Beer and Pugin win in Châtel

Nick Beer and Floriane Pugin were the winners of the second-to-last race of the European downhill series. A total of close to 300 riders participated at the race in Châtel, France. Portes du Soleil's bike mecca welcomed riders from 18 countries.

The "Bike Patrol" course was already considered as one of the toughest of the series, and despite some modifications that was no different at 2009's edition. Due to the revised trajectory, the course became even faster, making it more demanding for all riders and interesting for the spectators. And for once even the weather was absolutely perfect, so all riders could rely on the same conditions allowing for fast runs.

The seeding run showed that the final battle would be tight. New Zealand's Nathan Rankin (Iron Horse Playbiker) managed to qualify fastest, so he would start the finals last. Due to a slight mistake, Switzerland's favorite, Nick Beer (Scott 11), posted the second fastest seeding time, but he still earned valuable points for the series' overall where Germany's Benny Strasser (iXS/Toxoholics) had been in the lead after Leogang's race.

The elite men category's result in the final resembled last year's result as Beer managed to distance Rankin by two seconds. At 22 years of age, Beer is currently ranked fifth in the world and he took over the lead in the series' overall too, proving his qualities once again and showing that he has closed the gap to the world's elite riders this season. Third place went to Frenchman Pierre Charles Georges (Solid AClass), who has proven that he is well capable of finishing within the World Cup's top 20 positions recently.

The podium in the elite women's race was an all-French affair: Reigning European champion Floriane Pugin (Kenda) beat Sabrina Jonnier (Maxxis / Rocky Mountain) for the victory. Jonnier had been the fastest in the seeding run, but only by six tenths of a second. Finishing in third was Caroline Sax (Geko Bike). France's successful work regarding young talents also showed in the junior women's category: Laura Lohner (VTT Morillon) won the race ahead of Tahnée Seagrave (Intense) and Germany's Leoni Dickerhoff (iXS/Toxoholics).

With 45 starters, the junior men's category boasted a strong field and was won by Frenchman Florian Arthus (Clic Chambéry Savoie) who narrowly beat Switzlerand's Marius Paccolat (Verbier Bike Team) and fellow Frenchman Alexandre Lohner (VTT Morillon).

The master's category was won by Heins Hostettler (, with frequent podium finishers Markus Bast (NOX Cycles) and Marcel Waldmann (DT Swiss/iXS) taking the other podium spots.

The series' finals will be held on September 12-13 in Bischofsmais, Germany.


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Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nick Beer (Swi)0:02:32.80
2Nathan Rankin (NZl)0:00:01.63
3Pierre Charles Georges (Fra)0:00:03.54
4Samuel Zbinden (Swi)0:00:03.99
5Marcus Klausmann (Ger)0:00:04.13
6Marcel Beer (Swi)0:00:06.90
7Joe Barnes (GBr)0:00:07.52
8Simon Cardon (Fra)0:00:07.84
9Charly Di Pasquale (Fra)0:00:08.17
10Roman Roschi (Swi)0:00:08.29
11Ben Baker (GBr)0:00:08.37
12Lars Peyer (Swi)0:00:08.45
13Mathieu Troquier (Fra)0:00:08.57
14Cyrille Kurtz (Fra)0:00:08.65
15Marco Milivinti (Ita)0:00:08.85
16Yannick Colomb (Fra)0:00:09.22
17Fergus Lamb (GBr)0:00:09.22
18Nejc Rutar (Slo)0:00:09.27
19Andreas Sieber (Ger)0:00:09.33
20Rene Schmidt (Ger)0:00:09.60
21Maxime Remy (Fra)0:00:10.81
22Oskar Harnstrom (Swe)0:00:10.86
23Benjamin Verrier (Fra)0:00:11.08
24Claudio Caluori (Swi)0:00:11.20
25Florian Arthus (Fra)0:00:11.48
26Alexis Pujol (Fra)0:00:11.49
27Zan Jurca (Slo)0:00:11.59
28Benny Strasser (Ger)0:00:11.76
29Marius Paccolat (Swi)0:00:12.15
30Josua Hein (Ger)0:00:12.19
31Alexandre Lohner (Fra)0:00:12.29
32Billy Caroli (Swi)0:00:12.49
33Gernot Ruppert (Ger)0:00:12.81
34Rom Devouassoux (Fra)0:00:12.94
35Xavier Simo Cervera (Spa)0:00:13.00
36Falco Ruppert (Ger)0:00:13.19
37Lucas Meyer (Swi)0:00:13.21
38Patrick Meyer (Swi)0:00:13.24
39Oren Hasson (Isr)0:00:14.17
40Nicolas Legrand (Fra)0:00:14.41
41Dominik Mai (Ger)0:00:14.47
42Bertrand Gilles (Bel)0:00:14.53
43Janick Lieberherr (Swi)0:00:14.55
44Joel Gebbie (GBr)0:00:15.09
45Fabrice Tirefort (Swi)0:00:15.34
46Nils Correvon (Swi)0:00:15.68
47Sylvain Tamanini (Fra)0:00:15.74
48David Rolli (Swi)0:00:15.76
49Simon Parsons (GBr)0:00:15.81
50Heinz Hostettler (Swi)0:00:15.82
51Owain James (GBr)0:00:15.89
52Christian Greub (Swi)0:00:16.38
53Thibaud Krattinger (Fra)0:00:16.44
54Julien Hericher (Fra)0:00:16.72
55Dante Langkitsch (Fra)0:00:16.84
56Benoit Lasson Sancesari (Fra)0:00:16.96
57Maximilian Bender (Ger)0:00:17.13
58Joseph Horton (GBr)0:00:17.61
59Markus Bast (Ger)0:00:18.01
60Samuel Amouroux (Fra)0:00:18.08
61Chris Kilmurray (Irl)0:00:18.15
62Andy Klüm (Swi)0:00:18.18
63Marcel Waldmann (Swi)0:00:18.18
64Primoz Ravnik (Slo)0:00:18.24
65Urban Pogladic (Slo)0:00:18.28
66Samuel Baumann (Swi)0:00:18.29
67Jonathan Debus (Ger)0:00:18.30
68Michael Stammbach (Swi)0:00:18.39
69Robert Williams (GBr)0:00:18.55
70Nimrod Hemmo (Isr)0:00:18.60
71Edoardo Franco (Ita)0:00:18.72
72Ziga Pandur (Slo)0:00:18.83
73Julien Fournier (Swi)0:00:19.00
74Fabian Fader (Ger)0:00:19.01
75Goel Wirz (Fra)0:00:19.22
76Liam Moynihan (GBr)0:00:19.31
77Morgan Adam (GBr)0:00:19.37
78Jarno Veerhoek (Ned)0:00:19.56
79Andreas Schaefer (Swi)0:00:19.72
80Alexis Bousquet (Fra)0:00:19.89
81Callum Dew (GBr)0:00:19.91
82Freddie King (NZl)0:00:20.08
83Fabian Bieli (Swi)0:00:20.52
84Guillaume Chancrin (Fra)0:00:20.61
85Stefan Hubacher (Swi)0:00:20.73
86Mark Fischer (Swi)0:00:20.83
87Christophe Carnino (Fra)0:00:21.27
88Mario Reinbacher (Aut)0:00:21.92
89Luca Fusani (Ita)0:00:22.29
90Basil Weber (Swi)0:00:22.65
91Raphael Epitalon (Fra)0:00:22.65
92Rico Putzi (Swi)0:00:22.66
93Maxime Clerc (Fra)0:00:22.71
94Joseph Allen (NZl)0:00:22.75
95Elias Vonier (Aut)0:00:22.75
96David Belio (Spa)0:00:22.80
97Steve Clemencon (Fra)0:00:23.06
98Fabian Heim (Ger)0:00:23.23
99James George (GBr)0:00:23.29
100Tudor Jones (GBr)0:00:23.33
101Roland Schwaller (Swi)0:00:23.51
102Thibaud Patoux (Fra)0:00:23.66
103Aviv Yanowski (Isr)0:00:24.10
104Benjamin Scharfetter (Aut)0:00:24.30
105Jean Marie Schwindenhammer (Fra)0:00:24.50
106David Lischka (Ger)0:00:24.57
107Rok Jurca (Slo)0:00:24.57
108Benjamin Oluoch (Ger)0:00:24.74
109Gregory Gstalter (Fra)0:00:24.77
110Alan Rat (Fra)0:00:25.68
111William Elliott (GBr)0:00:25.72
112Florent Malengreaux (Bel)0:00:26.12
113Timothé Rosier (Fra)0:00:26.29
114Emyr Davies (GBr)0:00:26.34
115Kevin Schramm (Ger)0:00:26.46
116Jochen Rehwald (Ger)0:00:26.54
117Florian Heuschling (Fra)0:00:26.58
118Ludovic G'stalter (Fra)0:00:26.59
119Marc Bock (Swi)0:00:26.72
120Max Kruse (Ger)0:00:27.03
121Sam Boardman (GBr)0:00:27.14
122Tobias Doering (Ger)0:00:27.52
123Laurent Castella (Swi)0:00:27.94
124Peter Ballin (GBr)0:00:28.02
125David Hosang (Swi)0:00:28.12
126Gavin Duke (GBr)0:00:28.30
127Vincent Moynat (Fra)0:00:28.82
128Daniel Fricke (Ger)0:00:28.93
129Olivier Lagger (Swi)0:00:29.31
130Lionel Van Eldom (Bel)0:00:29.41
131Jonathan Morley (GBr)0:00:30.01
132Markus Bihler (Ger)0:00:30.17
133Vinzenz Guntern (Swi)0:00:30.73
134Jérôme Vizzavona (Fra)0:00:30.88
135Markus Planitzer (Aut)0:00:31.17
136Urs Sturzenegger (Swi)0:00:31.36
137Thomas Dilitta (Fra)0:00:31.37
138Bernhard Kammel (Ger)0:00:31.39
139Olivier Afflatet (Fra)0:00:32.57
140Sylvain Epitalon (Fra)0:00:32.63
141Jetham Levenberger (Isr)0:00:33.06
142Lucas Engelhardt (Ger)0:00:33.89
143Mario Jantsch (Ger)0:00:34.07
144Philipp Gerken (Ger)0:00:34.19
145Nicolas Simon (Bel)0:00:35.63
146David Vincent (Fra)0:00:35.65
147Martin Schelberger (Aut)0:00:36.16
148Stephane Pugin (Fra)0:00:36.33
149Jerome Crocombette (Fra)0:00:37.33
150Lorenzo Baragiola (Swi)0:00:38.79
151Denis Bron Fontanaz (Fra)0:00:40.41
152Benoït Fellay (Swi)0:00:40.51
153Doron Dan (Isr)0:00:42.16
154Kent Clarstroem (Swe)0:00:42.19
155Peter Boo (Swi)0:00:42.33
156Dominik Schum (Ger)0:00:44.47
157Aleksandar Prvulj (Lie)0:00:45.52
158Ernst Schurter (Swi)0:00:48.21
159Gilles Ranchain (Fra)0:00:49.37
160Patrick Mueller (Ger)0:00:49.52
161Patrick Schum (Ger)0:00:54.66
162Cristiano Bolognese (Ita)0:01:02.02
163Moritz Kruse (Ger)0:01:11.91
164Antonio Carlo Franco (Ita)0:01:13.37
165Jean Krattinger (Fra)0:01:19.01
166Fabian Pfister (Swi)0:01:33.73
167Christopher Clemencon (Fra)0:01:45.23
168Gatien Durocher (Fra)0:05:08.66
DNFKevin Setzer (Ger)Row 168 - Cell 2
DNFRemy Casanova (Fra)Row 169 - Cell 2
DNSFalk Banker (Ger)Row 170 - Cell 2
DNSMatthieu Carnino (Fra)Row 171 - Cell 2
DNSAlexis Visbecq (Fra)Row 172 - Cell 2
DNSTine Mahkovec (Slo)Row 173 - Cell 2
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Floriane Pugin (Fra)0:02:52.12
2Sabrina Jonnier (Fra)0:00:00.67
3Caroline Sax (Fra)0:00:17.78
4Martina Bruehlmann (Swi)0:00:27.94
5Helene Valerie Fruhwirth (Aut)0:00:29.43
6Nicole Beege (Ger)0:00:29.54
7Morgane Jonnier (Fra)0:00:30.31
8Laura Lohner (Fra)0:00:30.62
9Emilie Siegenthaler (Swi)0:00:31.43
10Miriam Ruchti (Swi)0:00:31.81
11Leoni-Caro. Dickerhoff (Ger)0:00:36.77
12Joanne Muoser (Swi)0:00:39.38
13Caro Gehrig (Swi)0:00:47.28
14Lauriane Darbre (Swi)0:01:08.89

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