Wright wins women's downhill by one second


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Elite  Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Seana Wright (Can) Ozzies  Cycle0:04:36.59
2Kristen Smart (Can) cove  bikes/moja  coffee0:00:01.00
3Dawn Casher (Can) Cylce  Path  Kelowna/CCN0:00:08.67
4Kari Mancer (Can) Whistler  Bike  Co0:00:11.46
5kathryn Popma (Can) Loeka0:00:16.46
6Jennifer Mcmillan (Can) Experience  Cycling0:00:23.69
7Alexis Moore (Can) Barking  Spider  Mountain  Bike0:01:03.57
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Elite  Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jack Reading (GBr) Ellsworth/ONeal0:03:39.98
2Curtis Keene (USA) Specialized/Sram0:00:01.74
3Tyler Morland (Can) Rockshox0:00:02.05
4Jamie Biluk (Can) Trancend  Orange0:00:02.20
5Harry Armstrong (Can) Cove  Factory0:00:02.98
6Thomas Vanderham (Can) Evil  Bikes0:00:02.99
7Curtis Robinson (Can) nsmb.com/RaceFace0:00:03.74
8Dean Tennant (Can) Primary/Trek0:00:04.65
9Matthew Beer (Can) Freeride  MS0:00:05.01
10Hans Lambert (Can) Norco  Factory  Team0:00:05.24
11Alan Crisp (Aus) knolly  bikes0:00:06.84
12Adriano Digiacinto (Can) Steed  Cycles0:00:07.72
13Jeffery Bryson (Can) www.brysonracingclan.com0:00:07.82
14Jeff Hunter (Can)0:00:08.31
15Dan Skogland (Can) Cove  Bikes,  Okanagan  Spring,  Chr0:00:09.40
16Mitch Forbes (Can) Cove  Bikes0:00:09.51
17Tyler Gorz (Can) Scott  @  CBR0:00:09.81
18Nicholas Grimm (Can) John  Henry  bikes0:00:10.25
19Nick Quinn (Can) Brysonracingclan.com,  Dakine0:00:10.38
20Justin Terwiel (Can) Cafe,  Giant,  Dakine,  Oakley,  Troy  L0:00:11.16
21James Mcskimming (Can)0:00:11.58
22Brett Hornfelt (Can) www.brysonracingclan.com0:00:11.86
23Cody Eichhorn (Aus)0:00:12.99
24Justin Dale (Can) Dunbar  Cycles0:00:13.03
25Tim Coleman (Can) John  Henry  Bikes0:00:13.27
26Oliver Kristevic (Aus) DUNBAR  CYCLES0:00:13.51
27Ewan Fafard (Can)0:00:13.60
28Phillip Wiering (USA) Fluidride/EVIL0:00:13.95
29Chayse Marshall (Can) Sun  Peaks  Resort,  Evil  Bikes0:00:15.09
30Geoff Briggs (Can) Calgary  Cycle0:00:15.31
31Kye Walstrom (Can) Kona,Race  Face,Marzocchi,Elka0:00:15.96
32Remi Gauvin (Can) Arrowsmith  Bikes0:00:16.33
33Mitch Thornton (Can) Giant  /  Dakine  /  Cyclepath0:00:16.42
34John  Sebastier Therrien (Can) transitionbikes.  manitou0:00:17.51
35Adam Mantle (Can) Dunbar  Cycles/  Dincus0:00:18.61
36Amado Stachanfeld (USA) All  Ride  Academy0:00:18.85
37Cam Porteous (Can) Dunbar  Cycles0:00:19.29
38Aaron Dobie (Can)0:00:20.27
39Alex Currie (Can)0:00:21.30
40Darryl Bartlett (Can)0:00:22.08
41Robert Venables (Can)0:00:24.32
42Derek Plehwe (Can)0:00:24.42
43Ben Porteous (Can)0:00:25.40
44Rob Chapman (Can)0:00:26.77
45Paul Kalisch (Aus) BC Dunbar  Cycles  /  Sombrio  /  Evil0:00:26.79
46Clinton Gould (Can)0:00:27.33
47Jev Bjorsell (Irl)0:00:28.36
48Scott Halvorson (Can)0:00:31.78
49Jonathan Lefrancois (Can)0:00:32.26
50Caleb Glithero (Can)0:00:37.02
51Hugo Lanthier (Can) BC Team  Mathieu  Performance/  Gian0:00:43.15
52Craig Campbell (Can)0:00:44.60
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Junior  Women  (15‐18)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lauren Rosser (Can) Team  Squamish0:05:04.78
2Alexandria Bierscnell (Can)0:00:02.42
3Kelsey Begg (Can) sunshine  coast  cycling0:00:46.08
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Junior  Men  (17‐18)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andres Paez (Ven)0:03:53.88
2Ryan Anderson (Can) Darkside0:00:00.29
3Danny Frey (Can) Park  Cycle0:00:02.42
4Wylie Easton (Can) Bike  Brewery0:00:08.87
5Kyle Quesnel (Can) Team  Squamish0:00:11.56
6Ray Faubert (Can)0:00:14.64
7Brandon Indic (Can) Vicious  Cycle0:00:14.82
8Jesse Darling (Can)0:00:15.00
9Sky Gustin (Can) Ozzies  Cycle0:00:23.21
10Dexter Robson (Can) Norco/ExperienceCycling0:00:24.11
11Jordan Boratynec (Can) Calgary  Cycle0:00:24.99
12Thomas Zonneveld (Can) No  Hype  /  Troy  Lee0:00:26.59
13Steven Quesnelle (Can) Taws  Cycle/NORCO/Saultline  @.  T0:00:30.11
14Andrew Mallon (Can)0:00:30.78
15Geoff Hodson (Can)0:00:31.38
16Ethan Whittaker (Can) Skyride  Cycle0:00:31.98
17Kodi Stoddart (Can) Highland  Boys  Productions0:00:32.32
18Jesse Ballhausen (Can) Summit  Gravity0:00:33.54
19Forrest Desmarais (Can) Olympia  Ski  and  Cycle0:00:35.08
20Jeremy Stowards (Can) Team  Armidillo0:00:37.46
21Colton Davies (Can)0:00:39.31
22Carlos Mcewen (Can)0:00:44.21
23Trevor Halvorson (Can) Mad  March  Racing0:00:45.54
24aaron Coombs (Can)0:00:46.54
25Simon Young (Can) Sunshine  Coast  Cycling0:00:50.95
DNFJordan Timmer (Can)16:30:04.30
DNSCameron Miller (Can)Row 26 - Cell 2
DNSIan Morrison (Can)Row 27 - Cell 2
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U15  Women  (13‐14)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Holly Feniak (Can) cove  bikes  ‐  sunshine  coast  cycling0:04:45.84
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Senior  Women  (19‐29)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jaime Hill (Can) Summit  Gravity  Team0:04:42.98
2Terri-Anne Howard (Can) OneGhost  Industries0:00:18.85
3Paula Armstrong (NZl) West  Coast  Racing0:01:22.88
DNSMichelle Thorne (Can) Trident  SportsRow 3 - Cell 2
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Master  30+  Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Meghan Illingworth (Can)0:04:54.90
2Carolyn Kavanagh (Can)0:00:02.52
3Karaleen Westmoreland (Can)0:00:20.49
4Edith Janzen (Can) Muddbunnies0:00:52.33
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U15  Men  (13‐14)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ryan Varchol (Can)0:04:24.93
2Alexander Geddes (Can) Fanatyk  Co.0:00:03.31
3Wyatt Riegel (USA) Skookum  Cycle0:00:03.93
4Eric Simmons (Can)0:00:06.02
5jack Iles (Can) Kona0:00:07.11
6Jake Teuton (Can)0:00:18.46
7Jason Teitge (Can) Sunshine  Coast  Cycling0:00:37.18
8Matthew Scully (Can)0:00:53.79
9Mason Draus (Can)0:01:07.88
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Master  50+  Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chris August (Can) No  Hype  Bikes0:05:34.64
2Paul Pennimpede (Can) Endless  Biking0:01:12.95
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Senior  Men  (19‐29)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kenny Smith (Can) Cove/Sram0:03:46.42
2Paul Stevens (GBr) dincus  apparel0:00:02.02
3Scott Spence (Can)0:00:03.00
4Kris Johnstone (Can) Skookum  Cycle0:00:06.66
5Shannon Rozel (Can) Summit  Gravity0:00:09.02
6Tristan Merrick (Can)0:00:10.52
7Dylan Dunkerton (Can) NSMB.com,  Scott  Bikes,  Lavan  Ap0:00:11.66
8Ken Faubert (Can)0:00:13.21
9Ryan Walters (Can) John  Henry  Bikes0:00:16.07
10Jordan Masse (Can) Steed  Cycles0:00:16.66
11Daniel Anderson (Can)0:00:17.75
12Jason Polnau (Can)0:00:18.92
13Kevin King (Aus) Dunbar  Cycles0:00:19.57
14Tristan Olk (Can)0:00:19.76
15Rob Stead (GBr)0:00:20.20
16Nick Christensen (Can) Rocky  Cycle0:00:27.36
17Kevin Tafts (Can) Obsession:  Bikes0:00:27.93
18Taylor Bloy (Can) Hayes/Sun  Ringle0:00:29.00
19Jason Stolze (Ned)0:00:30.66
20Isaac Andres (Cam) Venture  Gear0:00:34.36
21Andrew Langridge (Can)0:00:34.56
22Nick Spottock (Can) Skookum  Cycle0:00:35.75
23Jordan Bromley (Can) danotech  industries0:00:35.98
24Andrew Buis (Can) KBRA0:00:42.82
25Zac Smith (Can) Trident  Sports0:00:44.88
26Tyrone Pottle (Can) Bicycle  Cafe0:00:48.81
27David Belland (Can)0:00:50.12
28Bruce Thompson (Can) Jubilee  Cycle0:00:50.86
29Michael Young (Can)0:00:57.29
DNSSteve Meyer (Can) Bert  &  MacsRow 29 - Cell 2
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U17  Men  (15‐16)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Luke Stevens (Can)0:03:50.29
2Harrison Duxbury-Sleep (Can) Sunshine  Coast  Cycling0:00:04.39
3Riley Suhan (Can) DARKSIDE/Santa  Cruz  Bikes0:00:08.29
4Linden Feniak (Can) cove  bikes/  sunshine  coast  cycling0:00:08.63
5Reece Nelsen (Can) Sunshine  Coast  Bike  Club0:00:08.73
6Sykes Stu (Can) Full  Boar  Bike  Store0:00:09.30
7Nicholas Geddes (Can) Norco  Factory   Team0:00:12.06
8Jarred Martin (Can) Full  Boar  Bike  Store0:00:14.69
9Evan Blackwell (Can) Calgary  Cycle0:00:17.08
10Brennan Walstrom (Can) Kona,Race  Face,Marzocchi,Elka0:00:20.17
11Cody Ratte (Can) Calgary  Cycle  DH  race  Team0:00:23.12
12Jordan Gosteli (Can)0:00:23.27
13Peter Muri (Can) Venture  Gear  Kelowna0:00:24.31
14Forrest Riesco (Can) RACE  FACE  GRASSROOTS0:00:30.87
15Mitchell Zacharias (Can)0:00:30.94
16Jay Boysen (Can) Cookies  Of  Course0:00:31.78
17Joe Esnouf (Can) Rider's  Cycle  /   Faultline  TV0:00:32.41
18Kip Shortreed (Can)0:00:33.47
19Conner Tennant (Can) armidillo0:00:34.01
20Tyson Oland (Can) Venture  Gear,  Kelowna0:00:34.35
21Dixon Black (Can)0:00:38.74
22Brennen Brosinsky (Can) Rocky  Mountain  Bike  N  Board0:00:42.27
23Austin de  Ste  Croix (Can)0:00:46.13
24Owen Scully (Can) Team  Squamish0:00:46.27
25Trevor Thew (Can) Independent  Racing0:00:47.37
26Jonathan Dempsey (Can)0:00:49.70
27Davis Morton (Can)0:00:50.14
28Kyler Showers (Can)0:00:50.60
29Riley Euverman (Can) Sun  Country  Cycle0:00:51.49
30Michael Bridge (Can)0:00:53.89
DNFThomas Sullivan (Can) Full  Boar14:44:06.69
DNSDexter Hook (Can)Row 31 - Cell 2
DNSKurtis De  Marco (Can)Row 32 - Cell 2
DNSLyndon Copithorne (Can) Rocky  Mtn.  Bike  N  BoardRow 33 - Cell 2
DNSMathew Clough (Can) Sunshine  Coast  CyclingRow 34 - Cell 2
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Master  40‐49  Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bryan Gioia (Can)0:04:13.44
2Shawn Melnechuk (Can) Bicycle  cafe0:00:00.81
3Brian Brittain (Can) Different  Bikes/NS  Ride0:00:06.33
4Todd Earnshaw (Can) Bike  Brewery  /  Core  Shorts  /  P30:00:06.91
5Gord Longden (Can) john  henry  bikes0:00:23.44
6Richard Ratte (Can)0:00:23.68
7Phil Howard (Can)0:00:25.59
8Leonard Black (Can)0:00:34.84
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Master  30‐39  Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Russell Bock (Can)0:04:02.98
2Cory LeClerc (Can)0:00:03.26
3Bryon Enns (Can) Steed  Cycles0:00:04.87
4John Starcevic (Can)0:00:05.42
5Steve Boucher (Can) Full  Boar  BIke  Store0:00:06.22
6Eric Anderson (Can) Obsession  Bikes  ‐  TLD  Canada0:00:12.51
7Mike Parsons (Can)0:00:12.69
8Steven St.denis (Can) Skookum  Cycle0:00:13.33
9Michael Rayton (Can)0:00:13.66
10Martin Newman (GBr) Obsession:  Bikes0:00:15.09
11Dan Graham (Can)0:00:15.48
12Rich Brinkmann (Can)0:00:27.23
13Dalen Stanley (Can) Trident  Sports0:00:31.29
14Jeremy Null (USA)0:00:35.82
15Todd Hovde (Can)0:00:41.15
16Darren Yastremsky (Can) Full  Boar  Bike  Store0:00:42.15
17Greg Rector (Can) Experience  Cycling0:00:55.98
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30+  Citizen  Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kelly Kozevnikov (Can) Full  Boar  Bike  Shop0:04:47.61
2Nicole LeBlanc (Can) Prince  George  Cycling  Club0:00:23.81
3Jessica Huntington (Can) Sunshine  Coast  Cycling  Club0:00:39.92
4Colleen Keyland (Can) Muddbunnies  Riding  Club0:00:42.24
5Tanya Crocker (Can)0:01:17.78
6Lara Hildebrandt (Can)0:02:12.04
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19‐29  Citizen  Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joelle Price (Can) Skookum  Cycle0:04:58.93
2Jenna McLean (Aus)0:01:10.98
DNSDiana Walker (Can) Muddbunnies  Riding  Club  (BC)Row 2 - Cell 2
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U19  Citizen  Men  (13‐18)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matt Miles (Can) Bicycle  Cafe0:04:15.25
2Grady Begg (Can) Team  Woif0:00:02.11
3Branden Ostoforoff (Can)0:00:02.28
4Deon Gibson (Can) Bicycle  Cafe0:00:02.74
5Rylan Carnegie (Can) Larry's  Cycle0:00:11.54
6Ryan Bompas  Brown (Can)0:00:17.09
7Ace Hayden (Can) Bicycle  Cafe0:00:18.41
8Jordan Gillett (Can)0:00:19.56
9Kyle Woods (Can)0:00:21.89
10Kyle Toon (Can)0:00:22.95
11Mick Sandy (Can)0:00:23.08
12Tyler Craig (Can)0:00:27.04
13Jakeq Glemie (Can)0:00:28.21
14Keenan Kovacs (Can)0:00:42.65
15Dylan Manning (Can)0:00:45.65
16Ryan Bush (Can)0:01:00.81
17Jarred Orwichuk (Can) Larry's  Cycle  and  Sports0:01:01.41
18Linden Smale (Can)0:01:07.63
19Harrison Bayman (Can) PMH  Projects  Inc.0:01:15.15
DNSScott Menzies (Can)Row 19 - Cell 2
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30+  Citizen  Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Glenn Franks (Can)0:04:01.56
2Eli Kwik (Can) GarbanzoBike0:00:00.87
3Stevie Price (Can)0:00:35.92
4Robert Publow (Can) Experience  Cycling0:00:36.22
5George Terwiel (Can)0:00:37.04
6Kyle Simpson (Can)0:00:41.69
7Michael Scholz (Can)0:00:45.46
8Alton Ramsay (Can)0:00:53.92
9Carl Taylor (Can) Republic  Bicycles0:00:55.41
10Jeff Beausoleil (Can)0:01:10.70
11Scott Darling (Can)0:01:14.32
12Stephen McMillan (Can) Experience  Cycling0:01:27.02
13Steve Embree (Can) Pain  Inc0:01:35.69
14Gordon Menzies (Can) Experiance  cycling0:01:47.44
DNSAdam Hunsberger (Can)Row 14 - Cell 2
DNSRichard Hall (Can)Row 15 - Cell 2
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19‐29  Citizen  Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mitch Chubey (Can) NSMB.com/Specialized0:03:52.78
2Ryan Vanderham (Can)0:00:02.77
3Ryan De  La  Rue (Aus)0:00:04.73
4Matthew DeGreer (Can)0:00:06.92
5Berend Boer (Aus) Garbanzo  Bike  n  Bean,  ACD.com0:00:07.99
6Alex Canlon (Can)0:00:09.98
7Trevoer Burke (Aus) Jazza  Wilson's0:00:10.06
8Kurtis Walton (Can)0:00:12.07
9Tyson Jones (Can)0:00:14.94
10Brett Grayston (Can)0:00:15.82
11Heath Sterna (Can)0:00:19.96
12Ryan Newton (Can)0:00:20.25
13Travis Derkatch (Can)0:00:21.42
14Kyle Cameron (Can)0:00:21.56
15Jared Wilson (Aus)0:00:21.71
16Jarius Trelenberg (Can)0:00:22.32
17Tom Mallett (Can) WORCA0:00:22.42
18Jordan Trelenberg (Can)0:00:23.80
19Alexander Diamond (Can) Vicious0:00:27.27
20Damian Smith (Can) Omen  Apparel0:00:31.28
21Peter Fothergill (Aus) SMBD0:00:36.76
22Oliver Warner (Can)0:00:42.53
23Jeremy Currie (Can)0:00:46.58
24Eric Leachman (Can)0:00:48.42
25Adam Tokerczu (Aus)0:00:51.39
26Mike Doria (Aus) AMBP/Jazza  Wilson  Racing0:00:54.26
DNSGraham Davey (Can) Dunbar  CyclesRow 26 - Cell 2
DNSMichael Goldstein (Can)Row 27 - Cell 2

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