Sager outkicks team Kona in dramatic stage 6 finish

The Team Kona duo of Kris Sneddon and Barry Wicks came within a wisp of winning today's stage outright after sitting at the front for most of the day, only to be pipped at the line by Jamis rider Jason Sager, who jumped between the pair in the final sprint to claim his third stage out of six thus far.

Wicks and Sneddon, riding in the team category, along with solo racers Sager and Neal Kindree (Republic Bike Shop / SRAM) came into the finishing straight as a group with Sneddon leading it out followed by Wicks. According to Sager, he didn't want to challenge Kona but was forced to sprint to stay ahead of a charging Kindree. Sneddon was the first across the line while Sager edged Wicks by inches. At BCBR teams are placed according to the second rider's finishing position. This handed the overall win to Sager.

"I'm a little angry but whatever," said Wicks immediately after the finish. "I'm happy to have been at the front the whole time, and in my mind we won. It's heartbreaking after doing all that work today."

Sager had nothing but praise for Team Kona after today's effort but justified his finishing move. "I had to race. If it was just the three of us, I wouldn't have contested it but I had to stay ahead of Kindree."

Kindree held on to the back of the train to claim second in the solo category ahead of Thomas Deitsch (Team Bulls), who crossed the line a few minutes later, giving up time on the last descent.

"I just stuck to the backend and tried to hang on," said Kindree. "The Kona boys were giving it full gas the whole time and Jason and I were just hanging on. When we hit the final gravel section into the finish Jason got around and that was it."

Race leader Chris Sheppard (Rocky Mountain), who said last night his legs weren't feeling 100 percent, fell out of the lead group when he flatted late in the stage but was able to hold on for fourth in the solo group and easily retain his grasp on the golden fleece by 10 minutes over Sager and 21 minutes over Kindree.

"This was like my second flat tire in about 4,000km of stage racing, so I was a little rusty on fixing it," Sheppard said. "I filled the tire and continued but it went flat again when I burped it in a turn so I had to stop and put a tube in. There was a little bit of panic because I knew there were a few road sections coming up near the end so I'd have to match the leaders speed to not lose more time."

Not to be deterred, Sheppard also said he'll be going for the win in Whistler's final stage on Saturday.

The open men's duo is all but sealed with Kona leading by a large margin followed by the Nativo/Devinci squad of Marty Larski and Ricky Federau nearly 40 minutes back.

In the solo women's class, Hannah Thorne took the win ahead of GC leader Jennifer Schulz, who retained her lead. In the women's duo category, Simone McCallum and Claire Garcia-Webb's Shparkle Horsh And The Hyper Monkey team won again to increase their GC lead over the second place Dirt Sistas team of Heide Saunders and Robyn Pickering and the Brazilian team of Luli Cox and Adriana Boccia.

Full Results

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Solo men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jason Sager (USA) Team Jamis2:29:14
2Neal Kindree (Can) The Sram'ed up Republican0:00:02
3Thomas Dietsch (Fra) Bulls Team0:05:47
4Cory Wallace (Can) KONA0:06:01
5Chris Sheppard (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycles0:06:53
6Marzio Deho (Ita) Mongolia Bike Challenge - MECWOR0:08:46
7Blake Harlan (USA) Team Jamis0:11:17
8Brian Lopes (USA) Oakley/ibis/ENVE/Kenda0:14:12
9Michiel Van Aelbroeck (Bel) Waasland MTB Team0:14:33
10João Marinho (Por) Rocky Mountain Douro Bike Race0:14:50
11Aaron Snyder (USA) Aaron Snyder0:14:57
12Peter Watson (Can) Balance Point Racing0:18:00
13Craig Tolson (NZl) Craig Tolson0:21:40
14Kevin Kane (USA)0:23:16
15Stephen Ushy (Can) Balance Point Racing0:24:09
16Stephen Chapman (Can) showboat0:24:30
17Adam Franklin (Aus) Tallman0:24:45
18Benoit Simard (Can) Nativo/Devinci0:25:33
19Andy Rigel (USA) Mafia Racing0:25:39
20Francois-Charles Dumas (Can) Nativo/Devinci0:28:39
21Juan Garcia (USA) JCTracing0:29:31
22Erik Keniston (USA) Single Track Bikes0:31:02
23James Heilman (Can) The Big Fish0:32:24
24Matt Ewonus (Can) Balance Point Racing0:33:02
25Lieven Muylaert (Bel) Mountain Madness0:34:04
26Cristã³Bal Sahr (Chi) CicloPro0:34:56
27Simon Dove (Can)0:35:11
28Erik Bakke (Can) Bakke0:36:54
29Chris Gagnon (USA) Fitness0:37:24
30Grant Hvizdos (Can) ring of fire0:37:25
31Ian Crosthwaite (Can) Ian Crosthwaite0:39:19
32Brendan Munn (Can) Monster0:43:12
33Ian Heddle (Aus) Anytime Fitness Australia0:43:19
34David Huntley (Can) Huntley0:44:24
35Marshall Bell (USA)0:45:23
36Rob Spiller (Can) Rob Spiller0:46:14
37Mike Traslin (Can) Ryders Eyewear0:47:03
38Luke Gibson (Can) North Shore0:49:27
39Trevor Wallace (Can) BOMB0:49:28
40Von Edwards (USA) pissed and broke0:50:00
41Matthias Flury (Swi) Team StoeckliRow 40 - Cell 2
42Andreas Hestler (Can) Rocky Mountain Bikes0:51:14
43Jon Bula (Can) Groundwork Athletics0:51:54
44Landon Maclean (Can) Crash Landon0:52:11
45Jay Balabas (Can) Canmore Bunny Humper0:52:18
46Alan Hall (Can) Bluebuck0:53:43
47Glenn De Bont (Bel) Mountain Madness0:59:01
48Mark Elfstrom (USA) AK 9071:00:13
49Eric Macleod (USA) Rome Orthopaedic Center1:00:43
50Julien Prenez (Fra) France Velo Vert1:01:35
51Simon Stewart (USA) Bike Magazine1:01:39
52Greg Seaton (Can) Seaton1:06:52
53Dustin Kufflick (Can) Kufflick1:11:32
54Ryan Hayes (Can) Ryan Hayes1:12:34
55Chris Mcgregor (Can) Different Bikes - Chris1:13:01
56Trent Sutherland (Can) Greater Vancouver Power Sports1:16:35
57Dan Scott (Can)1:17:41
58Blaine Monaghan (Can) Violent Torpedo of Truth1:19:27
59Euan Seymour (NZl) Euan1:19:32
60Andrew Christman (USA) Caffiene Racing1:20:24
61Alexander Wyss (Swi) Rock Stars1:21:11
62Anthony Alvarado (CRc) PuroMTB.com1:26:06
63Roland Rabien (Can) Tripleshot Spinnakers1:30:50
64George Van Der Watt (RSA) Bergie1:33:03
65Adam Johnson (USA) AK 9071:34:42
66Graham Munro (Can) Team Unknown1:37:14
67Daniel Humm (USA) EMP1:39:00
68Tyler Chapman (USA) BC/DC1:47:20
69Travis Goodrich (USA) Sharp Syndicate1:50:00
70Erick Peterson (USA) Solo from Jakarta1:52:28
71Liam Kerney (Can) Liam Kerney1:53:22
72Tom Naome (Bel) The Lonely Rider1:55:23
73Edgar Gomez (Mex) Sinaloa Cycling1:57:06
74Gabriel Wanderley (Bra) Gabriel Wanderley1:57:50
75Dave Herrick (USA) Team Pipe Dream1:57:56
76Connor Rice (USA) crice6661:58:02
77Richard Currie (Can) Honk2:01:05
78Alan Bonsett (USA) Filfy Bastard2:04:43
79Jonathan Rouse (USA) simple hospitality/16502:08:37
80Maximo Borges (Ven) Avila2:21:53
81Nick Seavello (USA) Sumner Seavello2:31:47
82Matthew Overington (Kor) Seoul Riders2:46:03
83Brian Shepard (Can) Tenzing2:47:07
84Dave Drummond (Can) Ctitzens class 19953:02:19
85Jose Antonio Gutierrez (Ven) Avila3:12:34
86Tobias Jakob (Swi) Zahnknirscher3:27:14
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Solo women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Hannah Thorne (NZl) Hannah Thorne3:22:22
2Jennifer Schulz (Can) Balance Point Racing0:08:01
3Wendy Lyall (USA) Yeti Beti0:09:50
4Katrina Strand (Can) Katrina Strand0:18:22
5Glenowyn Carlson (Can) Glenowyn Carlson0:22:06
6Aimee Dunn (Can) Dunner0:25:39
7Stephanie Wilkinson (Can) Wilkinson0:49:45
8Amy Guidinger (Can) Helios0:51:58
9Jo-Ani Mercier (Can) Chica1:08:51
10Christie Simon (Can) Christie Simon1:13:29
11Simone Mauz (Swi) bambi bike club1:23:52
12Fernanda Mejia (USA) Ferchas1:50:46
13Amanda Sanderson (Aus) Anytime Fitness Australia2:08:20
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Solo master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Patrick Jansen (Ned) Dutchies2:43:18
2Andrew Handford (Can) DB Andy0:01:40
3Jeff Neilson (Can) Terrascape0:02:08
4Ted Russo (Can) openroad auto group0:09:28
5Craig Gillett (Can) SIMBS/ Pro City Racing Victoria0:10:52
6John Weathers (USA) Dagnabit0:12:51
7Matthew Handford (Can) Different Bikes0:14:33
8Michael Wilson (Can) Daryl-Evans Racing0:15:16
9Phil Beard (USA) Onion River Racing0:17:22
10Pat Doyle (Can) Deadgoat Racing0:17:36
11Craig Bartlett (Can) Craig Bartlett0:24:35
12Travis Ontkean (Can) mixed bag0:26:21
13Allister Darichuk (Can) i have a question0:29:12
14Ton De Haan (Ned) Ton de Haan0:30:40
15Richard Peil (Aus) Anytime Torq0:30:53
16Peter Henderson (Can) Hendo0:34:39
17Maxwell Rule (USA) iMax0:35:49
18Daniel Aliperti (Bra) EPIC BRAZIL0:39:39
19Andrew Sellars (Can) Balance Point Racing0:40:30
20Eric Davis (USA) Chili0:41:43
21Torben Jensen (Can) I Eat Goats for Breakfast!0:42:08
22Fraser Judd (Can) VeloPlzen0:43:10
23Murray Oshanyk (Can) Murray Oshanyk0:43:15
24Scott Simpson (Can) Fraser Valley Mountain Bikers Association0:43:30
25Trent Basarsky (USA) Nirvana0:45:07
26Erik Cramer (Can) Erik cramer0:46:01
27Jack Bryson (Can) Psychol doc0:46:42
28Pierre Dufresne (Can) Cannondude0:53:00
29Davin Carlson (Can) 41300:53:48
30Richard Dustan (Can) bajabulldog1:01:20
31Mike Williams (USA) SVCC-Tread1:01:30
32Paul Kingston (Aus) Team Southern Exposure/Hendry Cycles1:02:22
33Dan Swanson (Can) 01:03:25
34Mark Leeper (HKg) Mark Leeper1:03:47
35Tiago Reis (USA) TGR1:04:06
36David Grosse (Can) Faster than Mike1:07:35
37Enrique De Alba (Mex) Irabike1:16:23
38Graeme Fitch (Can) Harbour Air - MLC1:16:33
39Jason Sumner (USA) Jason Sumner1:18:38
40Alfredo Azevedo (Por) Rocky Mountain Douro Bike Race1:19:16
41David Berkowitz (Can) poutinepower1:23:30
42Sergeo Agaœero (CRc) Greater Vancouver Power Sports1:24:00
43Robert Wells (USA) simple hospitality/16501:24:23
44Dan Arnold (Can) Milton1:27:10
45Fernando Zamora (Mex) Spring Bike1:28:33
46Mark Trump (Can) Moofus1:29:11
47David Hersey (USA) Fat Boy1:29:34
48Stefano Nestasio (Ita) centopercentomtb1:30:08
49Richard Betts (USA) Yobetts1:30:50
50David Carsauw (Bel) 2FAST4U1:33:47
51Dirk Kotze (Can) Witblits1:35:51
52A.J. Stein (Can) Dirt Rider1:35:53
53Brian Tallmadge (USA) Brian Tallmadge1:39:17
54Joseph Krznaric (Can) JOE1:40:05
55Keith Mollet (Can) KM1:41:42
56Don Keller (USA) Sage International School1:42:55
57Oscar Velazco (Mex) Diamond Adventur1:46:19
58Clint Edwards (USA) SoLO Nexus1:48:04
59Luis Miguel Urteaga (Mex) Diamond Adventure1:50:59
60Marco Ovalles (Mex) Sinaloa Bikes1:51:18
61Simone Ferraris (Ita) mountainbiketour.it1:55:27
62Scott Kreeger (USA) Gage Racing1:56:27
63Nelson Whitmore (Can) Whitmore1:59:32
64David Meban (Can) meban2:01:50
65Jorge Ricardo Schiller Azcona (Mex) Sinaloa Bikes2:01:56
66Dan Wray (Can) Dan Wray2:15:19
67Sandro Bongiorno (Ita) Solobike.it2:16:51
68Ben Harapat (Can) The Granola King2:20:46
69Jan Berka (USA) Waterdog2:26:33
70James Szarko (Can) Szarko2:33:06
71Pat Murphy (Can) Taint Misbehaving2:35:39
72Brad Morin (Can) WIT2:36:19
73Juan Zumbado (CRc) JC682:58:41
74Alberto Najera (Mex) BiciMapas3:05:10
75Enrique Valverde (CRc) Huetar3:13:58
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Solo master women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Trish Grajczyk (Can) Deadgoat Racing3:21:45
2Moira-Ann Handford (Can) DB Mo0:18:40
3Rua Read (Can) Corsa Cycles0:21:12
4Lisa Le Poole (Can) Terrascape Racing0:24:02
5Michelle Newton (Can) Steed Sista0:24:04
6Kelly Ault (USA) Mountain Moxie0:24:41
7Lisa Floe (Can) Different Bikes - Lisa0:37:06
8Bridget Mcmillan (NZl) Bridget McMillan0:39:57
9Margo Downey (Can) Margo0:50:21
10Sandra Garnier (Gdl) Sandra Garnier1:08:41
11Emmy Monahan (USA) Dutchess of Dirt1:36:26
12Mary Davis (USA) Chili2:18:53
13Devora Peterson (USA) Devora PetersonRow 12 - Cell 2
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Duo men's teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kris Sneddon (Can) & Barry Wicks (USA) Kona Factory Team2:29:16
2Marty Lazarski (Can) & Ricky Federau (Can) Nativo/Devinci0:06:18
3Lionel Piraux (Can) & Phil G (Can) PGLP0:09:41
4Mark Weir (USA) & Jason Moeschler (USA) WTB/Cannondale/Shimano0:14:34
5Russell2 Anderson (Can) & Russell Anderson (Can) Russell and Matt0:14:43
6Mitchell Hoke (USA) & Brady Kappius (USA) Team Clif Bar0:22:19
7John Fokkema (Can) & Troy Woodburn (Can) pro city racing0:33:06
8Adam Wroz (GBr) & Darren Koslicki (GBr) Muppet Squad0:44:42
9Larry Rossen (Can) & Bart Jarmula (Can) Wild Rose0:45:09
10Graham Tutti (Can) & Russ Bougie (Can) Aint got time to bleed0:51:54
11Huw Thomas (GBr) & Mark Deacon (GBr) Loco BM Racing (Wales)0:52:50
12Houston Peschl (Can) & Bryan Haggarty (Can) god help us0:54:49
13Bas Van Lankvelt (Can) & Craig Furlong (Can) Potlickers 20:58:26
14Peter De Wit (GBr) & Karl Schubert (Can) Meat on the Cleat1:00:18
15Scott Parsons (USA) & Travis Coleman (USA) Circus Circus1:01:11
16Parker Lund (USA) & Michael Dicenso (USA) Mafia Racing.1:05:47
17Jerome Sanfacon (Can) & Peter Ollerhead (Can) le moose et la frog1:08:57
18James Kitts (Can) & Mike Folland (Can) ARRRRRR1:09:01
19Jason Foy (Can) & Russell Beach (Can) Beach-Foy1:09:07
20Tom Smets (Bel) & Tom Luyten (Bel) T2Team.be1:09:52
21Greg Albrechtsen (USA) & Brandon Newcomer (USA) Dukes of Dirt1:10:22
22Glade Runner Schoenfeld (Can) & Logan Johns (Can) Men with No Name1:13:34
23Ryan Stuart (Can) & Paul Laperriere (Can) Blue Toque Sports1:15:04
24Paul Potter (RSA) & Bruce Hughes (RSA) The A-Team1:19:29
25Marty Blades (Can) & Dominic Orsler (Can) Potlickers1:21:04
26Kevin Reynolds (Can) & Scott Simser (Can) Fatter and Slower1:22:01
27Darryl Steane (Can) & Brad Steane (Can) Team Single Malt1:22:59
28Kevin Schreder (Can) & Chad Loeppky (Can) Start slow then taper off1:34:47
29Trevor Mahon (Can) & Niall Hamill (Can) Team Adera1:35:15
30Morne Van Der Watt (Can) & Jake Oostenbrink (Can) hot chillies1:38:39
31Richard Hemmings (GBr) & David Rice (GBr) Mud Monkeys1:42:23
32Kyle Stanford (Can) & Erik Petursson (Can) Delirium1:45:57
33John Crowther (USA) & Ryan Moore (USA) Team 283X2:07:53
34Michael Johnston (Can) & David Johnston (Can) The Johnstons2:26:30
35Rupert Fowler (GBr) & Paul Burwell (GBr) MBR magazine2:37:51
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Duo women's teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Simone Mccallum (Aus) & Claire Garcia-Webb (Aus) Shparkle Horsh and the hypermonkey4:07:54
2Heide Saunders (Can) & Robyn Pickering (Can) Dirt Sistas0:09:15
3Luli Cox (Bra) & Adriana Boccia (Bra) Flower People Rocky Mountain0:46:59
4Courtney Rennie (Can) & Atsuko Knight (Can) Revy Chicks0:53:45
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Duo mixed teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mike Brown (Can) & Veronica Jarlehag (Can) Carbon Dating 83:57:52
2Mike Stoner-Walker (Can) & Anne Stoner-Walker (Can) Zoom Zoom0:14:39
3Barb Clarke (Can) & Jamie Clarke (Can) Out There0:40:50
4Steve Neal (Can) & Melinda Davie (Can) WildBettys1:12:22
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Duo veterans 80+ teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Greg Johnson (USA) & James Patrin (USA) Dakine3:16:06
2Glenn Dorey (Can) & Miles Smith (Can) Assorted Tarts0:00:06
3Frank Wittmann (Ger) & Axel Ruecker (Ger) IsarRider0:00:42
4Richard Stitch Sandor (Can) & Alan Firth (Can) Pint & Half Pint0:17:08
5Les Ecker (Can) & Chris Susko (Can) Smoking Guns0:20:29
6Charlie Malone (Can) & Grant Christie (Can) Taniwha0:27:07
7Rick Martin (Can) & Steven Fitzgerald (Can) Team Habanero0:27:27
8Todd Peterson (Can) & Stuart Rose (Can) Life's a Blur....0:30:42
9David Richardson (Can) & Garth Campbell (Can) Stop Looking at My Bum 20:41:39
10Garrett Mcdonald (Aus) & Alan Vogt (Aus) Frameskin Aussie Mojo0:42:04
11Manuel Osborne Paradis (Can) & Greg Mcdougall (Can) Harbour Air0:49:44
12Steven Vanry (Can) & Elliot Fishman (Can) North Shore Rough Riders1:05:45
13Nicholas Ranson (USA) & John Conners (USA) Masters of Disaster1:32:46
14Kyle Millsap (USA) & Randolph Schlegel (USA) kuhl1:59:39
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Duo veterans 100+ teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Daniel Auclair (Can) & Pierre Harvey (Can) Zomby Wouf3:14:16
2Vince Haag (USA) & Steve Wright (USA) lAzy clOwn rAcIng0:06:09
3Andy Aufschnaiter (Can) & John Ramsden (Can) Steed Cycles/Mike Wiegele HS0:09:57
4Rick Henderson (USA) & Ron Faithfull (USA) Rockstar Energy Las Vegas1:10:27
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Teams of three or more
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carey Jones, Werner Schuch, & Jay Fourie (Can) Tots4:18:30
2Lawrence Verlaan, Jamie Roberts, Nigel Brasok, Ryan Krauss & Dan Giberson (Can) Aguila0:21:45
3Andy Lees (GBr), Michael Wrait (Sin), Marc Solomon (GBr) & Les Chan (NZl) Black Sheep1:11:54
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Solo men general classification after stage 6
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chris Sheppard (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycles15:10:16
2Jason Sager (USA) Team Jamis0:10:28
3Neal Kindree (Can) The Sram'ed up Republican0:21:30
4Cory Wallace (Can) KONA0:33:29
5Blake Harlan (USA) Team Jamis1:08:58
6Marzio Deho (Ita) Mongolia Bike Challenge - MECWOR1:22:57
7Benoit Simard (Can) Nativo/Devinci1:26:17
8Aaron Snyder (USA) Aaron Snyder1:28:47
9João Marinho (Por) Rocky Mountain Douro Bike Race1:32:35
10Thomas Dietsch (Fra) Bulls Team1:50:11
11Peter Watson (Can) Balance Point Racing1:56:42
12Brian Lopes (USA) Oakley/ibis/ENVE/Kenda2:12:47
13Michiel Van Aelbroeck (Bel) Waasland MTB Team2:22:32
14Stephen Chapman (Can) showboat2:37:04
15Francois-Charles Dumas (Can) Nativo/Devinci2:42:45
16Craig Tolson (NZl) Craig Tolson2:55:52
17Stephen Ushy (Can) Balance Point Racing2:59:13
18Chris Gagnon (USA) Fitness3:14:27
19Adam Franklin (Aus) Tallman3:15:11
20Erik Keniston (USA) Single Track Bikes3:16:18
21Kevin Kane (USA)3:20:54
22Juan Garcia (USA) JCTracing3:22:22
23Lieven Muylaert (Bel) Mountain Madness3:27:51
24Andy Rigel (USA) Mafia Racing3:36:24
25Matt Ewonus (Can) Balance Point Racing3:44:33
26Marshall Bell (USA)3:47:05
27Simon Dove (Can)3:47:27
28David Huntley (Can) Huntley3:48:18
29James Heilman (Can) The Big Fish3:55:28
30Ian Crosthwaite (Can) Ian Crosthwaite4:07:05
31Erik Bakke (Can) Bakke4:19:28
32Mike Traslin (Can) Ryders Eyewear4:22:48
33Cristã³Bal Sahr (Chi) CicloPro4:31:01
34Brendan Munn (Can) Monster4:45:16
35Rob Spiller (Can) Rob Spiller4:45:37
36Von Edwards (USA) pissed and broke4:45:41
37Luke Gibson (Can) North Shore4:57:37
38Jay Balabas (Can) Canmore Bunny Humper5:00:26
39Matthias Flury (Swi) Team Stoeckli5:01:37
40Grant Hvizdos (Can) ring of fire5:02:17
41Andreas Hestler (Can) Rocky Mountain Bikes5:09:36
42Landon Maclean (Can) Crash Landon5:18:08
43Trevor Wallace (Can) BOMB5:21:01
44Alan Hall (Can) Bluebuck5:25:24
45Dan Scott (Can)5:41:03
46Jon Bula (Can) Groundwork Athletics5:42:38
47Glenn De Bont (Bel) Mountain Madness5:44:36
48Julien Prenez (Fra) France Velo Vert6:21:48
49Mark Elfstrom (USA) AK 9076:24:28
50Dustin Kufflick (Can) Kufflick6:33:31
51Simon Stewart (USA) Bike Magazine6:35:41
52Eric Macleod (USA) Rome Orthopaedic Center6:37:21
53Roland Rabien (Can) Tripleshot Spinnakers7:04:00
54Andrew Christman (USA) Caffiene Racing7:14:04
55Blaine Monaghan (Can) Violent Torpedo of Truth7:28:52
56Greg Seaton (Can) Seaton7:34:26
57Graham Munro (Can) Team Unknown7:35:38
58Chris Mcgregor (Can) Different Bikes - Chris7:45:46
59Ian Heddle (Aus) Anytime Fitness Australia7:51:07
60Daniel Humm (USA) EMP8:03:14
61Euan Seymour (NZl) Euan8:12:13
62Alexander Wyss (Swi) Rock Stars8:26:24
63Gabriel Wanderley (Bra) Gabriel Wanderley8:27:05
64Trent Sutherland (Can) Greater Vancouver Power Sports8:33:08
65Anthony Alvarado (CRc) PuroMTB.com8:44:59
66Connor Rice (USA) crice66610:01:20
67Ryan Hayes (Can) Ryan Hayes10:28:30
68George Van Der Watt (RSA) Bergie10:30:02
69Adam Johnson (USA) AK 90710:58:38
70Tyler Chapman (USA) BC/DC11:17:39
71Travis Goodrich (USA) Sharp Syndicate11:34:45
72Richard Currie (Can) Honk11:53:04
73Liam Kerney (Can) Liam Kerney12:00:03
74Dave Herrick (USA) Team Pipe Dream12:19:15
75Tom Naome (Bel) The Lonely Rider12:36:58
76Erick Peterson (USA) Solo from Jakarta12:38:50
77Alan Bonsett (USA) Filfy Bastard13:34:17
78Edgar Gomez (Mex) Sinaloa Cycling13:41:07
79Jonathan Rouse (USA) simple hospitality/165014:01:50
80Maximo Borges (Ven) Avila14:20:45
81Brian Shepard (Can) Tenzing15:03:47
82Nick Seavello (USA) Sumner Seavello15:41:29
83Dave Drummond (Can) Ctitzens class 199515:42:44
84Matthew Overington (Kor) Seoul Riders17:50:26
85Jose Antonio Gutierrez (Ven) Avila18:18:39
86Tobias Jakob (Swi) Zahnknirscher19:59:17
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Solo women general classification after stage 6
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jennifer Schulz (Can) Balance Point Racing20:35:44
2Hannah Thorne (NZl) Hannah Thorne0:27:44
3Wendy Lyall (USA) Yeti Beti0:36:10
4Glenowyn Carlson (Can) Glenowyn Carlson2:05:25
5Katrina Strand (Can) Katrina Strand2:12:17
6Aimee Dunn (Can) Dunner3:21:22
7Stephanie Wilkinson (Can) Wilkinson4:27:48
8Amy Guidinger (Can) Helios4:57:14
9Jo-Ani Mercier (Can) Chica6:38:02
10Christie Simon (Can) Christie Simon8:06:41
11Simone Mauz (Swi) bambi bike club8:38:58
12Fernanda Mejia (USA) Ferchas9:39:11
13Amanda Sanderson (Aus) Anytime Fitness Australia10:10:51
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Solo master men general classification after stage 6
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Patrick Jansen (Ned) Dutchies16:48:45
2Jeff Neilson (Can) Terrascape0:13:22
3Andrew Handford (Can) DB Andy0:14:33
4John Weathers (USA) Dagnabit0:48:42
5Craig Gillett (Can) SIMBS/ Pro City Racing Victoria1:08:14
6Ted Russo (Can) openroad auto group1:10:17
7Phil Beard (USA) Onion River Racing1:31:47
8Michael Wilson (Can) Daryl-Evans Racing1:44:44
9Matthew Handford (Can) Different Bikes1:46:48
10Craig Bartlett (Can) Craig Bartlett1:56:55
11Pat Doyle (Can) Deadgoat Racing1:57:20
12Travis Ontkean (Can) mixed bag2:10:26
13Allister Darichuk (Can) i have a question2:40:04
14Richard Peil (Aus) Anytime Torq2:46:08
15Ton De Haan (Ned) Ton de Haan2:58:35
16Maxwell Rule (USA) iMax3:17:59
17Scott Simpson (Can) Fraser Valley Mountain Bikers Association3:20:02
18Andrew Sellars (Can) Balance Point Racing3:20:08
19Murray Oshanyk (Can) Murray Oshanyk3:32:35
20Torben Jensen (Can) I Eat Goats for Breakfast!3:32:44
21Peter Henderson (Can) Hendo3:39:23
22Eric Davis (USA) Chili3:45:45
23Pierre Dufresne (Can) Cannondude3:55:26
24Erik Cramer (Can) Erik cramer4:07:22
25Daniel Aliperti (Bra) EPIC BRAZIL4:07:39
26Trent Basarsky (USA) Nirvana4:11:59
27Fraser Judd (Can) VeloPlzen4:25:35
28Jack Bryson (Can) Psychol doc4:41:01
29Davin Carlson (Can) 41305:30:42
30Brian Tallmadge (USA) Brian Tallmadge5:44:56
31Mark Leeper (HKg) Mark Leeper5:45:15
32Mike Williams (USA) SVCC-Tread6:07:05
33Tiago Reis (USA) TGR6:18:28
34David Grosse (Can) Faster than Mike6:18:33
35Dan Swanson (Can) 06:47:31
36Richard Dustan (Can) bajabulldog6:59:18
37Jason Sumner (USA) Jason Sumner7:04:59
38Graeme Fitch (Can) Harbour Air - MLC7:05:23
39Sergeo Agaœero (CRc) Greater Vancouver Power Sports7:05:28
40Fernando Zamora (Mex) Spring Bike7:08:38
41Richard Betts (USA) Yobetts7:17:37
42Dan Arnold (Can) Milton7:38:07
43David Carsauw (Bel) 2FAST4U7:44:34
44Paul Kingston (Aus) Team Southern Exposure/Hendry Cycles8:04:28
45Enrique De Alba (Mex) Irabike8:16:57
46Stefano Nestasio (Ita) centopercentomtb8:24:26
47Alfredo Azevedo (Por) Rocky Mountain Douro Bike Race8:28:02
48David Berkowitz (Can) poutinepower9:09:18
49David Hersey (USA) Fat Boy9:20:16
50David Meban (Can) meban9:21:54
51Robert Wells (USA) simple hospitality/16509:25:24
52Clint Edwards (USA) SoLO Nexus9:33:47
53A.J. Stein (Can) Dirt Rider9:36:42
54Scott Kreeger (USA) Gage Racing9:37:42
55Joseph Krznaric (Can) JOE9:45:22
56Oscar Velazco (Mex) Diamond Adventur9:45:49
57Dirk Kotze (Can) Witblits10:13:59
58Mark Trump (Can) Moofus10:19:10
59Don Keller (USA) Sage International School10:36:50
60Keith Mollet (Can) KM10:38:41
61Jorge Ricardo Schiller Azcona (Mex) Sinaloa Bikes11:30:56
62Dan Wray (Can) Dan Wray11:32:38
63Simone Ferraris (Ita) mountainbiketour.it11:36:17
64Luis Miguel Urteaga (Mex) Diamond Adventure11:40:18
65Marco Ovalles (Mex) Sinaloa Bikes11:50:50
66Nelson Whitmore (Can) Whitmore12:48:42
67Pat Murphy (Can) Taint Misbehaving13:21:39
68James Szarko (Can) Szarko13:22:46
69Sandro Bongiorno (Ita) Solobike.it13:36:19
70Jan Berka (USA) Waterdog14:30:11
71Ben Harapat (Can) The Granola King15:40:12
72Juan Zumbado (CRc) JC6817:24:52
73Brad Morin (Can) WIT18:18:13
74Alberto Najera (Mex) BiciMapas18:24:51
75Enrique Valverde (CRc) Huetar20:21:41
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Solo master women general classification after stage 6
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Trish Grajczyk (Can) Deadgoat Racing20:29:58
2Rua Read (Can) Corsa Cycles1:14:38
3Kelly Ault (USA) Mountain Moxie1:46:37
4Moira-Ann Handford (Can) DB Mo2:17:32
5Lisa Le Poole (Can) Terrascape Racing2:23:11
6Michelle Newton (Can) Steed Sista2:28:58
7Lisa Floe (Can) Different Bikes - Lisa3:27:18
8Bridget Mcmillan (NZl) Bridget McMillan4:48:17
9Sandra Garnier (Gdl) Sandra Garnier5:33:27
10Margo Downey (Can) Margo5:47:40
11Emmy Monahan (USA) Dutchess of Dirt8:08:59
12Mary Davis (USA) Chili11:10:20
13Devora Peterson (USA) Devora Peterson12:12:46
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Duo men's teams general classification after stage 6
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kris Sneddon (Can) & Barry Wicks (USA) Kona Factory Team15:16:21
2Marty Lazarski (Can) & Ricky Federau (Can) Nativo/Devinci0:40:53
3Lionel Piraux (Can) & Phil G (Can) PGLP1:02:24
4Mitchell Hoke (USA) & Brady Kappius (USA) Team Clif Bar1:30:31
5Russell2 Anderson (Can) & Russell Anderson (Can) Russell and Matt2:03:15
6Mark Weir (USA) & Jason Moeschler (USA) WTB/Cannondale/Shimano2:07:36
7John Fokkema (Can) & Troy Woodburn (Can) pro city racing4:05:54
8Adam Wroz (GBr) & Darren Koslicki (GBr) Muppet Squad5:03:25
9Greg Albrechtsen (USA) & Brandon Newcomer (USA) Dukes of Dirt5:06:13
10Huw Thomas (GBr) & Mark Deacon (GBr) Loco BM Racing (Wales)5:08:36
11Larry Rossen (Can) & Bart Jarmula (Can) Wild Rose5:11:39
12Graham Tutti (Can) & Russ Bougie (Can) Aint got time to bleed5:22:51
13Scott Parsons (USA) & Travis Coleman (USA) Circus Circus5:30:18
14Houston Peschl (Can) & Bryan Haggarty (Can) god help us5:41:33
15Peter De Wit (GBr) & Karl Schubert (Can) Meat on the Cleat5:57:03
16Bas Van Lankvelt (Can) & Craig Furlong (Can) Potlickers 26:09:55
17Tom Smets (Bel) & Tom Luyten (Bel) T2Team.be6:30:51
18Parker Lund (USA) & Michael Dicenso (USA) Mafia Racing.6:47:51
19Glade Runner Schoenfeld (Can) & Logan Johns (Can) Men with No Name6:53:37
20Darryl Steane (Can) & Brad Steane (Can) Team Single Malt7:32:27
21Jerome Sanfacon (Can) & Peter Ollerhead (Can) le moose et la frog7:53:57
22Jason Foy (Can) & Russell Beach (Can) Beach-Foy8:07:34
23Ryan Stuart (Can) & Paul Laperriere (Can) Blue Toque Sports8:20:43
24Paul Potter (RSA) & Bruce Hughes (RSA) The A-Team8:22:45
25Kevin Reynolds (Can) & Scott Simser (Can) Fatter and Slower8:22:53
26Kevin Schreder (Can) & Chad Loeppky (Can) Start slow then taper off9:05:40
27Richard Hemmings (GBr) & David Rice (GBr) Mud Monkeys9:34:38
28Kyle Stanford (Can) & Erik Petursson (Can) Delirium9:41:43
29Marty Blades (Can) & Dominic Orsler (Can) Potlickers10:04:35
30Morne Van Der Watt (Can) & Jake Oostenbrink (Can) hot chillies11:16:07
31James Kitts (Can) & Mike Folland (Can) ARRRRRR12:34:44
32John Crowther (USA) & Ryan Moore (USA) Team 283X12:35:45
33Michael Johnston (Can) & David Johnston (Can) The Johnstons12:43:16
34Trevor Mahon (Can) & Niall Hamill (Can) Team Adera13:57:43
35Rupert Fowler (GBr) & Paul Burwell (GBr) MBR magazine17:00:29
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Duo women's teams general classification after stage 6
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Simone Mccallum (Aus) & Claire Garcia-Webb (Aus) Shparkle Horsh and the hypermonkey24:20:03
2Heide Saunders (Can) & Robyn Pickering (Can) Dirt Sistas1:47:58
3Luli Cox (Bra) & Adriana Boccia (Bra) Flower People Rocky Mountain5:48:16
4Courtney Rennie (Can) & Atsuko Knight (Can) Revy Chicks7:47:56
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Duo mixed teams general classification after stage 6