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Armstrong and Rusch takes wins in Leadville qualifiers

Rebecca Rusch and Lance Armstrong each took late-race wins in the final Leadville Qualifying Series Race, held on and around Crested Butte Mountain Resort, in the sun-splashed Colorado Rockies on Sunday.

Rusch, winner of the last two Leadville 100 races, used the help of a strong group to erase the advantage of second-place finisher Jenny Smith, catching the solo-riding Gunnison, Colorado-resident about 10 miles from the finish of the 63-mile race that included two giant fire road climbs that rose above 11,000 feet.

Smith did all she could to hold Rusch’s wheel as they speed to the race’s finish, but couldn’t keep pace. Crested Butte local Jari Kirkland was a distant third in a race that had 201 starters, and served as a last chance for wannabe Leadville 100 racers.

About 100 riders earned the chance to contest the famed high-altitude race on August 13, either by placing high in their age category, or winning a spot via a post-race lottery.

Armstrong fell into the former category, winning the overall and his 40-49 age group. But said afterwards that while 63 miles on Sunday was fun, he had no interest in suffering through the 100-miler two weeks from now.

“I’m old and I’m retired,” he said.

But based on Sunday’s action, you would have never known. The seven-time Tour de France champ shut down a one-minute gap to eventual second-place finisher Greg Krause all during the final six-mile singletrack section that wound around the shoulder of Crested Butte Mountain Resort.

“That’s usually not my specialty,” said Armstrong, who was riding a 29er hardtail. “But for some reason today I sort of felt in the groove and was able to come around the guy on the last downhill. That definitely surprised me.”

Armstrong’s winning time of 4:32:31 was just 3 seconds better than Krause. Crested Butte’s Travis Scheefer took third.

Overall the first-year event was hailed a great community success, and organizers say they’ll be back for at least another two years.

“[Crested Butte Mountain Resort] jumped all over this from the word go,” said race director Dave Ochs, who puts on several other local CB mountain bike races throughout the year. “They are really trying to get their bike park rolling and get bike events going here. It’s kind of like Leadville itself, where the idea is to get all types of riders involved.

“They have trail here that are really easy for the newbie tourist types. Or you can throw on the pads and get after it on a bike. It used to be dead up here. But now there’s a huge change and its been unbelievable.”

Overall Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lance Armstrong4:32:21
2Greg Krause0:00:03
3Travis Scheefer0:01:27
4Rebecca Rusch0:19:16
5Chris Muntro0:20:07
6Nate Brown (Summit Velo)0:20:13
7David Schulhofer (Camel Back Cycling / Bicycle Haus Racing)0:21:21
8Chandler Spears (New Mexico Bike-n-Sport)0:21:31
9Jennifer Smith0:22:19
10Jeff Irwin (Alpijne Orthopaedics)0:23:45
11Cameron Brenneman (Bike N Sport Racing)0:24:31
12Nicholas Kempin0:24:42
13Doug Andrews (
14Len Zanni0:27:15
15Scott Frederick (Champion System/Cannondale)0:28:37
16Michael Martin0:28:43
17Stewart Gross0:29:44
18Jon Brown0:29:54
19Rhett Griggs0:30:10
20Jim Parker (GP/Bianchi)0:32:59
21Lance Bolton (Aspen Bike Rentals)0:33:01
22Robb Parsons0:33:19
23Thomas Dooley0:33:54
24Troy Hiatt0:33:55
25Tim Sewell0:34:42
26Paul Tocco0:34:56
27Jari Kirkland0:36:20
28Michael Scott0:36:21
29John Mallow (Ruby Canyon Cycles)0:36:31
30Rob Zillioux0:38:56
31Gordon Watson0:38:57
32Ted Macblane (ajAx tavern)0:38:59
33Jeremy Macgray0:39:32
34Matthew Berdine0:41:29
35Craig Nelson (South Central Racing)0:41:51
36Simon Macgibbon0:42:01
37Jason Stubbe0:42:38
38Drew Geer0:42:50
39Christopher Borton0:44:05
40Jonathan Toner0:44:27
41D.J. Painter (Wheat Ridge Cyclery)0:44:28
42Eric Kollai0:45:25
43Paul Desrosiers0:46:18
44Paul Lara0:46:57
45Paul Rapinz (Rockymounts/Izze)0:47:40
46George Wang0:47:41
47Charles Parmain0:47:41
48Jason Haney0:47:44
49Jon Smith (Quadrille racing)0:48:00
50Eric Juzysta (
51Jonathan Delacey0:50:52
52Jay Prentiss0:50:59
53Zach Bodhane0:53:41
54Kirby Bryant0:53:46
55Justin Reiter0:55:21
56Mark Cowan0:57:02
57Michael Zimski0:57:24
58Aaron Foster0:57:51
59Emilio Cervantes0:58:18
60William Hausdoerffer0:58:32
61Michael Tofel0:59:11
62Seton Claggett1:01:50
63Wade Metzler1:02:37
64Paul Zimski1:03:49
65Aaron Kessler1:04:12
66Andrew Jaffe1:04:43
67Jamie Busch (Ibis/buy-cell)1:05:19
68Taylor Williams1:06:41
69Darin Peery1:06:50
70John Metzger (Duke City Wheelmen)1:07:15
71Karl Beshore1:07:33
72Ryan Thompson (Mad Dog Cycles)1:07:58
73Brad Nielsen1:09:19
74Samuel Sweetland1:11:46
75Beau Jacobs1:13:16
76Rachel Farrett1:13:51
77Jay Sapp1:14:13
78David Johnson1:15:07
79Kip Mikler1:15:41
80Sean Riley1:17:14
81Scott Zarret1:20:21
82Robert Gaffney1:21:20
83Rob Bergstrom1:22:41
84Jeffrey Paffendorf1:24:55
85Marc Mayo (Austin Bikes)1:25:05
86Mark Nielson (Trek Bicycle Superstore Albuquerque)1:25:31
87Landon Longenecker1:25:39
88Adam Karch (N/A)1:26:34
89Sonya Bugbee1:27:42
90Matthew Maienza1:27:47
91Eric Ely1:28:13
92Doug Mcghee1:28:30
93John Cattles1:28:53
94Otley Smith1:29:24
95Mark Zitelli1:32:36
96Brad Doggett1:33:38
97Robert Reed1:34:11
98Shane Carter1:36:06
99Neil Popovich1:36:22
100Matthew Stover1:38:20
101Michael Hillenbrand1:38:46
102Greg Mckennis1:39:37
103Tina Kempin1:41:47
104Michael Keig1:42:38
105Drew Kern1:42:58
106John Belkin1:43:03
107Filip Babnic1:44:12
108Noel Culberson1:45:01
109David Hornick1:46:26
110Mark Malinowski1:46:27
111Lee Cannon1:47:24
112Sharon Prutton1:48:00
113Todd Eggenbraten1:48:03
114Brian Heit1:49:07
115Robert Jensen (aspen cycling club)1:49:22
116Russ Overy1:51:33
117Thomas Suplizio1:51:38
118Rowan Edwards1:52:14
119Neal Rogers (VeloNews)1:53:51
120Shayne Garvey1:53:56
121Jennifer Hayes1:54:21
122Lance Windey (Hoback Sports)1:55:39
123Greg Hall (FastFowardSports)1:56:00
124Vernon Smith1:56:59
125Eddie Branigan1:59:18
126Marc Giulianotti1:59:19
127Martin Hepp2:01:05
128Kent Fulton2:01:33
129James Mesojedec2:02:26
130Timothy Lagerborg (Team Galaxy and Team Ironclad)2:04:11
131Kent Griffin2:07:14
132Rebecca Kauffman2:07:30
133Dirk Long2:07:32
134Elisabeth Lawaczeck (Psimet/RMTri Club)2:09:26
135Greg Carver2:10:18
136John Meyer2:11:24
137Neil Geiger2:12:18
138Robert Kyper (Durango Wheel Club)2:14:31
139Toni Geer2:14:41
140Mike Gee2:16:01
141Jason Schmidt2:16:03
142Steve Mathias2:16:23
143Cory Welch2:17:51
144Jeremy Brouwer2:19:09
145Jeremy Curry2:21:03
146Chris Kopf2:24:03
147Vince Vandermey2:24:51
148Craig Vaughn2:26:07
149Adam Butler (Team Beef and Pie)2:26:31
150Ellen Patten (Tokyo Joe's)2:26:33
151Jason Schuster2:28:17
152Daniel Clayton2:28:54
153Scott Reamer2:29:13
154David Griscom2:30:04
155Jevon Markarian2:31:45
156Mark Spreitler2:33:04
157Jonathan Wilson2:34:02
158Andy Bordiuk2:34:37
159Jennifer Harrison2:35:49
160Chris Felzien2:35:50
161Corndog Wallis (Team Beef and Pie - A)2:38:55
162Keith Bone2:40:26
163Todd Hegstrom2:42:09
164Lauren Ziedonis2:43:34
165Jason Paschall2:45:47
166Lisa Gallagher (Infinity Bike Shop)2:46:39
167Michael Cipriano2:52:38
168Andrew Winogradow2:53:56
169Scott Wickless2:57:26
170Nic Conroy2:58:11
171Mark Andrews3:02:03
172Matthew Skwiot3:02:09
173Barry Clark3:03:02
174Bill Campbell3:04:23
175Nicole Gunton3:07:39
176Ken Darby3:07:45
177Matt Ingram (Denver Bicycle)3:08:47
178David Dungan3:11:39
179Mark Truelsen3:14:24
180Douglas Smith3:16:21
181Bobbby Cockrell3:16:35
182Kimberly Levin3:17:19
183John Jorgensen3:18:27
184Franco Capuano3:20:31
185Randy Kessler3:22:58
186Peter Ito3:24:33
187Stephanie Kuhns3:26:37
188Thomas Hughes (Bikesource Multisport Club)4:14:31
DNFBrad Seaman
DNFJohn Allen
DNFMarc Desrosiers
DNFMarcy Trent Long
DNFAndrew Moraski
DNFKate Johnson
DNFJeffrey Schneiderman
DNFJohn Bell
DNFKathy Hix
DNFJiva Jagtap
DNFSriram Varadarajan
DNFKelsey Ripley

Women 18-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ellen Patten (Tokyo Joe's)6:58:54
DNFKelsey Ripley

Women 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jennifer Smith4:54:40
2Jari Kirkland0:14:01
3Jamie Busch (Ibis/buy-cell)0:43:00
4Sonya Bugbee1:05:23
5Tina Kempin1:19:28
6Jennifer Hayes1:32:02
7Jennifer Harrison2:13:31
8Lauren Ziedonis2:21:16
9Lisa Gallagher (Infinity Bike Shop)2:24:20
10Nicole Gunton2:45:21

Women 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rebecca Rusch4:51:38
2Rachel Farrett0:54:35
3Elisabeth Lawaczeck (Psimet/RMTri Club)1:50:09
4Kimberly Levin2:58:03
5Stephanie Kuhns3:07:21
DNFMarcy Trent Long
DNFKate Johnson

Women 50-59
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rebecca Kauffman6:39:52
2Toni Geer0:07:11
DNFKathy Hix

Women 60-69
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sharon Prutton6:20:22

Men 18-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Travis Scheefer4:33:48
2Nate Brown (Summit Velo)0:18:46
3Stewart Gross0:28:17
4Craig Nelson (South Central Racing)0:40:24
5Jason Haney0:46:17
6Zach Bodhane0:52:14
7Mark Nielson (Trek Bicycle Superstore Albuquerque)1:24:04
8Landon Longenecker1:24:12
9Adam Karch (N/A)1:25:07
10Jeremy Brouwer2:17:42
11Jason Paschall2:44:20
12Michael Cipriano2:51:11
13Andrew Winogradow2:52:29
14Nic Conroy2:56:44
15Ken Darby3:06:18
16Matt Ingram (Denver Bicycle)3:07:20
DNFAndrew Moraski

Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Greg Krause4:32:24
2Cameron Brenneman (Bike N Sport Racing)0:24:28
3Nicholas Kempin0:24:39
4Scott Frederick (Champion System/Cannondale)0:28:34
5Robb Parsons0:33:15
6Troy Hiatt0:33:52
7Paul Tocco0:34:52
8John Mallow (Ruby Canyon Cycles)0:36:27
9Jeremy Macgray0:39:29
10Matthew Berdine0:41:26
11Christopher Borton0:44:01
12Jonathan Toner0:44:24
13D.J. Painter (Wheat Ridge Cyclery)0:44:24
14Eric Kollai0:45:21
15Paul Desrosiers0:46:15
16Paul Lara0:46:54
17George Wang0:47:38
18Jon Smith (Quadrille racing)0:47:57
19Michael Zimski0:57:21
20Aaron Foster0:57:48
21Michael Tofel0:59:08
22Seton Claggett1:01:46
23Paul Zimski1:03:46
24Aaron Kessler1:04:09
25Andrew Jaffe1:04:40
26Taylor Williams1:06:38
27Karl Beshore1:07:30
28Ryan Thompson (Mad Dog Cycles)1:07:55
29Brad Nielsen1:09:16
30Samuel Sweetland1:11:43
31Beau Jacobs1:13:13
32Scott Zarret1:20:18
33Matthew Maienza1:27:43
34John Cattles1:28:50
35Robert Reed1:34:07
36Neil Popovich1:36:19
37Matthew Stover1:38:17
38Drew Kern1:42:54
39David Hornick1:46:23
40Brian Heit1:49:03
41Russ Overy1:51:30
42Neal Rogers (VeloNews)1:53:47
43Shayne Garvey1:53:53
44Lance Windey (Hoback Sports)1:55:36
45Eddie Branigan1:59:15
46Marc Giulianotti1:59:15
47Timothy Lagerborg (Team Galaxy and Team Ironclad)2:04:08
48Neil Geiger2:12:15
49Robert Kyper (Durango Wheel Club)2:14:28
50Jason Schmidt2:16:00
51Cory Welch2:17:48
52Jeremy Curry2:21:00
53Adam Butler (Team Beef and Pie)2:26:28
54Jason Schuster2:28:14
55Daniel Clayton2:28:51
56Jevon Markarian2:31:42
57Jonathan Wilson2:33:59
58Matthew Skwiot3:02:05
59Mark Truelsen3:14:21
60Franco Capuano3:20:28
DNFMarc Desrosiers
DNFJeffrey Schneiderman

Men 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lance Armstrong4:32:21
2Chris Muntro0:20:07
3David Schulhofer (Camel Back Cycling / Bicycle Haus Racing)0:21:21
4Chandler Spears (New Mexico Bike-n-Sport)0:21:31
5Jeff Irwin (Alpijne Orthopaedics)0:23:45
6Len Zanni0:27:15
7Michael Martin0:28:43
8Rhett Griggs0:30:10
9Jim Parker (GP/Bianchi)0:32:59
10Lance Bolton (Aspen Bike Rentals)0:33:01
11Thomas Dooley0:33:54
12Tim Sewell0:34:42
13Rob Zillioux0:38:56
14Gordon Watson0:38:57
15Ted Macblane (ajAx tavern)0:38:59
16Simon Macgibbon0:42:01
17Jason Stubbe0:42:38
18Paul Rapinz (Rockymounts/Izze)0:47:40
19Charles Parmain0:47:41
20Eric Juzysta (
21Jonathan Delacey0:50:52
22Jay Prentiss0:50:59
23Emilio Cervantes0:58:18
24William Hausdoerffer0:58:32
25Wade Metzler1:02:37
26Darin Peery1:06:50
27John Metzger (Duke City Wheelmen)1:07:15
28Jay Sapp1:14:13
29David Johnson1:15:07
30Kip Mikler1:15:41
31Sean Riley1:17:14
32Robert Gaffney1:21:20
33Rob Bergstrom1:22:41
34Jeffrey Paffendorf1:24:55
35Marc Mayo (Austin Bikes)1:25:05
36Doug Mcghee1:28:30
37Otley Smith1:29:24
38Shane Carter1:36:06
39Michael Hillenbrand1:38:46
40Michael Keig1:42:38
41John Belkin1:43:03
42Filip Babnic1:44:12
43Noel Culberson1:45:01
44Mark Malinowski1:46:27
45Thomas Suplizio1:51:38
46Rowan Edwards1:52:14
47Greg Hall (FastFowardSports)1:56:00
48James Mesojedec2:02:26
49Greg Carver2:10:18
50Mike Gee2:16:01
51Steve Mathias2:16:23
52Chris Kopf2:24:03
53Vince Vandermey2:24:51
54Craig Vaughn2:26:07
55Scott Reamer2:29:13
56David Griscom2:30:04
57Andy Bordiuk2:34:37
58Chris Felzien2:35:50
59Corndog Wallis (Team Beef and Pie - A)2:38:55
60Keith Bone2:40:26
61Scott Wickless2:57:26
62Mark Andrews3:02:03
63Barry Clark3:03:02
64David Dungan3:11:39
65Douglas Smith3:16:21
66Bobbby Cockrell3:16:35
67Peter Ito3:24:33
68Thomas Hughes (Bikesource Multisport Club)4:14:31
DNFBrad Seaman
DNFJohn Allen
DNFJiva Jagtap
DNFSriram Varadarajan

Men 50-59
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Doug Andrews (
2Drew Geer0:16:47
3Mark Cowan0:30:59
4Eric Ely1:02:10
5Brad Doggett1:07:35
6Greg Mckennis1:13:34
7Vernon Smith1:30:56
8Martin Hepp1:35:02
9Kent Fulton1:35:30
10Kent Griffin1:41:11
11Dirk Long1:41:29
12John Meyer1:45:21
13Mark Spreitler2:07:01
14Todd Hegstrom2:16:06
15Bill Campbell2:38:20
16John Jorgensen2:52:24
DNFJohn Bell

Men 60-69
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lee Cannon6:19:45
2Robert Jensen (aspen cycling club)0:01:58
3Randy Kessler1:35:34

Men SingleSpeed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jon Brown5:02:16
2Michael Scott0:06:27
3Kirby Bryant0:23:52
4Justin Reiter0:25:27
5Mark Zitelli1:02:42
6Todd Eggenbraten1:18:09

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