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Reigning world champion wins despite torrential rain

Current 24-hour solo world champion Jason English said he is on track to defend his world title this year after winning the JetBlack 24 hour Sydney race over the weekend. The 24-hour solo champion, along with 450 other riders, braved torrential rain at Wiseman's Ferry near Sydney, Australia. English completed 28 grueling laps despite organizers, Rocky Trail Entertainment, being forced to shorten the race to 12 hours.

English admitted to being relieved that the race was shortened after the blistering pace set by the lead riders during the first eight hours. The biggest threat came from another New South Wales rider John Blankenstein from Tathra.

"I thought I only had to worry about Shane (Taylor) from Canberra. Luckily he pulled out but John was breathing down my neck," said English.

Blankenstein showed his form uphill while English says he was able to reclaim time on the downhill. "I think having downhill bars just gave me crazy confidence," said English.

When the race was officially restarted on Saturday morning after being halted at 8:00 pm the night before, there were only four hours remaining. English was still not confident of taking the solo win.

"The big thing was that there was only a three minute gap," he explained. That created some pressure for English, whose sponsor was also the sponsor of the race.

With wet conditions, riders were getting grit in their brake pads forcing them to change pads frequently. For English, however, that was starting to look like a problem. "We were changing the pads about every four laps, so we had to get some more." English said only limited pads of the type he uses are available yet in Australia, so his team started ringing bike shops in search of more for him. "Finally they had to get me some sets from the warehouse," said English.

Even after winning the race, English admitted that this close finish was a wake-up call for him.

"John is trained by Mark Fenner. I really am now seriously thinking about getting a coach," he said.

Blankenstein finished second on equal 28 laps but was 18 minutes down on the winning time. Third place went to David Lodenia from Lawson in New South Wales on 25 laps.

The women's race victory was secured by Sydney based rider, Kim Stokeld with 18 laps. Second was Gill Lugg from Canberra with a total of 16 laps, and Phillippa Rostan from Queanbeyan claimed third with 11 laps.

Despite the deluge, teams were sent off in a mass restart on Sunday morning while solo riders were sent out according to their time gaps.

Overall winners were the hotly fancied team of Andrew Fellows and Sean Bekkers from Queensland's Sunshine Coast region with an impressive 29 laps. Second overall was a six rider men's team from Stanwell in New South Wales on equal laps while English recorded third place overall.

The 24-hour race was New South Wales only qualifying race for solo riders for entry into the 24-hour world solo mountain bike championships which will be held outside of the USA and Canada for the first time when they head to Canberra this October.

Australian riders have claimed the World 24-hour solo title only twice before with Craig Gordon in 2006 and James Williamson in 2008.


Full Results

Solo men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jason English (24:07:29)28pts
2John Blankenstein (24:25:40)28
3Dave - Lifecycles (24:23:12)25
4Jamie Bailey (24:11:17)24
5Simon Ball (24:23:19)24
6Total Rush (24:29:23)24
7Scott The Edge (24:23:31)23
8David Macdonald (24:30:10)23
9Adam Mccabe (24:31:38)23
10Bog Trotting Boogie Man (24:14:32)22
11Anaconda (23:59:33)21
12Sean Burke (24:02:44)21
13Colin Thomsen (24:11:00)21
14Damien Enderby (24:18:09)21
15Enduro Pulse (24:20:34)21
16Aaron Thomson (24:29:09)21
17Scott Charton (24:35:24)21
18North Shore Racing (24:02:23)20
19Clayton Sparke (24:17:57)20
20Potz (24:32:16)20
21Bikecology (24:33:34)20
22Clinton Leong (24:02:13)19
23Dirk Riding (24:14:56)19
24Chris Abell (24:24:04)19
25Chris Lusty (24:25:12)19
26Matthew Pellow (24:32:14)19
27Shane Fraser (24:33:27)19
28Checkmate (24:44:59)19
29Fulcher's Bike Hub/Trek (21:58:15)18
30Trent Morgan (24:27:45)18
31The Conster (24:32:30)18
32Josh Taylor (24:11:46)17
33Stephen Chapman (24:12:13)17
34Mark Mollenhagen (24:19:39)17
35Matthew Hou (24:31:21)17
36Timothy Aust (24:32:19)17
37Shane Taylor (07:48:45)16
38Hot Designs Racing (21:43:26)16
3924Hour (24:36:35)16
40Mg (23:24:21)15
41On The Narrow Road (24:35:43)15
42Hard Can't (07:31:18)14
43Escape (23:13:51)11
44Matt Nash (08:12:09)10
45Richard Ferris (08:41:41)10
46Jason Harrod (21:42:08)10
47Schackattack (07:34:44)9
48Team Go Fast Bits (Gfb) (08:13:30)9
49Arse Is Busted (04:06:16)6
50Bookbargains (04:17:48)5
51John Osborn (07:29:05)4
52Gumby (02:14:26)3
53Jay Bailey (31:17)1

Solo men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1John Harris (24:25:09)24pts
2Sloan (24:25:46)24
3Clayton Locke (24:27:52)23
4Mike Israel (24:29:57)23
5Stuart Maclachlan (24:02:51)20
6Garry Rogers (24:06:47)20
7Tegski (24:07:02)19
8The Shopping Bike (24:23:15)19
9Bob Akers (24:36:57)18
10Kevin Boot (24:13:38)17
11Rockhopper (24:25:07)17
12Greg Pearsall (24:01:15)16
13Ivan Chan (23:56:23)14
14Jeff The Looney (05:16:51)9
15Viagra Vet (05:35:20)5

Solo women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ambc (23:35:37)18pts
2Gill Lugg (24:38:30)16
3Super Flip (24:00:53)11
4Super Something (24:00:49)8
5Tails Too (05:54:41)7
6The Foxinater (04:05:06)5

Solo men singlespeed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Wings Of Pastrami (24:12:59)22pts
2Ssdave (24:15:22)22
3Fezi (24:06:38)20
4Woody (22:59:30)16
5Shawn Sabre (24:01:17)16

Duo men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ayup-Lights.Com/Tomac (24:09:14)29pts
2Cool For Cleats (24:04:40)27
3Stray Dogs (24:00:47)24
42 Drunks (24:15:44)24
5Boris And Bullwinkle (24:22:14)22
6Bush Bashers (24:27:37)19
7The Barry Way (23:31:22)18
8Lap 4 Lap (23:26:55)16
9Team Ganda (08:13:23)13
10Makin Trax (07:52:56)10
11Joy Riders (07:47:39)7

Duo mixed team
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Classy Cleats (24:08:35)22pts

Three-person men's team
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dusty Clusters (24:22:30)26pts
2Rogue Downhillers On Epo (24:12:06)25
3Jetblack Cycling 1 (24:21:03)25
4Shake 'N Bake (24:21:40)25
5Cunning Stunts (24:09:59)24
6Frasers Cycles (24:08:25)22
7Triple M (24:22:13)22
8Navel Grazers (08:26:30)15
9Storm (06:37:57)10
10Team Proud Helmet (01:09:13)2

Three-person mixed team
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Crankin Butterbean (24:27:50)25pts
2Team Liquidswim (24:31:55)17

Four-person men's team
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Synergy (24:14:47)27pts
2Walkom Wheel Estate 4 (24:13:49)25
3Hmtr (24:18:06)25
4Where's The Dead Wood (24:22:51)25
5Cyclecentral (24:03:09)24
6Has-Beens And Wanna-Bees (24:18:56)24
7Wise Weekend 4 4 Men (24:23:05)24
8Toolbags Anonymous (24:01:52)23
9Please Explain Again (24:08:58)23
10Wacky Racers (24:27:05)23
11Team 24H Virgins (24:14:54)22
12Are We Nuts (22:27:35)18
13Bourbon Cycles (22:17:01)16
14Itchy Freckle (21:17:53)14
15Team Skidmarks (06:14:59)11
168 Saw Nutz (08:39:05)11
17Has A Itchy Freckle (18:28:18)10
18Under Construction (06:41:45)9

Four person women's team
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nonstop Chatter (24:32:38)25pts
2Girls Of Bikeworx (23:21:05)21

Four person men's team 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Salty Nuts (24:22:48)28pts
2Farncliffe (24:15:03)26
3Not Knox Grammar Skool Dads (24:02:28)20
4Master Baiters (24:31:18)20

Six-person men's team
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Call For Back ,Up There's 6 Ofem (24:17:26)29pts
2Bernard Riders 1 (24:10:27)27
3Fireflys (24:10:38)26
4Smellaton (24:30:43)25
5Team A-Line (24:12:27)24
6Grumpy And The Gang (23:59:23)23
7Walkom Wheel Estate 6 (24:03:54)23
8Toyota Fleet Management (24:17:13)23
9Jetblack Cycling 2 (24:09:34)21
10Livin On Lactic - 6 And Out (24:07:08)20
11Ups And Downers (24:13:44)20
12Dirty Half Dozen (24:26:05)20
13Rusty Demons (24:32:46)19
14Banmock (22:38:41)17
15Disqualified (23:17:20)17
16Flogged Cogs (08:30:35)13

Six-person mixed team
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pissed And Pedalling (24:32:34)24pts
2Blue Mountains Turgid 6 (24:04:29)22
3On The Juice (24:18:30)22
4Chop (24:34:38)22
5Great Odin's Raven (22:03:41)16
6Bernard Riders 2 (08:49:16)14

Six-person junior men's team
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Not Knox Grammar Skool (24:11:49)24pts

GP solo male
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Another Pomie Bastart (04:25:55)10pts
2Rodney Farrell (04:07:12)9
3Tim Curry (04:09:25)9
4Frs/Bikes At The Basin (04:19:26)9
5Matthew Perry (04:18:39)8
6Craig Scott (04:19:21)8
7Scotta Keep Going (04:29:06)8
8Peter Krauss (03:47:50)7
9Richard Searle (03:59:09)7
10Andrew Scarman (04:10:00)7
11Footpath Racer (04:23:13)7
12Ian Anderson (04:25:23)7
13Kevin Mahr (04:28:23)7
14Camokaizi (03:59:16)6
15Peter Harkness (04:01:17)6
16Jimbo Perry (04:04:58)6
17Beroccaboy (04:33:36)6
18Peter Holyfield (02:41:55)5
19Ndorfin (03:33:27)5
20Rob Wensing (02:29:17)4
21Hugo Pereira (02:13:01)3

GP Solo female
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kathryn Cox (04:32:25)7pts
2Kathleen (03:27:52)5
3Witcombe (03:37:53)5

GP 2-person men's team
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Newie Cogheads (04:01:23)9pts
2Wake Up Jeff (04:13:54)9
3Have A Crack (04:07:52)8
4Fraser Mtb Team (04:19:11)8
5Team Colonel (04:28:01)8
6Joy Division (04:32:27)8
7Gravelrash (04:10:03)7
8Valhalla (03:54:28)6

GP 2-person mixed team
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Torc Pair (02:23:45)5pts

GP 3-person men's team
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Fobs (04:45:03)7pts

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