Montoya solos to stage 1 La Ruta victory

Paolo Montoya and Monique "Pua" Mata (Sho-Air/Cannondale) raced to solo victories in the men's and women's categories during stage 1 of La Ruta de los Conquistadores on Thursday in San Jose, Costa Rica.

"I was surprised to be in the front and stay in the front," said Montoya to Cyclingnews. "I figured that I'd suffer in the final section. I controlled my physical output and psychology to arrive here first."

Todd Wells (Specialized) crossed the line alone in second place after Montoya. Both are former winners of the event. Rom Akerson finished up shortly thereafter, unofficially in third place, but was soon disqualified for accepting outside assistance, which meant Alex Grant moved up into third place.

Mata was the first woman to finish.

Heat and humidity played a role as many racers struggled to stay hydrated on a hot and sunny day.


Montoya, who won La Ruta in 2004, quickly proved himself to be the strongest man out on course for the day. From the start, he set the pace up the large first climb up away from the Pacific Ocean. His initial efforts whittled down the lead group to just over a dozen of the top riders.

Then, going through the jungle, Montoya further reduced the lead group to about five riders.

"I attacked in the middle of the course. On the first uphill, I had attacked alone and my legs had responded very well," Montoya said.

Coming out of the jungle and onto a long section of rollers on the road in the hot sun, Montoya surged and got a gap. Initially, Akerson and Roberto Heras went across toward him, but neither could match Montoya's pace on the climbs, and they did not close the gap.

"They never caught me, but they were very near, within one or two minutes," said Montoya. "Then I recovered in the last 15-20km. I took back a little bit more time then. It was a difficult race, especially on the uphills. Today was humid, and I had to drink a lot, but I still was cramping."

Montoya looked shattered after crossing the finish line and took a long time to recover enough to be ready to speak with the media.

Riders like last year's winner Wells and Grant both got stronger as the race went on. Eventually, Wells caught up to Akerson and then went on alone to second place.

"In the middle of the race, I had some bad moments and dropped back to maybe fifth or sixth place," said Wells. "I was happy to come back and only lose two minutes to the leader."

"It was hard for me today," said Wells. "Last year, this stage was longer by almost an hour and a half, and I gained 10 minutes on everyone. This year, it was an hour and a half shorter, and I gave up two minutes. I gave everything out there and I was almost cramping for the last 10 or 15km."

Wells also commented on how difficult it was to stay hydrated. "I ran out of water after one of my bottles floated down the stream when we crossed it. Last year, I took more bottles in the feedzones and this year, I didn't, so I was running out of water most of the day."

Akerson appeared to get third ahead of a chasing Grant, but after the Costa Rican's disqualification, Grant was awarded third place on the stage.

"Those guys at the front went really hard. I just rode my own pace and got into a rhythm," said Grant. "At the end, I moved up to third place and passed about 10 people such as Lico Rameriz and Roberto Heras, then Deiber Esquivel. I do better in cooler weather, so hopefully on the volcano, it'll be a little better for me tomorrow. I like the downhill off the volcano."

"Those guys were really strong today. It was impressive that they got that gap early, but at the end I was able to keep the time about the same, so I was happy with that," said Grant.

A disqualification shakes up top three

Last year's La Ruta overall runner-up Rom Akerson was disqualified from the race after officials reported that he had accepted assistance multiple times from outside the race, including after being warned. Riders are only allowed to accept assistance in the feeds zones and within 500m before and after.

Promoter Roman Urbina said he regretted that the officials had to make the disqualification, but the race had to be fair for all the top riders.

"They told him not to do it and he kept doing it. It's not like he wasn't warned," said Urbina. "Then he kept doing it. I hate to disqualify him."


Pua Mata rode to victory in her first-ever La Ruta stage.

"It was fun and hard, but it was a great day," she said. "On the roll-out and at the beginning of the climb, I saw some other ladies, but after that it was riding scared. I never knew where any of them were and you can't get splits in the front."

Mata explained her strategy. "I was worried on the first climb. I wanted to get it out of the way and was thinking about the jungle. But I was like, 'keep moving forward and stay in once piece and don't get flustered'. I stopped a few times to lube my chain and I stopped in the rivers to wash off my bike. I never got frustrated."

"When you don't know the course, it's tough. People were saying 2km on that last climb and it was more like 15km. Everyone out there was great. People were offering me stuff, but I didn't take anything."

The American marathon national champion spent most of the day alone. "I was by myself a lot. There were a few guys I went back and forth with. Through the jungle, I stayed with two other people. Maybe I saw a total of four others. It was strange with 500 people out there, too, to be by myself."

Sonya Looney (Topeak Ergon) finished up in second place, well after Mata. After the finish, she said, "There were some challenges I did not anticipate. Right from the start, my front derailleur failed, so anytime I wanted to shift from my big ring to my little ring, I had to stop and do it manually. On its own, it would just stay in the big ring of my 2x10. I probably stopped 20 or 30 times, but I felt good and had a fun time today."

"Pua is really strong. I'm glad she is here to give me something to shoot for even though she is way ahead."

The stage was not as hard as Looney was expecting. "I didn't really suffer today.I've been racing and training since early in the year with the Yak Attack, so this is more of a vacation for me. I was expecting more gnarly, jungle hike-a-bike stuff. It ended up being 66 miles and 12,000 or 13,000 feet of climbing. It's my first La Ruta. It's been on my bucket list for awhile."

Costa Rican Ligia Madrigal finished in third place.

Full (but not totally full) results and General classification after stage 1

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Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Paolo Cesar Montoya Cantillo (CRc)5:01:19
2Todd Wells (USA)0:02:08
3Alex Grant (USA)0:10:01
4Deiber Esquivel Benavides (CRc)0:13:31
5Milton Ramos (Spa)0:16:04
6Dennis Manuel Porras Murillo (CRc)0:18:26
7Federico Ramirez Mendez (CRc)0:19:53
8Jose Alfredo Montoya Alvarez (CRc)0:20:20
9Alexander Sanchez Calderon (CRc)0:27:03
10Enrique Artavia Cedeño (CRc)0:27:04
11Roberto Heras (Spa)0:29:35
12Moises Hernandez Amaya (CRc)0:29:43
13Damian Perrin (Swi)0:44:16
14Miguel Angel Gutierrez Garcia (Mex)0:48:01
15Jefry Herrera Duarte (CRc)0:51:02
16Eddie Ramirez Barrantes (CRc)1:00:42
17Marco Perez Salguera (CRc)1:21:16
18Juan Simon Ocaña Ortiz (Mex)1:25:20
19Sebastian Conejo (CRc)1:47:48
20Erick Campos Ramirez (CRc)1:59:47
21Daniel Garcia Matamoros (CRc)2:19:23
22Andres Bruna Serrano (CRc)2:49:36
23Diego Garcia Quesada (CRc)2:59:46
24Richard Nielsen (USA)2:59:52
25Kenneth Sanabria Sanabria (CRc)3:00:53
26Ahned Mancilla (Mex)3:18:25
27Dor Pinchevsky (Isr)3:41:48
28Roy Alfonso Segura Castro (CRc)3:54:11
29Paulo Hernandez Monge (CRc)3:59:35
30Andres Bolaños Amerling (CRc)4:29:03
31Esteban Vargas Ovares (CRc)5:05:32
DSQRom Akerson (CRc)
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Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Monique Pua Mata (USA)5:54:11
2Sonya Looney (USA)1:27:25
3Ligia Madrigal Moya (CRc)2:33:31
4Yessenia Villalta Coto (CRc)2:43:07
5Cristine De Mezerville (CRc)2:49:24
6Cinthya Coto Elizondo (CRc)2:49:33
7Ariadna Gutierrez Arzaluz (Mex)2:57:06
8Kathy Judson (USA)3:37:12
9Rocío Monge (CRc)3:42:52
10Samantha Phillips (GBr)4:02:18
11Kathya Rojas Venegas (CRc)4:15:29
12Carolina Viquez Alpizar (CRc)4:25:05
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Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1William Antonio Valverde Barquero (CRc)6:13:06
2Pablo Sanchez Rodriguez (CRc)0:04:05
3Allen Castro (CRc)0:04:58
4Edgar Zumbado (CRc)0:09:50
5Fabricio Brenes Quiros (CRc)0:15:06
6Mario Alberto Araya Mena (CRc)0:16:24
7Alfredo Peralta Collado (CRc)0:34:23
8Victor Alonso Araya Pereira (CRc)0:46:15
9Pablo Castrillo M de Oca (CRc)0:48:32
10Rodrigo Herrera (CRc)0:57:16
11Manuel Rojas (CRc)1:07:58
12Eduardo Saenz Corrales (CRc)1:08:53
13Juan Carlos Fonseca Matarrita (CRc)1:15:53
14Edgar Navarro Marin (CRc)1:17:20
15Corey Scobey (USA)1:23:23
16Mario Rodriguez Sequeira (CRc)1:33:58
17Jairo Villalobos (CRc)1:36:56
18Allan Padilla Umaña (CRc)1:37:31
19Alejandro Madrigal Guerrero (CRc)1:46:35
20Paulo Arce Brenes (CRc)1:55:53
21Andres Fernandez Salazar (CRc)1:56:41
22Mauricio Richmond Padilla (CRc)1:59:04
23Sergio Acuña Aguilar (CRc)2:00:18
24Freddy Navarro Tames (CRc)2:07:49
25Pablo Cordero Pochet (CRc)2:13:33
26Tom Hipsz (Can)2:13:34
27Marlon Delgado Morera (CRc)2:14:37
28Leonardo Sanchez Guevara (CRc)2:15:28
29Luis Arias Muñoz (CRc)2:16:56
30Luis Urain Reyes (CRc)2:25:36
31Esteban Fonseca Zuñiga (CRc)2:26:40
32Juan Miguel Ortega Navarro (CRc)2:29:47
33Mauricio Odio Jarquin (CRc)2:30:20
34Henry Jesus Molina Vargas (CRc)2:38:22
35Erick Ramon Irigaray Flores (CRc)2:39:17
36Oscar Molina (CRc)2:48:57
37Jose Guadalupe Benitez (Mex)3:01:20
38Juan Carlos Calderon Oconitrillo (CRc)3:02:35
39Bosco Matarrita Quesada (CRc)3:02:51
40Juan Luis Casalvolone Barguil (CRc)3:06:34
41Carlos Cordero Robles (CRc)3:07:20
42William Antonio Valverde Barquero (CRc)3:23:28
43Gustavo Adolfo Marin Solorzano (CRc)3:25:34
44Alan Arguello Díaz (CRc)3:26:57
45Alejandro Solano (CRc)3:31:50
46Juan Carlos Gonzalez Bolaños (CRc)3:42:13
47Luis Rubi (CRc)3:50:35
48Luis Diego Carballo Morera (CRc)3:57:07
49Juan Carlos Soto Brenes (CRc)3:58:49
50Alejandro Rivera Garita (CRc)4:02:16
51Cristian Eduardo Lara Herrera (CRc)4:03:00
52Carlos Roberto Salazar Solorzano (CRc)4:03:46
53Edgar Bonilla Castro (CRc)4:08:59
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Men 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Fernando Salazar (CRc)6:50:28
2Enrique Saborío Pozuelo (CRc)0:08:22
3Shawn Gregory (USA)0:30:50
4Manfred Avila Kopper (CRc)0:49:45
5Willy Quiros Flores (CRc)0:50:49
6Alvaro Lang (CRc)0:51:26
7Erick Guzman Mora (CRc)1:11:45
8Leonel Solis Zuñiga (CRc)1:18:24
9Alberto Rodriguez (CRc)1:25:38
10Scott Rake (USA)1:30:30
11Jorge Antonio Quiros Ramirez (CRc)1:35:18
12Federico Rojas Calleja (CRc)1:43:36
13Leo Felipe Wexler (CRc)1:50:15
14Jose Pablo Jimenez Diaz (CRc)1:52:41
15Raimond Vargas Vega (CRc)1:56:01
16Marco Vinicio Gamboa Jara (CRc)1:56:54
17Elemer Vinicio Hidalgo Prado (CRc)1:59:24
18Carlos E. Calvo Ramazzini (CRc)2:02:15
19Rodolfo Mata Lobo (CRc)2:02:35
20Claude Vincent (Fra)2:06:59
21Ricardo Morera (CRc)2:08:57
22Ron Castia (USA)2:08:59
23Wagner Segura Jimenez (CRc)2:19:14
24Carlos Manuel Cespedes Vargas (CRc)2:28:25
25Arnaldo Brenes (CRc)2:35:03
26Allan Taylor Gorino (CRc)2:37:34
27Federico Escalante Fonseca (CRc)2:44:03
28Gustavo Herrera Dijeres (CRc)2:46:38
29Julio Molina Arias (CRc)2:50:39
30Oscar Enrique Vargas Montero (CRc)2:55:27
31Marco Antonio Calderon Leal (CRc)3:13:15
32Antonio Gazel (CRc)3:14:07
33Allan Zuñiga Cordero (CRc)3:16:17
34Patrick Haines (USA)3:19:14
35Oscar Camacho Madrigal (CRc)3:21:42
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Men 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carlos Duran Villalta (CRc)6:35:44
2Mauricio Pasos Odio (CRc)1:13:47
3Luis Alberto Barquero Solano (CRc)1:25:33
4Carlos Manuel Carranza Morales (CRc)1:26:05
5Manuel Enrique Avila Kopper (CRc)1:46:33
6Francisco Sanchez Castillo (CRc)2:27:19
7Gerardo Brenes Gonzalez (CRc)3:01:41
8Pedro Gerardo Zuñiga Vargas (CRc)3:27:05
9Rito Baez Rojas (CRc)3:28:56
10Pedro Felix Silva Mellizo (Per)3:33:29
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Open women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jane Rynbrandt (USA)7:57:21
2Genevieve Evans (USA)0:16:59
3Eunice Rojas Oviedo (CRc)0:18:13
4Silvia Cob Delgado (CRc)1:16:30
5Laura Anderson (USA)1:25:59
6Silvia Saborio Taylor (CRc)1:33:12
7Rebeca Marin Solano (CRc)1:48:53
8Melida Lee Barbee Macrate (CRc)1:55:35
9Carlie Mock (USA)2:00:01
10Karla Piedra Alfaro (CRc)2:05:52
11Lena Yarbrough (USA)2:10:30
12Giannina Alvarez Herrera (CRc)2:25:12
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Open men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sami Inkinen (Fin)6:23:14
2Jose SanJuan Martinez (Spa)0:00:26
3Geisel Nunes (Bra)0:06:05
4Andres Rivera Cespedes (CRc)0:06:20
5James Meyers (USA)0:08:29
6Esteban Rodriguez Rojas (CRc)0:09:19
7Alejandro Rojas Carazo (CRc)0:14:16
8Ronald Araya Garcia (CRc)0:16:48
9Wayne Morris UK0:27:58
10Carlos Fernando Estrada Toro (Col)0:33:50
11Esteban Rojas Rojas (CRc)0:35:39
12Bruce Young Nearing (CRc)0:49:33
13Eric Kollai (USA)0:50:14
14Eduardo Andres Ulate Fernandez (CRc)0:52:02
15José Arguedas Morera (CRc)0:53:46
16Gabriel Camacho (CRc)0:56:44
17Adam Puldford (USA)1:05:11
18Andres Salas Herrera (CRc)1:07:15
19Alejandro Solano Coto (CRc)1:11:34
20Manuel Sanchez Vilaplana (Spa)1:11:37
21Roy Rojas (CRc)1:11:40
22Christian Valerio (CRc)1:12:01
23Edgardo Sanchez Paniagua (CRc)1:12:28
24Nathaniel Grew Paul (CRc)1:12:56
25Julio Corengia (Arg)1:18:28
26Daniel Dittmer (USA)1:18:45
27Jose Miguel Quesada Hernandez (CRc)1:21:14
28Jose Joaquin Mora Quiros (CRc)1:23:50
29Charles Madison Sanchez (CRc)1:24:37
30Harry Rojas Sanchez (CRc)1:24:43
31Pierre Castagne (Bel)1:24:44
32Romulo Cobos (Ven)1:24:56
33Esteban Arce Vargas (CRc)1:24:59
34Andres Rivera Cespedes (CRc)1:27:35
35Daniel Cespedes Olivares (CRc)1:29:19
36Esteban Gomez Ramirez (Col)1:30:12
37Eduardo Jimenez Mendez (CRc)1:30:17
38Edwin Andres Hidalgo Alfaro (CRc)1:30:21
39Jose Ramon Castañeda Gallegos (CRc)1:31:16
40Zlatko Piskulich (CRc)1:31:31
41Marcelo Villegas Gomez (Col)1:31:58
42Brad Tymchuk (Can)1:32:08
43Mauricio Alvarado Rivera (CRc)1:33:13
44Juan Carlos Contreras Rave (CRc)1:33:15
45Freddy Nuñez Araya (CRc)1:36:19
46Jose Miranda (CRc)1:37:04
47Federico Gonzalez Collado (CRc)1:37:49
48Juan Carlos Villa Solano (CRc)1:38:00
49Ronald Obando Corrales (CRc)1:38:21
50Paul Zimski (USA)1:38:57
51Christian Lesko (CRc)1:40:04
52Scott Kuppersmith (USA)1:40:46
53Ty Maynard Lang (CRc)1:45:40
54Esteban Segura Chaves (CRc)1:46:53
55Felipe Sanabria Romero (CRc)1:51:09
56Keylor José Sibaja Hernandez (CRc)1:51:14
57Luis Daniel Conejo Ulloa (CRc)1:51:30
58Gustavo Zermeño (Mex)1:51:34
59Mauricio Monge Conejo (CRc)1:51:53
60Alejandro Pecchio (Ven)1:51:58
61Christopher Music Gamboa (CRc)1:53:11
62Maikol V Quesada Fernandez (CRc)1:53:50
63Josue Gomez Leal (CRc)
64Alexander Meza Porras (CRc)1:54:15
65Mario Eduardo Rojas Rodriguez (CRc)1:56:25
66Juan Carlos Cruz Fernandez (CRc)1:56:28
67Ernesto Gerardo Vargas Arias (CRc)1:57:09
68Patrick Sweeney (IRI)1:58:06
69Victor Rojas (CRc)2:00:11
70Federico Robles Macaya (CRc)2:02:47
71Milton Fallas Barboza (CRc)2:04:30
72Abraham Camacho Viquez (CRc)2:06:28
73Giovanni Montini (Ita)2:07:31
74Oswaldo Alvarez Velazquez (CRc)2:09:08
75Jeremy Eden (Can)2:09:20
76Eric Warkentin (USA)2:10:05
77Julian Gerard Diaz Barcia (CRc)2:11:00
78Juan Gonzalo Tirado (Col)2:12:10
79Pablo Restrepo (Col)2:12:11
80Eric Cano Rodriguez (CRc)2:12:37
81Nicolas Gomez (Col)2:15:07
82Scott Chenue (USA)2:15:39
83Carlos Gonzalez Castro (CRc)2:16:21
84Omar Alfonso Alvarez Salas (CRc)2:16:43
85Donald Eldridge (USA)2:17:52
86Harold Alfaro Araya (CRc)2:18:26
87Gerardo Alvarado Sanchez (CRc)2:19:42
88John Stimpson (USA)2:20:24
89Cesar Andres Alcazar (CRc)2:20:27
90Jorge Mario Delgado Martinez (CRc)2:24:23
91Eric Goñi Vindas (CRc)2:24:48
92Randy Rhodes (USA)2:25:18
93Francisco Balma Calderon (CRc)2:25:34
94Serge Van Vuchelen (Bel)2:26:06
95Sergio Bautista Bautista (Spa)2:26:29
96Alexander Arias Morera (CRc)2:29:06
97Douglas Dijeres Sanchez (CRc)2:29:34
98Juan Elías Quiros Rojas (CRc)2:29:54
99Juan Alfredo Anaya Conejo (Mex)2:30:50
100Marco Chacon Quiros (CRc)2:31:49
101Mathijs De Wit (Ned)2:31:51
102Jhon Sagebiel (USA)2:32:13
103Alejandro Lopez Ríos (CRc)2:32:52
104Jorge Luis Vidart Bondarenko (Uru)2:33:37
105Wagner Salazar Castro (CRc)2:35:29
106Cesar Andres Arias Morera (CRc)2:35:56
107Guillermo Mora Kopper (CRc)2:37:56
108William Muecke (USA)2:38:14
109Alan Eastlund (USA)2:39:40
110Pedro Jaramillo (Col)2:40:55
111Michael Talbert (USA)2:42:16
112Bernardo Casillas (Mex)2:42:49
113Robert Duran Monge (CRc)2:43:57
114Mario Matarrita (CRc)2:44:02
115Klaus Rubensaal (Ger)2:45:31
116Andreas Wittmann (Ger)2:45:33
117Modesto Jimenez Vargas (CRc)2:47:03
118Luis Jean Pierre Boesch Echeverri (Hon)2:48:40
119Luis Fernando Conejo Morales (CRc)2:53:07
120Javier Segura Roman (CRc)2:54:41
121Andres Bonelli (Uru)2:55:52
122Oscar Villalobos Alfaro (CRc)2:55:58
123Paulo Quesada Pacheco (CRc)2:56:33
124Jesse Fruman (USA)2:57:11
125Mark Wynn (GBr)2:57:12
126Carlos Quiros Llobet (CRc)2:57:51
127Mike Criego (USA)2:58:12
128Ken Zylstra (USA)2:58:57
129Juan Manuel Bordallo Murillo (CRc)2:59:37
130Chris Alstrin (USA)3:00:04
131Arturo Solis Jara (CRc)3:00:09
132Robert Lee (USA)3:00:24
133Gregory Hamilton (USA)3:00:26
134Julio Villalta Calvo (CRc)3:00:56
135Juan Jose Bonilla Alvarado (CRc)3:02:52
136Vincent Maillen (Bel)3:03:14
137Daniel Boromisa (USA)3:04:59
138Jamieson Knowlton (Can)3:06:24
139Alonso Gonzalez Villalobos (CRc)3:06:53
140Ricardo Piedra Morales (CRc)3:06:54
141Anthony R D'Amico Jr (USA)3:06:56
142Thomas Ashworth (Can)3:07:04
143John Pougiales (USA)3:07:58
144Jorge Arturo Garcia Porras (CRc)3:12:13
145Gustavo Marin Gonzales (CRc)3:13:43
146Gilberto Marin Leon (CRc)3:14:10
147Kevin Easley (USA)3:14:50
148Tom Wolf (USA)3:16:19
149Neil Mowbray (Can)3:17:18
150Ron Rel (USA)3:17:43
151Alejandro Arias Victory (CRc)3:19:47
152Juan Sebastian Quesada Vasquez (CRc)3:20:16
153Adrian Hidalgo Gomez (CRc)3:22:01
154Laurent Schoepp (Bel)3:23:02
155Eduardo Jimenez Mendez (CRc)3:24:54
156Karch Kozak (USA)3:25:05
157Paolo Bertini (Ita)3:25:52
158Jorge Luis Vidart Bondarenko (Uru)3:26:38
159Rob Bilich (Cro)3:27:00
160Daniel Montero Quesada (CRc)3:31:21
161Douglas Sanchez Mejía (CRc)3:31:27
162Arnoldo Broutin (CRc)3:32:40
163Ivan Mclean (USA)3:33:17
164Jan Hofmeyr (USA)3:33:20
165Rafael Andres Arrieta Venegas (CRc)3:39:00
166Jose Antonio Menendez Madrigal (CRc)3:39:01
167Christian Podetti (CRc)3:39:55
168Pablo Gamez Bianchini (CRc)3:40:01
169Daniel Fornes (Arg)3:40:03
170Luis Diego Castro Martinez (CRc)3:40:31
171Luis Iglesias Cuadra (CRc)3:41:08
172Robert Aspinall Murray (CRc)3:44:00
173Esteban Cervantes (CRc)3:47:13
174Diego Gomez (CRc)3:48:48
175Ramon Reyes Cordoba (Pan)3:50:19
176Pedro Pontaque Garcia (CRc)3:50:32
177Christian Jimenez (CRc)3:50:34
178Rodrigo Trigueros Piedra (CRc)3:50:37
179Diego Nobrega (Bra)3:51:08
180Diego Gomes (Bra)3:51:11
181Noel Guevara Passot (CRc)3:52:03
182Rodrigo Campos Monge (CRc)3:54:27
183Javier Santos Villarreal (CRc)3:54:35
184Francisco Arana (Mex)3:56:46
185Rafael Angel Rojas Retana (CRc)3:59:03
186Freddy Quesada Miranda (CRc)3:59:13
187Eduardo Salazar (Per)3:59:31
188Eduardo Montilla (Arg)4:00:11



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