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Cathro wins in Innerleithen

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Floriane Pugin (Scott 11) races to a win in the elite women's race

Floriane Pugin (Scott 11) races to a win in the elite women's race (Image credit: Thomas Dietze)
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Ben Cathro ( surprised some people with his win in the elite men's category

Ben Cathro ( surprised some people with his win in the elite men's category (Image credit: Thomas Dietze)
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Elite women's podium at the iXS European Downhill Cup in Innerleithen

Elite women's podium at the iXS European Downhill Cup in Innerleithen (Image credit: Thomas Dietze)

Great Britain hosted a round of the iXS European Downhill Cup for the first time in Innerleithen this weekend. 275 participants from 15 countries chose to compete in the series' first race in Scotland. The venue is well known outside of Great Britain, so expectations were high going into the event, which drew many World Cup racers.

The series, in its third year, bridges the gap between national racing and World Cup racing, and one week before the Fort William World Cup, international racers were in attendance to test their legs.

Rebuilt for this race, Innerleithen's course dropped 260 meters within 1.6 kilometers, and being technically demanding, the course reflected the strength of the British racing scene. Changing weather conditions made the rooty sections even more tricky, but nevertheless the fast course, with its various steep sections, offered a lot of flow. Although the weather remained typically Scottish for the finals, a lot of spectators lined the course.

In the women's category, the day's decisive duel took shape in the seeding run: Floriane Pugin (Scott 11) and Sabrina Jonnier (Maxxis/Rocky Mountain) were a full 20 seconds faster than the rest, with Jonnier winning the advantage to start last in Sunday’s race. But in the finals, Pugin proved to be faster, winning the race by four seconds. Jonnier followed in second, while Harriet Rücknagel (OnTheEdge) finished in third 22 seconds down.

On Saturday, junior rider Lewis Buchanan (MS Evil Racing) upset the elite men's category, riding the fastest time of the day and being the only rider apart from Nick Beer (Scott 11) to score a time under three minutes. In Sunday's finals, Ben Cathro ( was one of the first elite men to start, and his time of 2:57 stood to the very end, giving Cathro a long stay in the Red Bull Hot Seat and a somewhat surprising win in the elite category.

Buchanan proved his quality again and finished in second, closely followed by Matt Simmonds (CRC/Intense iXS). Thus the podium was purely Britsh. Reigning European champion Nick Beer followed in fourth, with Camoron Cole (Maxxis/Rocky Mountain) finishing in fifth.

Both the licensed under 17s and masters' categories were dominated by British riders: Fraser McGlone (All Terrain Cycles) won the juniors' race with a seven-second advantage on Joe Connell (Alpine bikes) and Riku Länsiö (HyPy). In the masters' category, Dale McMullan (Chainreaction Cycles) rode to the top spot of the podium, while Callum Gault (highline racing) and Cavill Jayson followed suit.

The next race of the series will be held on June 26-27 at Leogang’s Out of Bounds-Festival.Full

Full Results

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Floriane Pugin (Fra) Scott110:03:28.343
2Sabrina Jonnier (Fra) Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain0:00:04.016
3Harriet Ruecknagel (Ger) RSV Rederberch/ OnTheEdge0:00:21.959
4Miriam Ruchti (Swi) dr- gravity union0:00:22.075
5Harriet Latchem (GBr) propain and sixpack0:00:30.332
6Joanne Muoser (Ger) Suspension Center0:00:45.775
7Kim Schauff* (Ger) team plan B / iXS0:00:45.813
8Sarah Newman (GBr) fixonline0:00:46.808
9Kerry Wrigglesworth (GBr) O'Neal / Electric0:00:50.229
10Leoni Caroline Dickerhoff (Ger) DR-Gravity Union0:00:52.569
11Emma Wareham (GBr) LeisureLakesBikes.com0:00:57.352
12Rosie Smith* (GBr)0:01:06.897
DNSEmily Horridue (GBr)
DNSNicole Beege (Ger) RCG Germania Weißenburg / HERO
DNFKatrin Meistring (Ger) Royal Bavarian Woodpacker

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Cathro (GBr) MTBcut.tv0:02:57.281
2Lewis Buchanan* (GBr) MS EVIL RACING0:00:01.196
3Matt Simmonds (GBr) CRC/Intense iXS0:00:01.302
4Nick Beer (Swi) Scott110:00:01.348
5Cameron Cole (NZl) Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain0:00:01.824
6Ruaridh Cunningham (GBr) CRC/Intense iXS0:00:02.365
7Mitch Delfs (Aus) Lex / Pivot0:00:03.857
8Ben Reid (GBr) Dirt Norco0:00:04.598
9Shaun O'Connor (Aus) Kenda-Playbiker0:00:05.160
10Filip Polc (Svk) MS EVIL RACING0:00:05.259
11Thomas Braithwaite (GBr) Hope Technology0:00:05.567
12Adam Brayton (GBr) Mythic Factory Team0:00:06.825
13Fabien Pedemanaud (Fra) Scott110:00:07.111
14Joe Barnes (GBr) MTBcut.tv0:00:08.134
15Wyn Masters (NZl) Kenda-Playbiker0:00:08.329
16Gary Forrest (GBr) Icycles0:00:08.434
17Peter Williams (GBr) MSC Bikes0:00:10.515
18Ashley Maller (GBr) santacruz uk/biketart0:00:10.588
19Matej Charvat (Cze) K.T.R. Racing Team0:00:11.077
20Will Rischbietu (Aus) Lex / Pivot0:00:11.524
21Josh Button (GBr) KONAWORLD Team0:00:11.707
22Tom Deacon (GBr) Mythic Factory Team0:00:12.076
23Chris Hutchens (GBr) Transcend Orange0:00:14.435
24Sam Flockhart* (GBr) Lapierre international0:00:14.755
25Evan Turpen (USA) Epicenter Cycling0:00:15.498
26Dominik Gspan (Swi) ewz mountainbiketeam loop0:00:16.085
27Martin Hanák (Cze) Max Cursor0:00:16.183
28Erik Irmisch (Ger) YT Industries/ SRAM/ Ufo0:00:16.202
29Benny Strasser (Ger) SZ Wildbad / Toxoholic's Turne0:00:16.229
30Bertrand Gilles (Bel) KONA/BARRACUDA0:00:16.263
31Mark Scott* (GBr) all terrain cycles0:00:16.753
32Fergus Lamb (GBr) Perth City Cycles0:00:16.932
33Martin Frei (Swi) GT0:00:17.102
34David Duggan (GBr) Freeborn/Devinci0:00:17.205
35Joseph Nation (NZl)0:00:17.437
36Ben Hall (GBr) Perth City Cycles0:00:17.565
37Kristof Lenssens (Bel) KONA/BARRACUDA0:00:17.664
38Joe Edge (GBr) Stendec0:00:18.670
39James Flinders (GBr) MSC Bikes UK0:00:18.741
40Thomas Gleave (GBr) bikeworks0:00:19.188
41Richard Leacock (NZl)0:00:19.660
42Ondrej Barta (Cze) K.T.R. Racing Team0:00:20.034
43Scott Laughland (GBr) RR Racing0:00:20.066
44Andrew Phillips (GBr) All Terrain Cycles0:00:20.070
45Alasdair Maclennan (GBr) Pinkbike.com0:00:20.293
46Martin Young (GBr) iXS Sports Division0:00:20.723
47Aari Barrett (NZl) Scott110:00:21.341
48Daniel Sims (NZl) Red Dog Racing0:00:21.620
49Dan Critchlow (GBr) Morewood/Burgtec/Race Face/SDG0:00:21.777
50Joe Flanagan (GBr) All Terrain0:00:22.189
51Liam Little (GBr) KNOX Keswick mountain bikes0:00:22.295
52Shaun Conway (GBr)0:00:22.318
53Brook Macdonald (NZl) MS EVIl RACING0:00:22.343
54Jordan Doig* (GBr) MDC Bikes UK0:00:22.477
55Rhys Evans (GBr) no bull racin'0:00:22.968
56Dave Kynaston* (GBr) HBROOK Racing K90:00:23.073
57Steven Turnbull (GBr)0:00:23.313
58James Hoggan* (NZl)0:00:23.381
59Sam Shucksmith (GBr)0:00:23.499
60Jamie Maller* (GBr)0:00:23.533
61Ronan Taylor* (GBr) High Line Racing/monsterbike0:00:23.768
62Ben Moorhouse (GBr) Ticket2Ride/Descent Gear/Nicol0:00:23.909
63Roman Roschi (Swi) Stöcklibike / Specialized0:00:24.065
64Randy Van Goubergen (Bel) Singletrackbikeparts.be0:00:24.998
65Graeme Forrest (GBr)0:00:25.094
66Rhys Atkinson (Aus) World Trail/Specialized0:00:25.104
67Ben Ayling (Aus)0:00:25.163
68Markus Planitzer (Aut) Bodenhaftung0:00:25.190
69Simon Buzacott (Aus)0:00:25.528
70James Metcalfe (GBr)0:00:26.355
71Thomas Lamb (GBr) Highline Racing0:00:27.781
72Philip Carters (GBr)0:00:27.816
73Oliver Morris (GBr)0:00:28.395
74Thomas Kelly (GBr) Solid UK/Borderline Events0:00:28.471
75James Scott (GBr)0:00:28.518
76Ben Millward* (GBr) Woodcars0:00:28.534
77Bradley Craggs* (GBr) Activ Cycles/Spartan Performan0:00:28.543
78Liam Moynihan (GBr) mountain high cycles/Orange bi0:00:28.607
79Martin Nairn (GBr) I CYCLES0:00:28.819
80Jack Ward* (GBr) The Bikeworx0:00:28.890
81James Green (GBr) Schwalbe/LeisureLakesBikes0:00:29.033
82Gauin Black (GBr)0:00:29.250
83Josh Lewis* (GBr) Steve Peat Syndicate/Royal0:00:30.171
84Ziki Fontana* (Swi) Wildhorses Team0:00:30.259
85Daniel Carrigan* (GBr) Mtb-Essentials.com0:00:30.386
86Jamie Scott* (GBr) CycleLane0:00:30.471
87Matthew Ineson (GBr)0:00:31.127
88Ralph Richardson (GBr) Bike Outlet Racing/Troy lee De0:00:31.400
89Brett Cboan* (GBr)0:00:31.879
90Basil Weber* (Ger) ewz mountainbiketeam loop0:00:31.966
91Alex Powell* (GBr) 2StageFactory0:00:32.063
92Craig Munro (GBr) Vibe Racing0:00:32.223
93James Lamb (GBr)0:00:32.365
94Sam Baker* (NZl) GT/ Fox / Five Ten0:00:32.469
95Peter Walton (GBr)0:00:32.559
96Daniel Johnson (GBr)0:00:32.775
97Chris Breeze (GBr)
98Samuel Maddison* (GBr) borderline events/ team orange0:00:33.452
99Fraser Houston (GBr)0:00:34.422
100Robin Van Goubergen (Bel) Singletrackbikeparts.be0:00:34.598
101Andrew Reynolds* (GBr) I-Cycles0:00:35.011
102Edo Franco (Ita) Kenda-Playbiker0:00:35.012
103Damian Groves (GBr)0:00:35.888
104Christoph Ehrl (Ger) Bavarian Leon0:00:35.986
105Michael Turnbull* (GBr) Walkers Cycling Club0:00:36.043
106Jon Stout (GBr) The Bike Worx0:00:37.602
107Jan Smetana* (Ger)0:00:37.757
108Vivian Jones* (GBr) Team Bicycle Doctor/CCA-Sign0:00:38.106
109Jim Shaw* (GBr) Brian Rourke Cycles0:00:38.187
110Kris Read (GBr) Team Cruz0:00:38.717
111Christopher Gallagher* (GBr) planet-knox.com0:00:38.833
112Ben Williamson* (GBr) Perth City Cycles0:00:39.064
113Paul Livesey (GBr)0:00:39.249
114Gary Neale (GBr)0:00:39.300
115Toni Tillmann (Ger)0:00:39.409
116James Cowan Stenhouse* (GBr) Walkers cycling/Hamilton Tarma0:00:39.915
117Nick Turner (GBr) The Development Spooky/FTW0:00:40.222
118Ryan Chambers (GBr) BorderlineEvents/Solid UK0:00:40.548
119George Simons (GBr)0:00:40.923
120Willem Herd* (GBr) Perth City Cycles0:00:41.061
121Calum Mcritchie* (GBr)0:00:41.265
122Alexander Balfour (GBr) Glentress Riders0:00:42.595
123Alasdair Stevenson* (GBr)0:00:43.254
124Daniel Newman (GBr)0:00:43.387
125Mario Steiner (Ger) steiner-racing.de0:00:45.142
126Oliver Pearson (GBr) just riding along0:00:45.352
127Adam Neesham (GBr)0:00:46.376
128Felix Herdzina (Ger) Maxxis MG Sport0:00:47.975
129Jack Lennie* (GBr)0:00:48.149
130Cameron Leadbetter (GBr) Funn Components0:00:51.062
131Ben Stanley* (GBr)0:00:51.576
132Martin Shipman (GBr)0:00:58.309
133Jonathan Coulier* (GBr) Team Sword0:01:02.424
134Robert Shaw* (GBr) nema smx optics0:01:16.516
135Christopher Scott* (GBr)0:01:28.181
136Kenneth Porter (GBr) Innerleithen MTB Racing0:01:34.089
137Florian Drexel* (Ger) Bavarian Leon0:01:35.961
138Scott Mears (GBr) fox europe/leatt/burgtec/conti0:01:37.788
139Joe Smith (GBr) Kona World Team0:08:40.704
DNSFreddy Hunziker* (Swi) Scott11
DNSMartin Knaup (Ger) Eschweiler SG Radsport
DNSJosh Lane (GBr)
DNSDaniel Lavis* (GBr)
DNSBen Rodgers (GBr) All Terrain Cycles
DNSJames Shepherd* (Aus)
DNSIain Sutherland (GBr) The Bike Worx
DNSMario Reinbacher (Aut) Bikestore
DNFJoe Clixby* (GBr) Borderline -Team Mountain High

Under 17 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Fraser Mcglone (GBr) All Terrain Cycles0:03:09.289
2Joe Connell (GBr) Alpine bikes0:00:07.099
3Riku Länsiö (Fin) HyPy0:00:08.111
4Christopher Mcglinchey (Irl) Novatec MSC Bikes CRC0:00:09.736
5George Gannicott (GBr) Icycles0:00:14.768
6Billy Matthews (GBr) Peaty Syndicate / Northwest Mo0:00:15.591
7Philip Atwill (GBr) swiss and swallow0:00:18.211
8Matthew Scott (GBr) Uplift Scotland0:00:20.599
9Craig Shaw (GBr) basecamp mtb0:00:23.579
10Brodie Hood (GBr)0:00:26.550
11Gregor Notman (GBr)0:00:32.523
12Freddie Oxley (GBr) solid/borderline/zapp0:00:34.960
13Matthew Lean (GBr)0:00:37.309
14Rory Mcritchie (GBr)0:00:40.498
15Thomas Hawkswell (GBr) West Highland Wheelers0:00:42.143
16Lachten Blair (GBr)0:00:46.939
17Fraser Leadbetter (GBr) Last Bikes | FUNN Mtb | 2016 D0:01:20.024
18Lewis Murray (GBr)0:02:11.700
DNSMorgan Gulland (GBr)

Master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dale Mcmullan (GBr) Chainreaction Cycles0:03:21.926
2Callum Gault (GBr) highline racing0:00:00.472
3Jayson Cavill (GBr)0:00:00.663
4Thomas Reed (GBr) descend hamsterley / mountain0:00:02.883
5Sion Jones (GBr) Pearcecycles0:00:02.895
6Michael Cowan (Irl) ChainReactionCycles.com0:00:02.994
7Zac Hubery (GBr)0:00:03.151
8Alastair Maclennan (GBr) MTB Ride Guide - Off Beat Bike0:00:03.926
9Chris Coates (GBr) Cyclejersey.com0:00:05.060
10Phillip Mclaren (GBr) fulford cycles0:00:13.323
11Ian Mcintyre (GBr) Chain Reaction0:00:15.092
12Martin Hodgson (GBr) I Cycles0:00:15.724
13Martin Creaser (GBr) PROGRESSION/MAXXIS0:00:17.902
14Colin Williams (GBr) O'Neal / Electric0:00:18.434
15Steven Boyd (GBr)0:00:19.560
16Craig Cottrill (GBr) RidersRefuge.com0:00:20.005
17Simon Paton (GBr) Descent-Gear.com0:00:21.180
18Oliver Pusch (Ger) / / b0:00:22.118
19Michael Saville (GBr) full noise racing0:00:28.443
20Owen Allison (GBr) C.H.R.0:00:29.962
21John Rowan (GBr)0:00:34.317
22Steve Felstead (GBr)
23Ben Cox (GBr) LAST/FUNN0:00:38.832
24Iain Grandison (GBr)0:00:39.003
25Drew Freeman (GBr) team sword / merlin cycles0:00:58.271
26Dave Mellor (GBr)0:00:58.392
27Markus Wiersch (Ger) Royal Bavarian Woodpacker0:01:06.950
DNSNeil Wilson (GBr) Glentress Riders

Open men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Paul Webster0:03:26.219
2Ed Thomsett0:00:03.883
3Scott Muirhead0:00:04.515
4Nick Buckley0:00:05.012
5Sam Green
6Andrew Green Green Tree Services0:00:06.702
7Tommy Ingham0:00:07.566
8Cameron Turnbull0:00:10.173
9Graham Davidson0:00:10.291
10Douglas Pflug0:00:13.159
11David Buckle0:00:13.502
12Matthew Greig0:00:15.066
13Mathew Weir0:00:16.381
14Joachim Krug www.Rockride.de0:00:16.481
15Paul Milne0:00:20.486
16Fraser Sandilands0:00:22.784
17Nick Lewis0:00:24.316
18Robert Slaney0:00:24.799
19Klaus Augustin0:00:24.998
20Scott Marshall0:00:25.609
21Ben Stead0:00:30.274
22Daniel Braund
23Chris Tundogan0:00:48.819
24Gordon Letts0:00:59.763
25Anthony Cuskelly0:01:10.109
26Martin Richter k1 sporthotel0:01:16.038
DNSLewis Elliot
DNSLesley Lageweg BG Racing
DNSAndy Durie
DNFJordan Cavalier

Open junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Grant Walker0:03:32.952
2Rene Bloechle MAXXIS - MG Sport0:00:40.458

Open senior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Scott Elliot0:03:25.514
2Alan Boyne See You In Tea Bikes0:00:10.398
3Benjamin Edwards Cycle Recycle0:00:10.533
4Krzysztof Marchewa Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative0:00:13.132
5Phil Mcgrath McGrath0:00:16.230
6Ryan Barr0:00:22.716
7Steve Scott0:00:24.549
8Shaun Kelly0:00:25.662
9Mats Lund Team Davros0:00:26.959
10David Christie0:00:27.306
11Wolfram Schwertner0:00:30.465
12Sebastian Kammerer Gravity Pilots e.V. - Team Ext0:00:32.056
13Stuart Wilson0:00:35.823
14Roger Beutler Bike-corner Bergamont0:00:37.118
15Slaven Haseta0:00:38.853
16Christian Kunz0:00:43.499
17Steven Mawical Singletrack0:00:56.615
18Jamie Johnson0:01:23.035
19Mark Patterson0:01:58.296

Open women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rachael Walker0:04:26.165

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