Fontana wins Bundesliga opener by one second ahead of Hermida

Marco Aurelio Fontana (Cannondale Factory Racing) and Elisabeth Brandau (Central Haibike Pro Cycling) won the 25th edition of Mountain Bike Spring Classic in Münsingen, Germany, on Sunday. In front of a big crowd, Fontana won a close duel with world champion Jose Antonio Hermida (Multivan Merida Biking Team) while Brandau took her first ever win ahead of Annika Langvad (Easton Rockets) and Sabine Spitz (Central Haibike Pro Cycling) in an exciting women's competition.

Hermida put pressure on the initial five-man lead group and Fontana followed the Spaniard off the front. Jochen Käss (Multivan Merida Biking Team) tried to follow but couldn't, and he fell back into the chase group where he joined Swiss riders Martin Fanger (Giant Swiss SR-Suntour) and Martin Gujan (Cannondale Factory Racing).

Hermida and Fontana's escape came in the middle of the race and the two did battle for the remainder of the race. Going into lap seven they were together, but then Hermida's rear tire started to go flat.

Hermida was able to hang on to Fontana's wheel despite the lower air pressure from the slow leak, but didn't have enough to attack him. Fontana went on to take the win.

"I thought I could make it today. It was so close, even with the slowly leaking tire," said Hermida.

Fontana was cheered by the crowds as he crossed the line with a wheelie in spite of Hermida being close behind him.

"I'm lucky to win here. It was a hard but fair fight with José," said Fontana. Two years ago, during his first appearance in Münsingen, Fontana had crashed and then Hermida had crashed into him.

Gujan, a two-time previous winner, earned the third spot on the podium, 21 seconds behind Fontana. He surprised some by beating Fanger. Käss took the final podium spot.

Pre-race favorite Manuel Fumic (Cannondale Factory Racing) had two early incidences of chain suck and lost his chance to finish on the podium.

An awesome day for Brandau

The women's competition turned into a race with four main contenders. Sabine Spitz took the lead in the beginning of the race and her efforts helped build the quartet's lead. Elisabeth Brandau, Annika Langvad and Blaza Klemencic (Felt Oetztal X-Bionic Team) joined Spitz, leaving Lisi Osl (Ghost Factory Racing Team) and Katrin Leumann (Ghost Factory Racing Team) behind.

These four lead women gave an exciting race, attacking at almost every corner, changing positions all the time. At one point, Langvad took too many risks and went over her handlebars. Brandau had to stop, while Spitz and Klemencic were able to pass.

But Brandau and later also Langvad caught back up and at the beginning of the last lap, all four were still in the game. Brandau and Langvad got a small gap, but the lead changed several times.

About 700 meters before the finish, Brandau made the last maneuver, passing Langvad while riding over some wavy terrain. She held onto her lead and celebrated her win in front of a cheering crowd. It was her first ever win in a major cross country race.

"It was awsome today. We were fighting really aggressive and I'm really happy to get the win," said Brandau.

Brandau's Central Haibike teammate Spitz finished third, only 11 seconds behind. "The teamwork was fine. We knew that Lisa was in good shape," said Spitz. "For myself, I tried not to go over the limit six days before Pietermaritzburg World Cup."

Langvad wasn't too disappointed. "Today my plan was not to escape. I wanted to get into the fight with the other girls, and I learned a lot," said Langvad.

Full Results

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Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Marco Aurelio Fontana (Ita) Cannondale Factory Racing1:26:13
2José Antonio Hermida Ramos (Spa) Multivan Merida Biking Team0:00:01
3Martin Gujan (Swi) Cannondale Factory Racing0:00:21
4Martin Fanger (Swi) Giant Swiss SR-Suntour0:00:22
5Jochen Kass (Ger) Multivan Merida Biking Team0:00:38
6Fabian Giger (Swi) Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team0:01:46
7Manuel Fumic (Ger) Cannondale Factory Racing0:02:23
8Rene Tann (Ger)0:03:13
9Lukas Kaufmann (Swi)0:03:26
10Emil Lindgren (Swe) Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team0:03:29
11Magnus Darvell (Swe)0:03:30
12Pierre-Geoffroy Plantet (Fra) Team Newcycling0:03:41
13Benjamin Wittrup Justesen0:04:09
14Henk Jaap Moorlag (Ned) Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team0:04:14
15Robert Mennen (Ger) Topeak Ergon Racing Team0:04:18
16Simon Scheiber (Aut) Felt Oetztal X-Bionic Team0:05:03
17Torsten Marx (Ger)0:05:05
18Ralph Naef (Swi) Multivan Merida Biking Team0:05:17
19Jelmer Jubbega (Ned) Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team0:05:27
20Simon Gegenheimer (Ger)0:05:37
21Heiko Gutmann (Ger)0:05:46
22Niels Wubben (Ned) Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team0:06:18
23Pascal Hossay (Bel) G-Skin-Deforche MTB Racing Team0:06:40
24Robert Gehbauer (Aut)0:06:42
25Michael Hutter (Swi)0:07:12
26Matthias Pfrommer (Ger)0:07:40
27Christopher Maletz (Ger)0:08:04
28Mathias Frohn (Ger)0:08:10
29Sebastian Mordmuller (Ger)0:09:02
30Steffen Greger (Ger)0:09:09
31Casper Saltoft (Den)0:09:16
32Pascal Ketterer (Ger)0:09:47
33Davy Huygens (Bel)0:10:09
34Thomas Pfrommer (Ger)0:10:21
35Marco Schätzing (Ger) Team Firebike-Droessiger0:10:27
36Cristobal Silva Ibaceta (Chi)0:10:34
37Brice Scholtes (Bel) G-Skin-Deforche MTB Racing Team0:10:58
38Rumen Voigt (Ger)0:11:27
39Uwe Hardter (Ger)0:11:34
40Gerrit Rosenkranz (Ger)0:11:38
41Sebastian Szraucner (Ger)0:11:52
42Sebastian Gründel (Ger)0:11:59
43Stefan Schairer (Ger)0:12:24
44Marcel Reiser (Ger)0:12:43
45Michael Rieder (Ger)0:12:47
46Andi Weinhold (Ger)0:12:55
47Sascha Schwindling (Ger)0:13:11
48Carlo Maschek (Ger)0:13:58
49Sebastian Bergmann (Ger)Row 48 - Cell 2
50Johnni Nielsen (Den)Row 49 - Cell 2
51Jochen Coconcelli (Ger)Row 50 - Cell 2
52Oliver Vonhausen (Ger)Row 51 - Cell 2
53Ulrich Theobald (Ger)Row 52 - Cell 2
54Patrick Hediger (Swi)Row 53 - Cell 2
55Sascha Nething (Ger)Row 54 - Cell 2
56Achim Beckendahl (Ger)Row 55 - Cell 2
57Martin Haugo (Nor) Team Merida Smart SafetyRow 56 - Cell 2
58Konstantin Jung (Ger)Row 57 - Cell 2
59Severin Schweisguth (Ger)Row 58 - Cell 2
60Phillipp Rothe (Ger)Row 59 - Cell 2
61Mathias Veit (Ger)Row 60 - Cell 2
62Benjamin Oesterle (Ger)Row 61 - Cell 2
63Luca Formoso (Swi)Row 62 - Cell 2
64Niklas Tober (Ger)Row 63 - Cell 2
65Tom Ettlich (Ger)Row 64 - Cell 2
66Tobias Loest (Ger)Row 65 - Cell 2
67Christian Pötzsch (Ger)Row 66 - Cell 2
DNFSteffen Thum (Ger)Row 67 - Cell 2
DNFWolfgang Krenn (Aut)Row 68 - Cell 2
DNFMario Waibel (Ger)Row 69 - Cell 2
DNSFabian Brzezinski (Ger)Row 70 - Cell 2
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Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Elisabeth Brandau (Ger) Central Haibike Pro Cycling1:26:00
2Annika Langvad (Den)Row 1 - Cell 2
3Sabine Spitz (Ger) Central Haibike Pro CyclingRow 2 - Cell 2
4Blaza Klemencic (Slo) Felt Oetztal X-Bionic TeamRow 3 - Cell 2
5Sabrina Enaux (Fra) Felt Oetztal X-Bionic Team0:01:00
6Katrin Leumann (Swi) Ghost Factory Racing TeamRow 5 - Cell 2
7Elisabeth Osl (Aut) Ghost Factory Racing TeamRow 6 - Cell 2
8Rosara Joseph (NZl) Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team0:02:00
9Nathalie Schneitter (Swi) Colnago Arreghini Sudtirol0:03:00
10Tereza Hurikova (Cze) Central Haibike Pro CyclingRow 9 - Cell 2
11Hanna Klein (Ger)Row 10 - Cell 2
12Alexandra Engen (Swe)0:04:00
13Kathrin Stirnemann (Swi) Central Haibike Pro Cycling0:05:00
14Elisabeth Sveum (Nor) Team Merida Smart SafetyRow 13 - Cell 2
15Silke Schmidt (Ger)0:06:00
16Sabrina Schweizer (Ger)Row 15 - Cell 2
17Katrin Schwing (Ger)Row 16 - Cell 2
18Barbara Benko (Hun) Focus MIG Team0:07:00
19Tatjana Dold (Ger)Row 18 - Cell 2
20Helen Grobert (Ger)0:08:00
21Michelle Hediger (Swi) Fischer-BMCRow 20 - Cell 2
22Vivienne Meyer (Swi) Colnago Arreghini SudtirolRow 21 - Cell 2
23Githa Michiels (Bel) Trek - KMC Trade Team VZW0:09:00
24Kristine Noergaard (Den)Row 23 - Cell 2
25Jane Nussli (GBr) Fischer-BMCRow 24 - Cell 2
26Virginie Pointet (Swi)0:10:00
27Sabrina Maurer (Swi)Row 26 - Cell 2
28Yana Belomoyna (Ukr) Infotre - Bi&Esse- Leecougan0:11:00
29Mona Eiberweiser (Ger) Ghost Factory Racing Team0:12:00
30Maria Osl (Aut) Fischer-BMCRow 29 - Cell 2
31Elise Marchal (Bel) Trek - KMC Trade Team VZW0:13:00
32Mette Marie Kronborg (Den)Row 31 - Cell 2
33Mailin Franke (Ger)0:14:00
34Nadine Rieder (Ger)Row 33 - Cell 2
35Regina Genser (Ger)0:15:00
36Marta Tereshchuk (Ukr) Infotre - Bi&Esse- Leecougan0:17:00
37Ingrid Sofie Jacobsen (Nor)Row 36 - Cell 2
38Vanessa Tempcke (Ger)Row 37 - Cell 2
39Ann Kathrin Scheläschus (Ger)Row 38 - Cell 2
40Kristina Weber (Ger)Row 39 - Cell 2
41Kim-Julia Gerlach (Ger)Row 40 - Cell 2
42Theresa Wolfrum (Ger)Row 41 - Cell 2
43Torunn Stake Laengen (Nor)Row 42 - Cell 2
44Franziska Rödel (Ger)Row 43 - Cell 2
DNFSarah Bosch (Ger)Row 44 - Cell 2
DNFNathalie Zeferer (Ger)Row 45 - Cell 2
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Under 23 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Markus Bauer (Ger)1:16:42
2Markus Schulte-Luenzum (Ger) Focus MIG Team0:00:05
3Alexander Gehbauer (Aut)0:00:06
4Julian Schelb (Ger)0:00:07
5Matthias Stirnemann (Swi) Thoemus Racing Team0:00:54
6Marco Minnaard (Ned) Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team0:01:13
7Olof Jonsson (Swe) Rocky Roads-Orbea0:01:15
8Tim Lemmers (Ned)0:01:41
9Michiel Van Der Heijden (Ned) Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team0:01:42
10Emilien Barben (Swi)Row 9 - Cell 2
11Jonas Pedersen (Den)0:01:44
12Shlomi Haimy (Isr) Focus MIG Team0:01:53
13Rens De Bruin (Ned)0:01:55
14Bart De Vocht (Bel)0:02:00
15Matthias Rupp (Swi) Team Firebike-Droessiger0:02:06
16Jonas De Backer (Bel) Rocky Roads-Orbea0:02:28
17Kevin Krieg (Swi)0:02:38
18Martin Gluth (Ger)0:02:57
19Maximilian Holz (Ger)0:03:17
20Ludwig Döhl (Ger)0:03:29
21Benjamin Buchi (Swi)0:03:36
22Yannick Burkhardt (Ger)0:03:39
23Kenneth Hansen (Den)0:03:43
24Wenzel Böhm-Gräber (Ger)0:03:47
25Marcus Nicolai (Ger)0:03:48
26Matthias Hoi (Aut)0:04:11
27Rick Reimann (Swi)0:04:13
28Tobias Saether (Nor) Team United Bakeries0:04:54
29Daniel Kaufmann (Swi)0:05:00
30David Simon (Ger) Team Firebike-Droessiger0:05:02
31Olivier Bruwiere (Bel)0:05:03
32Johannes Közle (Ger)Row 31 - Cell 2
33Frank Demuth (Ger)0:05:08
34Lysander Kiesel (Ger)0:05:09
35Henrik Hoffmann (Ger)0:05:17
36Fabian Rabensteiner (Ita)0:05:20
37Ole Hem (Nor) Team United Bakeries0:05:26
38Adrian Sauer (Ger)0:05:40
39Alexander Blomqvist (Swe)0:05:49
40Valentin Fiderer (Ger)0:05:57
41Dany Lacroix (Bel)0:05:59
42Marcel Braun (Ger)0:06:01
43Anton Liyubuy (Ukr)0:06:21
44Zdenek Vobecky (Cze)0:06:26
45Michael Stünzi (Swi)0:06:36
46Tobias Reiser (Ger)0:06:37
47Anselm Wüllner (Ger)0:06:54
48Marco Tippmann (Ger)0:07:14
49Kristoffer Wormsen (Nor) Team United Bakeries0:07:17
50Matthias Zink (Ger)0:07:32
51Marian Pablo Burkhardt (Ger)0:07:47
52Timo Modosch (Ger)0:08:03
53Philipp Ziegler (Ger)0:08:25
54Jeffrey Andris (Ger)0:08:31
55Tommy Galle (Ger)0:08:42
56Oliver Laundenberg (Ger)Row 55 - Cell 2
57Barry Hayes (Ger)0:08:51
58Martin Knöpfle (Ger)Row 57 - Cell 2
59Markus Siebert (Ger)0:09:03
60Mike Bölts (Ger)0:09:04
61Mirco Zürcher (Swi)0:09:06
62Henrik Kippernes (Nor) Team Fokus-Danica0:09:44
63Patrick Titus (Ger)0:10:15
64Thomas Rasmussen (Den)0:10:19
65Mykhaylo Batsutsa (Ukr) Infotre - Bi&Esse- Leecougan0:10:21
66Steffen Weisenseel (Ger)0:10:26
67Steve Scheffel (Ger)0:10:29
68Ragnar Wirths (Ger)0:10:30
69Danny Neumann (Ger)0:10:31
70Sturla Aune (Nor) Team Fokus-Danica0:10:39
71Felix Euteneuer (Ger)0:10:51
72Lukas Hollrigl (Aut)0:10:53
73Alexander Fischer (Ger)0:10:54
74Thilo Glaser (Ger)0:10:57
75Marvin Schmidt (Ger)0:11:00
76Michael Wanski (Ger)0:11:06
77Jago Fechtmann (Ger)0:11:32
78Matthias Reichart (Ger)0:11:51
79Maxi Maier (Ger)0:11:57
80Jonathan Roth (Ger)0:11:59
81Fabian Obrist (Swi)0:12:34
82Jan Preus (Ger)0:12:39
83Vitus Wagenbauer (Ger)Row 82 - Cell 2
84Timo Häfner (Ger)0:13:06
85David Schiel (Ger)0:13:42
86Simon Staufner (Ger)0:13:43
87Benno Heussi (Swi)0:13:53
88Felix Günter (Ger)0:14:07
89Roland Gantner (Aut)Row 88 - Cell 2
90Ahmed-Ridvan Reichling (Ger)0:18:33
91Daniel Waibel (Ger)Row 90 - Cell 2
92Benjamin Merkel (Ger)Row 91 - Cell 2
93Dominik Ziegler (Ger)Row 92 - Cell 2
94Sebastian Miller (Ger)Row 93 - Cell 2
95Victor Nissle (Ger)Row 94 - Cell 2
96Ralf Maier (Ger)Row 95 - Cell 2
97Johannes Müller (Ger)Row 96 - Cell 2
98Max Weber (Ger)Row 97 - Cell 2
99Lukas Holtkamp (Ger)Row 98 - Cell 2
100Christopher Kragl (Ger)Row 99 - Cell 2
101Johannes Schulte (Ger)Row 100 - Cell 2
102Michael Feinauer (Ger)Row 101 - Cell 2
103Markus Schrempp (Ger)Row 102 - Cell 2
104Tobias Rotermund (Ger)Row 103 - Cell 2
105Julian Witt (Ger)Row 104 - Cell 2
DNFMattias Nilsson (Swe)Row 105 - Cell 2
DNFLaurent Evrard (Bel)Row 106 - Cell 2
DNFLukas Kuch (Ger)Row 107 - Cell 2
DNFJan Pfitzner (Ger)Row 108 - Cell 2
DNFOscar Byhlinder (Swe)Row 109 - Cell 2
DNFFlorian Eitel (Ger)Row 110 - Cell 2
DNFMarius Kottal (Ger)Row 111 - Cell 2
DNFJoseph Kuhn (Ger)Row 112 - Cell 2
DNFMarko Haas (Ger)Row 113 - Cell 2
DNFJan Eric Müller (Ger)Row 114 - Cell 2
DNFChristopher Goergen (Ger)Row 115 - Cell 2
DNFPatrick Müller (Ger)Row 116 - Cell 2
DNFDavid Büschler (Ger)Row 117 - Cell 2
DNFMarcel Pöter (Ger)Row 118 - Cell 2
DNFStefan Braun (Ger)Row 119 - Cell 2


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