Hynek and Bigham double up on AlpenTour Trophy stage wins

The Czech festival continues at the 14th Alpentour Trophy in Schladming. Yesterday's stage winner Kristian Hynek (Specialized) also claimed the second stage, a 16-kilometre time trial with 1,000 meters of elevation up to the Schafalm.

It seems this year that no rider is able to compete with Hynek, who finished as fourth in his first Alpentour Trophy last year. After 30-second intervals, the top five riders in each elite category were sent out on track with one-minute gaps. In today's time trial Hynek, who lives near Prague, not only caught up to Urs Huber (Stöckli Pro Team), who had started ahead of him, but also to the Austrian World Champion Alban Lakata (Topeak Ergon), who finished in seventh place today.

The Swiss rider Lukas Buchli (BiXS-iXS Pro Team) finished in second place with a gap of about a minute to the winner Hynek.

"Just like yesterday, I had a really good second stage. I mainly focused on Huber and Lakata and managed to expand my lead on them," said Hynek in drizzling rain and cool temperatures on top of the Planai. "I'm familiar with tomorrow's stage from last year and feel very confident. I will concentrate on the general classification from now on rather than stage wins. I want to defend my leader's jersey until Sunday."

Lakata said, "That was a tough ride."

The rider from Lienz came across the finish line of today's second stage shaking his head. "I was quite happy with my performance. However, I am a bit upset about my gap of two minutes to Kristian," said Lakata. "The time trial was extremely difficult. The track was soaked from all the rain and really tough to ride."

With his seventh place from today Lakata was still able to keep his third place in the general classification behind Hynek and Huber.

In the elite women's field, the British rider Sally Bigham (Topeak Ergon) rode in a class on her own once again today with a time of 1:04:30. She dominated the category and was able to extend her lead in the general classification.

In the masters' category the Dutch Olympic Champion and silver medal winner from Athens Bart Brentjens (Milka-Superior) lost his leader's jersey to the German rider Max Friedrich (Ergon 24h), who claimed the top podium spot with a finishing time of 58:47, ahead of the Czech racer Robert Novotny. Brentjens came in third in 59:46. The Austrian Max Koch slipped down one spot in the general classification to third place.

Tomorrow the third Dachstein-stage will have racers cover 73 kilometres and 2800 metres of elevation via the Türlwand Hut and the Brandalm back to the WM-Stadium Planai.

Full Results

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Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kristian Hynek (Cze) Ceska sporitelna - Specialized MTB Team0:50:26
2Lukas Buchli (Swi) Bixs-Ixs Pro Team0:01:09
3Urs Huber (Swi) STÖCKLI Pro Team0:01:16
4Thomas Stoll (Swi) BiXS-iXS Pro Team0:01:21
5Hermann Pernsteiner (Aut) Team Rad.Sport.Szene0:01:47
6Ilias Periklis (Gre) Team Protek0:02:06
7Alban Lakata (Aut) Topeak Ergon Racing Team0:02:10
8Tomas Vokrouhlik (Cze) BMC-SAVO racing0:02:19
9Soeren  Nissen (Den) Team Elettroveneta - Corratec0:02:26
10Benjamin Sonntag (Ger) BikeHausDurango0:03:10
11Alexey  Medvedev (Rus) Team Elettroveneta - Corratec0:03:22
12Frans Claes (Bel) ECO MTB Team0:03:40
13Hannes Metzler (Aut) RV DJ'S Bikeshop Simlon0:03:58
14Andreas Kugler (Swi) Multivan Merida Biking Team0:04:00
15Kevin Krieg (Swi) STÖCKLI Pro Team0:04:14
16Frank Schotman (Ned) MPL-Specialized0:04:42
17Hans Becking (Ned) Milka-Superior mountainbike racing Team0:05:02
18Frank Beemer (Ned) Storck mtb racingTeam0:05:52
19Matej Lovse (Slo) Uni Team - Cult0:06:02
20Simon Stiebjahn (Ger) Team Bulls0:06:03
21Ramon Sagues Portabella (Spa) Conor Saltoki Berrianz0:06:05
22Bernhard Eisl (Aut) Rad-Angerer.At0:06:13
23Thomas Dietsch (Fra) Team Bulls0:06:21
24Tim Wynants (Bel) Milka-Superior mountainbike racing Team0:06:31
25Tom Ettlich (Ger) FRM-racing.de0:06:44
26Manuel Pliem (Aut) Team Rad.Sport.Szene0:07:08
27David Schöggl (Aut) Zweirad Janger Simplon 10:07:18
28Micha Van den Eynde (Bel) Bike Inn Team0:07:58
29Rick Reimann (Swi) Orbea Suisse Team0:08:28
30Matthias Waldhart (Aut) Hai PowerBike Team Heiming0:09:13
31Matthias Grick (Aut) Team Rad.Sport.Szene0:09:20
32Jeroen Boelen (Ned) Milka-Superior mountainbike racing Team0:09:22
33Cristobal Silva (Chi) Lapierre Chile0:10:07
34Martin Horak (Cze) BMC-SAVO racing0:12:03
35Nasadis Atha (Cyp) Cyprus National Team0:13:17
36Hannes Genze (Ger) Multivan Merida Biking Team0:13:28
37Martin Edelsbrunnger (Aut) Bikeclub Giant Stattegg/Bikestore0:14:01
38Jeroen van Eck (Ned) MPL Speclialized MTB Team0:14:02
39Andreas Fuchs (Aut) Team Protek0:15:11
40David Rauch (Ger) Veloclub Ratisbona0:15:23
41Thomas Edelsbrunnger (Aut) Bikeclub Giant Stattegg/Bikestore0:17:39
42Jason Schreurs (Ned) Fuji MTB Masters0:28:07
43Hansueli Stauffer (Swi) Wheeler-iXS Swiss Team0:33:27
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Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sally Bigham (Ger) Topeak Ergon Racing Team1:04:30
2Vera Andreeva (Rus) Team Protek0:01:17
3Ann-Katrin Hellstern (Ger) Uni Team - Cult0:03:23
4Nadia Walker (Swi) Stöckli Swiss Team0:07:55
5Monique Zeldenrust (Ned) Giant0:08:10
6Lorenza Menapace (Ita) Team Carpentari0:09:08
7Christina Verhas (Aut) Trek Mountainbiker.at0:10:16
8Katrin Neumann (Ger) Mountain Heroes0:11:18
9Merce Pacios Pujado (Spa) Conor Saltoki Berrianz0:13:33
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Elite master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Max Friedrich (Ger) Ergon 24h Racing Team0:58:47
2Robert Novotny (Cze) Sweep cycling0:00:01
3Bart Brentjens (Ned) Milka-Superior mountainbike racing Team0:00:59
4Christian Hofer (Aut) Zweirad Janger Simplon 30:01:26
5Georg Koch (Aut) Zweirad Janger Simplon0:03:27
6Mike Mulkens (Bel) 4ZA 4ZA0:03:35
7Andreas Gatterer (Aut) Zweirad Janger Simplon 30:04:16
8Bernd Mara (Aut) Crazy Cross Biker0:08:41
9Jochen Kreiner (Aut) Crazy Cross Biker0:12:10
10Tom Vandenbussche (Bel)0:14:26
11Christof Marien (Bel) Kipeo MTB Team0:17:04
12Harkaitz Zubillaga (Spa) MKL Team0:17:07
13Peter Pink (Aut) Team Epoint ARBÖ Volksbank0:17:53
14Herwin Wetters (Ned) Bikefreak-Magazine MarathonTeam0:31:26
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Elite master men 45+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jan Weevers (Ned) Giant1:02:05
2Branko Grah (Aut) RCS Sereno0:00:33
3Peter Vesel (Slo) Uni Team - Cult0:04:47
4Ronny Geerts (Bel) custumizer0:05:22
5Michael Haas (Aut) Zweirad Janger Simplon 20:17:53
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SK Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Natascha Binder (Ger) Felt Ötztal X-Bionic1:26:47
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SK1 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Christoph Zaller (Aut) DOWE Sportswear & Massivbau1:03:26
2Peter van Mil (Ned) X-track0:00:08
3Christopher Hausmann (Ger) Rohloff Speed Team0:00:14
4Peter Huntjens (Ned) SforZ Team0:01:41
5Steven Nijs (Bel) Afdeling Antwerpen0:03:29
6Thomas Bausch (Ger)0:03:54
7Nico Muschiol (Ger) Rohloff Speed Team0:04:28
8Andreas Kislinger (Aut) Team Alpha - Tschlerei Grömmer0:05:16
9Kevin De Wolf (Bel)0:05:21
10Juul van Loon (Ned) Bikefreak-Magazine MarathonTeam0:06:55
11Pieter de Graaf (Ned) MBC Midden Nederland 10:07:52
12Gène Rekko (Ned) X-track0:08:00
13Mark van Schie (Ned) SforzracingTeam30:08:22
14Fabian Rosenboom (Ned) SforzracingTeam30:08:42
15Bastiaan Janssen (Bel) Kuringer Sportvrienden Kuringen0:09:47
16Bernhard Stanje (Aut) Velo Vital Styrian MTB Club0:10:56
17Corné van de Voort (Ned) Peerkes BikeTeam0:11:09
18Thomas Zand (Aut) MTB Club Koppl0:11:56
19Rob Meeuwessen (Ned) Rings-Goirle0:12:12
20Etienne Jansen (Ned)0:14:07
21Ben Gorissen (Ned) MBC Midden Nederland 10:16:04
22Maarten Kouws (Ned)0:18:44
23Demy Van Amelsfoort (Ned) Rings-Goirle0:32:38
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SK2 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Martin Feichtegger (Aut) RC ARBÖ Weichberger Raiffeisen0:57:00
2Kris Henderieckx (Bel) TeamNomadesk-Narviflex0:04:18
3Ivan Peeters (Ned) SFOK 2 Team0:04:43
4Werner Höbarth (Aut) RennTeam Alpbachtal0:05:54
5Sebastian Ortmann (Ger) Team-Stein-Bikes0:06:48
6Patricio Figueroa (Chi) Focus SL0:07:50
7Maarten Janssen (Ned) SforZ Team0:08:01
8Danny Sijen (Ned) SforZ Racing Team0:08:14
9Marco Conter (Ita) Nora Racing Team0:09:01
10Michael Lässer (Aut) Zweirad Janger Simplon 30:10:11
11Micha Lanik (Cze) MTB Ond ejnak0:10:28
12Kris Willemsens (Bel) mtb Team bike-inn herentals0:10:28
13James Sanford (GBr) Army Cycling Union0:12:16
14Sjoerd van Loon (Ned) Bikefreak-Magazine MarathonTeam0:12:54
15Franz Preihs (Aut)0:13:10
16Harold van Gerven (Ned) Peerkes BikeTeam0:15:02
17Walter Vosters (Ned) Stas-Moeskops BikeTeam0:15:19
18Kenny Goeman (Bel)0:15:29
19Florian Wörgötter (Aut) Radlager Graz/MAGNA Powertrain0:15:56
20Tom Smets (Bel) T2Team0:16:10
21Nico Filez (Bel)0:16:15
22Martin Kaiser-Kaplaner (Aut) Radlager Graz/MAGNA Powertrain0:16:23
23Nick Struyfs (Bel) Bike Inn Team0:16:46
24Kris de Nef (Bel) cyclepassion borgloon0:16:54
25Ronald Dolmans (Ned) Stas-Moeskops BikeTeam0:16:59
26Okke Kamps (Ned) Bikedoctor.nl0:17:31
27Andrea Turcatel (Ita) ASD Bike Team 53.30:17:46
28David Bures (Cze) Merida biking Team0:17:50
29Jeroen Wolters (Ned)0:18:00
30Pedro Torrao (Ger) CSV MTB Team0:18:14
31Thomas Walcher (Aut) MTB SV Oberhaus Nakita Sport Scherz0:18:26
32Paul Wolters (Ned)0:19:02
33Alexander Sanders (Ned) Bike Doktor.nl0:19:27
34Karl Meixner (Aut) VeloVital Styria MTB Club0:20:03
35Radim Korinek (Cze) Ceska sporitelna - Specialized0:20:20
36Jürgen Grubeck (Aut) VeloVital Styria MTB Club0:20:53
37Dave Bax (Ned) Stas-Moeskops BikeTeam0:21:18
38Sancho Hofman (Ned) MBC Midden Nederland 20:21:23
39Pieter van der Eijk (Ned) WV De Ijsselstreek0:21:47
40Walter Rosinger (Aut) Radlager Graz/MAGNA Powertrain0:22:06
41Ruben van der Zanden (Ned)0:22:34
42Lodewijk Wiggers (Ned) SforZ Club Team0:22:44
43Nick Iedema (Ned) from 1970 and I’m from 19790:23:36
44Pavel Cabelicky (Cze) Ceska sporitelna - Specialized0:23:58
45Frank Spierings (Ned) AT Beasts0:25:53
46Bjorn Keyken (Bel)0:26:21
47Jereon Smit (Ned) Bike Doktor.nl0:27:04
48Sander Lendemeijer (Ned) Toma Cycles0:27:08
49Geert Koterba (Bel)0:30:23
50Robert Rovers (Ned)0:32:04
51Dariusz Gorka (Pol) Wertykal bikeoard Team0:33:31
52David Leitermann (Cze) Teplice0:35:06
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SK3 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Reini Woisetschläger (Aut)1:00:19
2Peter Lammer (Aut) RC Hochschwab Aflenz0:00:17
3Henrik Scharf (Ger) nano-bike-parts.de0:03:19
4Simon Willats (GBr) Ridebike.co.uk/The Training Room0:04:12
5Kris Hertsens (Bel) TeamNomadesk-Narviflex0:05:18
6Georg Oberhammer (Aut) Probike Lienz0:06:20
7Bob Hannes (Bel) Kuringer Sportvrienden Kuringen0:07:33
8Erich Heiling (Aut) Die Oststeirer0:08:48
9John Bullens (Ned) v Otten Maraton Racing Team0:09:45
10Erich Andrejek (Aut) URC Scheicher Gnas0:10:03
11Tom Van den Plas (Bel) WMTB0:10:34
12Mark van der Zanden (Ned)0:11:08
13Rolf Vetter (Ned) Peerkes BikeTeam0:11:48
14Riny van Deursen (Ned) SforZ Club Team0:12:05
15Arjan Seunninga (Ned) from 1970 and I’m from 19790:12:16
16Pascal de Meulenaer (Bel) MOOZES FACTORY Team0:12:27
17Edwin Cornelis Hofstee (Ned) De wegjanetten0:12:45
18Kurt Löffler (Lux) Ardenne Gaume0:12:46
19Karel Sykora (Cze) Ceska sporitelna - Specialized0:13:01
20Bretislav Sovjak (Cze) Ceska sporitelna - Specialized0:13:06
21Karsten Seeger (Ger) ZABOO Team290:13:55
22Klaus Wippersberger (Aut) Nora Racing Team0:14:04
23Pim de Waard (Ned) MTB Team de Zeeleeuw0:14:09
24Marcel Geiger (Ger) BikeTeam Calor0:14:23
25Fabio Gaspardo (Ita)0:14:34
26Martin Jantscher (Aut) RC Hochschwab Aflenz0:15:35
27Dieter Schulzki (Ger) CSV-MTB-Team0:16:20
28Zolt Pal Endre (Hun) Biondo Bike0:16:22
29Bart Huijgens (Ned) Stas-Moeskops BikeTeam0:16:50
30Thomas Wilhelm (Aut)0:16:53
31Pierre Janssen (Ned) De wegjanetten0:17:01
32Minko De Nooij (Ned) MBC Midden Nederland 20:17:03
33Christian Wurm (Aut) Mtb-Club-Koppl0:17:45
34Walter Wahle (Ned) MBC Midden Nederland 10:17:46
35Manuel Roca (Spa) Atrapalo Team0:17:56
36Thomas Marquardt (Ger) SebaMed - Velochicks0:18:03
37Marc Dewael (Bel)0:18:25
38Theo Meelen (Ned)0:19:20
39Jos Engelen (Ned)0:19:25
40Kenneth Davidsen (Den) Davinci Specialized0:20:36
41Guilad van Zuilekom (Ned) MBC Midden Nederland 20:20:39
42Sjoerd Tilstra (Ned) Cicli Benato0:20:44
43Sandor Braun (Hun) Deviant MTB Team / CKM0:20:46
44Juro Wiggers (Ned) SforZ Club Team0:21:02
45Guy Lemmens (Bel) Team Moozes0:23:04
46Jaroslaw Nikiel (Pol) Wertykal bikeoard Team0:23:06
47Erno van Dongen (Ned) Sibo Beti0:25:11
48Marcel Frenk (Ned) Team Bikedoctor.nl0:25:34
49Tuur Van der Putten (Ned) Wegjanetten0:26:33
50Erik Goeleven (Bel) Team Moozes0:27:11
51Bennie Welte (Ned)0:28:10
52Rutger Van Herpen (Ned) Profile Fietsland.com0:29:18
53Jan-Willem Eikelenboom (Ned) Team Monique\'s Bike Shop0:31:02
54Rob Wignberger (Ned)0:31:04
55Geert De Lange (Bel)0:32:14
56Pascal van de Velde (Bel)0:33:28
57Eric Kuijt (Ned) SforZ Club Team0:34:24
58Ruud Schreurs (Ned)0:34:42
59Karsten-Max Klammer (Ger) RSG Zollern-Alb / Team Gonso-Ravoflex0:35:14
60Jean Paul Chennaux (Lux) Ardenne Gaume0:45:10
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SK4 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Erich Pross (Aut) Zweirad Janger Simplon 21:05:40
2Milan Spolc (Cze) Ceska sporitelna - Specialized MTB Team0:00:06
3Rudi Geentjens (Bel) Bike-Inn Team0:01:37
4Ralf Kropp (Ger) Rohloff Speed Team0:03:11
5Peter Potocnik (Aut) Zweirad Janger Simplon 20:04:34
6Willy Moons (Bel) goeman scott0:04:55
7Norbert Dreger (Ger) Peaks-Team-Berlin0:09:37
8Roy Mazzucco (Ita) SC Solighetto 19190:11:18
9Alfred Fluch (Aut) RC Hochschwab Aflenz0:11:44
10Fred van Zetten (Ned) www.rijwielpaleis.nl0:13:50
11Andreas Wittmann (Ger) Mr Bike0:16:32
12Wim Dusseldorp (Ned) X-track0:16:52
13Gerhard Grassmugg (Aut) Zweirad Janger Simplon0:18:05
14Heinz Puschacher (Aut)0:18:13
15Thomas Kolbe (Ger) Cube Factory Team0:19:43
16Luc Verlinde (Bel) MTB Clinic0:20:09
17Martin Strik (Ned) Bikedoctor.nl0:20:43
18Karlheinz Wolf (Aut) morethanbike0:21:14
19Roger Heusschen (Ned) Wegjanetten0:24:07
20walter Taborsky (Aut)0:30:39
21Albert Sol (Ned) Stas-Moeskops BikeTeam0:31:52
22Frank Raschke (Ger)0:33:51
23Günther Pfaff (Ger) Powered by Juice Plus0:38:35
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Elite men teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Team Rad.Sport.Szene2:49:33
2Milka-Superior Mountainbike Racing Team0:02:40
3Zweirad Janger Simplon 20:46:18
4Bikefreak-Magazine Marathonteam1:00:54
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Mixed teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Team Protek3:03:56
2Uni Team - Cult0:07:17
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SK teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rennteam Alpbachtal3:00:13
2Sforz Club Team 10:22:17
3Rc Hochschwab Aflenz0:33:41
5Peerkes Biketeam0:38:30
6Radlager Graz/Magna Powertrain0:45:12
7Mbc Midden Nederland 10:48:38
8Velovital Styria Mtb Club0:49:03
9Ceska Sporitelna - Specialized0:51:29
10Mbc Midden Nederland 20:55:01
11Sforz Club Team 21:15:34
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Elite men general classification after stage 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kristian Hynek (Cze) Ceska sporitelna - Specialized MTB Team4:03:30
2Urs Huber (Swi) STÖCKLI Pro Team0:05:12
3Alban Lakata (Aut) Topeak Ergon Racing Team0:06:08
4Thomas Stoll (Swi) BiXS-iXS Pro Team0:07:49
5Tomas Vokrouhlik (Cze) BMC-SAVO racing0:07:57
6Andreas Kugler (Swi) Multivan Merida Biking Team0:08:24
7Lukas Buchli (Swi) Bixs-Ixs Pro Team0:09:09
8Alexey  Medvedev (Rus) Team Elettroveneta - Corratec0:10:30
9Hermann Pernsteiner (Aut) Team Rad.Sport.Szene0:11:36
10Soeren  Nissen (Den) Team Elettroveneta - Corratec0:12:47
11Thomas Dietsch (Fra) Team Bulls0:13:37
12Frans Claes (Bel) ECO MTB Team0:16:13
13Kevin Krieg (Swi) STÖCKLI Pro Team0:18:14
14Ilias Periklis (Gre) Team Protek0:18:22
15Benjamin Sonntag (Ger) BikeHausDurango0:20:45
16Hannes Metzler (Aut) RV DJ'S Bikeshop Simlon0:21:32
17Simon Stiebjahn (Ger) Team Bulls0:22:37
18Tim Wynants (Bel) Milka-Superior mountainbike racing Team0:24:10
19David Schöggl (Aut) Zweirad Janger Simplon 10:25:21
20Frank Beemer (Ned) Storck mtb racingTeam0:27:17
21Bernhard Eisl (Aut) Rad-Angerer.At0:27:23
22Hans Becking (Ned) Milka-Superior mountainbike racing Team0:29:32
23Tom Ettlich (Ger) FRM-racing.de0:29:39
24Frank Schotman (Ned) MPL-Specialized0:32:08
25Ramon Sagues Portabella (Spa) Conor Saltoki Berrianz0:32:27
26Hannes Genze (Ger) Multivan Merida Biking Team0:34:44
27Cristobal Silva (Chi) Lapierre Chile0:35:22
28Manuel Pliem (Aut) Team Rad.Sport.Szene0:35:45
29Rick Reimann (Swi) Orbea Suisse Team0:42:14
30Martin Horak (Cze) BMC-SAVO racing0:44:38
31Matej Lovse (Slo) Uni Team - Cult0:49:23
32Jeroen Boelen (Ned) Milka-Superior mountainbike racing Team0:52:44
33Matthias Waldhart (Aut) Hai PowerBike Team Heiming0:54:19
34Nasadis Atha (Cyp) Cyprus National Team0:58:15
35Martin Edelsbrunnger (Aut) Bikeclub Giant Stattegg/Bikestore1:08:53
36Hansueli Stauffer (Swi) Wheeler-iXS Swiss Team1:10:35
37Micha Van den Eynde (Bel) Bike Inn Team1:12:54
38Jeroen van Eck (Ned) MPL Speclialized MTB Team1:13:26
39Andreas Fuchs (Aut) Team Protek1:21:21
40Matthias Grick (Aut) Team Rad.Sport.Szene1:21:47
41Thomas Edelsbrunnger (Aut) Bikeclub Giant Stattegg/Bikestore1:30:04
42David Rauch (Ger) Veloclub Ratisbona1:35:13
43Jason Schreurs (Ned) Fuji MTB Masters2:29:58
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Elite women general classification after stage 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sally Bigham (Ger) Topeak Ergon Racing Team4:58:54
2Vera Andreeva (Rus) Team Protek0:36:20
3Monique Zeldenrust (Ned) Giant0:40:54
4Nadia Walker (Swi) Stöckli Swiss Team0:41:19
5Lorenza Menapace (Ita) Team Carpentari0:51:07
6Christina Verhas (Aut) Trek Mountainbiker.at1:02:26
7Merce Pacios Pujado (Spa) Conor Saltoki Berrianz1:03:20
8Katrin Neumann (Ger) Mountain Heroes1:06:26
9Ann-Katrin Hellstern (Ger) Uni Team - Cult1:08:08
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Elite master men general classification after stage 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Max Friedrich (Ger) Ergon 24h Racing Team4:38:19
2Bart Brentjens (Ned) Milka-Superior mountainbike racing Team0:00:07
3Georg Koch (Aut) Zweirad Janger Simplon0:03:17
4Robert Novotny (Cze) Sweep cycling0:06:15
5Christian Hofer (Aut) Zweirad Janger Simplon 30:13:39
6Mike Mulkens (Bel) 4ZA 4ZA0:26:47
7Andreas Gatterer (Aut) Zweirad Janger Simplon 30:32:24
8Bernd Mara (Aut) Crazy Cross Biker0:54:10
9Jochen Kreiner (Aut) Crazy Cross Biker1:01:13
10Tom Vandenbussche (Bel)1:11:05
11Peter Pink (Aut) Team Epoint ARBÖ Volksbank1:31:17
12Harkaitz Zubillaga (Spa) MKL Team1:45:12
13Herwin Wetters (Ned) Bikefreak-Magazine MarathonTeam2:11:36
14Christof Marien (Bel) Kipeo MTB Team2:37:41
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Elite master men 45+ general classification after stage 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jan Weevers (Ned) Giant4:52:24
2Branko Grah (Aut) RCS Sereno0:09:09
3Ronny Geerts (Bel) custumizer0:28:45
4Peter Vesel (Slo) Uni Team - Cult0:31:07
5Michael Haas (Aut) Zweirad Janger Simplon 21:18:05
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SK Women general classification after stage 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Natascha Binder (Ger) Felt Ötztal X-Bionic6:23:31
2Murielle Ferraye (Ned)1:10:27
3Sandy Starkey (Aus)2:14:12
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SK1 men general classification after stage 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Christoph Zaller (Aut) DOWE Sportswear & Massivbau5:06:10
2Christopher Hausmann (Ger) Rohloff Speed Team0:00:31
3Thomas Bausch (Ger)0:09:42
4Steven Nijs (Bel) Afdeling Antwerpen0:14:30
5Peter van Mil (Ned) X-track0:16:30
6Andreas Kislinger (Aut) Team Alpha - Tschlerei Grömmer0:17:35
7Nico Muschiol (Ger) Rohloff Speed Team0:25:10
8Kevin De Wolf (Bel)0:26:45
9Peter Huntjens (Ned) SforZ Team0:26:55
10Pieter de Graaf (Ned) MBC Midden Nederland 10:30:04
11Gène Rekko (Ned) X-track0:31:58
12Juul van Loon (Ned) Bikefreak-Magazine MarathonTeam0:41:26
13Corné van de Voort (Ned) Peerkes BikeTeam0:46:26
14Rob Meeuwessen (Ned) Rings-Goirle0:48:20
15Fabian Rosenboom (Ned) SforzracingTeam30:53:35
16Bastiaan Janssen (Bel) Kuringer Sportvrienden Kuringen0:54:41
17Etienne Jansen (Ned)1:05:54
18Bernhard Stanje (Aut) Velo Vital Styrian MTB Club1:06:05
19Ben Gorissen (Ned) MBC Midden Nederland 11:07:42
20Maarten Kouws (Ned)1:15:11
21Mark van Schie (Ned) SforzracingTeam31:16:35
22Thomas Zand (Aut) MTB Club Koppl1:35:52
23Demy Van Amelsfoort (Ned) Rings-Goirle2:28:34
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SK2 men general classification after stage 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Martin Feichtegger (Aut) RC ARBÖ Weichberger Raiffeisen4:33:56
2Werner Höbarth (Aut) RennTeam Alpbachtal0:20:11
3Ivan Peeters (Ned) SFOK 2 Team0:22:59
4Sebastian Ortmann (Ger) Team-Stein-Bikes0:24:16
5Kris Henderieckx (Bel) TeamNomadesk-Narviflex0:24:26
6Micha Lanik (Cze) MTB Ond ejnak0:31:24
7Maarten Janssen (Ned) SforZ Team0:33:58
8Patricio Figueroa (Chi) Focus SL0:36:42
9Danny Sijen (Ned) SforZ Racing Team0:37:46
10Michael Lässer (Aut) Zweirad Janger Simplon 30:45:17
11Marco Conter (Ita) Nora Racing Team0:46:55
12Harold van Gerven (Ned) Peerkes BikeTeam0:55:36
13James Sanford (GBr) Army Cycling Union0:57:55
14Franz Preihs (Aut)1:02:20
15Kris de Nef (Bel) cyclepassion borgloon1:02:21
16Kris Willemsens (Bel) mtb Team bike-inn herentals1:03:22
17Walter Vosters (Ned) Stas-Moeskops BikeTeam1:06:48
18Radim Korinek (Cze) Ceska sporitelna - Specialized1:07:23
19Sjoerd van Loon (Ned) Bikefreak-Magazine MarathonTeam1:09:05
20Tom Smets (Bel) T2Team1:09:11
21Thomas Walcher (Aut) MTB SV Oberhaus Nakita Sport Scherz1:21:27
22Florian Wörgötter (Aut) Radlager Graz/MAGNA Powertrain1:21:29
23Paul Wolters (Ned)1:22:18
24Karl Meixner (Aut) VeloVital Styria MTB Club1:23:09
25Jürgen Grubeck (Aut) VeloVital Styria MTB Club1:24:07
26Martin Kaiser-Kaplaner (Aut) Radlager Graz/MAGNA Powertrain1:24:24
27Pedro Torrao (Ger) CSV MTB Team1:25:23
28Kenny Goeman (Bel)1:25:37
29Ronald Dolmans (Ned) Stas-Moeskops BikeTeam1:26:28
30Sancho Hofman (Ned) MBC Midden Nederland 21:29:04
31Andrea Turcatel (Ita) ASD Bike Team 53.31:32:39
32Walter Rosinger (Aut) Radlager Graz/MAGNA Powertrain1:34:27
33David Bures (Cze) Merida biking Team1:34:34
34Jeroen Wolters (Ned)1:35:07
35Alexander Sanders (Ned) Bike Doktor.nl1:37:03
36Nick Iedema (Ned) from 1970 and I’m from 19791:38:32
37Pavel Cabelicky (Cze) Ceska sporitelna - Specialized1:52:35
38Nico Filez (Bel)1:52:39
39Dave Bax (Ned) Stas-Moeskops BikeTeam1:53:16
40Okke Kamps (Ned) Bikedoctor.nl2:04:08
41Ruben van der Zanden (Ned)2:07:30
42Lodewijk Wiggers (Ned) SforZ Club Team2:07:59
43Pieter van der Eijk (Ned) WV De Ijsselstreek2:08:52
44Jereon Smit (Ned) Bike Doktor.nl2:16:25
45Geert Koterba (Bel)2:19:54
46Dariusz Gorka (Pol) Wertykal bikeoard Team2:29:58
47Frank Spierings (Ned) AT Beasts2:31:12
48Bjorn Keyken (Bel)2:35:57
49Robert Rovers (Ned)2:42:53
50Markus Schwab (Swi)2:45:19
51David Leitermann (Cze) Teplice2:46:00
52Sander Lendemeijer (Ned) Toma Cycles2:48:11
53Martin Bautz (Aut) Askö Laufrad Steyr4:19:13
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SK3 men general classification after stage 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Reini Woisetschläger (Aut)4:53:58
2Kris Hertsens (Bel) TeamNomadesk-Narviflex0:06:36
3Peter Lammer (Aut) RC Hochschwab Aflenz0:08:32
4Henrik Scharf (Ger) nano-bike-parts.de0:16:20
5Simon Willats (GBr) Ridebike.co.uk/The Training Room0:24:19
6Erich Andrejek (Aut) URC Scheicher Gnas0:26:01
7Georg Oberhammer (Aut) Probike Lienz0:27:16
8Erich Heiling (Aut) Die Oststeirer0:27:22
9Rolf Vetter (Ned) Peerkes BikeTeam0:28:29
10Bob Hannes (Bel) Kuringer Sportvrienden Kuringen0:30:45
11Tom Van den Plas (Bel) WMTB0:33:13
12Arjan Seunninga (Ned) from 1970 and I’m from 19790:34:31
13Pascal de Meulenaer (Bel) MOOZES FACTORY Team0:43:03
14Bretislav Sovjak (Cze) Ceska sporitelna - Specialized