Kabush and Brooks win overall Crank the Shield titles

The final day of Crank The Shield 2012 could not have been any better as riders were treated to ideal weather and epic amounts of singletrack.

After a short 10-kilometer neutral ride from Camp White Pine over to Sir Sam's Ski and Bike, riders were greeted with snacks and warm drinks before starting their final day of racing. The riders climbed the ski hill twice while sampling the trails at Sir Sam's. Next it was off to Haliburton Forest via gravel roads and hydro cut where once there they rode the extremely challenging and root laden trails, such as the famous Normac Trail.

Andrew L'Esperance (Norco Factory) attacked early in the stage getting a substantial gap on the powerful Scott-3Rox. "I just knew I had to try something early and see if I could stay away. Anything can happen in stage racing and you can't give up," said L'Esperance.

Not long past the half way point, Geoff Kabush and Derek Zandstra were able to pull back the gap, but it was the Norco rider who crossed the finish line first taking his first stage win at Crank in 2012.

Ultimately, there were no major GC shake ups Cayley Brooks (Trek Canada) the top solo women's crown.


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Solo men 30 and under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew L`Esperance (Norco Factory Team/Halifax, NS)2:51:08
2Derek Zandstra (Scott - 3 Rox Racing/Trenton)0:00:03
3Brendan MacKillop (CyclepathMarkham.com/Toronto)0:27:51
4Jesse Wetzl (Algoma Bicycle Company)0:32:45
5Matt MacKillop (from Toronto)0:58:17
6Andrew Gowthorpe (Cyclepath Oakville Race Team)1:19:40
7Simon Denure (from Lindsay)1:32:38
8Owen Flood (Arrow Racing from Haliburton)1:49:48
DNSGreg Balmer (from Toronto)Row 8 - Cell 2
DNSShaun Wardle (from Ottawa)Row 9 - Cell 2
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Solo men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Geoff Kabush (Scott - 3 Rox Racing)2:51:10
2Rob Parniak (Tall Tree Cycles / Steelwool Bicycles)0:07:33
3Adam Trimble (Norco Evolution from Oshawa)0:17:36
4Marc Rioux (from Sudbury)0:26:19
5Kevin Mahood (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny`s CC)0:27:13
6Andy Brown (from Waterford Township, MI, USA)0:27:44
7Kevin Webster (CyclepathMarkham.com/Toronto)0:31:55
8Neil Ireland (CoachChris.ca/Ted Velikonja)0:33:04
9Jonathan Thorpe (from Mississauga)0:35:14
10Phil Pharand (from Ottawa)0:39:10
11Oliver Curran (from Uxbridge)0:44:15
12Steve Faraone (from Toronto)0:45:50
13Christian Prost (from Callander)1:01:07
14Mark Cliffe-Phillips (from Yellowknife, NT)1:03:27
15Jeremiah Argo (from North Bay)1:04:40
16JF Tremblay (from Gatineau, QC)1:07:21
17Stephan Meyer (from Gatineau, QC)1:18:41
18Angelo Diodato (from Braeside)1:19:30
19Steve Rideout (from Hamilton)1:28:13
20Keith MacKinnon (Evolution Cycles from Innisfil)1:31:18
21Taylor Slate (from Covington, GA, USA)1:32:11
22Kevin Cameron (from Ottawa)1:32:43
23Troy Leyburne (from Georgetown)1:33:58
24Peter Gurney (from Harbor Springs, AL, USA)1:38:24
25Stefan Ioannou (from Toronto)1:43:39
26Dan Edwards (from Cambridge)1:44:10
27Jamie Mitchell (from Caledon)1:44:20
28Ryan Smith (Aquila/Racer Sportif/Mattamy Homes)1:47:56
29Chad Donnelly (from Lakefield)1:58:31
30Cameron MacNiven (from Toronto)2:07:05
31Matthew Grzesh (from Toronto)2:09:47
32Jaco Pretorius (from London)2:15:25
33Matt Labadie (from London)2:38:40
34Dave Barton (from Claremont)2:40:59
35Steve Brotherston (Team DNR from Brampton)2:51:38
36Darryl Fraser (from Georgetown)3:11:39
DNFTodd Williamson (from Peterborough)Row 36 - Cell 2
DNSJeff Cleland (from Kincardine)Row 37 - Cell 2
DNSAlex Terentiew (from Toronto)Row 38 - Cell 2
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Solo men 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Mazza (CyclepathMarkham.com/Maple)3:10:50
2Jeff Shikaze (Cyclepath Oakville Race Team)0:00:21
3William Hellems (CoachChris.ca/Ted Velikonja)0:08:41
4Robert Schultz (from Milton)0:13:26
5Chris Yeates (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny`s CC)0:14:10
6Craig McLaren (from Canmore, AB)0:17:00
7Ken Waring (from Caledon)0:20:21
8Nicolas Lortie (from Quebec, QC)0:22:17
9Gary Rendering (from Beaverton)0:23:56
10Ray Vermette (from Ottawa)0:25:00
11Michael Bowen (CyclepathMarkham.com/Toronto)0:26:11
12Robert Baumberger (from Aurora)0:33:10
13Michel Collette (from Ottawa)0:35:13
14Ron MacNeil (CyclepathMarkham.com/Markham)0:36:00
15Mike Tourond (from Waterdown)0:39:41
16Blake Paton (from Haliburton)0:42:06
17Christopher Beer (from Oakville)0:43:44
18Jeff Heacock (Bikesports from Newmarket)0:45:35
19Duncan Vernon (from Newmarket)0:45:50
20Richard Puddicombe (from Ottawa)0:47:29
21Rob Nishman (Real Deal Racing / La Bicicletta)0:50:25
22Jouko Haapanen (Lapdogs Cycling Club from Erin)0:53:12
23Andy McKean (from Etobicoke)0:53:46
24Peter Gowthorpe (from Burlington)1:00:04
25Mark Bouckaert (Lapdogs Cycling Club/Toronto)1:01:22
26Bob Farrell (from Beaverton)1:02:30
27Ed Harper (from Beaverton)Row 26 - Cell 2
28Jack Simpson (from Toronto)1:03:38
29Jack Newton (from Ottawa)1:06:37
30Al Vardy (from Sudbury)1:08:35
31David Beer (from Hamilton)1:11:36
32Steve McCrossan (from Gormley)1:11:44
33Rob Bouchard (from Kitchener)1:13:48
34Mike Abraham (Tall Tree Cycles / Steelwool Bicycles)1:21:45
35Andrew MacLeod (from Linwood)1:24:33
36Harry Prentice (from Peterborough)1:25:02
37Nate Phelps (from Grand Rapids, MI)1:25:05
38David Mirsky (from Ottawa)1:31:37
39Dean Ouellette (from Chelsea, QC)1:37:05
40Michael Popoff (Team DNR from Brampton)1:39:03
41Floyd Jones (Team DNR from Brampton)Row 40 - Cell 2
42Peter Duff (from Burlington)2:15:22
43Ed Haire (from Burlington)2:15:23
44Mark Stilwell (from Freelton)2:15:44
45Craig Bond (Team DNR from Brampton)2:25:59
46Scott MacDonald (from North Bay)2:42:48
47Leif Hudson (from Toronto)2:48:50
48Mike Morten (from Toronto)2:51:19
DNSMark Del Vecchio (from Etobicoke)Row 48 - Cell 2
DNSRay Hawkins (from Sharon)Row 49 - Cell 2
DNSOggie Sokolovic (Aquila/Racer Sportif/Mattamy Homes)Row 50 - Cell 2
DNSDavid Stachon (Tall Tree Cycles / Steelwool Bicycles)Row 51 - Cell 2
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Solo men 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1John MacKillop (CyclepathMarkham.com/Toronto)3:23:20
2Benny Doucette (from Sudbury)0:02:01
3Steve Rilett (from Grimsby)0:08:28
4Fritz Kipfer (from Toronto)0:16:06
5David Grosse (from Caledon)0:19:14
6James Hall (Trek Store Cycling Club/Ajax)0:19:17
7Rich Olynyk (from Whitby)0:27:32
8Chris Reid (from Keswick)0:32:30
9Danny Thompson (from Grand Valley)0:43:52
10James Irwin (from Toronto)0:45:58
11Bill Bayard (from Hampton)0:50:43
12Cameron Mahon (from Georgetown)0:51:06
13Steve Heittola (from North Bay)0:52:25
14David Hartwick (from Kitchener)1:01:18
15Bob Scott (from Pefferlaw)1:14:54
16Tim Morrison (ShortHills Cycling Club Race Team)1:17:36
17John Hughes (from Toronto)1:31:01
18David Parsons (from Lindsay)1:36:43
19Ray DeNure (from Lindsay)Row 18 - Cell 2
20Dan McCabe (from Kincardine)1:39:11
21Kirk Holmes (from Burlington)1:43:15
22Jim Flower (from Burlington)1:54:24
23Martin Rose (from Brampton)2:01:07
24Henri Burmeister (from Burlington)2:02:53
25Vincent Forgues (from Gatineau, QC)2:26:03
26Chris Wardle (from Brockville)2:41:51
27Gary Clarke (Team DNR from Brampton)2:45:47
DNSRichard Woodbury (from White Bear Lake, MN, USA)Row 27 - Cell 2
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Solo men singlespeed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1David Dermont (True North from Toronto)3:09:12
2Scott Bentley (Joyride 150 Cycling Club : Sound Solutions)0:20:02
3Jeffrey Payn (from Troy, MI, USA)0:26:30
4Rob Morriss (from Guelph)1:38:28
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Solo women 40 and under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cayley Brooks (Trek Canada from New Lowell)3:15:59
2Danielle Musto (from Grand Rapids, MI, USA)0:25:19
3Carlene Starck (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny`s CC)1:12:43
4Zandra Inman (from Davison, MI, USA)1:33:16
5Susan Iori (from Toronto)2:24:29
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Solo women 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tricia K. Spooner (The Cyclery from Ottawa)3:34:53
2Robin Kay (Lapdogs Cycling Club from Erin)0:29:09
3Donna Winters (from Stouffville)0:47:42
4Tanya Martin (from Ottawa)0:57:42
5Sue Sheppey (from Collingwood)1:19:48
6Mary Fowler (from Guelph)1:55:07
7Tanya Flemming (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny`s CC)2:23:19
DNSMarleah Bevelacqua (from Rockford, MI, USA)Row 7 - Cell 2
DNSLaurie Woodbury (from White Bear Lake, MN, USA)Row 8 - Cell 2
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Solo men 30 and under final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Derek Zandstra (Scott - 3 Rox Racing)9:30:12
2Andrew L`Esperance (Norco Factory Team)0:01:09
3Brendan MacKillop (CyclepathMarkham.com)1:33:10
4Jesse Wetzl (Algoma Bicycle Company)1:37:27
5Matt MacKillop (from Toronto)3:23:31
6Andrew Gowthorpe (Cyclepath Oakville Race Team)3:33:58
7Simon Denure (from Lindsay)7:22:26
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Solo men 30-39 final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Geoff Kabush (Scott - 3 Rox Racing)9:30:10
2Rob Parniak (Tall Tree Cycles / Steelwool Bicycles)0:30:47
3Adam Trimble (Norco Evolution)0:47:00
4Marc Rioux (from Sudbury)1:41:38
5Neil Ireland (CoachChris.ca/Ted Velikonja)2:07:42
6Kevin Webster (CyclepathMarkham.com)2:16:52
7Kevin Mahood (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny`s CC)2:20:05
8Andy Brown (from Waterford Township, MI, USA)2:25:57
9Phil Pharand (from Ottawa)2:41:07
10Jonathan Thorpe (from Mississauga)2:59:11
11Steve Faraone (from Toronto)3:04:48
12Steve Rideout (from Hamilton)4:12:22
13JF Tremblay (from Gatineau)4:16:37
14Stephan Meyer (from Gatineau)4:21:53
15Mark Cliffe-Phillips (from Yellowknife)4:22:06
16Jeremiah Argo (from North Bay)4:31:07
17Stefan Ioannou (from Toronto)4:50:10
18Christian Prost (from Callander)4:58:06
19Peter Gurney (from Harbor Springs, AL, USA)4:59:46
20Keith MacKinnon (Evolution Cycles)5:10:04
21Taylor Slate (from Covington, GA, USA)5:39:31
22Troy Leyburne (from Georgetown)5:46:38
23Kevin Cameron (from Ottawa)6:02:30
24Jamie Mitchell (from Caledon)6:04:25
25Dan Edwards (from Cambridge)6:07:00
26Cameron MacNiven (from Toronto)6:11:59
27Chad Donnelly (from Lakefield)6:15:54
28Jaco Pretorius (from London)7:55:57
29Matt Labadie (from London)8:47:21
30Darryl Fraser (from Georgetown)9:53:14
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Solo men 40-49 final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Mazza (CyclepathMarkham.com)10:27:06
2Jeff Shikaze (Cyclepath Oakville Race Team)0:20:30
3William Hellems (CoachChris.ca/Ted Velikonja)0:37:25
4Robert Schultz (from Milton)0:48:31
5Chris Yeates (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny`s CC)0:53:28
6Ken Waring (from Caledon)1:20:48
7Michael Bowen (CyclepathMarkham.com)1:33:49
8Nicolas Lortie (from Quebec)1:36:59
9Gary Rendering (from Beaverton)1:42:54
10Ron MacNeil (CyclepathMarkham.com)2:09:25
11Ray Vermette (from Ottawa)2:09:39
12Michel Collette (from Ottawa)2:11:21
13Jouko Haapanen (Lapdogs Cycling Club)2:18:52
14Rob Nishman (Real Deal Racing / La Bicicletta)2:31:52
15Robert Baumberger (from Aurora)2:32:51
16Mike Tourond (from Waterdown)2:35:40
17Christopher Beer (from Oakville)2:45:39
18Mike Abraham (Tall Tree Cycles / Steelwool Bicycles)2:46:24
19Andy McKean (from Etobicoke)2:48:38
20Peter Gowthorpe (from Burlington)2:55:30
21Duncan Vernon (from Newmarket)3:11:30
22Ed Harper (from Beaverton)3:26:30
23Jeff Heacock (Bikesports)3:30:22
24Bob Farrell (from Beaverton)3:40:32
25Al Vardy (from Sudbury)3:42:31
26Jack Simpson (from Toronto)3:56:32
27Jack Newton (from Ottawa)3:56:52
28Steve McCrossan (from Gormley)4:12:30
29Rob Bouchard (from Kitchener)4:29:48
30Richard Puddicombe (from Ottawa)4:48:13
31Andrew MacLeod (from Linwood)4:52:07
32David Mirsky (from Ottawa)5:11:11
33Mark Bouckaert (Lapdogs Cycling Club)5:15:01
34Nate Phelps (from Grand Rapids)5:21:37
35Floyd Jones (Team DNR)5:37:52
36Dean Ouellette (from Chelsea)5:38:04
37Michael Popoff (Team DNR)5:38:09
38Harry Prentice (from Peterborough)5:46:09
39Craig Bond (Team DNR)7:17:33
40Mark Stilwell (from Freelton)7:38:27
41Peter Duff (from Burlington)7:43:19
42Ed Haire (from Burlington)7:43:22
43Mike Morten (from Toronto)8:47:46
44Leif Hudson (from Toronto)8:52:03
45Scott MacDonald (from North Bay)8:55:35
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Solo men 50+ final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1John MacKillop (CyclepathMarkham.com)11:02:56
2Benny Doucette (from Sudbury)0:40:43
3Steve Rilett (from Grimsby)0:55:26
4David Grosse (from Caledon)1:20:20
5Fritz Kipfer (from Toronto)1:47:12
6Chris Reid (from Keswick)1:58:47
7Rich Olynyk (from Whitby)2:41:35
8Cameron Mahon (from Georgetown)3:01:03
9James Hall (Trek Store Cycling Club)3:08:42
10James Irwin (from Toronto)3:28:15
11Danny Thompson (from Grand Valley)3:47:11
12David Hartwick (from Kitchener)3:53:57
13Bill Bayard (from Hampton)4:01:24
14Tim Morrison (ShortHills Cycling Club Race Team)4:01:48
15David Parsons (from Lindsay)4:12:47
16Bob Scott (from Pefferlaw)4:25:09
17John Hughes (from Toronto)4:42:05
18Jim Flower (from Burlington)5:59:44
19Dan McCabe (from Kincardine)6:00:26
20Kirk Holmes (from Burlington)6:12:45
21Ray DeNure (from Lindsay)6:28:31
22Martin Rose (from Brampton)7:02:35
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Solo men singlespeed final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1David Dermont (True North)10:41:08
2Scott Bentley (Sound Solutions : Joyride 150 Cycling Club)1:10:33
3Jeffrey Payn (from Troy, MI, USA)1:21:42
4Rob Morriss (from Guelph)6:18:26
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Solo women 40 and under final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cayley Brooks (Trek Canada)11:13:58
2Danielle Musto (from Grand Rapids, MI, USA)1:22:27
3Carlene Starck (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny`s CC)2:38:20
4Zandra Inman (from Davison, MI, USA)4:38:10
5Susan Iori (from Toronto)6:39:44
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Solo women 40+ final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tricia K. Spooner (The Cyclery)11:55:33
2Robin Kay (Lapdogs Cycling Club)1:12:50
3Donna Winters (from Stouffville)2:30:30
4Tanya Martin (from Ottawa)3:32:16
5Sue Sheppey (from Collingwood)4:13:26
6Mary Fowler (from Guelph)5:01:30
7Tanya Flemming (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny`s CC)6:29:01

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