Stander and Sauser win stage 1

Men's category

The South African/Swiss team of Burry Stander and Christoph Sauser (Team 36One-Songo- Specialized) won for the second consecutive day when they crossed the line at the end of stage 1 in a time of 4:33:23, which keeps them in the overall lead. They were followed by Urs Huber and Konny Looser of the Stöckli Pro team in 4:38:32 with the Bulls 2 team of Tim Böhme and Thomas Dietsch in third place in 4:38:33.

"We rode well today and were on our own on the last 45km, which we rode at our won pace," said Stander. "Some of the guys had problems with the heat or with their tyres. We didn't have any problems, so it was a nice steady race for us - touch wood."

"I felt much better today than yesterday and enjoyed the stage. And of course it's nice to go from 134 seconds in the lead to just under 10 minutes. It really helps to have a strong second team and they were close to us for most of the day. It makes a big difference - I'm sure after today team 360Life will agree, as they apparently had many problems."

Stander's teammate Sauser said, "Winning by this margin is a big advantage for us. It feels good to win the stage, but having the time gap is more important. We have a good lead now, but we know that anything can still happen. We also have a second team which is great."

Runner-up Huber has won over 50 races in his career to date and his teammate Looser's impressive achievements include winning the U23 Marathon European Championships in 2010. Huber said, "It was really hot today and even more so later in the morning. A lot of teams had problems with the heat and the track. On the one downhill, three of the five teams we were riding with had flats. We had flats twice, but didn't lose too much time as we only needed to put air into them. We worked really well with the Bulls 2 team today and are delighted with our second place. Burry and Christoph are the best team and the second place is the best we can do - and we did it today!"

"It was a difficult stage for me. My legs didn't feel great today and we lost time because of it," said Looser. "When I realised that the other riders were also feeling tired on the last long steep climb, it motivated me and we picked up speed on the last downhill, around 25km before the finish."

Böhme of the Bulls 2 team, who finished in third place, said, "The route was tough and a bit of a lottery. Many riders had flats. We had luck on our side as it was tough, long and super fast. You had to concentrate."

Dietsch said, "It really felt good to finish on the podium today. I started getting cramps around 20km before the finish and just tried to survive. We hope to recover well so that we're ready for tomorrow. We don't have a game plan - the 36One-Songo- Specialized team is really strong. I suppose the plan is just to follow them."

The Bulls 1 team of Karl Platt and Stefan Sahm was fourth (4:40:05), having moved up from 10th place yesterday to fifth place overall today, with Hannes Genze and Andreas Kugler of Multivan Merida Biking in fifth place (4:40:06).

South African hopefuls Kevin Evans and David George of 360Life finished in 15th place in the stage after major problems. They are now placed 10th overall.

After today's result, year's winners Stander and Sauser comfortably lead the GC by nine minutes and 26 seconds.

Ladies category

Sally Bigham and Esther Süss of Wheels4Life won the ladies category for the second day in a row in a time of 5:20:04. Theresa Ralph and Nina Gässler of team Biogen Britehouse were second, stopping the clock at 5:27:32. Ivonne Kraft and Elisabeth Brandau of finished in third place in 5:45:20.

Bigham and Süss continue to lead - by nine minutes and 47 seconds after stage 1.

Leader Bigham said, "It was a long stage with lots of steep climbing. I liked it and didn't suffer too much. We also didn't have too many problems which is great. My body still feels strong, so our plan for tomorrow is the same."

Teammate Süss said, "It was very hot today and I drank a lot. The course was steep and loose, then flat and the downhill was difficult - you had to concentrate not to fall or get flats. Hopefully we recover well for tomorrow's stage."

Runner-up Ralph said, "Today was a nice awakening from the first stage. It was very different today and luckily what I train for. There was quite a lot of portage and some monster climbs in the beginning. At around the 100km mark, they threw in a character building loop. The long stretch at the end was fun though. We're stoked to finish in second place again. We're not pros - we both work and I have kids - so we're very chaffed with our performance so far."

Her teammate Gässler said, "It was a very good ride, but it became long. We expected it to be around four hours. I have a fantastic riding partner though, so even the hardest day becomes a pleasure. We'll just hang in there for tomorrow. I'm Esther and Sally's biggest fan - they're my idols - so as long as we stay with them, I'm very happy."

Mixed category

The Contego 28E team of Erik and Ariana Kleinhans won the mixed category in 5:16.26, followed by Udo Boelts and and Milena Landtwing of Centurion Vaude in 5:21:46. Russell de Jager and Andrea Huser finished in third place again in a time of 5:38:37. Contego 28E lead by 4:07.

Kleinhans said, "Today was great. We started out with Udo and Milena and did a lot of walking up the first uphills. The last 30km were flat, but we rode into the wind which was uncomfortable. It took a lot of willpower to stay motivated. We'll take it a bit easier tomorrow now that we're in the lead and ride a bit more conservatively."

Ariane was delighted with their result. "I had some problems with my derailleur, but luckily Erik is a great mechanic and fixed it without us losing to much time. We're happy with the lead and will keep it steady for tomorrow. It's really tough out there and we don't want to risk anything."

Boelts called it a hot day, especially for Europeans coming from a cold winter. "Just last week Milena was still doing ski tours. We've been here for four or five days, but it's not enough. We're not used to this heat, going at full heart rate. We'll see how our legs feel tomorrow, perhaps we'll be more used to the conditions - and then decide. Also, Milena still has a full season ahead of her, so we're careful not to push too hard. The Kleinhans couple are very strong and I think today is a sign of what's to come."

Landtwing said, "It was very hot and tough and we still have a long way to go. We'll see how the legs are tomorrow and then decide on a plan of action."

Master's category

The masters category was won by the Jag Craft team of Adrian Enthoven and Delaney Impey. Their winning time was 5:00:27. They were followed by Robert Sim and Nico Pfitzenmaier of the Robert Daniel Momsen team in 5:02:53, with the World Bicycle Relief team of Bart Brentjens and Jan Weevers in third place in 5:28:33. Sim and Pfitzenmaier lead by one minute and 30 seconds.

Pfitzenmaier said, "It was very, very hot and the steep climbs were barely rideable. We were in the lead, but at the last water point, Rob felt a bit nauseous, so we decided to take the pace down a bit. That's where the Jag Craft team passed us and we just tried to hang in there and hope for the overall lead. My body's feeling good - yesterday was a tough day - but I had some reserve for today."

"I had a bit of a rough day," said Sims. "I wasn't feeling great last night and think I didn't digest my food very well. I'll be fine by tomorrow."

A look at the day's course

As the race's history tells us, stage 1 is always a rude awakening for the riders. Combining the length, the climbing, the severity of the trail surfaces and the speed of fresh-legged hares at the front of the field - all was a shock to the system, even for the best prepared. Three major climbs loomed ahead of the athletes.

The first three-kilometre rise was littered with loose rocks and tilted to 25 percent, forcing portage, and there was a risky descent lying in wait. Then it was Hangman's Tree, which may be short, but took up to half an hour to conquer. Beautiful flowing trails then traversed the mountain ridges, showcasing breathtaking scenery.

Tortoise Peak was the third major obstacle (there were still a few lesser ones after) and riders began creeping up this slow, yet rideable five-kilometre ascent, named after its ancient residents. Riders with bar ends had to take care on the descent, with grabbing branches on the off-camber dual tracks.

For their considerable efforts, riders were rewarded with a beautiful section of trails through Nama Karoo, with a few gentle rises before finally turning east, back toward Robertson with a final rocky plunge into town.

Stage 2: Robertson to Robertson (119km with 1650m of climbing)

The route will traverse the beautiful rolling double tracks through the stony Klein Karoo, passing through the charming village of McGregor. It will be a special day out for the riders. For those who manage to avoid tunnel vision, it's a geologist's paradise with remarkable sandstone formations. Some might say this is too much fun for the Cape Epic, but riders will soon be brought back down to earth - the rocks may create beautiful formations but they're sharp. With knife-edged shale and a carpet of thorns, heavy-duty tyres are essential. After passing through Van Loveren Wine Estate on some severe vineyard hills, a district road will take the race past Ashton as they head towards the mountains for some short but steep climbs before returning to Robertson.

Full Results

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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Christoph Sauser (Swi) & Burry Stander (RSA) 36One-Songo-Specialized4:42:30
2Kevin Evans (RSA) & David George (RSA) 360Life0:00:44
3Hannes Genze (Ger) & Andreas Kugler (Swi) Multivan Merida Biking0:02:41
4Thomas Dietsch (Fra) & Tim Boehme (Ger) Bulls0:05:20
5Kevin Van Hoovels (Bel) & Sébastien Carabin (Bel) Versluys - Craft0:05:26
6Brandon Stewart (RSA) & Jacques Rossouw (RSA) Fedgroup-Itec Connect0:06:37
7Alban Lakata (Aut) & Robert Mennen (Ger) Topeak Ergon Racing0:09:17
8Karl Platt (Ger) & Stefan Sahm (Ger) Bulls0:14:53
9Urs Huber (Swi) & Konny Looser (Swi) Stöckli Pro0:15:23
10Chris Jongewaard (Aus) & Jeroen Boelen (Ned) Milka-Superior0:20:06
11Erik Skovgaard Knudsen (Den) & Thomas Bundgaard (Den) Racing29Ers0:24:41
12Neil MacDonald (RSA) & Waylon Woolcock (RSA) Re:Cm0:25:09
13Nico Bell (RSA) & Gawie Combrinck (RSA) Westvaal-Columbia0:25:09
14Charles Keey (RSA) & David Morison (RSA) Blend Property Group0:25:50
15Alexandre Moos (Swi) & Moritz Milatz (Ger) BMC Mountainbike Racing0:28:20
16Markus Kaufmann (Ger) & Daniel Geismayr (Aut) Centurion-Vaude0:28:49
17Ismael Ventura (Spa) & Joan Llordella (Spa) Esmtb.com0:28:56
18Shan Wilson (RSA) & Bas Peters (Ned) Craft0:33:32
19Mannie Heymans (Nam) & Raynard Tissink (RSA) JAG Foundation0:46:04
20Hannes Hanekom (RSA) & Sakkie Hanekom (RSA) Tru-Cape0:46:05
21Max Knox (RSA) & Kohei Yamamoto (Jpn) Songo-Specialized0:53:09
22Rene Haselbacher (Aut) & Renay Groustra (RSA) Asrin / RSA Web0:55:07
23Ben Thomas (GBr) & Josh Ibbett (GBr) Santa Cruz Bikes Uk/ Mountain Trax0:56:33
24Nic Lamond (RSA) & Carl Pasio (RSA) RSAweb-Songo.Info0:58:02
25David Roqueta (Spa) & Pau Zamora Perez (Spa) Buff International0:58:44
26Axel Bult (Ned) & Bram Rood (Ned) Vredestein-De Flexwinkel By Koga1:01:36
27Lieuwe Boonstra (RSA) & Alastair Davies (RSA) Momentum Specialised Insurance1:03:52
28Mike Blewitt (Aus) & William Hayter (GBr) Subaru-Marathonmtb.com1:04:18
29Franso Steyn (RSA) & Petrus Malherbe (RSA) Futurelife1:04:57
30Werner Leitner (Aut) & Swen Sundberg (Ger) Abu Dhabi Triathlon1:07:32
31Ashley Hayat (Aus) & Duncan Murray (Aus) The Fitzroy Revolution1:07:36
32Jean-françois Bossler (Fra) & Jean-Baptiste Trauchessec (Fra) American Classic - Skean Protection1:11:54
33Eben Espach (RSA) & Carel Vosloo (RSA) Peg1:12:14
34Andre Janse van niewenhuizen (RSA) & Dion Froneman (RSA) Shumbala-Eastern Racing1:14:44
35Sönke Wegner (Ger) & Matthias Glaser (Ger) World Of Mtb1:15:05
36Adrien Niyonshuti (Rwa) & Jacques Jansevan Rensburg (RSA) MTN Qhubeka1:15:34
37Maarten Van Der Horst (Ned) & Pieter Calitz (RSA) IPR - GDF Suez1:16:54
38Marcin Piecuch (Pol) & Arkadiusz Cygan (Pol) Skandia Szik Eska1:20:29
39Rick Reimann (Swi) & Andy Weinhold (Ger) Orbea-Suisse-Chälbli Bikes1:20:38
40Guylin van den Berg (RSA) & Tyronne White (RSA) Soar1:20:59
41Anton Smal (RSA) & Hannes Botha (RSA) Energas Men1:22:08
42Mark Williams (NZl) & Malcolm Mcleod (NZl) R&R Sport NZ1:22:33
43Johan Wentzel (RSA) & rynard van hoven (RSA) Frm1:23:47
44Sean Williams (RSA) & Christopher Wolhuter (RSA) Lv Life1:26:18
45Phillimon Sebona (RSA) & William Mokgopo (RSA) Exxaro Academy 21:26:55
46Ferdie Potgieter (RSA) & Iain Don-Wauchope (RSA) Inter Africa1:27:40
47Ulrik Andreassen (Den) & Thomas Andreassen (Den) Webike Mountain Sheriffs1:28:14
48Franco Ferreira (RSA) & Jonathan Odendaal (RSA) Van Riebeeck Rockets1:29:44
49Jason Sager (USA) & Justin Lindine (USA) World Bicycle Relief1:30:35
50Siphosenkosi Madolo (RSA) & Azukile Simayile (RSA) Exxaro Academy 91:31:14
51Hudson Chevallier (RSA) & Mathew Wentworth (RSA) Davies1:32:43
52Simon Raubenheimer (RSA) & Louis-Bresler Knipe (RSA) Contego1:32:48
53Albert Olivier (RSA) & Rory Wilson (RSA) Park Cycling1:34:30
54Ruben Wey (Swi) & Silvan Humbel (Swi) Bike4Life.Ch - Men1:34:51
55Tobias Richli (Swi) & Tom Mattmann (Swi) Tandt1:34:56
56Francios Du Toit (RSA) & Nico Botha (RSA) Smackdown One1:36:30
57Daniel Alikisente (RSA) & Ben Mwanje (Uga) JAG Foundation / Cyclelab1:36:47
58Martin Dreyer (RSA) & John Ntuli (RSA) USN1:37:28
59Aaron Adler (RSA) & Simon Adler` (RSA) Adler Price Architects1:37:30
60John Swanepoel (RSA) & Werner Joubert (RSA) Samaritans Feet 11:37:49
61Simon Swemmer (RSA) & Mark Nel (RSA) Swift Carbon1:40:20
62Stijn Verhaegen (Bel) & Dieter Roman (Bel) Rocking & Rolling Roadies1:40:32
63William Beurskens (Ned) & Anton Peeters (Ned) Peel En Maas Mtb1:41:23
64Sebastian Kellermayr (Aut) & Wolfgang Seidl (Aut) Austrian Gorillas1:41:38
65Louis Bruwer (RSA) & George Nel (RSA) Riverport.Co.Za1:42:02
66Neville Cragg (RSA) & Robert Cragg (RSA) Parmalat Suzuki South1:42:32
67Lloyd Bettles (GBr) & Mike Jackson (GBr) Bigring Racing1:42:53
68Leon Erasmus (RSA) & Evert Meintjes (RSA) Zups (Zero Unplanned Stops)1:43:43
69Richard Deglise (Swi) & Christophe Schmocker (Swi) Altmann1:45:08
70Milivoj Miljkovic (Cro) & Hrvoje Ruzic (Cro) Gt Croatia1:48:31
71Spiro Yaffes (RSA) & Vintzent Van der Linde (RSA) Mannatech1:48:54
72Fanie Venter (RSA) & Johan Venter (RSA) Neef & Niggie1:50:52
73David Harding (RSA) & Rory Mapstone (RSA) Gravity Sux1:51:39
74Alejandro Castrillo Hernandez (Spa) & tomas muñoz quesada (Spa) Kanina Bikes1:52:19
75Olivier Vernaton (Reu) & Sery Vincent (Reu) Cyclozone1:53:24
76Julian Bryant (RSA) & Malcolm Barske (RSA) Cargo_Powerade1:53:56
77Pierre Olivier Pigeon (Fra) & Thomas de l Hamaide (Fra) The Docs1:54:22
78Alex Harris (RSA) & Renato Sabbioni (RSA) Ride Magazine1:55:00
79Andre De Oliveira (RSA) & Ryan Ambler-smith (RSA) Thrutainers 11:56:16
80Jason Deane (RSA) & Landon la Grange (RSA) Sirac1:57:52
81Matthias Schwarze (Aus) & CARL MARONEY (Aus) The Fitzroy Revolution Dream Team1:58:15
82Francois Theron (RSA) & Jacques Meyer (RSA) Ultimate Sports Nutrition1:58:25
83Thomas Sokolangane (RSA) & Thabiso Komape (RSA) Exxaro Academy 41:58:37
84Patrick Mosler (Swi) & Pascal Müller (Swi) Hammermann Racing1:59:07
85Jeandre van Schalkwyk (RSA) & Julien Van Der Pluym (RSA) Bestmed Blue Pencil1:59:25
86Jacques Malherbe (RSA) & Jean Fourie (RSA) Cycleworld Racing2:01:20
87David De Lima (RSA) & Taygan Robson (RSA) 24/7 Security Services2:01:37
88Derrin Smith (RSA) & Ross O'Neill (RSA) Rhodesbros Virgin Mobile2:01:43
89Gordon Craib (Can) & Murray Craib (RSA) Craib Bros.2:03:20
90Andrewe Procter (RSA) & Wesley Procter (RSA) MTN Qhubeka 10Acity2:03:59
91Timon Rutten (Ned) & Joeri De Groot (Ned) Hans Struijk2:06:15
92Tomislav Katalenic (Cro) & Mitja Rok (Slo) Jastrebarsko - Protea Jaska2:06:17
93Hennie Kriek (RSA) & Carel Bezuidenhoud (RSA) Mankele/Merrell2:07:11
94Clement De bruin (RSA) & Casper De bruin (RSA) Father And Son2:09:16
95Ajay Chhetri (Nep) & Narayan Gopal Maharjan (Nep) Dawn Till Dusk2:09:41
96Jan Montshioa (RSA) & Thokozani Mahlangu (RSA) Exxaro Academy 32:10:16
97Don Lange (RSA) & Almero Barnard (RSA) Dialoguemobile2:11:13
98Hein Botes (RSA) & Pieter De Necker (RSA) Optical&Practical2:11:36
99Brendon Wilson (RSA) & Jarrad Van Zuydam (RSA) Big Tree Hammer & Chisel2:12:00
100Sean Mccormick (Bot) & Kyle Poppleton (Bot) Botswana Duo2:12:57
101Neal Corbett (RSA) & Joaquin Valverde (Spa) Men Of Thirst2:13:02
102Philip Johnson (Aus) & Robert Spinks (Mal) Guns2:14:05
103Allan Mortensen (Den) & Gavin Viljoen (RSA) Oldebjerg2:14:11
104Jan-Pieter Redelinghuys (RSA) & Jannas Du plessis (RSA) Wolfpack2:14:36
105Robert Wagener (RSA) & Neil Timm (RSA) Juwi22:17:13
106Grant Parsons (RSA) & Scott Lavery (RSA) Parks Cycling2:17:29
107Siyabonga Njiva (RSA) & Siphamandla Mtshali (RSA) Exxaro Academy 52:19:07
108Brendan Harcourt-Wood (RSA) & Andrew Cattell (RSA) Wham2:19:14
109Erdem Ozgul (Sin) & Fraser Morrison (Sin) Cannasia2:20:01
110Greg Squires (RSA) & Michael Maiers (HKg) Maiers & Squires2:20:48
111Jean Hubert (RSA) & Lyle Baldwin (RSA) Jellybeans2:21:40
112Stefaan Pylyser (Bel) & Steve Pylyser (Bel) Coast2Coast2:22:25
113Oliver Coutts (NZl) & Morne Pienaar (NZl) Thenbs2:24:24
114Maciej Dudziak (Pol) & Charl Du Plessis (RSA) Sheer Determination2:24:37
115Matthew Preen (RSA) & Robert Vogel (RSA) Supply Five2:25:22
116Maurice Ferreira (RSA) & Mario Ferreira (RSA) Full Cycle2:28:00
117Albertus Odendaal (RSA) & Jan Genade (RSA) Procell2:28:34
118Earl Van Zyl (RSA) & Paul Winter (RSA) Cutoff Dodgers2:28:43
119Justin Hornsby (RSA) & Darryl Irvine (RSA) 4 Wheels, A Worm And A Horndog2:34:20
120Ivor Hambridge (RSA) & Chris Anderson (RSA) Iron Fist2:36:41
121Arnaud De Commarmond (Mau) & Pascal PILOT (Mau) Hemophilia Mauritius2:37:05
122Livio Tronchin (RSA) & Ray O'bree (RSA) Hansgrohe2:37:16
123Erik Baeteman (Bel) & Rado Declerck (Bel) Beachbikers 12:37:33
124Brendan Grundlingh (RSA) & Paul Whitburn (RSA) Spartacus2:37:48
125Jorma Mueller (USA) & Marek Wright (RSA) Riverside Cycle/Cannondale2:38:08
126Warren Richards (RSA) & Sean Merredew (RSA) 9999 Fine2:38:12
127Desmond McManus (RSA) & Piere Joubert (RSA) JAG Samancor Chrome2:39:00
128Trevor Bodington (RSA) & Hentus Baard (RSA) Tesa2:40:59
129Jonathan Wallace (Ned) & Axel Schienbein (Ger) Campana2:42:46
130Jake Opie (RSA) & Gideon Van Rheede van Oudtshoorn (RSA) Stubborn Slugs2:43:42
131Wynand Van Der Berg (RSA) & Philip Beukes (RSA) Ufs Business School2:48:27
132Carlos Miguel Brito (Por) & Paulo Brito (Por) N.D.Silva / Barcelos2:48:57
133Hein De Villiers (RSA) & Jaco De Villiers (RSA) Divlock2:48:58
134David Boyer (RSA) & Jonathan Boyer (RSA) Boyer Boys2:49:26
135Scott Stanton (RSA) & Anthony Church (RSA) Investec Private Bank2:51:00
136Sw Jacobsz (RSA) & Karel Botha (RSA) Kibo2:51:44
137Francois Swart (RSA) & Jacques Zietsman (RSA) Ecotech Converge2:51:46
138Thando Klaas (RSA) & Sivuyile Kepelele (RSA) Exxaro Academy 82:51:59
139Dingeman De Groot (RSA) & Joris De Groot (Ned) Broers De Groot2:52:20
140Gordon Johnstone (RSA) & Lee Bentz (RSA) 2 Pintz Pls2:52:25
141Chris Viljoen (RSA) & Ivor Potgieter (RSA) Brothers From Other Mothers2:52:41
142Gerard Visser (RSA) & Vernon Visser (RSA) Fishbowl 22:53:59
143Jasper Van Dijk (Ned) & Hielke Hielkema (Ned) Aegon Holland2:55:57
144Jaco Conradie (RSA) & Simon Rosenstein (RSA) Barista Boys2:56:35
145Pedro Duque (Por) & Ricardo Figueira (Por) Movefree/Biking Aventura2:59:37
146Lester Grovers (RSA) & Adrian Von Maltitz (RSA) Vod.com3:00:15
147Willie Mouton (RSA) & David Kretzmann (RSA) Absa Bank / Pouyoukas Foods3:00:35
148Jacobus Van Zyl (RSA) & Pieter Van Zyl (RSA) Vz3 Farming3:00:46
149Keith Marais (Bot) & Shawn Bruwer (Bot) Comma5.com3:01:06
150Andries De lange (RSA) & Alec Lambrechts (RSA) Shooting Stuff3:01:37
151Mike Foster (Aus) & Jarrod Crosby (Aus) KMD Racing3:01:45
152Willem Bezuidenhout (RSA) & Johann Naude (RSA) Bridge Wealth 23:01:47
153Burt Gildenhuys (RSA) & Reinhardt Basson (RSA) Icecold Bodies3:02:01
154Wesley Augustyn (RSA) & Manie Maritz (RSA) Alpha Et Omega3:03:17
155Nico Van Zyl (RSA) & William Keith (RSA) William's Bike Shop Ss Racing3:03:57
156Digby Ryder (RSA) & Bryan Nicholson (RSA) Hi-Tec3:04:35
157Marc Brighton (RSA) & Michael Bissett (RSA) Zimbo Bros3:06:48
158Andrew Cairns (RSA) & Diteboho Khumalo (RSA) Hang Tough3:07:20
159Gert Marincowitz (RSA) & Simon Marincowitz (RSA) Genomix3:07:45
160Andy Croly (RSA) & Duncan Band (RSA) Morning Wood3:08:33
161Chris Hops (RSA) & Nicholas Hops (RSA) Hopssquared3:09:28
162Jampie Vlok (RSA) & Johan Fourie (RSA) Twakkie & Tjopper3:09:46
163Johannes Gelderblom (RSA) & John Dalton (RSA) Dalton Mixers3:11:53
164Victor Da Silva (RSA) & Colin Bouwer (RSA) Telkom - Braves3:12:02
165Ryan Loots (GBr) & Paul Thomas (GBr) Vc Revolution / Softek3:12:42
166Bruce Malele (RSA) & Musawenkosi Manana (RSA) Exxaro Academy 63:13:37
167Nigel Adcock (Aus) & Pete Gill (Aus) Wembley Cycles3:13:39
168Rory Talbot (RSA) & Bruce Talbot (RSA) Miele - Labex3:15:23
169Ian Caldwell (RSA) & Andrew Grobicki (RSA) Radioshax3:18:09
170Pedro Ferolla (Bra) & Guilherme Bonesio (Bra) Giro Sport Brazil3:18:14
171Iwan De Jongh (RSA) & Mark Oliver (RSA) Crank Addicts3:20:22
172Marius Van Wyk (RSA) & Marthinus Bekker (RSA) 2-B-Free3:21:11
173Jonathan Goatcher (RSA) & Wesley Botha (RSA) Goatcher3:21:23
174Craig Erasmus (RSA) & Vernon Vogt (Sey) Mantis3:23:09
175Tobias Mews (GBr) & James Heraty (GBr) Tribesports.com3:23:32
176Mellis Walker (RSA) & Morne van Greuning (RSA) Exxaro 23:23:58
177David Egli (Swi) & Daniel Schmid (Swi) Swiss Timing3:24:38
178Pieter Cordier (RSA) & Stefan Van den Heever (RSA) Vat Hom Vas3:25:13
179Roderick Benard (RSA) & Shaun Williamson (RSA) Baseline Project Management3:25:14
180David Kirkby (GBr) & Jay Mcstay (GBr) Hotchillee3:25:58
181Francois Theron (RSA) & Deon Kotze (RSA) The Legends3:27:58
182Neil Vlaming (RSA) & Allan Geddie (RSA) Scotty Dogs3:28:12
183James Ross (RSA) & Hector Ross (RSA) Mutual Safes3:28:48
184André Immelman (RSA) & Andries Aucamp (RSA) Herbalife3:29:39
185Kenneth Cockcroft (RSA) & Harold Meyer (RSA) Seated & Cleated3:30:11
186Nathaniel Simpson (RSA) & Reuben Fleischer (RSA) Lean Mean Green Machines3:30:11
187Alan Van Rensburg (RSA) & Tim Smith (RSA) Go4It3:32:25
188Roy Wouters (GBr) & Leo Wouters (GBr) Hyena's Revenge3:33:17
189Johan Pentz (RSA) & Andre de Kock (RSA) Albarit Financial Services3:36:21
190Marcos Barrio (Spa) & César Méndez (Spa) Le?N-5C5C5C-3:37:05
191Sander Van den Born (Ned) & Enrico Theuns (Ned) Double Dutch3:38:55
192Sebastian Di Pasqua (Swi) & Alain Prost (Swi) Prost/Di Pasqua3:39:06
193Eric Müller (Ger) & Maik Bangert (Ger) Die Bergischen Biker3:39:11
194Mike Robertson (GBr) & Angus Simpson (GBr) Ama Jongosi3:40:12
195Neil Van Vuuren (RSA) & Malan Jonck (RSA) Granny Gear3:40:55
196Andrew Mclagan (RSA) & Simon Bothner (RSA) Euroconcepts3:40:57
197De Villiers Barry (RSA) & Gian Carlo Bassi (RSA) Jaffe's Ford3:41:26
198Andy Wright (RSA) & Dirk Kotze (Aus) Ride For Recovery3:41:53
199Shaun Ferreira (RSA) & Dana Coetzee (RSA) Is 40:31 Cycling3:41:57
200Abrie Greyling (RSA) & Deon Andrews (RSA) Pharmacy At Spar 13:42:39
201Cameron Adams (RSA) & Selmar Gassen (Bra) Underprepared, Overconfident3:45:26
202Sebastien Bax de Keating (Mau) & Harold Mayer (Mau) Horizon3:45:30
203Henko Van den Heever (RSA) & Johan De Kock (RSA) Desert Dust Devils3:45:57
204Grant Van Der Wal (RSA) & Heath Turner (RSA) Karabina3:46:11
205Kevin Dore (RSA) & Justin Tomsett (RSA) Jessam3:46:53
206Craig McHendrie (RSA) & Sean Hanekom (RSA) Woolies3:47:50
207Joel Stransky (RSA) & Max Gebhardt (RSA) Absa Mountain Ghosts3:49:55
208Scott Melville (RSA) & Andrew Carle (RSA) Knight Rider3:50:13
209Anthonie De Beer (RSA) & Adriaan De Beer (RSA) Blood Brothers3:52:30
210Albie Heigers (RSA) & Johannes Louw (RSA) Neutkraker3:55:27
211Adam Wooldridge (RSA) & Steve Vromans (RSA) Flat Dogs3:55:50
212Jean De Jager (RSA) & Philip-ben Kotze (RSA) Hermanus Pharmacies3:56:30
213Graham Crabtree (GBr) & James Atkinson (GBr) Yorkshire Grit3:57:08
214Willie van Schalkwyk (RSA) & Christof Prinsloo (RSA) Exxaro 33:59:05
215Jaco Kamfer (RSA) & Pierre Loubser (RSA) Plastic Money3:59:53
216Alan Mildenhall (RSA) & Johnny Marais (RSA) Gas Dogs4:01:30
217Guilherme Brandenburger (Bra) & Juliano Arce Nunes (Bra) Tchebikers4:03:15
218Bruce Darne (RSA) & Mike Darne (RSA) Team Ican4:04:48
219Neil Fourie (RSA) & Ryno Fourie (RSA) Onel1Fe4:04:49
220Werner Busch (RSA) & Du Toit Louw (RSA) Go Big Or Go Home4:06:17
221Michiel Scharrighuisen (RSA) & Christi Botha (RSA) Pelle4:06:19
222Rudi Rossouw (RSA) & Charl Bleach (RSA) Stillking Films4:06:33
223Maruis Slabbert (RSA) & Willem Van Wyk (RSA) Stonehage4:06:52
224Andrew Lowndes (RSA) & Nicholas Theron (RSA) Sabrina Love4:07:45
225Robert Philpot (RSA) & Ryan Durrant (RSA) Blistering Blazers4:08:51
226Nizaam Essa (RSA) & Ebrahim Levy (RSA) Asrin Cycling4:10:47
227André Ross (RSA) & Garth Humphries (RSA) Absa Capital Banksters4:11:41
228Clinton Schultz (RSA) & Salo Minnaar (RSA) Big Test Icicles4:13:53
229Nico Oosthuizen (RSA) & Keven Sinclair (RSA) Alota Noks4:14:14
230Danie Du Toit (RSA) & Pieter Eksteen (RSA) Jaffes Ford4:15:08
231Glenn Keun (RSA) & Werner Kennedy (RSA) Lesotho Mountain Goats4:15:48
232Sean Kristafor (RSA) & Nico Panaggio (RSA) Absa Missing Children Sa4:16:00
233Franz Senger (RSA) & Adriaan Van Den Berg (RSA) Saxo-Lite4:16:21
234Richard Harding (GBr) & Willem Kirsten (UAE) Desert Dragons4:16:28
235Ekkard Schnedermann (Ger) & Arnold Asmussen (Ger) Meringexpress4:16:48
236Rob Carle (Bot) & GARTH Armstrong (Bot) Ispydafly Titanium4:17:10
237Jakob Kaths (Ger) & Moritz Kaths (Ger) Wildwechsel4:17:10
238Leonardo Santos (Bra) & Renato Lustosa (Bra) Equipe Ent?O4:17:47
239Marcos Viana (Bra) & Leonardo Bortolaco (Bra) Brazil Riders Help4:17:47
240Henno Kirstein (RSA) & Martin Crafford (RSA) Dust Collectors4:17:51
241Darryl Chiles (UAE) & Kevin West (UAE) Dubai Tri Pirates4:18:21
242Johan Van Eyk (RSA) & Albertus Potgieter (RSA) Barcelos/God Tv4:19:20
243Michel Thenaers (Bel) & dirk piessens (Bel) CC - Geax 34:20:34
244Robert Viljoen (RSA) & Bossau Boshoff (RSA) Skinny Legs4:22:01
245Wynand Putter (RSA) & Justin Jeffery (RSA) Just Add Vino4:24:01
246Sebastien Hacques (Mau) & Lawrence Wong (Mau) The Mauritian Demons4:24:18
247Riad Ahmed (RSA) & Adnan Essop (RSA) Crank Bro's4:26:21
248Richard Muller (RSA) & Emilé Boshoff (RSA) Nmmu Saasveld4:26:35
249Shane Bridger (RSA) & Courtney Woodin (RSA) Pro-Screen4:28:19
250Krisztian Szentgyorgyi (Hun) & Gideon phillipus Nel (RSA) Northern Crocodiles/Mozgasvilag.Hu4:28:48
251Stefan Terblanche (RSA) & Marthinus Burger (RSA) Pragma One4:32:00
252Michael Bouwmeester (RSA) & Ian Cloete (RSA) Chuck Racing4:32:26
253Hannes Gildenhuys (RSA) & Braam Rust (RSA) Witwatergaljoene4:34:34
254Gustavo Thomaz (Bra) & Maur?cio Cervenka (Bra) Summit4:35:22
255Wayne Botha (RSA) & Herman Steynberg (RSA) No Regrets4:39:49
256Duane Searle (RSA) & Gareth Morrison (UAE) Numb Nuts4:42:58
257Peet Venter (RSA) & Richard Jansen Van Vuuren (RSA) Weekend Warriors4:43:55
258Herman Heunis (RSA) & Craig Whittaker (RSA) Why Worry, Be Happy4:44:40
259Clemens Bartlome (Swi) & Olin Bartlome (Swi) Davies Meyer4:44:41
260Mark Stevens (RSA) & Ian Phillips (RSA) Chafed Junk