fowler0:02:19
5Charlie Bottero0:07:02
6Finlay Luff0:07:10
7Paul Verheijden0:12:46
8Robert Watson0:13:41
9Bob Banfield0:20:41
10Allan Stancombe0:24:34
11Alf Bluch0:25:15
12Malcolm Lynn0:28:17
13Gus Crichton0:33:41
14Terry Snee0:33:43
15Dave Sutton0:34:29
16Vince Langford0:36:58
17Geoffrey Clarke0:38:25
18Greg Pointing0:39:16
19Gavin Brown0:39:55
20Micheal Lentas0:41:52
21Bruno Wicki0:43:20
22Lindsay Gault0:56:14
23Mark Barrett0:58:44
24Stephen Williamson1:02:25
25Ken Fallaver1:07:34
26Clem Ryan1:17:44
27John Jenkins1:20:05
28John Lascelles1:38:58
29John Skilton1:46:34
30Colin Smith2:04:12
31Shane Mulcahy2:55:56
32Steven Liaros2:56:25

Vintage women 50+ stage 3
1Carolyn Jackson3:39:27
2Ronice Goebel0:10:18
3Jan Leverton0:43:10
4Megan Patey2:07:21

Junior men stage 3
1Billy Sewell3:01:33
2Jack Hazelgrove0:25:30
3Cameron Prosser1:58:40

Men open 18-39 general classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jason English4:42:20
2Adrian Jackson0:02:48
3Ben Randall0:06:34
4Andrew Fellows0:09:55
5Ben Henderson0:11:19
6Robbie Hucker0:15:40
7Clarke Petrick0:20:12
8Brenton Jones0:28:52
9Jarrad Burrell0:30:19
10Peter Butt0:34:03
11David Johnston0:39:14
12Christopher Hanson0:40:24
13Dave Nairn0:44:38
14Jamie Burton0:46:10
15Jeremy Inglis0:48:20
16Oliver Klein0:49:16
17Simon Ball0:49:20
18Chris Herron0:51:44
19Ed Holinger0:54:13
20Damian McGrath0:59:34
21Damon Wicki0:59:43
22Carl Patton1:01:09
23Ken Allen1:04:07
24Mark Simpson1:08:13
25Jason Halls1:10:11
26Simon Drew1:10:15
27Jarrad Needham1:12:16
28Kevin Wells1:14:54
29Neil Gledhill1:15:44
30James Devonshire1:19:37
31Jason Hatzimihail1:19:47
32Lloyd Newell1:20:07
33Grant Brow1:23:45
34Phil Mawbey1:25:49
35Ben Drew1:27:02
36Chris Cooper1:29:18
37Callum Haigh1:30:40
38Anthony Shippard1:33:00
39Vaughan Sketcher1:38:18
40Jason Finlay1:39:28
41Adam Taylor1:44:23
42David Randabel1:51:36
43Mick Ross1:52:40
44Adam Kelly1:54:21
45Benjamin Bruce1:55:23
46Shane Jenkin2:01:32
47Grant Rieger2:10:34
48Kris Bitz2:14:44
49Nigel Adcock2:19:42
50Chris Browne2:19:42
51Peter Gill2:19:53
52Marcus Neil2:26:31
53Chris Jenkins2:34:51
54Pete Keach2:41:14
55Andrew Baker2:48:15
56Stephen Fortuyn2:48:36
57Hugh Watson2:56:02
58Wayne Dickinson3:14:14
59Sam Stow3:15:49
60Leigh Fitzgerald3:24:43
61David Lee3:34:33
62Andrew Packer3:51:13
63Gordon Webb3:52:13
64Jason Hikawai3:56:32
65Ashley Dunn3:57:06
66Carlos Aberasturi4:04:29
67John Macfarlane4:06:20
68Adrian Dillon4:14:36
69Kim Mason4:26:48
70David Cooney4:54:30
71Adam Younie4:55:48
72Adam Reinhard4:56:58
73Andrew Hearne5:11:12
74Edmund Hoh7:19:21

Women open 18-39 general classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jodie Willett5:46:40
2Jenni King0:07:52
3Rebecca Rusch0:15:33
4Gracie Elvin0:22:56
5Jenny Fay0:28:47
6Megan Dimozantos0:43:44
7Emma Bradley0:44:23
8Rebecca Ormsby0:50:08
9Kate Heynes1:00:46
10Melissa Anset1:01:26
11Courtney Shinn1:06:12
12Nikola Terry1:46:40
13Julia Anders1:52:09
14Simone McCallum1:52:28
15Paula Sutton1:56:50
16Lyndall Smythe2:03:20
17Claire Garcia-Webb2:20:55
18Lisa Quinell2:54:31
19Susan Brooks3:09:32

Veteran men 40-49 general classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Paul Darvodelsky5:29:55
2Jason Blair0:08:10
3Bill Murphy0:15:51
4Aaron Caden0:16:39
5Mark Winnen0:19:21
6RIchard Peil0:21:41
7Alan Carpenter0:23:01
8John Whittington0:23:05
9Mark Hardy0:27:01
10Les Heap0:35:14
11Steve Munyard0:44:00
12Johno Fausch0:49:53
13Phil Blum0:58:44
14Peter Svara0:59:46
15Neil O'Leary1:11:37
16Jim Bettridge1:12:57
17Matt Aldridge1:15:16
18Jules Leaver1:17:43
19Erik Lock1:21:03
20Stuart Taylor1:23:40
21Damian Tice1:24:17
22Ken Donovan1:29:39
23Michael Heyburn1:33:58
24Michael Tyrrell1:43:30
25Andrew Herod1:44:45
26Andy Everest1:52:19
27Cameron McDougall1:56:25
28David Michelmore1:56:41
29Craig Mitchell2:09:31
30Paul Bevis2:10:43
31Wayne Johnson2:12:16
32Franco Cavalieri2:20:05
33David Henley2:24:13
34Ken Moloney2:28:47
35Leon Nardella2:30:04
36Darby Lee2:32:50
37Mike Valmadre2:38:50
38Scott Yaxley2:52:47
39Tim Turner2:58:44
40Ron Hollingsworth3:00:04
41Drew Quartermaine3:19:09
42Mark Obrien3:19:46
43Scott Wood3:31:21
44Ross Mcnally3:36:00
45Clive Smith3:55:58
46Stephen Brady3:56:45
47Miles Prosser3:56:53
48Peter Pearse4:07:05
49David Moyes4:20:09
50Anthony Marker4:22:44
51Paul McDonald4:48:13
52Jonathan Sutcliffe5:35:03
53Stuart Vassiliou6:19:45
54Andrew Hellier7:18:57

Veteran women 40-49 general classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kim Beckinsale6:25:14
2Sharon Heap0:09:36
3Kellie Robinson0:20:15
4Karen Fausch1:40:58
5Meg O'Leary2:17:07
6Ciara O'Sullivan2:52:54
7Cas Ryan2:55:24
8Nikki Caldwell5:23:13

Vintage 50+ men general classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1John Allison6:13:14
2Paul Fowler0:09:15
3Charlie Bottero0:15:29
4Robert Watson0:19:11
5Paul Verheijden0:23:50
6Bert Floss0:25:59
7Finlay Luff0:33:23
8Bob Banfield0:43:43
9Vince Langford0:49:08
10Malcolm Lynn0:57:15
11Allan Stancombe0:58:34
12David McLOSKEY0:58:58
13Alf Bluch1:00:26
14Dave Sutton1:03:04
15Geoffrey Clarke1:14:06
16Gus Crichton1:14:26
17Gavin Brown1:19:11
18Terry Snee1:19:17
19Micheal Lentas1:22:22
20Ken Fallaver1:24:13
21Stephen Williamson1:34:22
22Bruno Wicki1:43:01
23Mark Barrett1:49:30
24Lindsay Gault1:50:02
25Greg Pointing2:10:35
26Clem Ryan2:43:17
27John Jenkins2:54:44
28John Skilton3:52:44
29Colin Smith3:59:34
30Shane Mulcahy5:57:39

Vintage 50+ Women general classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carolyn Jackson7:42:53
2Ronice Goebel0:02:31
3Jan Leverton0:56:11

Junior men 18 & under general classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Billy Sewell5:50:56
2Jack Hazelgrove1:18:20
3Cameron Prosser3:36:34

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