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Beytagh descends to downhill win at Killington

Elite men's downhill podium at the Gravity East round in Killington, Vermont

Elite men's downhill podium at the Gravity East round in Killington, Vermont (Image credit: Gravity East Series)

This past weekend the Gravity East Series made its second and final stop of the 2010 season in the state of Vermont at Killington Resort. It was the first time Killington had hosted a downhill mountain bike race in five years.

The newly designed race course started just below the mountaintop lodge located on Killington's Peak at 4,241 feet. The course was 2.2 miles long and took six to eight minutes, with a very fast run to the finish off a fire road stretch.

The Gravity East Series drew a number of riders from all over the East and beyond including quite a few new riders from local Vermont towns. 189 riders competed in the event vying for the top of the Gravity East point standings.

In the hotly contested elite men's category, pro riders battled "The Beast" to become the one victorious. The Dominator, Gerritt Beytagh (Moorewood Bikes) mastered "The Beast" to beat local Vermonter Gavin Vaughan (Giant/HGB) for the win. It was Beytagh's fourth win of the season and inched him closer to Vaughan and the top of the Gravity East elite men's category. Jason Memmelar (Giant/HGB) took third with Benjamin Moody (POC/Trek) and Adam Morse (GT/VonCooper) finishing fourth and fifth respectively.

Dawn Bourque (Chainline/Rocky Mtn) won the elite women's race ahead of Karen Eagan (Highland Mtn/Nema) and Hillary Elgert (Racers Edge).

The Gravity East Series rolls on to Olympic territory next month in Lake Placid at Whiteface Mountain for the 5km downhill event.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Geritt Beytagh (Morewood Bikes USA)0:06:01.12
2Gavin Vaughan (Giant/Hbg/Smith/Five Ten/Kmc/E13)0:00:07.40
3Jason Memmelaar (Giant/Hbg/Smith/Di)0:00:11.17
4Benjamin Moody (Poc Helmets/Trekbike)0:00:15.46
5Adam Morse (Vancooper/GT/Smith)0:00:17.46
6Steve Avery (Schraalp Cyclesmith Highland)0:00:30.98
7Ben Hulse (Morpheus Cycles)0:00:35.21
8Chris Higgerson (HBG/Smith/510)0:00:36.34
9Christopher Mari (Zeal Optics Champion Chips)0:00:36.94
10Phillip Kmetz0:00:38.46
11Tim White (Vancooper/Gt/Smith)0:00:41.20
12Alex Moschitti0:00:42.25
13Conor Rowan (Royal Vans)0:00:43.21
14Oliver Levick0:00:47.63
15Zach Faulkner (Drummer Racing/Evil Bikes/Smith Optics)0:00:52.59
16Patricio Pereira (Continental Speciali)0:00:59.64
17Tim Howland (FTW Racing)0:01:00.93
18B.J. Treglia (Foes Racing Fox Shox 661 Crank Bros. Sunline Evs Point 1)0:01:01.51
19George Leslie (High Gear Racing)0:01:06.03
DNSAndrew Bressem

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dawn Bourque (Chainline/Rocky Mtn)0:07:29.97
2Karen Eagan (Highland Mtn/Nema)0:00:26.75
3Hillary Elgert (Racers Edge)0:01:13.86

Cat. 1 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rebecca Gardner (Beacon Cycles)0:08:30.68
2Hannah Trimble (Morpheus Cycles)0:00:28.92
3Katelyn Parhiala (Wachusett Brew Racing)0:00:37.09
4Rebecca Bagley (Ftw Factory Racing)0:00:38.39
5Charlene Smith0:00:44.71
6Vicki Koch (Team Mental Health)0:01:25.04

Cat. 1 Men 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Damon Morin (Highland Mtn)0:06:51.49
2Matt Lareau (Killington/True Whee)0:00:05.94
3Alex Couture (Giant Bicycles)0:00:08.63
4Dacid Milkiewicz (Gravity Project)0:00:09.33
5Dylan Conte (Team Iride/ West Branch Yoga/ Jimmz Pizza)0:00:10.77
6Ray Syron (United Free Ride)0:00:14.76
7Peter Mcnulty (Gravity Project)0:00:18.30
8Cody Wilkins (Gravity Project)0:00:53.57
9Luen Proft (Killington/True Whee)0:00:55.81
10Max Hautaniemi (Gravity Project)0:01:17.85

Cat. 1 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ryan Gardner (Beacon Cycles)0:06:29.28
2Cody Gray0:00:20.73
3Jason Bourgeois (Wachusett Brewing Co)0:00:25.00
4Matthew Sebas0:00:25.18
5Jack Williams (Drummer Racing)0:00:27.23
6Willem Cooper (Vancooper/Gt/Smith)0:00:27.27
7Geoff Ayr (Ftw Factory Racing)0:00:28.14
8Peter Mihalick (Giant Hbg E.13 Smith 5.10)0:00:30.07
9David Custer (Ftw Factory Racing)0:00:33.15
10Nik Patalano (Northeastern U)0:00:35.05
11Sam Chipkin (Drummer Racing)0:00:35.60
12Jordan Newth (True Wheels)0:00:39.11
13Aarrison Reynolds (Spin Bike/Horns Hill)0:00:39.75
14Richard Patty (Oliver Racing)0:00:43.35
15Chris Brown0:00:44.75
16Ryan Conroy (Northeastern U)0:00:45.89
17Steven Czaplicki (Knapp's Cyclery)0:00:51.53
18Halston Mendes0:00:54.73
19Dave Eypper (Wachusett Brew Racing)0:01:04.91
20Eric Allocco (Intense Grass Roots)0:01:21.98
21Brewster Kanis (Wachusett Brew Racing)0:02:02.76
22Jacob Roy0:02:31.24
23Max Syron0:05:56.73
DNSRoger Murphy

Cat. 1 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Shad Wilson (Schraalp/ Cyclesmith)0:06:54.70
2David Mee (Jra Cycles)0:00:05.97
3Neil Synder0:00:08.66
4Tim Lagerstedt0:00:10.59
5David Townsend (Gravity Project)0:00:23.33
6Luke Wenschhof0:00:31.79
7Aaron Barnes0:00:37.60
8Philip Crowley (Blazin Broz)0:00:50.00
9Darren Savage (Sdg Odi 661 Spy Optic)0:00:50.63
10Leif Erickson0:00:53.36
11Tim Frederick (Action Sports)0:01:02.25
12Todd Seplavy (Gt Bicycles)0:01:14.70
DNSMichael Mullen

Cat. 1 Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dennis Laclair (Wachusett Brew Racing)0:06:56.65
2Charles Morin (Highland Mtn)0:00:22.51
3Fred Bassett (Fast Freddy Racing)0:00:30.21
4Thomas Anderson (Nema / Bikeloft)0:00:40.25
5Steven Battaglini (Elevate/Chumba/Oneal)0:00:42.63
6Ed Smith0:00:42.92
7Doug Wilson (Drummer Racing)0:00:47.81
8Reid Kiniry (Sugarbush 661)0:00:52.71
9Mike Gallagher (Mc Cycle Racing/Endorfun Sports)0:00:52.89
10George Ucmer (Gravity Project)0:01:08.88

Cat. 2 Men 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1William Castle (Ideride / Kingdom Tr)0:07:00.83
2Dan Albert (Big T Racing)0:00:11.30
3Gregory Ciravlo (Elevate)0:00:12.72
4Shane Leslie (High Gear Racing)0:00:23.69
5Dylan Dipentima0:00:31.65
6Noah Fairburn0:00:33.10
7Sam Skidmore0:00:36.21
8Matt Rush (Hayes/Azonic)0:00:36.69
9Andrew Nassetta0:00:39.53
10Colin Bates0:00:42.58
11Adam Delonais0:00:47.61
12Colman Lamb0:00:48.32
13Levi Whitaker0:00:58.51
14Trevor Santo Christo (Big T Racing / Subway)0:01:00.68
15Kyle Klock0:01:41.01
16Chris Anderson (Sugarbush)0:01:50.70
17Logan Roderick0:02:12.95
18Ben Bodycoat (Cutting Edge Cycles / Kona Grass Roots)0:02:31.45
DNSNicholas Richer (Oliver Racing)
DNFRyan Burney

Cat. 2 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dennis Throckmorton (Design Physics / Rowlett's)0:06:58.28
2Michael Milennan (Jra Cycles)0:00:15.71
3Nathan Roy0:00:15.97
4Zack Taylor (Blue Sky Bicycles)0:00:16.89
5Daniel Erza0:00:18.78
6Sam `Wiggins (Highland Mtn)0:00:19.55
7Kyle Nassetta (Nissan Of Keene / Drummer Racing)0:00:29.86
8Marc Schneider (Big T Racing Subway Nema Leatt Brace Sunline)0:00:30.02
9Jonathan Klepadlo0:00:31.16
10Scott Bureau (Oliver Racing)0:00:31.20
11Erik Campbell (Action Sports)0:00:31.94
12William Czaja (Big T Racing)0:00:35.63
13Jonathan Westland (Nissan Of Keene / Go)0:00:38.11
14Wayne Plumadore (Poose And Hoops)0:00:39.76
15Kyle Bradford0:00:40.25
16Kristofer Seipp (Delta House)0:00:43.01
17Luke Watkins0:00:44.34
18Tom Nieri (Knolly Bikes)0:00:50.81
19Gary Graser0:00:58.59
20Justin Mchenry0:00:58.68
21Charles Rose0:01:05.51
22Neil Jones0:01:09.72
23Kip Denoyer0:01:16.91
24Michael Oliver (Oliver Racing)0:01:17.98
25Sam Raynor0:01:24.76
26Zach Dortman (Vivid Entertainment)0:01:38.14
27Sam Slivinski (Big T Racing)0:02:12.30

Cat. 2 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matthew Eramo0:06:13.09
2Justin Breault (Subway/Big T Racing)0:01:15.72
3Jason Knecht (Iride / Scott Sports)0:01:23.88
4Chris Sharp (Foll Sharp Racing)0:01:35.48
5Jake Morrill0:01:46.81
6Ritch Ricker (Racers Edge)0:02:19.02
7Michael Rossi (Team Marty's)0:02:24.24
8Nicholas Barry0:02:26.49
DNFJoseph Orsini (Mason Dixon Velo)

Cat. 2/3 Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jon Safford0:07:11.31
2Jonathan Vosburgh0:00:38.37
3George Bodycoat0:01:00.91
4Timothy Santo Christo (Big T Racing)0:01:31.39
5Anthony Carafa (Ant Dog Dh Racing)0:01:49.19
6Alan Daum0:02:05.69
7Alastair Wite (Huck Banzia)0:02:06.51
8David Gray0:02:18.11
9Joe Olivas (Moroheus Cycles)0:02:41.03
10Mark Reynolds0:02:59.54

Cat. 2/3 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Laura Drenen (Trapp Lager)0:08:42.56
2Taylor Allison0:00:50.09
3Meredith Mansfield (Drummer Racing)0:01:01.21
4Stephanie Levesque Sowles0:01:08.86
5Elixandriau Porru (Oneal/Mobilici.Com/G)0:01:34.48
6Jennel Ortiz (Team Marty's)0:03:45.57
DNSMadeline Crowley (United Free Ride)

Cat. 3 Men 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tyler Cleveland0:07:58.90
2Brandon Potter (Potter Tree)0:00:22.56
3Johnny Egan (Sugarbush)0:00:46.87
4Eli Kravitz (Potter Tree)0:00:51.55
5Thomas Nevins (Big T Racing)0:01:52.88
6Conlin Mellen0:01:55.61
7Aidan Casner0:01:56.24
8Brendan Santo Cristo (Big T Racing)0:02:06.00
9Nick Gray (Bike Line)0:03:42.88
DNSSwteve Anderan
DNFZach Meyer (Potter Tree)

Cat. 3 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Trek Vandecar (Denny's Racing)0:07:41.45
2Blanton Unger0:00:15.27
3Mathew Robideau (Poose And Hoops)0:00:22.61
4Shawn Ginter (Oliver Racing)0:00:33.42
5Jeff Howland0:00:35.92
6Tj Hiney (Drummer Racing)0:00:37.91
7David Pollack0:00:46.02
8Kurt Bradford0:00:50.99
9Kenneth Sears0:01:14.17
10Jason Mass0:01:15.01
11Joey Dziemianzuk0:01:38.72
12Cody Nichols (Flatline Racing)0:02:01.53
13Alex Blanchard0:02:24.56
14Chris Mccauley0:02:59.54

Cat. 3 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Josh Phelps (Chuck's Bikes)0:07:43.61
2Joe Eaton (Flatline Racing)0:00:28.17
3Joseph Fleagle0:01:33.93
4Todd Boucher (Bennett's Bicycles/ Hayes Brakes/ Nema)0:01:44.49
5Alex Hutchinson (Mvc / Peterson's Bike Shop)0:01:44.93

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