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Wells wins in Leadville

Specialized riders Todd Wells and Rebecca Rusch each scored impressive solo wins at the Leadville 100 in Colorado on Saturday.

Rusch had to battle back from an early deficit when she was riding in fifth place during the first half of the out-and-back 103-mile race that starts and finishes in Leadville, at an elevation of 10,152 feet.

But with only a two-minute gap between the self-proclaimed Queen of Pain and the front of the race, Rusch was nonplussed as she hit the base of the infamous Columbine climb, with a peak elevation of 12,550 feet. There she quickly closed down a two-minute deficit to then-race leader Gretchen Reeves.

"I love that climb and two minutes is not a lot of time in a 100-mile race," said Rusch, who went on to capture her third straight Leadville title in a course record time of 7:31:46. "I'm a diesel so it takes me a while to get going sometimes."

Reeves (Tokyo Joe's), who won this race in 2007, held on for second, 3:52 behind Rusch. Early race leader Pua Mata (Sho Air-Specialized) was third at 6:04. Jenny Smith and Tammy Jacques rounded out the top five.

Mata may well have been the strongest rider in the race, but a rash of mechanicals and bad luck wrecked havoc on her day. Among the maladies were several chain drops, a poorly shifting drivetrain, a cracked wheel and a front tire puncture.

"It wasn't meant to be for me today," said Mata, who will try to regroup as she heads over to nearby Summit County to contest the three-day Breck Epic this week. "Hopefully I got all my bad luck out of the way."

Another favorite who suffered bad luck in the form of several flats was 100-mile race queen Amanda Carey (Kenda/Felt).  Seeing that her chances to win were gone, she eventually DNFed and decided to save the energy for other hundreds yet to come.

Wells also benefited from the mishaps of his foes. Pre-race co-favorite Alban Lakata (Topeak-Ergon) flatted early in the race and was forced to chase hard for the next several hours. Meanwhile, Wells found himself in a solid breakaway of four that included Jay Henry (Tokyo Joe's), Greg Krause (juwi-Solar) and eventual third-place finisher Alex Grant (Cannondale).

That foursome hit the base of the base of the race-deciding Columbine climb with a four-minute advantage on Lakata, Gerry Cody (Team Herbalife) and Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale), who also flatted early and had to take a wheel from teammate Tinker Juarez.

Once on the climb, both Wells and Lakata turned on the jets, dropping their respective companions. But Lakata had one extra gear, and managed to shut down the gap to Wells as well.

Wells admitted being concerned when he saw Lakata roll up near the top of the climb. "That was a big effort so I knew he was riding well," he said.

From there the reigning US and Austrian national cross country champions rode wheel-to-wheel back down Columbine and along the flats that lead to the day's final test, the precipitous Powerline climb. But before they even reached that ascent, Lakata was showing cracks, clearly weakened by his monstrous effort on Columbine.

Wells was able to slowly pull away, owning a one-minute lead on Powerline and drawing it out to 4:19 by the finish line. Wells' winning time was 6:23:38, six minutes short of Levi Leipheimer’s course record, but two minutes quicker than Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski's second place time last year.

"I know I can't compete with those Tour de France guys, but JHK and I do similar races so I was gunning for his time once I got away from Alban," said Wells. "I got it so that was cool."

Grant was third, at 11:54, with Henry and Bishop completing the top five.

Full Results
1Todd Wells6:23:38
2Alban Lakata0:04:19
3Alex Grant0:11:54
4Jay Henry0:14:53
5Jeremiah Bishop0:19:56
6Bart Brentjens0:22:35
7Greg Krause0:26:55
8Stig Somme0:27:37
9Manuel Prado0:27:56
10Gerry Cody0:27:57
11Scott Tietzel0:29:03
12Peter Glassford0:33:26
13Kalan Beisel0:34:42
14Jeroen Boelen0:34:51
15David Tinker Juarez0:38:57
16Tim Johnson0:39:59
17Bryan Alders0:40:23
18Vincent Lombardi0:41:57
19Nate Whitman0:43:10
20Nathaniel English0:44:33
21Carl Decker0:46:29
22Chuck Gibson0:46:54
23Roger Bartels0:47:33
24Alex Hagman0:49:29
24Paul Thomas
26Travis Macy0:52:05
27Yuki Ikeda0:53:48
28Justin Lindine0:54:41
29John Phillips0:55:59
30Menso De Jong0:56:43
31Sergio Hernandez0:57:46
32Daniel Matheny0:59:43
33Jonny Hintze1:00:28
34Billy Demong1:03:26
34Travis Scheefer
36Greg Gibson1:03:47
37Will White1:04:37
38Jake Rubelt1:05:08
39Max Taam1:06:34
40Bryson Perry1:06:41
41Rebecca Rusch1:08:08
42Cameron Brenneman1:08:28
43Joseph Petrowski1:09:43
43Russell Stevenson
43Tim Wynants
46Kimo Seymour1:09:50
47David Schulhofer1:10:27
48Gretchen Reeves1:12:00
49Jonathan Schottler1:13:26
50Marcus Hayward1:14:12
50Pua Mata
52Jennifer Smith1:15:36
53Jake Pantone1:18:11
54Caley Fretz1:19:10
55David Forkner1:20:53
56Alfred Thresher (L)1:21:06
57Noah Singer1:21:30
58Brian Laiho1:21:58
59James Selman1:22:01
60Will Letendre1:22:56
61Robert McGee1:23:59
62Chandler Spears1:24:31
63Eric Sammuli1:25:33
64Tim Zandbergen1:27:00
65Peter Smith1:29:26
66Nicholas Kempin1:29:40
67Chris Munro1:30:10
68Eric Kollai1:30:23
69Dylan Stucki1:31:18
70Doug Andrews1:31:38
71Kent McNeill1:32:31
72Mike Sutter1:32:48
73Michael Staffieri1:33:06
74Jon Hornbeck1:33:43
75Mitchell Peterson1:33:59
76Ted Macblane1:34:06
77Henry Fischer1:34:35
78Steven Beeler1:35:38
79Philip Mooney1:35:44
80John Saliamonas1:38:38
81John Mallow1:38:39
82Tammy Jacques1:38:52
83John Nobil1:39:53
84Kevin Ishaug1:41:33
85Mike Pigg1:41:34
86Trapper Steinle1:41:38
87James Kahkoska1:41:43
88Jason Anderson1:41:52
89Michael Martin1:42:00
90Mike Simpson1:42:10
91Kervin Quinones1:42:20
92Anne Gonzales1:42:26
93Nathan Clark1:42:28
94Steven Marolt1:43:41
95Fernando Salazar1:44:31
96Robert Dolman1:44:57
97Mark Smith1:45:28
98Dennis Barret1:45:48
99Chris Jenkins1:46:51
100Mark Gouge1:46:56
101Will Lewis1:46:59
102Dan Dittmer1:47:02
103Jeff Hall1:47:27
103Ryan Sutter
105Jon McGee1:48:19
106Chris Klug1:49:55
107Vincent Davis1:49:59
108Nicholas Rico1:50:22
109Stevie Cullinan1:50:43
110Tyson Apostol1:50:58
111Dallas Fowler1:53:02
112Brad Johnson1:53:35
113Edward Oliver1:54:22
114Todd Murray (L)1:54:25
115Elden Nelson1:54:41
116Sari Anderson1:55:32
117Tomas Konecny1:56:04
118Jason Haney1:56:48
119Mike Doody1:57:00
120Trent Ford1:57:11
121Brad Cobb1:57:31
122Charlie Hayes1:57:34
123Scott Brown1:58:22
124Andy Leifer1:58:36
125David Ochs1:59:03
126Mike Dannelley1:59:14
127Jeff Wardell1:59:25
128Christian Hobbs1:59:31
129Richard Machycek2:00:13
130Cameron Creger2:00:25
131Andrew Scott2:00:33
132Jorge Munoz2:00:52
133Jeff Shilt2:01:58
134Stephan Kincaid2:02:16
135Jonathan Toner2:02:23
136Nathan Lowrie2:02:51
137Tommy Robles2:03:45
138Scott Penzarella2:04:03
139Chris Hardee2:04:23
140Maxfield Lafortune2:04:34
141Chad Kasmar2:04:38
142Brian Sells2:05:00
143Louis Dewild2:05:30
144Robert Rodgers2:06:00
145Cole Sprague2:06:06
146Dan Durland2:07:02
147Scott Frederick2:07:18
148Drew Geer2:07:58
149Kathy Kallner2:08:04
150Craig Nelson2:08:38
151Dave Green2:09:14
152Phil Schweizer2:09:41
153Jason Siegle2:09:58
154Brandon Melott2:10:12
155Eric Juzysta2:10:28
156Adam Froemming2:10:34
157Sten Kramer2:11:01
158Craig Mordock2:11:14
159Dan Hughes2:11:33
160James Mason2:11:44
161Rich Murdock2:11:59
162Michael Scott2:12:31
163Bob Lowe (L)2:13:06
164Todd Neugent2:13:37
165Billy Masterson2:13:44
166Wiley Mosley2:13:47
167Paul Rapinz2:14:10
168Adam Miller2:14:22
169Jason Laxton2:14:28
170Troy Howard2:14:52
171Todd Brown2:15:12
172Mike Hileman2:15:16
173Tim Waggoner2:15:19
174Jane Rynbrandt2:15:21
175David Hassinger2:15:22
176Michael Cushionbury2:15:42
177Zachary Hogan2:15:48
178Kent Carlson2:15:57
179Gary Hanson2:16:10
180Doug Turnbull2:16:28
181Shad Hamilton2:16:44
182Travis Wilkerson2:17:01
183Thomas Hughes2:17:12
184Stan Potter2:18:06
185Johannes Huseby2:18:10
186Brian Hollister2:18:13
187Clark Johnson2:18:28
188Andy Fox2:18:36
189Chris Borton2:18:49
190Brian Gavette2:18:54
191Simon MacGibbon2:18:56
192Kenny Jones2:19:13
193James Lowe2:19:18
194Sean Hassinger2:19:41
195Ken Boyer2:19:49
196Mark Barrett2:19:53
197Mark Draper2:19:54
198Stanley Prutz2:20:05
199James Stull2:20:09
200Mick Mcdill2:20:23
201Sydney Lahtinen2:20:34
202Adam Stepanovic2:20:44
203Marvin Sandoval (L)2:20:48
204Christopher Cyr2:21:09
205Jennifer Shinn2:21:19
206Craig Ames2:21:35
207Will Vanderwerff2:21:45
208Andy Wenberg2:21:48
209Jason Linder2:22:00
210Rob Sousa2:22:39
212Alec Petro2:23:02
213Seton Claggett2:23:11
214Forrest Owens2:23:27
215George Wang2:23:43
216Steve Peterson2:23:49
217Morgan Murri2:24:03
218Bill Dietrich2:24:05
219Sam Beveridge2:24:08
220Tim Morgan2:24:14
221George Green2:24:33
222Patrick Zimmerman2:24:53
223David McDonald2:24:57
224Randy Guymer2:25:30
225Clayton Chase2:26:07
226Mike Lewis2:26:23
227Todd Baker2:26:43
227Kelly Mcgrew
229Jeff Rhodes2:27:40
230John Hughes2:28:16
231Stuart Mann2:28:37
232Matthew Berdine2:29:02
233John Rondash2:29:11
234Luke Duster2:29:19
235Brian Koeneman2:29:22
236Mike Gettinger2:29:33
237Wooch Graff2:29:54
238Paul Fronhofer2:30:03
239Shawn Smart2:30:34
240Michael Zimski2:30:44
241Blake Mourer2:31:45
242Bill Herwig2:31:48
243D.J. Painter2:32:04
244Zach Bodhane2:32:31
245John K. Heiss2:32:39
246Ethan Stehley2:33:16
247Frank Alvarez2:33:31
248Allen Burch2:33:47
249Tyrone Rimbert2:33:51
250James Riccitello2:34:13
251Brad Nielsen2:34:43
252Dan Rieland2:34:58
253Brian Tallmadge2:35:03
254Ryan Stranahan2:35:04
255Taff Dirks2:35:52
256Sami Inkinen2:35:55
257Tim Johnston2:36:12
258Bill McCarthy2:36:17
259Thomas Veitenhaus2:36:23
260Taylor Williams2:36:27
261Christopher Gray2:36:42
262Richard Biocca2:36:52
263Steve Vanderburgh2:36:53
264Matthew Luhn2:37:11
265Tammy Sadle2:37:30
266Stephen Hunter2:37:43
267David Dornaus2:37:51
268Todd Sprague2:37:59
269Steve Lipsher2:38:05
270Todd Purdin2:38:09
271Steve Wasmund2:38:50
272Chad Carson (L)2:39:01
273Norman P Huddle2:40:55
274Stefan Schwarzkopf2:41:52
275Joe Wheadon2:41:55
276Kipp Metzger2:42:17
277Morris Denton2:43:08
278William Swift (L)2:43:28
279Stuart Walsworth (L)2:43:29
280Matthew Chappell2:44:02
281Vince Caceres2:44:20
282Joe Kraxner2:44:24
283Danny Henderson2:44:38
284Bruce Gustafson2:44:49
285John Bergmann2:46:09
286Justin Reiter2:46:24
287Mark Bibbey2:46:28
288Ted Zuhlsdorf2:46:41
289Brent Beck2:46:43
290Aaron Huckstep2:47:08
291Rachel Farrett2:47:27
291Peter Riley
293Alan Hall2:48:00
294Jim Smith2:48:25
295Ben Quinn2:48:29
295Robert Runco
297Tom Liebl2:48:30
298William Hausdoerffer2:48:46
299Garrett Grow2:49:32
300Jay Sapp2:49:37
301Robert Gaffney2:49:54
302Alex Suchey2:50:08
303Michael Iddings2:50:20
304Mike Bohannon2:50:39
305Matthew Thourot2:50:41
306Joseph Pekala2:50:48
307John Kasunic2:50:59
308Alexander Yeh2:51:04
309Chaves Hernandez2:51:15
310Nathan Helming2:51:35
311Brian O'Connor2:51:38
312Wade Davis2:51:41
313Mike Moreland2:51:50
314Zlatko Piskulich2:52:02
315David Johnson2:52:38
316Joe Delgado2:52:53
317Chris Carmichael2:52:59
318Blake Bockius2:53:14
319Patrick Dowd2:53:17
320Ryan Kish2:53:43
321Jeffrey Youngberg2:53:57
322Mark Cowan2:54:21
323Jeff Lambing2:55:48
324Jeremy Macgray2:56:40
325Jeff Doerr2:56:54
326Scott Zarret2:56:57
327Chad Haynes2:57:01
328Troy D. Waller2:57:14
329Paul D. King2:57:26
330Michael Lamond (L)2:57:36
331Mike Mchargue (L)2:57:57
332Michael Hotten2:57:58
333Lowell Petersen2:58:00
334Morison Hall2:58:20
335Jamie Maguire2:58:23
336David Forbes2:58:40
337Paul Zimski2:58:46
338Rick McDonald2:59:30
339Jon Gibans2:59:38
340Alex Geller3:00:10
341Robert Howells3:00:12
342Michael Quinn3:00:35
343Kent Killian3:01:32
344Michael Maple3:01:42
345Will Hardeman3:01:46
346Tiziano Gortan3:02:38
347John Tzinberg3:02:44
348Kevin Abel3:03:08
349Travis Grappo3:03:14
350Kyle Heron3:03:22
351Kevin Bratetic3:03:27
352David Trajtenberg3:04:18
353Gurujot Khalsa3:04:20
354Ian Metcalf3:04:45
355Jeff Bassett3:04:54
356Jacob Winebaum3:05:02
357Robert McWhorter3:05:12
358Ted Tapfer3:05:26
359Tim Grange3:05:32
360Lynn Stott3:06:16
361Tom Freeman3:06:52
362Matt Baumann3:06:54
363Matt Burke3:06:57
364Sam Benedict3:07:11
365Jason Ransdell3:07:15
366Katharina Beeler3:07:33
367Bry Christensen3:07:41
368Henry Perez3:08:06
369Rick Campins3:08:54
370James Milne3:09:19
371Alex Koss3:10:11
372John Armstrong3:10:19
373Shawn Frye3:10:32
374Jeff Martinez3:10:34
375Doug McGhee3:10:47
376Phil Sirianni3:10:49
377Tom Scott3:10:50
378Kip Mikler3:11:01
379Dave Bagley3:11:09
380Ari Melmed3:11:22
381Paul Dodd3:11:25
382Charles Parsons3:11:33
383Robin Craigen3:11:34
384Chip Craft3:11:41
385Steve Hunt3:11:49
386Gary Morris3:11:54
387Jason Francis3:11:55
388Troy Kindred3:11:56
388Chris McClurg
390Christy Lindh3:11:58
391Jonathan Williams3:12:14
392Matt Maienza3:12:26
393James Campbell3:12:41
394Sean Robertson3:12:56
395Grant Braasch3:13:17
396Mark Gainey3:14:10
397Aaron Kessler3:14:21
398Matt Baruch3:14:32
399Mark Fuller3:14:59
400Ben Swenka3:15:17
401Christopher Jones3:15:28
402Reed Malvick3:15:55
403Lisa Nelson3:16:09
404Samuel Sweetland3:16:13
405Chris Peterson3:16:26
406James Kirk3:16:43
407Gary Shoemaker3:16:50
408Michael Lowe3:17:20
409Esteban Chiriboga3:17:25
410Adam Williams3:18:08
411Ryan Labovitch3:18:22
412Brae Patten3:18:27
413Sean Wright3:18:40
414Drew Holbrook3:18:42
415Paul Foley3:19:28
416Peter McBride3:19:48
417Roger Bown3:19:54
418Dave Derbes3:20:01
419David Nerrow3:20:20
420Scott Ellis3:20:31
421Brad Patty3:20:49
422Mark Glasgow3:21:21
423Simon Toozoff3:21:37
424Ned Rule3:22:05
425Tim Mckeon3:22:15
426Gordon Leiser3:22:34
427Jeremy Layer3:22:42
428Adam Morris3:23:04
429Willie Stewart3:23:13
430Robert Mooney3:23:20
431Tim Cronin3:23:23
432Todd Janssen (L)3:23:26
433Sam St. Pierre3:23:32
434Wade Metzler3:23:38
435Eric Carlson3:24:25
436Jonathan Sandberg3:25:35
437Tim Carrier3:25:54
438Jeff Dorwart3:26:18
439Adam Edmunds3:26:37
440Mike Beaman3:26:48
441Warrick Jervis3:26:57
442Hans Garcia3:26:59
442Guy McDermott
442Hubert Otlik
445Patrick Sweeney3:27:10
446Stephen Lebovitz3:27:17
447Ted Philip3:27:41
449Mel Liebling3:27:56
450Todd MacCagnan3:27:57
451Tyler Ford3:28:08
452Chris Milliman3:28:12
453Lauren Mulwitz3:28:21
454Frank Matson3:28:23
455Jeff Sumsion3:28:37
456Jed Gammell3:28:47
457Dennis Kaiser3:29:37
458Monte Hewett3:29:53
459Shawn Gillis3:29:54
459Greg Porter
461Chris Patton3:30:35
462Paul Beresford3:30:56
463Warren Sutton3:31:37
464Todd Krell3:31:45
465Jason Dantonio3:32:31
466Chris Alcorn3:32:32
467Tom Zurawski3:32:43
468Eddie Macholda3:33:20
469Jeff Vierling3:33:29
470Allan Gonzalez Brenes3:33:40
471Doug Killeen3:33:43
472Rafal Muranski3:33:50
473Scott Caruso (L)3:33:54
474Michael Mangan3:33:55
474Thomas Rubenzer
476Chad Schwitters3:34:05
477Alan Eastlund3:34:06
478Matt McCourtney3:34:15
479Scott Mcmillian3:34:56
480Joel Doctor3:35:10
481Roman Martinez3:35:19
482Dham Khalsa3:35:24
483Jim Rutberg3:35:29
484Matthew Stover3:35:56
485Carlos Perez3:36:10
486Craig Westwood3:36:46
487Steve Caughlin3:37:05
488Brian Vaughan3:37:14
489Dennis Schueler3:37:20
490David Slovick3:37:28
491Robert Johnston3:37:33
492Peter Baiamonte3:37:40
493Matt Green3:37:46
494Dennis Michalis3:37:49
495Tom Perry3:37:59
496Al Iverson3:38:05
497James Maynard3:38:13
498John De Albuquerque3:38:16
499Marc Rubin3:38:29
500Alejandro Quintero3:38:31
501Jeff Leenhouts3:38:35
502Rebecca Church3:38:43
502David Torres
504Scott Cleaver3:38:50
505Thomas McAndrews3:38:51
506Jesus Galindez3:39:16
506Michael Schmit
508Steve Peters3:39:26
509Courtney O'Donnell3:39:32
510Ivan O Gorman3:39:45
511David Rosenbaum3:39:54
512Marc Gillotti3:39:57
513Mary Dannelley3:40:04
514John Galvin3:40:06
515Erhan Ayan3:40:07
516Michael Tweet3:40:20
517Paul Calandrella3:40:35
518Matt Perkins3:40:54
519Terry Curley3:41:03
520Michael Chavez3:41:07
521Mark Mulberger3:41:16
521Jesse Reeves
523Michael Johnson3:42:02
524Gregory Cimmino3:42:12
525Alexandre Caland3:42:38
526James Helbig3:42:45
527Darin Carl3:42:56
528Jason Scherman3:43:00
529David Noble3:43:12
530J L Fetzer3:43:15
531Jeffrey Stern3:43:20
532R Brett Goett3:43:30
533Jeff Burnett3:43:40
534Susan Lynch3:44:04
535Daniel Smilkstein3:44:20
536Garth Prosser3:44:25
537Paul Fancher3:44:45
538Alain Azizi3:44:58
539Todd Cressman (L)3:45:02
540Marco Vasquez3:45:10
541Neal Rogers3:45:13
542Gerry Forker3:46:05
543David Bott3:46:19
543Roxanne Hall
543Ty Hall
546Max Hagan3:46:24
547Patrick Shanahan3:46:51
548Jonathan Zeif3:47:02
549Adam Harju3:47:17
550Tim Maguire3:47:34
551Charles Van Atta3:47:41
552Harlan Smith3:47:51
553Dan Nordendale3:47:54
554Benjamin Wiegand3:47:56
555Antonio Gonzalez3:48:12
556John Mullaney3:48:30
557Cissy Fowler3:48:42
558Jean-Francois Berard3:48:51
559J. Brian Heit3:49:25
560Anthony Bruce3:49:43
561Rick Grebner3:50:06
562Otley Smith3:51:06
563Karl Beshore3:51:23
564Kevin Maldonado3:52:30
565Robert Carrera3:52:51
566Doug Guertin3:52:58
567Beau Mooneyham3:53:00
568Kevin Perry3:53:07
569Peter Emery3:53:12
570Gene Harding3:53:18
571Kelly Ness3:53:40
572Tina Kempin3:54:14
573Gary Johnston3:54:16
573John Quinn
575Steve Orrock3:54:34
576Jeff Dillon3:54:49
577Irfan Khan3:54:54
578Rick Olson3:55:00
579Ken Zylstra3:55:04
580Ronald Vandersluis3:55:26
581Benjamin Frakes3:55:27
582Ryan Fitzgerald3:55:30
583Charles Snyder3:55:34
584Beverly Smith3:55:42
585Don Cunnane3:55:44
586Ken Peterson3:55:57
587Jilene Mecham3:56:06
588Cory Johnson (L)3:56:16
589Kevin Weber3:56:26
590Brady Dunham3:56:55
591Craig Morris3:57:33
592Filip Wojcikowski3:58:05
593Jake Mcburns3:58:13
594Robert Sack3:58:14
595Matt Anderies3:58:16
596Lee Johnson3:58:29
597David Trudell3:59:03
598David Staples3:59:08
599Andrew Johann3:59:15
600David Mack3:59:24
601Mark Peterman3:59:52
602James Munafo4:00:12
603Bobby Etheridge4:00:47
604Oscar Morales4:01:12
605Mark Flanagan4:01:15
606Van Council4:01:44
607Amos Schwartzfarb4:01:49
608Anthony Hernandez4:01:55
609Nathanael Singer4:02:06
610Philip Park4:02:10
611Tony Brisindi4:02:13
612Rex Lierly4:02:17
613Aaron Nightingale4:02:23
614Bobby Smith4:02:27
615Andrew Miller4:02:30
616Carla Hammer4:02:33
617Jeremy Winfield4:02:45
618John Sagebiel4:02:52
619Tony Gonsalves4:02:53
620Jennifer Barbour4:03:08
621Andy Buckley4:03:54
622Doug Garrow4:03:55
623Alan Arstikaitis4:04:24
624Christopher Trevelise4:04:29
625Rita Borelli4:04:30
626Matthew Weber (L)4:04:42
627Charles Huckabee4:05:36
628Edwin Perez4:06:00
629Peter Haynes4:06:44
630Ralph Wrons4:06:45
631Joe Jensen4:06:53
632Ed Rowland4:06:55
633Stephen Hibbard4:07:30
634Conrad Guymon4:07:59
635Erick Lord4:08:16
636Mark Cole4:08:22
636Landon Longenecker
638Scott Liversedge4:08:23
639Martin Franklin4:08:25
640Mike Berube4:08:28
641Lee Cannon4:08:39
642Kris Weber4:08:52
643Keith Davids4:09:06
644Alexander Dismore4:09:34
645Janet Ross4:09:37
646Jashua Lavietes4:10:04
647Mauricio Osorio4:10:08
648Michael Shannon4:10:29
649Gilman Lang4:10:31
650Matt Delaney4:10:40
651Allen Schwartz4:10:42
652Miklos Horvath4:10:48
653Christopher Witt4:10:51
654Mike Tobin4:11:26
655Joe Drobnitch4:12:25
656Ian Murray4:12:41
657Bob Scanlon4:12:44
658Michael Raisler4:12:48
659Blair Fraley4:12:50
660Brad Kolarov4:13:03
661Trevor Greenwood4:13:28
662Marco Soldano4:13:42
663Mark Ely4:13:57
664Russ Acuff4:14:44
665Sherry Hayes4:15:17
666Chris Hayes4:15:18
667Richard Henderson4:15:19
668Jeff Bennett (L)4:15:33
669Ryan Brubaker4:15:35
670James Bleakley4:15:53
671Jill Duster4:16:01
673Mohammad Dbeisi4:16:24
673Clay Hubbard
675Joseph Stein4:16:26
676Kevin Spinelli4:16:29
677Scott Blankenship4:16:34
678Brett Faulk4:16:39
679Kevin Catlett4:16:42
680Loretta Simpson4:17:10
681Bob Fay4:17:11
682Daniel McDonald4:17:26
683Eugene Allwine4:17:38
684Philippe Courtois4:17:56
685Brian Wester4:18:18
686Ryan Guy4:18:25
686Travis Schmidt
688Kevin Silsby (L)4:18:36
689Rick Sabata4:18:47
690Noah Wright4:18:53
691Stephen Beal4:18:54
692Matthew Mooradian4:19:02
693Sean Fenner4:19:03
694Alexis Guzman4:19:15
695David Halverson4:19:22
696Michael Hillenbrand4:19:27
697Ryan Johnson4:19:40
698Shamai Becker4:19:44
699Chad Yetka4:19:46
700Brian Bieger4:19:47
701Mark Graves4:20:08
702Brent Goldstein4:20:23
702Mathew Hayne
704Robert Lynde (L)4:20:26
705Roger Villmow4:20:50
706Timothy Louis4:20:52
707Steven Bridgland4:21:11
708Jay Castleberry4:21:12
709Scott Logue4:21:15
710Anne Perry4:21:37
711Patrick Mahan4:21:44
712Joseph Butler4:21:51
713David Kaleugher4:21:54
714Scott Cole4:21:56
715Michael Blades4:22:05
716William Campbell4:22:08
717Jeff Donatello4:22:16
718David Davis4:22:50
719Michelle Torres (L)4:23:08
720John Millon4:23:26
721Jon Cotton4:23:37
722Kevin Greeley4:23:38
723Josh Jackson4:23:58
723Lynne McDade
725Jeffrey Mulder4:24:20
726Sean Perry4:24:27
727Marty Smuin4:24:37
728David Vitek4:25:03
729Steve Barnes4:25:06
730Daniel Brienza4:25:19
731David Gordon4:25:33
732Shayne Garvey4:25:49
733Drew Ireland4:25:58
734Matt Dambrosia4:26:06
734Eric Hoffman
734Tom Neiger
737Jeff Rosga4:26:19
738Scott Richards4:26:20
739Roger Mankus4:26:30
740Kristin Riley-Lazo4:26:47
741Jason Scarbrough4:26:55
742Chad Sheirbon4:27:12
743Jeffrey Taylor4:27:23
744Drew Bentley4:27:38
745Kyle Franz4:27:43
746Martin Hepp4:28:33
747Matt Scotton (L)4:28:39
748Jason Schuster4:28:43
749David Jordan4:28:55
750Grant George4:28:59
751Patrick Culligan4:29:06
752Larry Tucker4:29:15
753Daniel Dwyer4:29:36
754Bruce Budagher4:29:37
755Heather Clarke4:29:42
756Peter Spagnoli4:29:47
757Dusty Atkinson4:30:02
757Mont Lewis
759Thorne Butler4:30:19
760Kory Burgess4:30:20
761John Callahan4:30:32
762Jay Baker (L)4:30:39
763Bradley Hannig4:30:40
764Peter Spencer4:30:49
765Andrew Harrison4:30:56
766Francisco Balma4:31:19
767William Cook4:31:30
768Chad Carl4:31:31
769Jennifer Dice4:31:38
770John Belkin4:31:40
771Brook Edinger4:31:55
772Gale Bernhardt4:32:23
773Andrew Fleming4:32:47
774Roger Mortensen4:32:56
775Dennis Knowlton4:33:01
776John Sellinger4:33:11
777Kevin Hatridge4:33:12
777Harley Wilson
779Douglas Tice4:33:17
780Drew Adams4:33:26
781Matt Carter4:33:45
782Galen Johnson4:33:55
783Sharon Prutton4:34:02
784Cal Neske (L)4:34:29
785Brandon Jimenez4:34:31
786Mark Landeck4:34:46
787Phillip Juarros4:34:59
788Jennifer Jeans4:35:00
789Mark Parker4:35:14
790Christopher Newell4:35:19
791Steve Jones4:35:25
792Chris Sullivan4:35:28
793Marco Bonelli4:35:55
794Michael Merrifield4:35:56
795Karen Jarchow4:36:07
796Rob Bergstrom4:36:08
797Sean Mclaughlin4:36:28
798Jennifer Hayes4:36:36
799Steven Spengler4:36:42
800Curt Prewitt4:36:43
801Rick Hundley4:37:07
802Michael Harris4:37:13
803Paul Olpin4:37:14
803Mike Schwarzkopf
805Shannon O'Grady4:37:19
806Richard Elliott4:37:21
807Mike Sanchez4:37:38
808Mike Rossberg4:37:43
809Colin Kimber4:37:50
810Jeremy Bradford (L)4:38:03
811Angela Sucich4:38:09
812Darcy Gilbert4:38:20
813Benjamin Weaver4:38:25
814Scot Marana4:38:54
815Tim Gray4:38:55
816Giampiero Capelli4:38:58
817Atilio Quintanilla4:38:59
818Matt Culp4:39:06
819Ido Lasman4:39:23
820Alfred Bohm4:39:25
821Jeff Brown4:39:51
822Brett Weible4:40:03
823Timothy Bengston4:40:27
824Dustin Schiltz4:40:32
825Bob Finley4:40:52
826Sonya Bugbee4:41:05
827Gary Peterson4:41:10
828Brad Ludden4:41:11
829Jeff Cloutier (L)4:41:40
830Lauren Pointer (L)4:42:05
831Blake Wood4:42:09
832Lance Windey4:42:23
833Kent Fulton4:42:34
834Andrew Meyer4:42:37
835Amir Alrubaiy4:42:49
836John Ledington4:42:54
837Scott Mccallum4:43:09
838Jay Alexander4:43:22
839Gabriel Camacho4:43:41
840Steven Bergman4:43:43
841Patti Schmidt-Iverson4:43:54
842Joseph Lozon4:44:13
843Tom Marshall4:44:18
844Charles Allen4:44:21
845Timothy Ackerman4:44:29
846Rod Baker4:44:42
846Cam MacDonald
848Angelo Forero4:44:43
849Brent Murphy4:44:51
850Bill Steen4:45:07
851Greg Lyons4:45:08
852Katie Arnold4:45:10
853John Camoriano4:45:48
854Ray Ward4:45:54
855Tony Hersberger4:45:56
856Brett Swenson4:46:01
857Kenny Farrow4:46:06
858Daniel Ward4:46:22
859Brett Goldenberg4:46:41
860Trenton Thompson4:46:50
861Ned Barnett4:47:07
862Daniel Ryan4:47:10
863Christopher Rolfs4:47:26
864Scott Ledbetter4:47:31
865Don Losole4:47:42
866Samuel Mancini4:47:51
867Markus Zimmer4:48:12
868Kevin Vanwormer4:48:27
869Florence Tartavel4:48:39
870Gary Johnson4:48:58
871Robert Riesenberger4:49:05
872Stephen Crozier4:49:09
873Todd Murphy4:49:20
874Brett Sterrett4:49:23
875Chuck Bolton4:49:27
876Ronda Sundermeier (L)4:49:36
877Amy Horst4:50:26
877Glenn Pinson
877Scott Steele
880Tracy Paradise4:50:49
881Kara Durland4:50:50
882Jan Trojanowski4:50:52
883William Raff4:51:23
884Tim Williams4:51:37
885Vernon Smith4:51:41
886Chip Chilson4:52:02
887Shannon Cox Baker4:52:03
888Noel Culberson4:52:11
888Russ Overy
890David Kilmoyer4:52:17
891Sean Devin4:52:23
892Steve Kutina4:52:30
893Peter Cochran4:52:40
894Scott Perrine4:52:48
895Mimi Ford4:52:51
896Steve Mathias4:53:01
897Tina Geller4:53:02
898Margo Pitts4:53:04
899Jack Haley4:53:32
900Joseph Christensen4:53:38
901Craig Wilson4:53:43
902Bill Kellogg4:53:45
903Robert Lutes4:53:47
904Mark Malinowski4:54:20
905Doug Cannon4:54:30
906Chris Felzien4:54:34
907Kerri Robbins4:54:54
908Tony Payan4:54:57
909Eric Pringle4:55:05
910Reid Swanson4:55:17
911Alvaro Grado4:55:38
912Craig Roberts4:55:50
913Shawn Tringham4:55:52
914Heidi Beck4:56:03
915Brian Francis4:56:23
916Sean Green4:56:57
917Sara Delano4:57:09
918William T Copeland4:57:14
919Marcia Cardinali4:57:15
920Daniel Sullivan4:57:24
921Richard Ekstrum4:57:50
922April Herring4:58:07
923Steven Donchey4:58:31
923Daniel Vu
923Gary Werning
926Eddie Thomas4:58:38
927Ken Fries (L)4:58:39
928Casey Kelso4:58:43
929Kevin Pedlow4:58:47
930Todd Rankin4:59:13
931John Voetelink4:59:15
932Matthew Lord4:59:18
933Brent Bush4:59:21
934Jeremy Ostrowski4:59:30
935Chris Graves4:59:36
936Michael Ramseier4:59:48
937Aaron Provance4:59:51
938Mark Clark4:59:55
939Rose Alford4:59:57
940Jerome Grilhot4:59:59
941Marcus Brady5:00:30
942John Barbicas5:00:32
943Dean Blatter5:00:54
943Paul Blatter
945Kevin Schofield5:00:56
946Mary Guertin5:00:57
947Darrell Anderson5:01:23
948Phil Thomas5:01:33
949Amy Eck5:01:35
950Jonathan Kincaid5:01:45
951Erich Ewy5:01:53
952Will Williams5:02:02
953Jesus Gomez5:02:18
954Julia Radmann5:02:29
955Thomas Falloon5:02:48
956Beth Steen5:02:53
957Jeff Kuckenbaker5:02:55
958Robert Graham5:03:05
959Susan McCotter5:03:12
960Greg Carver5:03:20
961Ken Cales (L)5:03:24
962Scott Williams5:03:26
963Alison Kinsler5:03:28
964Roman Horicka5:03:31
965Eric Nordquist5:03:33
965John Patty
967Kirk Nesbeitt5:03:39
968Drew Kern5:03:40
969Mark Spreitler5:03:46
970Kathryn Ellis5:03:51
970Jeff Suffolk
972Travis Berry5:03:55
973Larry Linne5:04:07
975Paul Tassinari5:04:13
976Mike Criego5:04:17
977William Doc Wenmark5:04:26
978Jose Vallejo Perez5:04:47
979James Mesojedec5:04:50
980Sam Costello5:04:56
981Butch Nelson5:05:15
981Vickie Nelson
983Steve Biggs5:05:17
984James Vreeland5:05:18
985Jeff Kuehn5:05:20
986Kent McGrew5:05:26
987Linda Holmstad5:05:30
988Robert Briggs5:05:37
989Jude Troppoli5:05:41
990Jeff St Clair5:05:46
991Kristopher Simons5:05:51
992Roger Terry5:06:06
993Ed Poremba5:06:16
994Aaron Nutter5:06:25
995William Clark5:06:27
996Chad Devitt5:06:30
997Simon Campana5:06:33
998Ed Von Bleichert5:06:37
999Jason Powers5:06:47
1000John Cordoba5:06:49
1001Michael Cowdrey5:07:11
1002Kenneth Myszkewicz5:07:21
1003Larry Swanson (L)5:07:46
1004Stephanie Surch5:07:47
1005Robert Taylor5:07:54
1006Jeffrey Smith5:08:08
1006Kent Smith (L)
1008Sarah Caylor5:08:09
1009Andy Leeka5:08:29
1010Jose Chacon5:08:38
1011Barry Clark5:08:52
1012Mark Roskey5:09:18
1013Matt Leonard5:09:22
1014David Holme5:09:24
1015Cameron Berry5:09:26
1016Steve Thomas5:10:09
1017Adam Takos5:10:10
1018John Bueling5:10:37
1019Ladislav Lettovsky5:10:48
1020Cody Anderson5:10:54
1021Ryan Cantrell5:11:10
1022Mike Morris5:11:30
1023Paul McIlree5:11:31
1024Martin Morud5:11:48
1025Christopher Foster5:12:22
1026Neil Geiger5:12:26
1027John Hinman5:12:38
1028Philip Fry5:12:40
1029Eric Knox5:12:58
1030David Schutz5:13:05
1031Susan Chaffee5:13:15
1032Rebecca Kauffman5:13:21
1033Nancy Wheeler5:13:32
1034Bob Clark5:13:38
1035Brian Culp5:13:46
1036David McMillion5:14:15
1037Jen Seessel5:14:18
1038Rick Kelly5:14:25
1039Sarah Marcikonis5:14:43
1040Matt Sordill5:14:46
1041Mary Blomquist5:14:55
1042Eric Burns5:15:21
1043Claude Pumilia5:15:23
1044Maria Chase5:15:29
1045Shayne Smith5:15:34
1046Craig Stahl (L)5:15:45
1047Kyler Kienholz5:16:19
1048Randy Colburn5:16:26
1049Jim Beyer5:16:32
1050Mike Casey5:17:09
1051Steve Sanders5:17:16
1052Gary Stott5:17:19
1053Paul Laur5:17:31
1054Bahram Akradi (L)5:17:59
1055Konnor Hall5:18:00
1056Jeremy Jessop5:18:02
1057Douglas Cote5:18:07
1058Marc Kerman5:18:17
1059Steven M Jones5:18:18
1060Donna Hickey5:18:25
1061Zachary Lamb5:18:26
1062Andrew Hartman (L)5:18:28
1063Paul Dellorco5:18:29
1064Christopher Cook5:18:34
1064Sheryl Miller
1066Michael Talbert5:18:35
1067Bill Eikenberry5:18:52
1068Scott Greenwood (L)5:18:54
1069Mara Fronhofer5:19:07
1070Ryan Tarkington5:19:17
1071Daniel File5:19:34
1071Mike Kopp
1073Christine Putnam5:19:36
1074John Altobello5:19:41
1075Allan Clark5:19:57
1077Laura Knight5:20:32
1078Michael Budagher5:20:46
1079Cris Slaymaker5:20:49
1080Michele Harrison5:21:27
1081Jayson Harris5:21:43
1082Melissa Forman5:21:49
1083Ryan Rausch5:22:31
1084Deb Ledington5:22:49
1085Lisa Gallagher5:22:54
1086Lynne Cecil5:23:08
1086David Metz
1088Jeff Linder5:23:16
1089Gideon Kleinman5:23:27
1090Craig Appel5:23:32
1091Steven Fritz5:23:37
1092Brooke McAffee5:24:13
1093Eric Schroeder5:24:26
1094Brett St Clair5:24:56
1095Chris Blike5:25:05
1096Alberto Beunza5:25:15
1097Glade Weiser5:25:30
1098Brian Sandy5:25:33
1099Robert Montgomery5:25:51
1100Pat McGinnis5:25:58
1101Bryan Janowiec5:26:08
1102Adam Rasmussen5:26:12
1103Steve Abeyta5:26:35
1104Scott Franzblau5:26:37
1105Tracy Sides5:26:42
1106Ray Clarke5:26:47
1107Dan Lafaver5:26:52
1108Katherine Dayem5:27:16
1109Charlie Wasley5:27:29
1110Maurice Forshee (L)5:27:47
1111Aldo Baldessari5:27:55
1112Kirsten McDaniel5:27:59
1113Todd Tillmanns5:28:07
1114Bud Pharris5:28:09
1115Lynden Blackley5:28:16
1116Dan Matthews5:28:46
1117Matthew Shea5:28:58
1118James Taylor5:29:12
1119Chris Cain5:29:14
1119Ryan Wunderlich
1121Patrick Black5:29:28
1122Robert Tuma5:29:33
1123Gary Rogers5:29:36
1124John Brennan5:30:24
1125Nate Rex5:30:33
1126Pravi Thakkar5:30:49
1127Douglas Gardner5:31:05
1128Mike Hughes5:31:16
1129Will Van Der Reis5:31:28
1130Johan Mukhalis5:31:31
1131Jeff Stevenson (L)5:31:37
1132Eric Judycki5:31:38
1133John Mathias5:31:39
1134Dallas Eakins5:31:43
1135Darryl Lawrence5:31:47
1136Gary Albert5:31:48
1137Craig Blackburn5:31:59
1138Dustin Breese5:32:06
1139Randy Posey5:32:18
1140Elizabeth Patterson5:32:26
1141Kerry Rochester5:32:28
1142Scott Rake5:32:32
1143Travis Matheson5:32:33
1145Aaron Foreman (L)5:32:40
1146David Bradford5:32:47
1147Joel Perkins5:33:03
1148Philip Perkins5:33:10
1149Campos Robles5:33:12
1150Laynee Jones5:33:14
1151Juan Llaneras5:33:20
1152Pierce Norton5:33:34
1153Louis Eagan5:33:48
1154Anders Nasman5:33:49
1155Ross Hargrove5:33:53
1156Bryan Kriet5:33:56
1157Mark Goddard5:33:58
1158Jason Schmidt5:34:32
1159Mark Falloon5:34:33
1160Mary-Ellen Ash5:34:36
1161Kevin Hall5:35:04
1162Andy Hunsinger5:35:06
1163Beverly Watson5:35:11
1164Kyle Kruger5:35:38
1165Fritz Nuffer5:35:57
1166Deanna Adami (L)5:36:05
1167Dirk Sorenson5:36:24
1168Colin Tawney5:37:03
1169Michael Day5:37:04
1170Brooke Bales5:37:21
1171Ehrin Bulfin5:37:30
1172Dawn Zencka5:37:32
1173Brigitte Page5:38:23
1174Joseph Tavani5:38:42
1175David Hirasawa5:39:22
1176Tara Kelly5:39:45
1177David Rubenking5:40:10
1178Todd Mozzer5:40:16
1179Jim Maaske5:40:31
1180Mick Donoff5:40:45
1181Edmund Webecke5:41:18
1182Stephen Olson5:41:45
1183Scott Sibbel5:42:48
1184Charles Bybee (L)5:44:19
1185Gregory Carlton5:44:56
1186Adam Pritz5:45:16
1187Katarzyna Maziarz5:45:44
1188Amy Yanora5:45:59
1189Michael Young5:46:07
1190Jason Plansky5:46:47
1191Yvette Harvieux5:46:51
1192Elizabeth Kollar5:46:59
1193Caroline Lanier5:47:02
1194Jeremy Brouwer5:47:39
1195Matthew Graves5:48:03
1196Marek Wojcikowski5:48:16
1197John Clarke (L)5:48:17
1198Robin Wilkes5:48:45
1199Robb Shirey5:48:46
1200Mike Pace5:49:41
1200Grace Ragland
1202Jeremy Curry5:49:46
1203Hal Koerner5:49:52
1204Antony Kay (L)5:50:44
1205Margaret Thompson5:51:43
1206David Krayeski5:52:16
1207Jason Amezquita5:52:50
1208Michael Moody5:53:02
1209John Appeldorn5:53:05
1210Carlos Rivera5:53:08
1211Mo Geller5:53:34
1212Frank Gepfrich5:54:31
1213Mark Taylor5:54:53
1214Keith Merriman5:55:07
1215Michael Miller5:56:08
1216Simon Omara5:57:20
1217Michael Pagano5:58:12
1218David Adams5:58:20
1219Kimberly Ford5:58:57
1220Robbie Schaeffer6:00:27
1221Charles Cary6:00:51
1222Thomas Wallin6:00:57
1223Brad Nyenhuis6:01:13
1224Tim Ferrell6:01:16
1225Laura Sweeney6:02:42
1226Charlie Brown6:03:20
1227Shane Merz6:03:26
1228George T. Swanzy Iii6:03:42
1229Tony Grappo6:06:37
1230Jason Scharpf6:06:53
1231Becca Katz6:06:55
1232Joseph Flynn6:08:30
1233Anthony Bell6:08:50
1234Armando Vargas6:09:18
1235Garry Mcculloch6:09:37
1236Luis Cabral6:09:47
1237Reynald Bodeux6:10:01
1238Phil Guenzer6:10:17
1239Matthew Parker6:11:04
1239Bryan Shields
1241Faryar Shirzad6:11:27
1242Chad Terry6:11:45
1243Reg Oshea-Hockett6:12:45
1244Jodie Ramey6:13:36
1245Rick Cunningham6:13:46
1246Dash Ash6:13:53
1247Cliff Jacobs6:14:10
1248Matthew Queen6:15:07
1249Alison Sullivan6:15:41
1250Timothy Lagerborg6:17:20
1251Jefferson Rogers6:17:23
1252Mia Phillips6:17:49
1253Kent Griffin6:18:45
1254Jeff Liedtke6:19:01
1255Timothy Pong6:20:27
1256Tory Jackson6:21:21
1257Joseph Gamboa6:21:55
1258Wm Bruce Murray6:22:39
1259Todd Wright6:23:21
1260Joe Alligood6:23:29
1261Francis Corbett6:23:35
1262Robin Bennett6:24:17
1263Berkley Hanks6:25:18
1264Burt Newell6:26:28
1265David Dalzell6:26:34
1266Jennifer Camoriano6:26:50
1267Alessandro De Souza6:27:07
1268Robert Espenel6:27:45
1269Rhonda Wright6:28:53
1270Colette McFadden6:30:27
1271Robert Wadlow6:30:39
1272Adolfo Rodriguez6:31:54
1273Bruce Molina6:32:16
1274Michael Todisco6:35:43
1275Conrado Calalang6:35:48
1276Erica Allen6:36:47

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