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Stan's NoTubes and Sho-Air/Cannondale prove best among Old Pueblo teams

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Nina Baum (NoTubes) was the fastest female on lap one

Nina Baum (NoTubes) was the fastest female on lap one (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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A rider near sunset in the desert during the 24 hours of Old Pueblo

A rider near sunset in the desert during the 24 hours of Old Pueblo (Image credit: Devon Balet Photography)
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A Stans NoTubes rider approaches a rocky descent with many looking on

A Stans NoTubes rider approaches a rocky descent with many looking on (Image credit: Devon Balet Photography)
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Nat Ross and Rebecca Rusch are awarded for winning the mixed duo category

Nat Ross and Rebecca Rusch are awarded for winning the mixed duo category (Image credit: Devon Balet Photography)
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24 Hour Town springs up colorfully in the desert

24 Hour Town springs up colorfully in the desert (Image credit: Devon Balet Photography)
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Some look out upon 24 Hour Town at the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo

Some look out upon 24 Hour Town at the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo (Image credit: Devon Balet Photography)
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An Area 51 team member riding near the front of the race

An Area 51 team member riding near the front of the race (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Sho-Air/Cannondale on its way to victory in the Four person men's Open

Sho-Air/Cannondale on its way to victory in the Four person men's Open (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Bike and coffee cultures often go hand in hand

Bike and coffee cultures often go hand in hand (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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The Easter Bunny was back again this year

The Easter Bunny was back again this year (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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A Skratch Labs team member near the front of the Le Mans start

A Skratch Labs team member near the front of the Le Mans start (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Riders search for their bikes and handlers during the Le Mans start

Riders search for their bikes and handlers during the Le Mans start (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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A zip tied cactus helmet

A zip tied cactus helmet (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Hunter Keating eyeing a big drop

Hunter Keating eyeing a big drop (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Luisa Bryce Donovan riding for Rivet-Sports Gargae was very fast on lap one

Luisa Bryce Donovan riding for Rivet-Sports Gargae was very fast on lap one (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Rita Borelli riding to victory in the open women's divison with 17 laps

Rita Borelli riding to victory in the open women's divison with 17 laps (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Willow Springs Ranch where the race was held sits just below the Catalina Mountains

Willow Springs Ranch where the race was held sits just below the Catalina Mountains (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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A NoTubes rider with one lap to go

A NoTubes rider with one lap to go (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Adam Graehl named his solo team "Old Bike-Old Man-Old Pueblo"

Adam Graehl named his solo team "Old Bike-Old Man-Old Pueblo" (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Shawn Gregore rode 10 laps solo

Shawn Gregore rode 10 laps solo (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Kenny Wehn (NoTubes) helping his five-person team to take the win

Kenny Wehn (NoTubes) helping his five-person team to take the win (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Rebecca Rusch (Specialized) won the Co-ed Duo competition with Nat Ross by riding 20 laps

Rebecca Rusch (Specialized) won the Co-ed Duo competition with Nat Ross by riding 20 laps (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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A rider gets some air while is cheered on by the spectators

A rider gets some air while is cheered on by the spectators (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Racers get pre-race instructions from Todd Sadow

Racers get pre-race instructions from Todd Sadow (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Stan's NoTubes sent a massive team to the Old Pueblo this year

Stan's NoTubes sent a massive team to the Old Pueblo this year (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Pua Mata (Sho-Air/Cannondale)

Pua Mata (Sho-Air/Cannondale) (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Tinker Jaurez (Sho-Air/Cannondale) was racing in the solo men's division

Tinker Jaurez (Sho-Air/Cannondale) was racing in the solo men's division (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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The Le Mans start is always exciting

The Le Mans start is always exciting (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Riders at the back of the pack got stacked up and had to walk

Riders at the back of the pack got stacked up and had to walk (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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TJ Woodruff ripped off the fastest first lap in a time of 56:48 for 17 miles

TJ Woodruff ripped off the fastest first lap in a time of 56:48 for 17 miles (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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A Sour Mash rider plunging down a slickrock descent

A Sour Mash rider plunging down a slickrock descent (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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There were plenty of challenges for the riders

There were plenty of challenges for the riders (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Tinker Jaurez (Sho-Air Cannondale) descending on lap one

Tinker Jaurez (Sho-Air Cannondale) descending on lap one (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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A Spidy Buzz rider competing in the duo co-ed class

A Spidy Buzz rider competing in the duo co-ed class (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Kaila Hart (NoTubes) is back again this year in the Old Pueblo

Kaila Hart (NoTubes) is back again this year in the Old Pueblo (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/

Stan's No Tubes Elite women's team and Sho-Air/Cannondale men's team were the top four-person teams at the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo this weekend.  Overall, racers enjoyed sunny skies and a notable tailwind at the 14th annual 24 hours of Pueblo. With a record attendance of 1,857 participants and nearly 4,000 total people in 24 Hour Town, the race remained the largest 24-hour relay race in the US for the seventh year in a row.

Below are some miscellaneous highlights of a weekend of racing, partying and hanging out.

- Total participation: 1,857 racers; 68% from within Arizona, 32% from out of state or out of the USA

- Wendy Skean, at 70 years of age, finished third in the solo singlespeed category riding 176 miles. Skean received an extended standing ovation at the awards ceremony.

- The El Grupo Youth Cycling landed on three of the five podium spots in the 150 and below five person co-ed category. 10 of the youths had only picked up the sport of mountain biking two months ago. Most experienced their first night ride ever on Saturday evening, during the race itself. El Grupo youth cycling is a Tucson based non-profit appealing to all youths with an emphasis on disadvantaged kids.

The National Interscholastic High School Cycling Association (NICA) utilized the event as an opportunity to highlight it's Arizona Chapter (launching fall 2013) by inviting all teenage girls in Arizona to submit an essay expressing interest as to why they should be included on a team with marathon national champion Pua Mata.

Check out lots of photos in the gallery.

Full Results

Four-man teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alex Grant, Eric Bostrom, Chris Moore & Doug Barnett (Sho-Air / Cannondale)22laps
2Adam Haid, Ben Jones, Jeremy Young & Brett Ebben (Trek RMR Velo Hangar)22
3Nick Skaggs, Mike Wimbush, RJ Weibly & Jeff Hallums (South Mountain Strava'ers)21
4Mike Rice, Matt Liljenquist, Zac Keller & John Adams (Ace in the Hole)21
5Dustyn Ladewig, Vernon Abeyta, Jay English & Kevin Ledwith (ELEVATE - PHW)21
6Lars Romig, Jeff Harris, Brian Rees & Sadhu Low (Sedona Reds)20
7Henry Svendblad, Sam Gross, Scott Arnold & Ryan Wayne (Veloworx Nationwide HSTS)20
8Jason Kolar, Dan Wisdom, Paul Majors & Heidi Wall (Cycleton-Denver)20
9Paul Dellorco, Rob Shaver , Dan King & Gary Hall (Man vs. Cholla)20
10Stephen Nudge, Bill Wildenberg, Scott Eckstrom & Fuzzyjohn Mylne (TandemUnicycle)20
11Jason Welborn, Elliot DuMont, Matthew Jones & Robert Jones (Show Me Your O2 Face)20
12Gary Ruddell, Teddy Rael , Al Senft & David Jordan (505 Fearsome Foursome)20
13michael kavanaugh, Enrico Cecala, Aaron Hauck & Charles Jenkins (Sour Mash)20
14Donald Mercer, Dennis Chavez, Ken Gauthier & Chris Ziomek (Old New Mexicans)20
15Ezra Colman, Ken Downey, Joe Molinari & Matt Rossi (Gutterballers)20
16Brad Knox, Matt Knox, Jordan Janes & Andrew Chlup (T-Bone)20
17Cody Thurston, Dale Moebus, Paul Regalado & Sem Gallegos (Hold my beer and watch this BS)19
18Schuyler Burns, Mike Bridschge, David Carlson & Dietrich Walker (Watt up)19
19Doug Mers, Sean Buckman, Mark Magaldi & Rick Emerson (Filfy Basterds)19
20Mike Julien, Kit Plummer, John Mount & Ben Molina (3 Horses and a Mule)19
21Mike Freude, Shawn Jenkins, Mike Schexnyder & Eddie Rea (Like Last Night)19
22Allan Hansen, Scott Harvey, Byron Buckley & Guy Bizek (SD CamelSak)19
23Mike Mills, Eric Tittelbaugh, Rich Krueger & Devon Ambler (Angry Snowbirds)19
24Russell W. Cox, Craig Morton, Brandon Schmidt & Stephen Holmes (DNA Cycles)19
25John Koury, Valerie Brostrom, Clay Murfet & Bernardo Martinez (Tropic Thunder )18
26Colby Moeller, Paul Pena, Rene Garcia & Nathan Shope (Arizona Cyclist Lloyd Construction 2)18
27Adam Cadez-schmidt, Mark Mico, Jason Ross & Matthew Farley (Tri Sport)18
28Jack Kirby, Lucas Kirby, Dave Halliburton & Mark Castelo (Los Bicicleteros de la Noche)18
29matt braun, keith kent, ben proctor & Kerry Wood (Shammy Attack)18
30david lash, John Lupo, Doug Hall & Robin Schwartz (4 play)18
31Mike Willingham, Marcus Rasmussen, Art Oneil & Jeff Harrison (Crack Monkeys)18
32Marc Berg, Brent Barber, Peter Wilke & Toby Farnsworth (No Fork 'n Brake)17
33Kent Loganbill, Paul Koenig, Tim Kimble & Denver McKinney (Perky Knobs / Squishy Grips)17
34Matt Hartman, Rob Rosenberg, Erik Jaeke & Scott Countryman (NAU Odor)17
35Matt Barnes, Mike Giuliani, Royce Cassidy & Mark Reinsel (MT BEER)17
36Scott Cameron, Gordon Klein, Mike Freeman & Jay Cederberg (3 old chiles and a Utard.)17
37Chris Kroto, Joey Ciarlo, Jesse R Underwood & Jim Peterson (Guns and Butter)17
38Hunter McAnally, Andrew Shroads, Craig Speicher & Jeff Mair (Three 9'rs & the other guy)17
39Brooks Hart, William Rhodes-Hamby, Nathan Hoeme & Benning Tieke (Feral Cow Tippers)17
40Chris Korte, Josh Calkins, Richard Heermance & Sean Lieske (Inadvertant Dick)17
41Chris Miller, joe miller, Jim Miller & Robert Laposta (Rollin Rollin Man My Nuts R Swollen!)17
42todd foral, ezra velez, jeremy davis & matt johnson (swamp donkeys)17
43Scott Foreman, Neil Barrett, Davin Keith & Trevor Sayer (Testing the Legs)16
44Moe Goldsmith, David Goldsmtih, Dave Stoflet & Mike Hillenbrand (Fourplay)16
45Robert Sweador, joe manning, Larry Demik & Tom O'brien (JMRT Off Road)16
46newton debardeleben, matthew bossler, Mike Skoko & Jeff Barber (Over the Bars All Stars)16
47Jered Hansen, Joe Sweet, Geoff Chain & Jeff Coleman (My Other Ride is Mary T)16
48Randy White, Steve Andresen, Tor Andresen & Alan Wentrcek (Cactose Intolerance)16
49Kelley Griffin, Dane Griffin, Mandy Harter & Patrick Dibsie (WTF - Whoop-de-doos)16
50Mark Cross, Justin Cross, Michael Cross & Mike Raikes (Crossmen)16
51Rob Dintaman, Eric Marsh, Keith Christofferson & Jon Erickson (2 More Chains)16
52Bill Mulroy, John Foster, Christopher Gambs & Robbie Wright (Cap N Crunch and the Cereal Killers)16
53Jeff Walker, Brad Richmann, Darren Permenter & Tyler Krombeen (The Shred Necks)16
54Steve Lingwall, John Cox, Paul Koury & Hugh Donahue (Pizza Pizza)16
55matthew murphy, Dustin Murphy , Ray Harris & john Conyer (3 cogs and a cassette )16
56Anthony Neely, Gregory Bury, David Reitsma & Jimmy Cinalli (One Niner One)16
57Ron Tallent, Mickey Taylor, Glenn Wakefield & Nick Pela (The Most Interesting Men In Da World)16
58Ryan Van Vleck, Nick Fouts, Alex Fuller & Tim Prasser (Busted Knuckles)16
59John Harrison, roy firestone, aaron davis & Patrick Freel (stonefree davison)16
60Dave Kareus, Seth Kareus, Dan Coxall & Chris Schroeder (WTF -4 Angry Inches)16
61Marc Schmittenberg, Scot Coffey, Bernard Schaack & Matt Powell (Asshole Friction Fighters)16
62Sterling Margetts, Steele Hallows, Don Mellow & Mike Bellows (K-Blue Racing)16
63David Deyoung, Chris Patrick, mike french & Gary Derheim (Does this bike make me look Phat?)15
64Dean Lueck, Barry Lueck, Ronald Erickson & Carlos Relova (TBA)15
65Kaleb Rasmussen, Jacob Wilkinson, Caiden Plummer & Cal Skilsky (Honey Badgers Don't Care)15
66Eric Wilkey, Stephen Gaston, Kevin Burns & Ethan Burns (Not your average losers)15
67Todd Wright, Jay Taylor, George Peck & Jesse Peck (DART AZ)15
68Jima Reed, Mark Elmer, Brian Callaway & Tristan Sieleman (Cactus Pricks)15
69David Boyer, Erik Murdock, Jonah Murdock & Keith Lombardo (Old and In The Way)15
70Cyrus Miller, JIMMY PAYNE, Dominic McGrath & David Hansbrough (WAKA/JAWAKA)15
71Tom Johnson, Gary Sheber, Josh Dufek & Jack Johnson (Old Pueblo MTB - Fast)15
72Andrew Coffey, Matthew Palermo, Michael Braun & Dan Kennedy (Balls Out)14
73William Rucker, Terry Bandstra, Brian Deblanc & Michael Sullivan (Whiskey Club)14
74Gary Desselle, Treye Konrath, Nick Cap & Travis Hudson (Los Chingones)13
75Eddie Curiel, Mark O'brien, Lyle Steely & Ken Ross (Big Cog & Pawls)13
76Jonathan Bearce, Jason Radabaugh, Reid Savid & Matthew Bettencourt (Smurf (+))13
77Daniel Lohrman, Zachary Rasor, Nik Johnson & Eric Parker (Old Pueblo MTB)13
78Tim Conely, Bailey Bridge, Eli Jones & Kyle Johnson (Raven Riders)13
79Cameron Fule, Matt Bigler, Jay Shibley & Alex Knutson (Purple People Eaters)13
80Michael Good, Michael Patterson, Eric Herriera & Scott Wraith (S&M)13
81Kyle Vessell, Nate Dogg Young, David James Rapp & Keith Old Man Allen (Cactus Whackers)13
82Eric Post, Jim Moutray, Corey Moutray & Harry Tuck (Eric Post Law)13
83Gregg Sansbury, Dave Votto, Drew Yahraus & Jeremy Lashinske (Hold My Beer Watch This)13
84Tad Fagerholm, Tim Wilson, Jory Henry & Josh Borgmeyer (Johnny Cash Slept Here)13
85Scott Cnockaert, Bobby Harris, Dan Ruth & Seldon Goff (Rollin' with the Gnomies)12
86Alan Cole, Gary Lawrence, Dan Cox & Tom Hadinger (Sleepless in the Saddle)12
87Austin Lewis, Bryce Buckner, Neil Buckner & Patrick Lewis (Chain Gang)12
88Kirk Jellesma, Chad Edwards, Richard Banbury & Wesley Snyder (Tubelesscabras)12
89Kyle Richards, Dean Ellis, Brad Ellis & Brad Barber (Los Hombres Locos Viejos en Ruedas)12
90Martin DeBono, Joe Sprankle, Paul Falco & Patrick Day (Evergreen Rokform)11
91Ignacio Torres, Patrick Ward, Mario Zozaya & Chris Swanberg (Quatro Talegas)11
92Devin Beitzel, Kory McQuiston, Tristen Archer & Dylan Lyonnais (Raven Riders 2)11
93Lee Becker, Travis Becker, Jesse Becker & Christian Cortes (BBBC)11
94Jay Jose, John Paul Jose, Bryan Muri & Scott Steves (Manifesto Cycles)11
95Sean Daley, Daniel Mitchell , Glen Burks & David Shepherd (Dirt Junkies)11
96Rick Ramirez, Rick Ramirez, Matt Prather & David Baldonado (FourFive Racing)10
97Anthony Gastelum, Jason Renteria, Johnathan Salcido & Frank Triste (No mascott)10
98Josue Lopez, Kevin Sapp, Heri Lopez & Michael Daley (Treks and Specs)10
99Jeff Wilson, Justin Bailes, Ed LaFrance & Joshua Abbott (Sonoran Pirates)10
100John Doherty, Robert Doherty, Mark Amey & Jason Gray (Bungholio En Fuego)9
101Joshua Anderson, Derek Regan, Nate Sprankles & Kyle Blake (Audio Cyclist)9
102Jeff Escobar, Phil Escobar, Mike Escobar & Noel Guercio (Off On the Trail)8
103Matthew Oetting, Anthony Falgiano, Jacob Lindenstein & Phillip Edgars (Gyratory Gushers)7
104Bob Burns, Freddie Martinez, Matt Meyer & Adam McDaniel (Broke Bike Mountain)6
105Jake Cecil, Nic Dubs, Jon Hilton & Rob Young (13 Mile Racing)6

Four-women teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nina Baum, Amanda Carey, Tiziana DeHorney & Kathy Sherwin (Stan's NoTubes Women's Elite)19laps
2Kay Levesque, Lauren Costantini, Shawnie Mulligan & Kristin Riley-Lazo (Snow Birdin')19
3Karen Richel, Brianne Marshall, Paula Bohte & Arii Gutierrez (NoTubes Endurance Racing-Women)18
4Heather McFadden, Jill Duster-Lowry, Jen Barbour & Melanie Wong (GS Boulder)18
5Willa Williford, Luisa Bryce Donovan, Sarah Sherwood & Jennifer Hill (Rivet - Sports Garage )17
6Patricia Gilbert, Rachel Atler, Kate Van Roekel & Laura Tennant (So You're Saying There's A Chance)16
7Tricia Jones, Amber Halvorson, Kathleen Connolly & Melissa Waldron (Two Wheel Jones Racing)16
8Janell Batt, Kari Baker, Katie Ellis & Julie Trowbridge (Chicks that Rip...)16
9Tracy Coats, Kris Hanning, Melinda Bullaro & Breon Michel (Three Flaming Chicks and a Hot Mama)14
10Tauna Rignall, Candy Rogers, Megan OConnor & Laura Crisman (Hey Little Fella...)12
11Monique Pua Mata, Zoe Dunn, TBA TBA & TBA TBA (Sho-Air / Cannondale-2)12
12Anne Carnie, Andrea Gibson, Megan Jenks & Breann Rocksund (Menstrual Cycles)10

Four-person singlespeed team
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Yuri Hauswald, Keith Marchando, Kurt Gensheimer & Jared Franzoia (Single Minded)22laps
2Scott Spangler, Alex Phipps, Chad Watson & Alex Leonard (ZiaGem)21
3Jordan Carr, Chad Melis, Jeremy Rudolf & Matt Gersib (Oskar Blues / REEB Cycles)20
4Terry Gorsuch, Jeff Fox, Ralph Schultz & Kiviok Hight (Kokopelli Racing)20
5Jon Offner, Sam Richmann, Jay Rietz & ryan smiley (Single Speed Coffee Roasters)20
6Dominic Garcia, Aaron Johnson, Isaac Burleigh & Brett Hawkins (The 505)20
7Quincy Haarer, Eliseo Romero, Christopher Colville & Byron McClurg (Movember Reign)19
8Michael Melley, Patrick Melley, Bryan Kollus & Hunter Gillies (Yatawataride)18
9Steven Jackson, Chris Kelly, Thomas Hausch & Scott Pendleton (Topanga Creek Bicycles)17
10Mike Loos, Jason Hammond, Blair McLaughlin & Aaron Kamp (Old School's Brew Pub and Bike Shop)16
11Christopher Cunningham, Chris Wells, Wayne Morris & Ryan Crisman (Team Lucky Charms)16
12Rick Brazil, Jeff Combs, Doug Korell & Jason Bigelow (8 Balls)14

Duo women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jen Judge & Anna Kiep (Bourbon Betties)13laps
2Paige Kramer & Meagan Johnson (Tequila Slammers)12
3Holly Agajanian & Virginia Fretz (Bike Logan/Cure SMA)10
4Vallarie Richards & Jennifer Joy (Prickly Pair)9

Duo men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Aaron Gulley & Kurt Refsnider (Over The Edge Sedona)21laps
2Adam Hudson & Andrew Laskowski (Two Whiskey Knights)19
3alex romero & Bill Morris (Century old duo)19
4Thomas Konecny & Fred Newcomer (Summit Velo )19
5Ken Griffin & Ryan Smith (the average joe's)18
6Phillip Crabtree & Mark Allen (old dog / young gun)17
7Antonio Cortes & Guillermo Cortes (Dos Colombianos)16
8Mike Hileman & Karl Lippisch (1 Geared Eye Gear)16
9Dan McGehee & Marty Ryerson (Athlete Octane)15
10Bryatt Fischer & Kevin Brumfield (Grunion)15
11Dan Morrison & Drizzt Cook (I Hate My Brother in Law)15
12Michael Cramer & Cameron Smart (Good and Plenty)15
13Harry Johnson & Tyler Call (Team Rockford/Clif, Bozeman, Montana)14
14Johnny Dalton & Theodore Posch (Maintain Schpeed)14
15Mike Turner & Matthew Turner (Summit Bike Club )14
16Greg Leschisin & Joshua Weinfeld (orange crushers)13
17Randy Harris & Reade Jackson (Double Trouble)13
18Dime Bag Don Eldridge & Davis McNeil (Duo-che Bags)13
19Ryan Zilka & Reed Downs (Playa's got to play)13
22Michael Zachary & Gary Clairmont (The Old Man and The Murse)12
25Chris Janick & Doug Gauntt (Taint No Bueno)12
28Christopher Dempsey & Lorenz Trujillo (We've Got Hot Wives)10
31Carl Anderson & Ritchie Hall (The One-Speeders)10
34Michael Rogers & Christopher Carnes (Single Speed Steeds of Steel)10
37Aaron Rhoderick & Daniel Trujillo (DART Endurance Racing)9
40Eric Stuebner & Wally Stuebner (BeachBoys)6
41William Schaffer & Ken Hancock (G-Man's Last Stand)6
42Matt Sanders & Filip Kobylarz (Powered by Pierogi's)5
43David Schumacher & J.p. Schumacher (Zapatos)4
44Glren Byrne & Zachary Anderson (The Sonoran Pirates X-Factor)3
45William Russum & Bob Crawley (A-1 Squeeze)2

Duo Co-ed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rebecca Rusch & Nat Ross (King & Queen of Pain)20laps
2Tracy Thelan and Nick Thelan (Learning Curve)20
3Kevin Utley & Beth Utley (That's MR. & MRS. Utley to You!)20
4Laura Anderson & Chris Alstrin (Spidey Buzz)19
5stephanie jones & Kyle Stamp (summit velo)18
8Taylor Shekell & Joshua Johnston (ichthyosaurus)16
11Nicole Minnick & Rayne Gray (SistrNaBrothrFrmAnothrMothr)14
14Nate Rees & Collette Haney (Jones'ing To Ride)14
17Helen Wanamaker & Michael Schaffner (Team Wana-Schaft)12
20Rebecca Serratoni & James Scully (Hojaline)11
21Scott Hood & Jen Hart (East Coast Freaks)11
22Mike Whitehead & Solange Whitehead (Solange & Mike - Team Nationwide)10
23Matthew Ozvat & Rebecca Ozvat (Team Ozvat)10
24Mark Hawthorne & Stephanie Hawthorne (The Honeymoon is Over)9
25Pat Murrish & Rose Demoret (Drunkcyclist Deux - Who moved our beer?)6
26Kathy Cunningham & Jacob Benzenhoefer (jk)4

Solo men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jonathan Davis (Trek bike store racing)19laps
2Curt Wilhelm (Curt Wilhelm/
3Jason Michalak (North of the border)18
4Brian Sells (Brian Sells)17
5Neil Stitzer (Neil S)16
6Zach Stanford (Double nickel )15
7Scott Engstrom (Scott Engstrom)14
8Mark Davis (AK Backcountry )14
9Jeff Palmer ( like last night )13
10David Mcafee (TEAM DAVE)13
11Rick Jacobson (Rick Jacobson)12
12John Shumaker (Late to the Party)12
13Daren Leith (Team Nokia Design)12
14Tom Purvis (Ass Callus)12
15Joey Ernst (Velorution Cycles)12
16Ollie Eisman (Tiki)12
17Anthony Brown (L.O.B.)12
18Erick Lord (Erick Lord)11
19Bill Valleroy (SoCal endurance)11
20Patrick Lingley (PJ Lingley)11
21Paul Boudraux (Eric Gutierrez)11
22Matthew Johnson (Matthew Johnson)11
23Brent Silvester (Brent Silvester)11
24Chris Branson (Chris Branson)11
25Hollon Kinney (AzEndurance)11
26Paul Dewitt (Turd Ferguson)11
27Mike Conroy (MOX Multisport)11
28Stephen Jordan (Aint got no Fro GOLOCO)10
29Joel Titius (socal endurnce)10
30Lyle Golightly (Jemez Jellions Solo)10
31Steve Davenport (It only hurts if you touch it)10
32Tim Bryant (Bryant)10
33Simon James (Nokia Design)10
34Shawn Gregore (ShawnSolo)10
35Michael Wyman (WanderingWyman)10
36William R. Lamb (Bicycles Outback presented by Jubilee Mitsubishi)10
37Randall Cohen (RandyC)10
38Bryan Struve (Bryan Struve)9
40Jeff Plant (Plant)9
41Marco Copelli (I Gufi di Trento - "CapoGufo")9
42Brent Fuhrmann (Sore Test Icicles)8
43Scott Thomas (K-Blue Racing)8
44Bryan Ferkins (SoCal Endurance)8
45Gregory Nagle (Greg Nagle)8
46Even T Collinsworth Iii (Mr Natural)8
47Tanner Davis (T Pain)8
48Brad Tolleson (RJ Ponchione's Ass Hurts)8
49Anthony Berberich (Anthony Berberich)7
50John Maciulla (Juan-Solo)7
51Jim Norine (I Stand Alone)7
52John Crawford (Snail Male)7
53Jake Braaten (East Side Rollers)7
54Nathan Chilvers (Sausage Dog)7
55Ron Bell (shredder)7
56John Craft (John Craft)7
57Ralph Wrons (Jemez Jellions)7
58David Loehrs (David Loehrs)6
59Chris Neal (Godzilla's Regret)6
60Ivan Cristofoletti (I Gufi di Trento - Ivan)6
61Andrzej Pawlowski (Andrzej)6
62Steve Fannon (Team Free Lunch )6
63Robert Park (East Side Rollers )6
64Matthew Pacheco (Cyclebound)6
65Greg Decori (Wharf Rat)6
66Tydeman Newman (18milesperhour_Tydeman)6
67Bill Lindberg (Marty Coplea)5
68David Vanyo (The Moots Man)5
69Will Ward (Broadway Bikes)5
70Michael J Poe (East Side Rollers)5
71Adam Graehl (Old Bike - Old Man - Old Pueblo)5
72Steve Cortez (East Side Rollers)5
73Mark Vancas (Scratched and Dented)4
74Daniele Saccoman (I Gufi di Trento - Daniele)4
75Jim Didomenico (One More Time)4
76John Boswell (Boz)4
77Paul Melendez (East Side Rollers)4
78Cutler Ferchaud (DILIGAF)4
79Jack Skeffington (Rolling Umbrage)4
80Don Kavanagh (donk)4
81Andy Suter (DC_Dick Frenzy)4
82Brian Suzuki (Brian Suzuki)3
83Carlo Bridi (I Gufi di Trento - Carlo)3
84Christopher Branson (Ahshit)3
85Steven Leatham (Tj Frisbee Bicycles)3
86Matt Rotando (Giamportone)3
87keith hubbard (Hubbard - Team Rhino)2

Solo women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rita Borelli (Rita Jett)17laps
2Julie Kelly (Super D)15
3Timari Pruis (Timari Pruis)13
4Christina Nacos (Christina Nacos)13
5Janice Tower (Tower of Power)13
6Bec Bale (Bec Bale)13
7Catherine Bywaters (Catherine Bywaters)12
8Jill Valerius (Candyshop)11
9Sara Stanford (Team Lumberyard Racing)10
10Alacia Sooter (Old Pueblo Gymnastics Academy)9
11Cat Ambrose (Ride it Raw)8
12Sherri Estepp (Soon to be Mrs.)7
13Rebekah Ayres (Me, Myself, and Insanity)7
14Jessie Rice (JessRice)6
15Kelly Neville (OLD DOG NEW TRICKS)5
16Juliane McKinney (Hurting Whooha)5
17Angela Rose-Lane (Angela Rose-Lane)4

Five Person Co-ed Teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nick Thomas, Ian Wilkey, Dilyn Sheber, Jonathan Gorman & Krista Park (AZ DEVO)21laps
2Ignacio Rivera de Rosales, Christian Santa Cruz, Lizzy Caputo, Logan Boyd & Daniel Yakushevich (El Grupo Uno)19
3Daniela Diamente, Nicholas Harris, Benjamin Duncan, Keenan Duncan & Tyler Stites (El Grupo Dos)19
4Jon Harmon, Eric Preiss, Geoffrey Whittaker, Paula Knochel & Mike Vanderberg (AZ / WV Unite)19
5Kipp Metzger, Connor Adkisson, Chloe Welch, Leo O'Neil & Christian Matthews (El Grupo Tres)19
6Rebecca Dennis, Zach Orman, Josh Smith, Artec Durham & Axel Golden (Son of Team Habub)18
7Ryan Porter, Scott McBride, Dave Pearson, Willy Guenthner & Amanda Pearson (Whiskey knights: El Cinco)17
8Steve Bohn, Kyle Helmke, Chuck Helmke, Liam Murray & Cara O'Neil (El Grupo Quatro)16
9Brett Wham, Onica Ramey, Khoa Hua, Abby Chan & Grant Rogers (HotDog Taco)16
10Michelle Helmke, Sam Alexander, Collin Haynes, Cole Lanning & Colter Thomas (El Grupo Cinco)13

Five person co-ed 150-199
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dax Massey, Jake Kirkpatrick, Nathan Miller, Jake Wells & Evelyn Dong (Light and Motion)22laps
2Ryan Tiffin, TJ Woodruff, Chloe Woodruff, Rudi Nadler & Dejay Birtch (Arizona Cyclist Lloyd Construction )22
3Jennifer Camoriano, Joe Susco, Marcus Hayward, Travis Waldron & Lance Runyan (Jet Set and the Geisha Girl)21
4Philip Wilson, David Mandley, Michelle Thiry, Scott Wortendyke & Dean Shreiner (Alto Lab Rats)20
5Marvin Sandoval, Josh Colley, Wesley Sandoval, Jeff Spencer & Christy Lindh (Leadville)20
6Brien Gonzales, Jake Begley, Patrick Lapell, Allison Baker & Sean Kennedy (Team Pivot)19
7Alan Richel, Jennifer Wilson, David Wilson, Ryan Hentz & Kaila Hart (NoTubes Endurance Racing)19
8Ryan Davis, Dominic Petrocelli, Jason Meador, Kiel Marley & Jeanine Cordova (Chainring Circus)19
9Erica Allar, Joe Hemmer , Christy Blakely , Jame Carney & Josh Ryan (C.A.R.E. for Cycling )18
10Cassi Morelock, Carlos Resto, Alejandro Gonzalez, Alejandro Gonzalez & Billy Canas (¡Ay Caramba, SAMBA!)18
11Jared Hanson, Robert Erich, Denton Young, Nicole Scozzari & Kenneth Meyer (Pound the Round)17
12Katie Koppenhafer, Thad Koppenhafer, Sean Fitzgerald, Ben Voymas & Jeff Busic (Flying Monkeys, oh my!)16
13Robert Gibson, Molly Renner, Len Kovats, Gerrit Velthoen & Jared Adams (Cinco Stinko Pinkoes)16
14Dan Koob, Brian Gaume, Tim Collins, Tali Robich & Jeff Popelka (Axis of Awesome)15
15Greg Daughtry, Thomas Medlin, Holly Stabler, Mitch Banks & Alessio Pollarolo (Southern Discomfort)15
16Jay Ingham, Renee Ingham , Eric Dunn, Brandon Bechtol & John McGuire (The Inflatables)14
17Alexander Schwartz, Jordan Euler, David Kuhn, Micah Schwartz & Georgia Lindsay (Vicious Cycle)14
18Tory Syracuse, Jason Syracuse, Mark Foster, Jed Heuberger & James McGinnis (Paradigm Shifters)14
19Robert Neifert, Amy Lacross, Betsy Zeh, Joe Dinius & Cody Martin (For Science!)14
20Travis Kapp, Cooper Carr, Corrie Carr, Korey Seyler & Joe Pace (Montezuma's Revenge!)14
21Tyler Williams, Scott Reynolds, Jerry Crawley, Hillary Cooper & Damien Fischer (Type Two Fun)14
22Jeff Titone, EJ Inigo, Johnny Gompf, Tony Sbraga & Kristi Robusto (Pistolas del Desierto)14
23Martin Cisneroz, Stephen Paige, John Todd, Scott Morris & Angela Barclay (Drink, Coffee, and Destroy)14
24Tony Trevino, Teresa Trevino, Dawn Hindes, Phillip Hindes & Richard Bogan (IN COG WE TRUST)13
25Mark Haughwout, Dan Thomas, Melody Delmar, Phil Rullman & Josh Reynolds (Lake Mary Surf Club)13
26Bobby Ingels, Byron Ingels, Bobby Frazee, Michelle Frazee & Luis Rodriguez (Fools with Tools)12
27Andrew Humpherys, Boyd Ringel, Nicole Humpherys, Jason Moorhead & Eric Kendall (Rock Garden Minions)12
28Joseph Ling, Trent Nielsen, Lindsey Underwood, Eric Idalski & Eric Tang (Pedal and Paddle)11
29Tony Espinosa, Celina Espinosa, Brad Conner, Gina Arana & Sean Ryan (Succumbed To Beer Pressure)11
30Charrissa Levasseur, David Levasseur, Glen Carlson, Ana Carlson & Michael Cruz (embrace the suck)11
31andrew keller, Dionisios Glentis, Nathan Gerrells, lisa gonzales & Elizabeth Ridder (The MOB)11
32Paul Johnston, Hazel Johnston, Chris Bohnsack, Martha Bohnsack & Danny Amarillas (Flat and Tired)10
33Ryan Williams, Julie Jay, Robert McManus, Evan Manning & Chandler Birch (dV/dT)10
34Rob Spork, Macky Franklin, Meghan Newlin, Kip Valentine & Marisol Walpole (Los Fabulosos Flojos)10
35Geoff West, Marcus Mitchell, Ian Mckenna, Justin Weatherly & Aimee Snyder (Six-packs and Switchbacks)10

Five person co-ed 200+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Philip Simpson, Shannon Gibson, Dave Million, Kenny Wehn & David Vaughn (NoTubes / Weapons of Ass Destruction)22laps
2Art Macfarland, Trever Bushnell, Dan King, Paul Broadtrip & Angie Kell (Nationwide - VeloWorx TAPDA)21
3Steve Floyd, Darron Manley, Nils Nilsen, Christine Jeffrey & Hunter King (Rudy Project ReTreads)20
4Mike Hughes, Caleb Guest, Kyle Herrig, Tim Baker & Jill Futia (Landis Mountain Bike Racing #1)20
5John Camoriano, Debbie Hunter, Travis Jones, Phil Panipinto & Nathan Franke (My Wife Left Me for a Slower Team)19
6Jay Peery, Aaron Foster, Jason Donald, Jon Robichaud & Tonya Bray (Bacon Power)19
7Bob Winston, Stan Potter, Elden Nelson, Lisa Nelson & Austin Mcinery (Team IMBA - Featuring the Fat Tire Five)19
8bud heintz, Susan Snow, Bob Williams, Steve Hughes & Jimmy Matt (Four Grinders and a Taco)18
9Patrick Allcock, James Dickerson, Jim Norton, Randy Zima & Carie Wilson (SHUT-UP AND RIDE)18
10Kevin Lockart, Glenn Wollerman, Mary Halfman, Jay Holt & Tom Stenerson (Bad Assets)17
11Don Stoneberger, Charles Wilson, Diana Yares, Kevin Mckemie & Steve Taranowski (Trail Mix)17
12Jim Young, Brad Vanderley, Mellisa Call, Cliff Dawson & Rob Seals (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot)17
13Lisa Austin, Matt Teller, Joe Hall, Bayer Vella & Paul Austin (le Scomparse)17
14Dave Sewell, Michael Taylor, Steve Lummer, Tom Stotler & Jeanette Wesley (Four And A Half Men)16
15Sara LaBarge, Jim Averill, Tim Labarge, Heidi Swift & Rob Kerr (Area9 Denmark)16
16Tom Ela, Wendell Ela, Elizabeth Schnittker, Virgil Carnage & Mario Marquez (WTF - Captain and Tenwheels)16
17Bob Beecher, Laurel Lacher, Mike Milczarek, John Pollard & Brad Miller (Ancient Aliens)15
18Lew Hart, Victoria Cramer, Braden Smith, Donald S Smith & Craig Seasly (Don't Ride With Scissors)15
19Louis Norman, Deb McNeil, Justin Miller, Doug Popham & Paul Chinnock (9 Glitz Aishlynn)15
20Kevin LaRochelle, Roy Bury, Darrin Posey, Ed Baker & Marcia Kon (Speed Dream)15
21Mary Jo Serio, Dave Orn, Tim Reed, Rich Eddings & Albert Weimer (Sunday Cycles Four Weiners One Bun)15
22Joey Rodriguez, John Walrath, Mary Hegstrom, Toby Jones & Tim Crist (Black Tailed Jackrabbits)14
23Chris Manny, Phil Swafford, William Swafford, CJ Culley & Scott Rice (CJ's Angels)14
24Don Futch, Alane Wolins, Nat Wolins, Brian Villa & Scott Brennan (Carboniners)14
25Michelle Thurston, Gina Corliss, Jerry Corliss, Chris Camacho & Angela Moebus (BS Trail Hazards)13
26Melinda Berge, Bill Chambers, Bob Greer, Cal Brubaker & Marty Halprin (Park City)13
27Brian Cates, Lanny Barton, Jeff Berg, Kathy Berg & Steve Brown (Slow Spokes)13
28Morgan Adams, Maya Adams, Jane Hagerty, Mike Gleason & Zac Anders (Heeyah!)13
29Krista Manus, Kari Angeley, Liane Ehrich, Alisa Neave & Tim Colson (Dirty Tucson Tri Girls)13
30Chris Maloney, Carolyn Maloney, Chris Compton, Gonzalo Madrid Jr & David Longenecker (Skinny Fork)12
31Debbie Cotton, Tom Hughes, Will Hughes, Ann Taylor & Bryan Barr (Sheer Will Power)12
32Lawrence Jay, Anne Becker, Henry Gil, Rico Smith & Paul Gagnier (Pedal powered stink generators)10

Solo singlespeed men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Hunter Keating (Hunter Keating)17laps
2Eddie Urcadez (Eddie Urcadez)17
3Matt Provonost (Matty Offthecouch)15
4Marco Soldano (Quadzilla Racing)13
5Jeff Poitras (jeff poitras)12
6Patrick Warnholtz (Lube It Before You Ride It)12
7Rhys Newman (18milesperhour_rhys)12
8Craig Donkin (Craig Donkin)11
9Mykyta Yurtyn (Lone Trouper)11
10Trent Cox (Trent)11
11Scott Koester (Bryce Dupriest)10
12eric olson (Tranny Gear Envy)10
13Rhino Neiffer (Mad Rhino)10
14Neil Becwar (Neil Becwar)10
15gary epple (Ok n AZ )9
16Kirk Cox (Kirk Cox)8
17Jeff Hempleman (Havaclu)8
18Jason Smith (It hurts when I sit!!)8
19Jamey Heinze (Recalcitrant Monkey)8
20Jeff Kellum (Jeff Kellum)8
21Bryan Keener (White Ninja Sasquatch)8
22Steve Gibbs (Donkis)7
23Adam Lock (Smuuth Guy Racing)7
24Tim Arnold (Back of the Pack Racing)7
25Judd Rohwer (Back of the Pack Racing)7
26Pat Hurter (Meadow view mountain goats)7
27Cody Kukulski (Form Cycles Solo One)6
28Brian Barton (Vegan Thunder)6
29Craig Turner (Craig Turner)6
30Scott Hayes (Kaiser Soslow)6
31James Cobb (James Cobb)6
32Bill Jackson (East side rollers)5
33Craig Wagenaar (BaldJav69)5
34chris mosch (MoschPit)5
35Brian Miller (18milesperhour)5
36Chris Reichel (DirtyB -

Solo singlespeed women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Melissa Liebling (Dude, where's my team?)13laps
2Michele Bliss (Ignorance Is...)11
3Wendy Skean (Wendy Skean)11
4Lisa Lennon (Tejas Haboob)7
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