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Tilford triumph in men's 50-54 championship

In the morning's first race, Stephen Tilford bested the 46-rider masters men 50-54 field to earn the stars-and-stripes jersey.

On the third of the four-lap competition Tilford and his closest chaser, Kevin Hines (Corner Cycle Cycling Club), opened a gap approaching three minutes on the third-place rider. Hines trailed Tilford by 21 seconds as they heard the bell for their last lap. In the end, Tilford crossed 11 seconds ahead of a hard-charging Hines.

Full Results
1Stephen Tilford0:47:38
2Kevin Hines (Corner Cycle Cycling Club)0:00:11
3Wayne Simon (PSIMET Racing/Enzo's-PSIMET)0:03:52
4Tim Hacker (Planet Bike)0:05:26
5Ron Huebner (Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster)0:05:35
6Danny Warner (Village-Verdigris Cycling/Verdigris-Village CX Team)0:05:54
7Gregory Goblirsch (Loon State Cyclists)0:06:02
8Phillip Kenealy (University of New Hampshire)0:06:04
9Stephen Songer (360 Racing)0:06:10
10John Thompson (St Paul Bicycle Racing Club/Bianchi/Grand Performance)0:06:17
11Russell Thorstrom (Intermountain Cycling Organization)0:06:32
12John Mosher (Wheelworks Racing)0:06:51
13John Bliss (Team Kappius)0:06:54
14Alan Blanchard (Century Road Club Association/Blue
15Mark Mcgeen (Team Mack Racing Assoc. LTD)0:07:34
16Bill Reed (Lost River Cycling Club/St. Lukes Sports Medicine)0:07:38
17David Luczynski0:07:44
18William Kuster (Loon State Cyclists)0:07:57
19Tim James (Cross Propz Racing)0:08:00
20Edwin Rambuski (Team Rambuski Law /Team Rambuski Law)0:08:04
21Kenneth Smith (Oklahoma City Velo Club)0:08:30
22Mathew Baroli (Wolverine Sports Club)0:08:32
23Allan Thom (Half Acre Cycling)0:08:47
24Tedd Jacobson0:09:03
25Gregory Anderson (Spin Doctor Cyclewerks Cycling Club/Spin Doctor Cyclewerks)0:09:13
26Paul Nyberg (TWZ Masters Cycling Team/Horst Engineering Masters Cycling Team)0:09:33
27Larry Kaufman (Van Dessel Factory Team)0:10:37
28Lennard Zinn (Boulder Cycle Sport)0:10:42
29Randal Warren (xXx Racing)0:10:46
30Tony Trattenero (The TEAM /The TEAM - SoCalCross)0:11:10
31Kirk Rhinehart (
32Daryl Rains (Mock Orange Bikes)0:11:30
33Bill O'Keefe (Charm City Cycling LLC)0:11:35
34William Stevens (Mid State Cycling Club/Gear Works/Spin Arts Cyclery)0:12:04
35William Koehler (BVC/Nomad Cycling)0:12:18
36Tim Leroy (Team Mack Racing Assoc. LTD)-1lap
37Michael Meteyer (Trek Midwest Team)
38Richard Toler (Team Dayton Bicycling/MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING)
39Martin Soetaert (Team Brain and Spine Cycling)
40Kenny Sipes (Scheller's Racing Team)
41Dwayne Letterman (Tri Cities Road Club/MSG Cyclocross)
42Gregory Clausen
43Jeff Sympson (Big Ring Flyers)
44Chris Clausen (Pfoodman Racing)
45William Anderson (360 Racing)
46Colonel Reynolds
DNSEric Knuth (Trek Midwest Team)
DNSBobby Langin (Platinum Performance Cycling Team)
DNFEric Anderson (Somerset Wheelmen)
DNFRoss Giese (Team Velocause)
DNFAndy Lucas (360 Racing)

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