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Kovarik and Buchar claim downhill victories

On a testing downhill course that saw three ambulances come to the assistance of riders during the practice sessions at the Australian Mountain Bike Series in Shepparton, Chris Kovarik was the best of the men and his Canadian wife Claire Buchar was too good for the Australian women.

Just one week after claiming his fourth Australian downhill title, Kovarik was the fastest in qualifying and head and shoulders above his nearest rival in the final, finishing more than four seconds clear of Shaun O'Connor. Third place went to Amiel Cavalier.

With both of them racing in the Chain Reaction colours, Kovarik said it made it extra special taking the win with his wife doing the same in the women's race.

"One of the little strategies we do is talk about the track and what's working and what's not and it definitely helps," Kovarik said of the benefits of putting his head together with his wife.

"This is the first time in a few years that I've done the national series, and it's good to be back here mixing it up with the young guys who are getting closer and closer. It was a good atmosphere out here and it's good to see so many people still in it."

In his assessment of the drama that unfolded on the course through the practice sessions Kovarik said, "It's a short and sweet track but it claimed a few bodies over the weekend. It's quite technical and hard with lots of off camber corners."

In the women's race, Canadian Claire Buchar, who finished eighth in the 2009 season long world cup, was a cut above her rivals almost 12 seconds fastest than Sarsha Huntington.

Third place went to another Canadian, Leigh Douglas, who was just 0.48 of a second behind Huntington.

For Buchar it was another successful outing as she enjoys the Australian summer away from the cold of a Canadian winter.

"This race is a totally different mindset because it [the course] is so sketchy and you can't ride scared," Buchar said. "You've just got to be really aggressive and get used to being on the edge and just don't be a perfectionist because you're not going to have a perfect run.

"All the girls are riding strong. I'm impressed because this track is not easy and everyone kept a really good attitude. I love the fact that my team wants some more exposure out here and I'm getting to ride in all these different places in Australia and see the country."

Looking to the future of Australian mountain biking yet another impressive performance was put in by South Australia's Troy Brosnan who, at just 16-years-of-age, won the Under 19 category in a time that was good enough for fifth in the elite event.

With an equally bright future the winner of the Under 17 category, Canberra's Connor Fearon, recorded a time that would have placed in sixth in the elite race.

Among the women, one of the highlights came from the Under 19 race where Holly Baarspul set a time that was five seconds faster than the second placed elite woman. On the back of the West Australian's third place finish at the 2009 junior world championships, she has marked herself as one to watch this year.

Lloyd Mancs, from Kyabram, was the only local rider in the downhill event and finished fifth in the men's expert category.

The husband and wife downhill combination of Kovarik and Buchar will both go to the final two rounds of the Australian Mountain Bike Series with round three in Thredbo, February 13-14, and the final round in Canberra, March 13-14.


Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chris Kovarik (Chain reaction Cycles)0:01:52.73
2Shaun O'Connor (Specialized)0:00:04.15
3Amiel Cavalier (Giant Bicycles)0:00:04.61
4Rhys Atkinson (Specialized)0:00:04.69
5Rick Boyer0:00:06.30
6Tom Patton (Fox Clothing)0:00:10.00
7Kaine Cannan (4 Shaw Agencies)0:00:10.19
8Alex Swann (Yarra Valley Cycles)0:00:11.95
9Grant Jones0:00:12.61
10Dylan Prohm0:00:12.70
11Jarrah Davies0:00:12.86
12Adam Smithson (Specialized)0:00:13.00
13Graeme Pitts (Team Geronimo Racing)0:00:13.17
14Cillian Kennedy0:00:13.57
15Camilo Sanchez0:00:13.75
16Jesse Beare0:00:14.43
17Simon French0:00:14.58
18Brendan Moon0:00:14.63
19Ricky Lee0:00:14.91
20Matthew Vincent0:00:15.84
21Bryce Stirling0:00:19.79
22James Hunt0:00:20.30
23Laurie Dinham (Suspension Center)0:00:22.04
24Ryan De La Rue (Berettas Bike Hub )0:00:22.22
25Dean White0:00:22.91
26Steven Gebert (KONA factory team)0:00:24.52
27Brendan Kovarik (Morayfield Road Super Cycles)0:00:25.31
28Tim Harrington0:00:25.56
29Rodney Day0:00:27.33
30Charlton Durie0:00:30.59
31Josh McDonald0:00:32.48
32Matt Everett0:00:36.88
33Jeremy Powell (Onya Bike Civic Belconnen)0:00:41.76
34Joshua Button0:08:39.18
35Cody Eichhorn
36Mitchell Fletcher
37Jacob Reeves (pedal power plus)
DNSWilliam Rischbieth (Aldgate Bike Shop, Drizabone Aus Giant Bikes)
DNSKarl Peel (Tekin Suspension)
DNSDean Davies
DNSNicholas Bailly
DNSBen Goff (Santa Cruz)
DNSDavid Hetherington
DNSJamie Le Feuvre
DNSBenjamin Fairbanks
DNSRyan Meader
DNSKye Hore (Wreckage Clothing)

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Claire Buchar (Chain Reaction Cycles)0:02:19.36
2Sarsha Huntington (For the
3Leigh Douglas0:00:12.17
4Shelley Kamevaar0:00:19.88
5Sarah Booth (Kona, Adidas Eyewear)0:00:20.10
6Emma Lewis (Cyclingo)0:00:39.09
7Shannon Chugg
DNSShelly Flood

Under 19 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Troy Brosnan (Adidas eyewear)0:01:57.79
2Aden Wyber0:00:02.35
3Brandon Yrttiaho (
4Phillip Piazza (Mal Ajusted)0:00:04.05
5Jake Newell0:00:04.07
6Ben Barrett0:00:04.30
7Marcus Fairbanks0:00:06.06
8Sean Heywood-smith (Cue Power Billiards)0:00:07.09
9James Shepherd (Crime Cycles)0:00:09.10
10Ben Power (Team Banshee Australia )0:00:09.25
11Andrew Shannon0:00:09.28
12Selby Press (Cyclingo)0:00:10.66
13Grant Womersley0:00:11.28
14Lewis Winton0:00:11.48
15Daniel Lavis (Giant Bikes)0:00:11.60
16Blake Nielson0:00:11.71
17Dean Evans0:00:11.80
18Clint Merrin0:00:12.31
19James Wilson (Anaconda-Mile End Dad Maxxis)0:00:14.64
20Justin Gray0:00:14.85
21James Green (Downhill Direct)0:00:17.13
22Aaron Oates0:00:17.31
23Adam Flower0:00:18.82
24Flinders Johnston0:00:21.84
25Michael Dargan0:00:24.79
26Michael Bourne0:00:25.18
27Joel Cotton0:00:26.82
28Tim Abbott0:00:27.28
29Kieran Reinboth0:00:28.02
30Sean Fitzpatrick0:00:33.21
31Andrew Meagher0:00:35.59
32Jack Waite0:00:35.98
33Campbell McIver0:00:36.52
34Toby Saunders0:00:37.15
35Ben Hefferan0:00:46.00
36Matthew Mullins0:00:59.39
37Tom Wyatt
38Luke Adams (Zumbi Cycles Standish Cycles)
39Kieran Thompson (The Bike Shed Mortdale)
DNSAntony Moore (venture cycles, fitness plus)

Under 19 women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Holly Baarspul (Kona Bicycles)0:02:26.88
2Emily Hockey0:00:19.70
3Katelyn Humphris (Yarravalley Cycles )0:00:20.09
4Christie Batt0:00:36.21
5Bec Kirss0:00:39.52

Under 15 women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tegan Molloy0:03:36.63

Master women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jillian Brady0:05:55.18

Under 17 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Connor Fearon (Cove Bikes Bicycle )0:01:59.48
2Thomas Crimmins (The Sacred Ride)0:00:04.03
3David McMillan (OnyaBike Civic)0:00:05.78
4Max Hughes0:00:13.78
5Henry Blake0:00:17.14
6Dion Thomas0:00:20.09
7Wade Budden (Drift Bikes)0:00:20.41
8Spencer Morris0:00:21.56
9Kaine Trevor0:00:21.74
10Conor Bullard0:00:22.16
11Daniel Bender (Insane Cycles)0:00:22.52
12Mac West-moore0:00:23.19
13Brent Smith0:00:23.77
14Lyndon Nugent (Insane Cycles)0:00:25.06
15Joe Vejvoda0:00:25.35
16Max Nielsen (Adelaide Hills Cycles)0:00:25.70
17Jasper Harkness Dunne (
18Mitchell Kristiansen0:00:26.13
19Angus Jackson (Bike Barn)0:00:27.22
20Alex Shannon (Berettas Bike Hub)0:00:27.42
21Bill McEvoy0:00:29.64
22Jake Adams (Zumbi Cycles Standish Cycles)0:00:29.87
23Matthew Smith (Murrays Australia, SERAS)0:00:30.24
24Justin Backhouse0:00:32.48
25Mathew Dwyer (Rock'n'Road Cycles TESTEL)0:00:32.77
26Sam Keogh0:00:35.37
27Luke Ellison0:00:37.14
28Thomas Penman0:00:37.33
29Clarence Bowman (Adam Flower Inc)0:00:37.71
30Nelson Kreilis0:00:39.33
31Remy Adderton0:00:42.44
32Scott Weber0:00:45.68
33Elijah Marinov0:00:48.36
34Josef Neubauer0:00:54.03
35Liam Towers0:00:55.87
36Jake Sanders0:01:03.17
37Alexander McKinlay0:01:13.32
38Lawrence Jacobsen0:01:47.45

Under 15 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Crimmins (The Sacred Ride)0:02:13.97
2Ben Hill0:00:08.01
3Darcy Reynolds (Bike Culture ACT)0:00:16.23
4David Maggs0:00:17.77
5Matthew McCorkell (Quattro Consulting)0:00:20.04
6Benjamin Dengate (Dh Direct)0:00:26.31
7Jackson Frew0:00:42.13
8Damon Higgs0:01:25.01
9Luke Shannon0:01:53.41

Expert men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joshua Webster (mallard Cycles racing)0:02:16.59
2Brad Arden (Kona Bikes)0:00:00.03
3Tyson Schmidt0:00:02.70
4Roshin Sidhu0:00:02.83
5Lloyd Manks0:00:03.31
6Clint White0:00:03.56
7Steven Charnock0:00:03.85
8Adam Ugrinov0:00:07.60
9Christopher Hetherington0:00:10.76
10Brett Slater (Kona, Crime Cycles)0:00:11.00
11William Brook0:00:19.35
12Takaki Adachi0:00:44.53
13Callum McCartney (CRIME Cycles, RT Health & Fitness)0:01:13.77
14Jake Royce (Kona, Evolution Sports group)0:02:20.39

Veteran men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Darren Hobby0:02:10.86
2Stuart Keep0:00:01.78
3Jarrod Zdrzaalka (Torquay Cyclinf Factory)0:00:12.79
4John Petersen (Borsari Cycles)0:00:18.76
5Andrew Peterson0:00:31.02
6Glenn Fairweather0:00:44.65
7Jason Stalker0:01:39.76
8Peter Miller0:02:37.03

Master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Steven Bullard0:02:35.09
2Justin Barnes0:00:15.14
3Kym Boxall0:00:21.18
4Wayne Hepburn0:00:43.36
5Scott Kindred0:00:47.82
6Michael Hefferan0:00:49.72

Super master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Geoff Lovie0:02:53.83

Junior hardtail
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Zach Smith0:02:45.18
2Cameron Ryan0:00:06.41

Sport men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Max Janes0:02:20.24
2John Hunter0:00:15.73
3Travis Cryer0:00:23.74
4Aaron Atkinson0:00:39.17
5Cale Anderson0:00:46.69
6Joel Brady0:01:47.29

Sport women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alyssa Lyons0:02:59.02
2Tracey Whittaker (Yarra Valley Cycles)0:00:19.45

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