Justesen, Langvad wrap up wins in Lanzarote

On day two, Danish rider Benjamin Justesen (T-Bikes) showed himself to be the strongest racer once again, and after around 25km, he pulled away from the lead group and went on to take victory. Behind him, his chasers had a tougher and closer race.

At the very beginning, Dane Thomas Bundgaard, Spaniard Ismael Ventura, Dane Rasmus Jessing and Brit James Angus Ouchterlony were battling each other.

Ventura suffered from a puncture early on, but fixed it quickly and gradually picked off Ouchterlony, Jessing and Bundgaard to finish second on day two and second overall. Bundgaard came home in a comfortable third with no threat from chasing Ouchterlony, who had taken a wrong turn and was subsequently disqualified.

In the women's 60km race, Annika Langvad (Easton Rockets) earned another 12-minute advantage on runner-up, Sally Bigham. Langvad managed a total victory margin of more than 17 minutes. The gap between Bigham and Gunn Rita Dahle Flesjaa was slightly less, but over the two days, Bigham was 11 minutes and 48 seconds faster than Dahle Flesjaa.

The women repeated Saturday's podium on Sunday.

Three-time world champion Dahle Flesjaa enjoyed the course and promised to return for the 2012 race. "I would also like to see many more Norwegians in this race and will make sure to promote the race in my home country," she said.

Dahle Flesjaa is building her fitness slowly after two months of sickness and complete lack of exercise. At the start of January she got back on her bike. On her website, she said, "We're leaving a tough period behind us and are looking towards new goals and challenges."

A happy Lucia Funes from Tenerife was the top Spanish female finisher. She is used to technical courses. "There were stones, stones and more stones. It seemed like they put them there on purpose for us!" she said, "and mud. The mud was there in such a quantity that it seemed it was gathered all in one place."

Full Results

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Men stage 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Benjamin Justesen (Den) T-Bikes2:19:02
2Ismael Ventura Sanchez (Spa) Bici Esteve0:00:32
3Thomas Bundgaard (Den) Apfoss0:01:39
4Rasmus Jessing (Den) T-Bikes0:05:04
5Michael Schuchardt (Ger) Simplon0:10:08
6Adriano Cordobes Dorta (Spa) Loro Parque0:16:53
7Joaquin David Martin Hernandez (Spa) Bemekis0:17:01
8Jose Maceira Rodriguez (Spa) Perinquen0:20:07
9Manuel De Leon Hernandez (Spa) Loro Parque0:21:22
10Antonio Yeray Ramos (Spa) La Cuevita0:22:03
11Jacob Reyes Mesa (Spa) Loro Parque0:22:04
12Niels Bay Pedersen (Den) T-Bikes0:22:50
13Thomas Nyvang (Den) Perten0:22:53
14Lasse Olsen (Den) HMTBK0:22:54
15Victor Martin (Spa) Bayana0:22:56
16Juan Jesus Mesa Perez (Spa) Oncedientes0:23:23
17Sven Pieper (Ger) Grafschaft0:23:26
18Francisco Jose Perez Cruz (Spa) Mc.Donald's0:23:35
19Edgar Caraballo (Spa) Vadebicis0:24:05
20Casper Saltoft (Den) T-Bikes0:26:00
21Ignacio Lorenzo Garcia (Spa) Oncedientes0:27:00
22Agustin Perez Morera (Spa) C.D. El Aljibe0:27:22
23Fernando De Armas (Spa) Bike Bike0:27:31
24Mario Suárez Bolaños (Spa) Kamikaze0:27:55
25Moises Hernandez (Spa) Ciprés0:28:21
26Manuel Cantos Sanchez (Spa) Bayana0:28:24
27Jacob Holm Lauritsen (Den) T-Bikes0:28:47
28Orlando Lemes Rodriguez (Spa) El Aljibe0:29:10
29Jesper Thomsen (Den) CK KronborgRow 28 - Cell 2
30José David Suaréz Fernandez (Spa) El AljibeRow 29 - Cell 2
31Nestor Rodriguez Diaz (Spa) Bike Bike0:29:24
32Leandro Ezequiel Hernandez Francisco (Spa) Bayana0:29:27
33Carlos Javier Aqueda Rodriguez (Spa) Las Condesas0:29:50
34Barry Wilson (GBr)0:29:53
35José Angel Lemes Clavijo (Spa)0:30:14
36Thomas Goosens (Bel) Terra Volcan0:30:15
37Enrique Isidro Curbelo Gopar (Spa) Perinquen0:30:22
38Adan Alfaya Faro (Spa) Terravolcan0:32:10
39Kenneth Flesjå (Nor) Sola0:32:29
40Victor De Leon Tejera (Spa) Lanzabike0:32:30
41Rico Busk (Den) HMTBK0:32:40
42Ezequiel Gonzalez (Spa) Telde0:33:27
43Humberto Mateos Medina (Spa) Arubike0:34:43
44Andres Serrano (Spa) Jacomar0:34:53
45Thomas Atkinson (GBr)0:36:25
46Gerardo Ojeda Ponce (Spa) La Cuevita0:36:43
47Juan Jesus De La Cruz Quintero (Spa) Cipres0:37:18
48Jose Luis Agra Terres (Spa) Lanzabike0:38:03
49Derek Waight (GBr) Lanzabike0:38:09
50Octavio Bonilla Cabrera (Spa) El Aljibe0:38:10
51Saúl Ventura Carmona (Spa) Las Condesas0:38:16
52Julio Cesar Perez Cabrera (Spa) Bayana0:38:36
53Ulises Hernandez Martin (Spa)0:39:19
54Jesus Emilio Castro Perez (Spa) Oncedientes0:39:56
55David Artiles Ortega (Spa)0:40:25
56Oscar Tejera Morales (Spa)0:40:40
57Kasper Nielsen (Den) RMK0:40:47
58Mark Ellwood (GBr)Row 57 - Cell 2
59Jose Antonio Camaño (Spa) Jacomar0:41:12
60Wilson Cruz (Cub) Lanzabike0:41:13
61Edmundo Esplugas Ramos (Spa) Vadebicis0:41:14
62Antonio Tabares Ortega (Spa)0:41:40
63Antonio Bruno Acosta Guerra (Spa) LA Cuevita0:41:47
64Roberto Torres (Spa) Iruene0:42:06
65Ashleigh Jones (Den) Staffanstorp0:42:32
66Diego Hernandez Rodriguez (Spa) Awara0:43:37
67Javier Brito Ojeda (Spa)0:44:46
68Jonathan Wallace (GBr)0:44:57
69Jose Maria Ferreiro Garcia (Spa) Terra Volcan0:46:46
70Nikolaj Nicolajsen (Den) Gladsakse CC0:47:29
71Domingo Morin Rodriguez (Spa) El Aljibe0:48:16
72Juan Carlos Benasco Guillén (Spa)0:49:00
73Juan Carlos Creo Nuñez (Spa) Jacomar0:49:57
74Jaime Alexis (Spa) Arubike0:50:13
75Juan Antonio Martin Marrero (Spa)0:51:07
76Alexis Alvarez Curbelo (Spa) El Aljibe0:51:18
77Juan Federico Hernandez Jimemez (Spa) Terravolcan0:52:04
78Aureliano Negrin (Spa) Bemekis0:52:37
79Aythami Reyes (Spa) Lanzabike0:53:04
80Francisco Godoy (Spa) Lanzabike0:53:05
81Miguel Angel Molina Reyes (Spa) Picachos0:53:20
82Cristobal Angel Sanchez (Spa) Lanzabike0:53:50
83Francisco Rojas Hernandez (Spa) Lanzabike0:54:56
84Omar Delgado Cabrera (Spa)0:55:05
85Juan Carlos Salas Marichan (Spa) Iruene0:55:28
86Juan Francisco Betancort (Spa) Lanzabike0:56:12
87Antonio Perdomo Cabrera (Spa)0:56:44
88Juan Francisco Gil Jimenez (Spa) Ingebike0:57:00
89Ricardo Correr Arrua (Uru) Lanzabike0:57:40
90Mariano Sanginés Lopez (Spa)0:58:19
91Jorge Espinel Cejas (Spa) Ciprés0:58:41
92Daniel Mayato mesejo (Spa) Oncedientes0:58:42
93Aitor Navarro Hita (Spa)0:59:12
94Iván Rivero Fuentes (Spa) Sataute0:59:29
95Christian Moya Fernandez (Spa)0:59:46
96Bjarne Thimm (Den) DMK1:01:29
97Christophe Desimpelaere (Bel) Ris Cycling1:01:33
98Daniel Cañada Tribaldo (Spa) Tegala1:02:28
99Iván Saiz Grillo (Spa) Loro Parque1:02:39
100Miguel Angel Acosta Reyes (Spa) Ingebike1:03:46
101Jose Luis Camacho Tejera (Spa)1:04:36
102Chris Vercammen (Bel)1:04:50
103Troels Lund (Den) HMTBK SRAM1:05:37
104Paul Rodbourn (GBr)1:06:26
105Juan Fco Martin Gonzalez (Spa) Aguibike1:06:49
106Christian Birch (Den) HMTBK1:08:37
107Israel Chinea (Spa)1:08:58
108Justo Gonzalez (Spa) Terra Volcan1:10:14
109Jesus Nicolas Rodriguez Umpierrez (Spa) Tegala1:10:20
110Omar Gonzalez Lorenzo (Spa) Awara1:13:11
111Jose Luis Martinez (Spa) Burrita Bike1:14:07
112Sergio Jover (Spa) Natural1:14:11
113José Miguel Luis Gonzalez (Spa)1:14:45
114Oscar Jose Villar Rodriguez (Spa) Terra Volcan1:15:08
115Richard Rodriguez de La Sierra (Spa)1:15:19
116José Miguel Serini Sánchez (Spa) Ingebike1:15:21
117Samuel Cabrera Ramirez (Spa) Lanzabike1:15:30
118Cesar Nogueira Moure (Spa) Terra Volcan1:16:18
119Felix Sancho (Spa) Fuerteventura1:16:28
120Adrian Hernandez Corujo (Spa) El Aljibe1:18:35
121Raimundo Fontes Fontes (Spa) El Aljibe1:18:50
122Ernesto Garcia Rodriguez (Spa)1:19:14
123Miguel Queipo Pomar (Spa) Terra Volcan1:20:41
124Fernando Chissotti (Spa) Viclass1:23:36
125Silverio Rodriguez Moreno (Spa) Mc.Donald's1:24:02
126Matias Sebastián Reveron Afonso (Spa)1:24:47
127Amado Santana Hernandez (Spa)Row 126 - Cell 2
128Thomas Jensen (Den) DMK1:25:11
129Marino Orlandi Morales (Spa) Costa1:26:25
130Ismael Reyes Gabella (Spa) Dragon Alcala1:30:06
131Nicolas Von Rosen (Den) DMK1:31:36
132Ayoze Hernandez (Spa) El Aljibe1:32:09
133Carlos Alberto Gómez González (Spa) Bayana1:34:37
134Francisco Fuentes (Spa) Lanzabike1:35:42
135Michael Nicolajsen (Den) MountainbikeRow 134 - Cell 2
136Roberto Carlos Duarte Luzardo (Spa) Ciprés1:35:45
137Heinrich Putter (RSA)1:37:17
138Rafael Rodriguez (Spa) Tegala1:37:57
139Angel Fernando Alvarez (Spa)1:39:45
140José Ruiman Estevez Mendez (Spa)1:40:52
141Reyes (Spa)1:41:25
142Chris Fields (GBr)1:42:04
143Gavin Holt (GBr)Row 142 - Cell 2
144Paul Cook (GBr)1:43:17
145Kræn Knude (Den)1:47:05
146Ramon Jesús Martel Martel (Spa)1:51:20
147Ivan Curbelo Fernandez (Spa)1:51:36
148Lui Vium (Den) DMK1:52:22
149Martin Hancock (GBr)1:54:22
150Antonio Martín Martín (Spa) Bemekis1:56:00
151Alberto Martin Tabárez (Spa) Lanzabike1:58:12
152Frank Rikard Petersen (Den) T-Bikes2:09:21
153Klaus Preisler (Den) T-Bikes2:09:22
154Lee Holdaway (GBr) Lifestyle2:27:38
155Juan Fernando Aleman (Spa) Buen Rollito2:32:59
DNFJames Angus Ouchterlony (GBr)Row 155 - Cell 2
DNFMads Bødker (Den)Row 156 - Cell 2
DNFFernando Rodriguez Camacho (Spa)Row 157 - Cell 2
DNFVictor Del Corral (Spa)Row 158 - Cell 2
DNFJuan Manuel Auyanet (Spa)Row 159 - Cell 2
DNFFernando Perez Rodriguez (Spa)Row 160 - Cell 2
DNFIsidro Manuel Martín Pérez (Spa)Row 161 - Cell 2
DNFFernando Sangines Lopez (Spa)Row 162 - Cell 2
DNFDaniel Taboada (Spa)Row 163 - Cell 2
DNFJuan Froilan Betancor Rivero (Spa)Row 164 - Cell 2
DNFRemigio Rovira Aragon (Spa)Row 165 - Cell 2
DNFFrancisco Nicolas Armas Moreno (Spa)Row 166 - Cell 2
DNFJose Javier Fernandez Perez (Spa)Row 167 - Cell 2
DNFLeandro Sangines Lopez (Spa)Row 168 - Cell 2
DNFMarcelo Ramirez (Uru)Row 169 - Cell 2
DNFYeray Rodrigo Lorenzo Hernandez (Spa)Row 170 - Cell 2
DNFJuan Ramón Peña Reyes (Spa)Row 171 - Cell 2
DNFRafael Perez Fernandez (Spa)Row 172 - Cell 2
DNFCarlos Gustavo Perez Fernandez (Spa)Row 173 - Cell 2
DNFChristian Kreuchler (Ger)Row 174 - Cell 2
DNFJose Antonio Diaz Amador (Spa)Row 175 - Cell 2
DNFJose David Rodriguez Herrera (Spa)Row 176 - Cell 2
DNFSebastian Benasco Rodriguez (Spa)Row 177 - Cell 2
DNFJavier Ramos Dominguez (Spa)Row 178 - Cell 2
DNFDavid Himenez (Spa)Row 179 - Cell 2
DNFManuel Morin Hernandez (Spa)Row 180 - Cell 2
DNFJosé Pablo Pérez Gonzalez (Spa)Row 181 - Cell 2
DNFAndres Gonzalez Gonzalez (Spa)Row 182 - Cell 2
DNFAlejandro Gonzalez Hernandez (Spa)Row 183 - Cell 2
DNFRaul Máximo Del Castillo Del Castillon (Spa)Row 184 - Cell 2
DNFDavid Pedrosa Del Valle (Spa)Row 185 - Cell 2
DNFRasmus Mørk Andersen (Den)Row 186 - Cell 2
DNFFrancisco Santiago Gonzalez (Spa)Row 187 - Cell 2
DNFJesus Manuel Vargas Peréz (Spa)Row 188 - Cell 2
DNFJuan Pablo Gonzalez Hernandez (Spa)Row 189 - Cell 2
DNFFrancisco Javier Diaz Fernandez (Spa)Row 190 - Cell 2
DNFMichael Rosenfjeld (Den)Row 191 - Cell 2
DNFFrancisco Javier Barrios Perez (Spa)Row 192 - Cell 2
DNFFrancisco Rodriguez Lorenzo (Spa)Row 193 - Cell 2
DNFLuis Mariano Gonzalez Rodriguez (Spa)Row 194 - Cell 2
DNFLouis Bendixen (Den)Row 195 - Cell 2
DNFVitus Mathiasen (Den)Row 196 - Cell 2
DNFJørgen Mathiasen (Den)Row 197 - Cell 2
DNFRasmus Mathiasen (Den)Row 198 - Cell 2
DNFMiguel Garcia Moseguez (Spa)Row 199 - Cell 2
DNFJavier Guillen Romero (Spa)Row 200 - Cell 2
DNFRoberto Hernandez (Spa)Row 201 - Cell 2
DNFLuciano Ivan Godoy Peña (Spa)Row 202 - Cell 2
DNFJose Antonio Duarte (Spa)Row 203 - Cell 2
DNFNoel Fernandez (Spa)Row 204 - Cell 2
DNFJose Javier Campos Angulo (Spa)Row 205 - Cell 2
DNFJulián Tomoyo Villa (Spa)Row 206 - Cell 2
DNFSamuel Betancort (Spa)Row 207 - Cell 2
DNFFelix Montelongo (Spa)Row 208 - Cell 2
DNFHumberto Suarez Martinez (Spa)Row 209 - Cell 2
DNFJørgen Tobiasen (Den)Row 210 - Cell 2
DNFNils Wullenkord (Ger)Row 211 - Cell 2
DNFCristobal Gil Martin (Spa)Row 212 - Cell 2
DNFRamón Cabrera Bermudez (Spa)Row 213 - Cell 2
DNFAgustin Martin (Spa)Row 214 - Cell 2
DNFJavier Dominguez Fernandez (Spa)Row 215 - Cell 2
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Women stage 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Annika Langvad (Den) Rockets2:35:57
2Sally Bigham (GBr) Topeak Ergon0:11:48
3Gunn Rita Dahle Flesjå (Nor) Multivan Merida0:15:34
4Darrelle Parker (GBr) Ron0:40:13
5Lucia Funes Mendez (Spa)0:47:04
6Christina Christensen (Den) T-Bikes0:51:41
7Tanja Gerards (Ned) Lanzabike1:02:40
8Sabrina Baumgartner (Swi) Studer1:13:01
9Maria Jose Pelaez Noe (Spa) Ciclocentro1:21:21
10Yaiza Rodriguez Aranda (Spa)1:35:59
11Elena Marrero Rodriguez (Spa) Bike bikeRow 10 - Cell 2
12Margit Nelboe Jeppesen (Den) T-Bikes1:52:26
DNFAnna Christina Kildegaard Larsen (Den)Row 12 - Cell 2
DNFDiana De La Rosa Jorge (Spa)Row 13 - Cell 2
DNFLeticia Hernandez N. (Spa) FuerteventuraRow 14 - Cell 2
DNFAda Gonzalez Valderas (Spa)Row 15 - Cell 2
DNFMercedes Cabrera hernandez (Spa)Row 16 - Cell 2
DNFLuisa Bernal Perez (Spa)Row 17 - Cell 2
DNFCristi Alonso Lugo (Spa)Row 18 - Cell 2
DNFStine Sophie Winckel (Den)Row 19 - Cell 2
DNFIrene Lachner (Ger)Row 20 - Cell 2

Final general classification

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Men final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Benjamin Justesen (Den) T-Bikes3:32:49
2Ismael Ventura Sanchez (Spa) Bici Esteve0:01:12
3Thomas Bundgaard (Den) Apfoss Racing0:02:57
4Rasmus Jessing (Den) T-Bikes0:05:44
5Michael Schuchardt (Ger) Texpa Simplon0:13:10
6Adriano Cordobes Dorta (Spa) Loro Parque0:22:46
7Joaquin David Martin Hernandez (Spa) Bemekis0:24:07
8Casper Saltoft (Den) T-Bikes0:26:48
9Jose Maceira Rodriguez (Spa) Perinquen0:27:14
10Francisco Jose Perez Cruz (Spa) Mc.Donald's0:29:24
11Manuel De Leon Hernandez (Spa) Loro Parque0:29:31
12Jacob Reyes Mesa (Spa) Loro Parque0:29:33
13Antonio Yeray Ramos Ramos (Spa) La Cuevita0:31:11
14Sven Pieper (Ger) DJK Grafschaft0:31:46
15Niels Bay Pedersen (Den) T-Bikes0:31:48
16Lasse Olsen (Den) HMTBK0:33:28
17Juan Jesus Mesa Perez (Spa) Oncedientes0:33:50
18Victor Martin (Spa) Bayana0:34:13
19Edgar Caraballo (Spa) Vadebicis0:34:47
20Thomas Nyvang (Den) Cykel x Perten0:35:54
21Moises Hernandez (Spa) Ciprés0:37:54
22Fernando De Armas (Spa) Bike Bike0:38:19
23Agustin Perez Morera (Spa) C.D. El Aljibe0:38:21
24Ignacio Lorenzo Garcia (Spa) Oncedientes0:39:08
25Manuel Cantos Sanchez (Spa) Bayana0:39:40
26Enrique Isidro Curbelo Gopar (Spa) Perinquen0:40:45
27Mario Suárez Bolaños (Spa) Kamikaze0:41:07
28Barry Wilson (GBr)0:43:19
29Carlos Javier Aqueda Rodriguez (Spa) Las Condesas0:44:08
30Adan Alfaya Faro (Spa) Terravolcan0:44:16
31José David Suaréz Fernandez (Spa) El Aljibe0:44:25
32Leandro Ezequiel Hernandez Francisco (Spa) Bayana0:45:02
33Jacob Holm Lauritsen (Den) T-Bikes0:45:56
34Jesper Thomsen (Den) CK Kronborg0:45:58
35Victor De Leon Tejera (Spa) Lanzabike0:46:37
36José Angel Lemes Clavijo (Spa)0:47:14
37Gerardo Ojeda Ponce (Spa) La Cuevita0:49:59
38Nestor Rodriguez Diaz (Spa) Natural0:50:42
39Thomas Atkinson (GBr)0:50:56
40Rico Busk (Den) HMTBK0:51:19
41Juan Jesus De La Cruz Quintero (Spa) Cipres0:51:34
42Derek Waight (GBr) Lanzabike0:52:23
43Octavio Bonilla Cabrera (Spa) El Aljibe0:52:41
44Kenneth Flesjå (Nor) Sola0:52:49
45Orlando Lemes Rodriguez (Spa) El Aljibe0:53:02
46Ulises Hernandez Martin (Spa)0:53:26
47Julio Cesar Perez Cabrera (Spa) Bayana0:55:30
48Oscar Tejera Morales (Spa)0:56:31
49Jesus Emilio Castro Perez (Spa) Oncedientes0:56:33
50Saúl Ventura Carmona (Spa) Las Condesas0:57:21
51Ashleigh Jones (Den) Staffanstorp0:58:39
52Roberto Torres (Spa) Iruene0:59:16
53Antonio Bruno Acosta Guerra (Spa) LA Cuevita1:00:12
54Kasper Nielsen (Den) RMK1:00:42
55Mark Ellwood (GBr)1:00:47
56Antonio Tabares Ortega (Spa)1:00:59
57Jonathan Wallace (GBr)1:01:43
58Diego Hernandez Rodriguez (Spa) Awara1:02:48
59Juan Carlos Benasco Guillén (Spa)1:03:12
60Nikolaj Nicolajsen (Den) Gladsakse CC1:06:02
61Juan Antonio Martin Marrero (Spa)1:09:05
62Jaime Alexis (Spa) Arubike1:09:47
63Juan Carlos Creo Nuñez (Spa) Jacomar1:12:09
64Juan Federico Hernandez Jimemez (Spa) Terravolcan1:13:29
65Francisco Rojas Hernandez (Spa) Lanzabike1:13:31
66Miguel Angel Molina Reyes (Spa) Picachos Telde1:13:50
67Omar Delgado Cabrera (Spa)1:14:03
68Aureliano Negrin (Spa) Bemekis1:15:32
69Aitor Navarro Hita (Spa)1:17:12
70Christian Moya Fernandez (Spa)1:19:32
71Juan Carlos Salas Marichan (Spa) Iruene1:19:50
72Jorge Espinel Cejas (Spa) Ciprés1:20:43
73Bjarne Thimm (Den) DMK1:21:50
74Juan Francisco Betancort (Spa) Lanzabike1:22:48
75Christophe Desimpelaere (Bel) Ris Cycling1:23:52
76Daniel Cañada Tribaldo (Spa) Tegala1:24:01
77Antonio Perdomo Cabrera (Spa)1:24:02
78Juan Francisco Gil Jimenez (Spa) Ingebike1:24:23
79Mariano Sanginés Lopez (Spa)1:24:28
80Iván Saiz Grillo (Spa) Loro Parque1:25:17
81Troels Lund (Den) HMTBK SRAM1:25:34
82Miguel Angel Acosta Reyes (Spa) Ingebike1:31:44
83Chris Vercammen (Bel)1:32:50
84Jose Luis Camacho Tejera (Spa)1:34:10
85Paul Rodbourn (GBr)1:34:12
86Israel Chinea (Spa)1:35:05
87Juan Fco Martin Gonzalez (Spa) Aguibike1:36:26
88Omar Gonzalez Lorenzo (Spa) Awara1:37:52
89Silverio Rodriguez Moreno (Spa) Telde1:38:05
90José Miguel Luis Gonzalez (Spa)1:39:13
91Justo Gonzalez (Spa) Terra Volcan1:39:39
92Richard Rodriguez de La Sierra (Spa)1:40:54
93Daniel Mayato mesejo (Spa) Oncedientes1:41:58
94Jose Luis Martinez (Spa) Burrita Bike1:43:02
95Samuel Cabrera Ramirez (Spa) Lanzabike1:43:29
96Sergio Jover (Spa) Bike Bike1:45:27
97Felix Sancho (Spa) Fuerteventura1:45:55
98Ernesto Garcia Rodriguez (Spa)1:45:57
99Oscar Jose Villar Rodriguez (Spa) Terra Volcan1:46:12
100Cesar Nogueira Moure (Spa) Terra Volcan1:47:58
101Amado Santana Hernandez (Spa)1:50:55
102José Miguel Serini Sánchez (Spa) Ingebike1:52:57
103Fernando Chissotti (Spa) Viclass1:55:27
104Miguel Queipo Pomar (Spa) Terra Volcan1:56:00
105Thomas Jensen (Den) DMK1:58:09
106Marino Orlandi Morales (Spa) Costa Teguise2:00:47
107Ayoze Hernandez (Spa) El Aljibe2:01:46
108Matias Sebastián Reveron Afonso (Spa)2:05:06
109Nicolas Von Rosen (Den) DMK2:09:41
110Carlos Alberto Gómez González (Spa) Bayana2:11:48
111Rafael Rodriguez (Spa) Tegala2:12:26
112Gavin Holt (GBr)2:13:00
113Michael Nicolajsen (Den) Århus2:13:24
114Chris Fields (GBr)2:17:55
115José Ruiman Estevez Mendez (Spa)2:19:01
116Angel Fernando Alvarez (Spa)2:19:10
117Heinrich Putter (RSA)2:20:10
118Javier Angel Grau de Los Reyes (Spa)2:23:36
119Paul Cook (GBr)2:31:30
120Kræn Knude (Den)2:32:50
121Klaus Preisler (Den) T-Bikes2:34:32
122Martin Hancock (GBr)2:34:48
123Ramon Jesús Martel (Spa)2:38:05
124Lee Holdaway (GBr) Lifestyle2:52:08
125Frank Rikard Petersen (Den) T-Bikes2:52:38
126Lui Vium (Den) DMK2:57:46
127Juan Fernando Aleman (Spa) Buen Rollito3:30:04
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Elite women final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Annika Langvad (Den) Easton Rockets'3:56:16
2Sally Bigham (GBr) Topeak Ergon0:17:32
3Gunn Rita Dahle Flesjå (Nor) Multivan Merida0:29:20
4Darrelle Parker (GBr) Bike and Ron0:57:35
5Lucia Funes Mendez (Spa)1:04:32
6Christina Christensen (Den) T-Bikes1:19:12
7Tanja Gerards (Ned) Lanzabike1:31:50
8Sabrina Baumgartner (Swi) Studer1:35:41
9Yaiza Rodriguez Aranda (Spa)2:07:18
10Elena Marrero Rodriguez (Spa) Bike bike2:16:43
11Margit Nelboe Jeppesen (Den) T-Bikes2:21:47


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