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Genze hangs tough for overall Trans Zollernalb win

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Marathon World Champion Alban Lakata sprints for the line

Marathon World Champion Alban Lakata sprints for the line (Image credit: Sportograf)
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Tim Wynants in front of the Castle Hohenzollern

Tim Wynants in front of the Castle Hohenzollern (Image credit: Sportograf)
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Hannes Genze rides to stage 2 victory

Hannes Genze rides to stage 2 victory (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)
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Kevin Van Hoovels (Lingier-Versluys team) looks over his shoulder

Kevin Van Hoovels (Lingier-Versluys team) looks over his shoulder (Image credit: Sportograf)
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The stage 1 finish area

The stage 1 finish area (Image credit: armin)
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Women's stage 1 awards ceremony

Women's stage 1 awards ceremony (Image credit: Armin Kuestenbrueck)
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Stage 1 took riders by the Hohenzollern Castle

Stage 1 took riders by the Hohenzollern Castle (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)
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Overall winner Hannes Genze zips by Karl Platt in stage 2.

Overall winner Hannes Genze zips by Karl Platt in stage 2. (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)

Multivan Merida's Hannes Genze took the victory in the inaugural edition of the Sparkasse Trans Zollernalb. After three stages, he took the overall race by just one second ahead of Belgian champion Kevin van Hoovels and marathon world champion Alban Lakata. Surprisingly the victory in women's category went to Gabi Stanger, who finished in front of Estonian Maaris Meier and Holland's Anne Terpstra.

The men's peloton was a strong one and the climbs in the middle mountains of the Zollernalb, a part of the Swabian Alb, were not long enough to make a big difference among the top riders.

The first stage, on Friday, took 13 men together into the final straight. It was Swiss marathon champion Andreas Kugler who profited from the work of teammates Hannes Genze and Jochen Käss by winning the sprint in Balingen. Käss got the second spot, van Hoovels was third, while overall contender Karl Platt lost all chances by puncturing in the very first 20 kilometers.

The second stage was expected to make the difference. At least it did, but not in a totally obvious way. Seven riders, without yellow jersey Kugler, made it together toward the finish in Albstadt. Karl Platt took the lead by pushing very hard. But his plan didn't work.

"I thought that the last kilometer was two to go, and I gave Hannes the chance to pass," said Platt.

That was the wrong decision because after Genze took the lead, only 200m remained, and there was no way for Platt to overtake Genze again.

"I think Karl went too early," said Genze, who took the yellow jersey by three seconds over René Tann who passed the finish line in third position. Alban Lakata was at four seconds and van Hoovels was at six seconds.

The tight situation opened up an exciting final stage between Albstadt and Hechingen. On every climb, the lead group shed members, and René Tann crashed and lost his chance to win. On the last longer climb Alban Lakata, Kevin van Hoovels and Czech Kristian Hynek got a small gap of about 10 seconds to Hannes Genze.

"We saw the chance and went full gas," said Lakata. Hannes Genze put everything he had left on the line but it wasn't enough to catch the lead trio on the final climb.

Van Hoovels sprinted to the stage victory, Lakata lost two seconds and Hynek came into third with three seconds. However, more important for the overall, Genze passed the finish line in fourth position with five seconds to van Hoovels. That secured him the yellow jersey on his shoulders.

"I think today there were a lot of riders able to win. I'm happy that I was able to fight back and get that second," said Genze.

Van Hoovels and Lakata finished with the same time but with Lakata set into third place for the overall.

"Hannes got his Pitbull look and was fighting really hard," said Lakata.

For Stanger, less training leads to victory

The women's category didn't draw as many big names, but in spite of that, Gabi Stanger surprised many and was able to grab the overall. The 42-year-old retired two years ago and took a licence this year again only to ride sometimes for fun.

"I'm in training, yes, but not in a way I did when I was competing seriously in a team," said Stanger. "Maybe that was helpful, I don't know. Stanger took stage 1 and stage 2 and the overall ahead of Maaris Meier, who is ranked in the top 60 by the UCI.

The last stage went to Anne Terpstra. The junior European bronze medalist of 2009 handled the constant up and downs better than Stanger, who was third in that stage and Meier, but she was too far away in the overall to endanger Stanger's standing as leader.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kevin Van Hoovels (Bel) Lingier-Versluys team2:28:55
2Alban Lakata (Aut) Topeak-Ergon Team0:00:02
3Kristián Hynek (Cze) S&H Superior MTB Team0:00:03
4Hannes Genze (Ger) Multivan Merida Biking Team0:00:05
5Robby De Bock (Bel) Waasland Mountainbike Team0:00:12
6Sebastian Carabin (Bel) Lingier-Versluys team
7Balz Weber (Swi) Team DS-Rennsport0:00:21
8Stefan Sahm (Ger) Team Bulls0:00:26
9Jochen Käß (Ger) Multivan Merida Biking Team0:00:35
10René Tann (Ger) GERMINA Raicing Team/ 1. Suhler MTB Club0:01:15
11Torsten Marx (Ger) Team DS-Rennsport0:03:39
12Andreas Kugler (Swi) Multivan Merida Biking Team0:05:08
13Ruben Scheire (Bel) Team Saeco
14Matthias Pfrommer (Ger) Team HAICO Racing0:07:05
15Thomas Pfrommer (Ger) Team HAICO Racing0:07:22
16Alexander Speisekorn (Ger) / Singen0:07:23
17Volker Ordowski (Ger) Team Craft Rocky Mountain0:07:24
18Stephan Schiele (Ger) Team VOBA RSV Nattheim0:07:25
19Daniel Aspacher (Ger) activity-racing-team0:07:32
20Cristóbal Silva Ibaceta (Chi) Quaker-Cannondale0:07:33
21Andreas Kleiber (Ger) TSV Niederstaufen0:07:34
22Robert Gehbauer (Aut) RC ARBÖ ASKÖ Klagenfurt0:07:35
23Lukas Kubis (Ger) Team HAIBIKE0:07:41
24Tim Wynants (Bel) Trek-Bart Brentjens powered by Milka0:07:53
25Christopher Görgen (Ger) RC Herschbroich0:08:09
26Marcel Reiser (Ger) Sparkasse Zollernalb / BKK Gesundheit0:08:10
27Matthias Gärtner (Ger) www.matzegaertner.de0:08:19
28Matouš Ulman (Cze) S&H Superior MTB Team0:10:34
29Micha Van Den Eynde (Bel) mtb rudi0:12:21
30Johannes Thumm (Ger) Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team0:12:26
31Stefan Sievermann (Ger) RSV Staubwolke Haslach0:12:31
32Steffen Hannes Greger (Ger) RV Adler Empfingen0:14:20
33Kurt Tempst (Bel) mtb rudi0:16:19
34Simon Lund (Ger) SV Kirchzatren0:16:59
35Nicolas Vogt (Ger) Best-Bike-Parts / HAIBIKE0:17:17
36Kris Willemsens (Bel) Kris Willemsens0:18:40
37Christoph Cords (Ger) / Singen
38Marc Bulteel (Bel) mtb rudi0:19:25
39Lutz Babilon (Ger) SV Kirchzarten0:19:28
40Matthias Veit (Ger) 1. RMC Reutlingen0:19:32
41Ralf Maier (Ger) mtb-teck/Team nolte-küchen0:19:34
42Robert Wittmann (Ger) RSC LOGWIN Kempten0:21:00
43Roland Kienzler (Ger) RC Villingen0:21:10
44Lukas Haasis (Ger) RSG Zollern-Alb / Team Gonso-Rawoflex0:23:05
45Tommy Galle (Ger) White-Rock e.V.0:24:52
46Karl Platt (Ger) Team Bulls0:25:03
47Claus Langenecker (Ger) TEAM NUTRIXXION0:26:08
48Wim Peers (Bel) mtb rudi0:26:27
49Julian Biefang (Ger) RSC Eifelland Mayen0:26:45
50Bart Boeckmans (Bel) mtb rudi0:27:18
51Christoph Lander (Ger) RSV Geislingen / Team Interstuhl0:27:51
52Rudi Geentjens (Bel) mtb rudi0:28:13
53Wolf-Thorsten Witt (Ger) Mister Bike Pforzheim0:30:14
54Michael Kreiß (Ger) Radsport-Team Lutz0:30:19
55Jos Engelen (Ned) licht verzet0:33:10
56Frank Wochner (Ger) RSV Geislingen / Team Interstuhl0:33:20
57Frank Stanger (Ger) Hepco Becker Factory Team0:34:32
58Patrik Cura (Ger) RSV Geislingen / Team Interstuhl0:37:08
59Kai Bodmer (Ger) GHOST Racing Team0:37:26
60Arman Yigitkurt (Ger) RSV Geislingen / Team Interstuhl0:39:16
61Mikel Tharann (Ger) Racing-Team www.kern-sohn.com0:40:19
62Michel Wynsberghe (Bel) Lingier-Versluys team0:40:29
63Markus Abt (Ger) Racing-Team www.kern-sohn.com0:42:29
64Arduin Tabary (Fra) GKV Cycling Team0:42:30
65Ronny Dölker (Ger) RSV Geislingen / Team Interstuhl0:42:35
66Dieter Schulzki (Ger) Christlicher Sportverein Stuttgart0:43:12
67Matthieu Neirynck (Bel) Rvcobg0:47:51
68Hermann Heinzelmann (Ger) Christlicher Sportverein Stuttgart1:08:18

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anne Terpstra (Ned) Bar-End2:59:12
2Meier Maaris (Est) ProShop Team0:01:22
3Gabi Stanger (Ger) Team Centurion0:03:07
4Sonja Brodbeck (Ger) CSV Stuttgart 19990:23:47
5Hélène Vander Massen (Bel) GKV Cycling Team0:40:25
6Judith Koniezcny (Ger) Sparkasse Zollernalb1:04:49

Men final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Hannes Genze (Ger) Multivan Merida Biking Team7:03:57
2Kevin Van Hoovels (Bel) Lingier-Versluys team0:00:01
3Alban Lakata (Aut) Topeak-Ergon Team
4Kristián Hynek (Cze) S&H Superior MTB Team0:00:12
5Sebastian Carabin (Bel) Lingier-Versluys team0:00:18
6Jochen Käß (Ger) Multivan Merida Biking Team0:01:01
7René Tann (Ger) GERMINA Raicing Team/ 1. Suhler MTB Club0:01:13
8Stefan Sahm (Ger) Team Bulls0:01:20
9Balz Weber (Swi) Team DS-Rennsport0:01:34
10Robby De Bock (Bel) Waasland Mountainbike Team0:01:49
11Andreas Kugler (Swi) Multivan Merida Biking Team0:05:34
12Ruben Scheire (Bel) Team Saeco0:05:40
13Torsten Marx (Ger) Team DS-Rennsport0:09:36
14Matthias Pfrommer (Ger) Team HAICO Racing0:13:50
15Andreas Kleiber (Ger) TSV Niederstaufen0:17:21
16Thomas Pfrommer (Ger) Team HAICO Racing0:18:44
17Volker Ordowski (Ger) Team Craft Rocky Mountain0:21:52
18Robert Gehbauer (Aut) RC ARBÖ ASKÖ Klagenfurt0:22:34
19Cristóbal Silva Ibaceta (Chi) Quaker-Cannondale0:25:35
20Alexander Speisekorn (Ger) / Singen0:25:49
21Karl Platt (Ger) Team Bulls0:25:56
22Stephan Schiele (Ger) Team VOBA RSV Nattheim0:26:30
23Marcel Reiser (Ger) Sparkasse Zollernalb / BKK Gesundheit0:26:55
24Daniel Aspacher (Ger) activity-racing-team0:27:30
25Matthias Gärtner (Ger) www.matzegaertner.de0:29:44
26Christopher Görgen (Ger) RC Herschbroich0:30:30
27Tim Wynants (Bel) Trek-Bart Brentjens powered by Milka0:30:53
28Matouš Ulman (Cze) S&H Superior MTB Team0:31:52
29Stefan Sievermann (Ger) RSV Staubwolke Haslach0:33:15
30Kurt Tempst (Bel) mtb rudi0:38:04
31Nicolas Vogt (Ger) Best-Bike-Parts / HAIBIKE0:39:29
32Micha Van Den Eynde (Bel) mtb rudi0:39:50
33Steffen Hannes Greger (Ger) RV Adler Empfingen0:42:23
34Johannes Thumm (Ger) Craft-Rocky-Mountain Team0:48:45
35Lutz Babilon (Ger) SV Kirchzarten0:48:58
36Simon Lund (Ger) SV Kirchzatren0:50:02
37Tommy Galle (Ger) White-Rock e.V.0:50:29
38Christoph Cords (Ger) / Singen0:51:04
39Marc Bulteel (Bel) mtb rudi0:54:05
40Kris Willemsens (Bel) Kris Willemsens0:54:54
41Matthias Veit (Ger) 1. RMC Reutlingen0:58:13
42Lukas Haasis (Ger) RSG Zollern-Alb / Team Gonso-Rawoflex0:58:44
43Robert Wittmann (Ger) RSC LOGWIN Kempten1:03:35
44Roland Kienzler (Ger) RC Villingen1:06:19
45Ralf Maier (Ger) mtb-teck/Team nolte-küchen1:09:21
46Claus Langenecker (Ger) TEAM NUTRIXXION1:09:37
47Wim Peers (Bel) mtb rudi1:11:56
48Christoph Lander (Ger) RSV Geislingen / Team Interstuhl1:14:23
49Lukas Kubis (Ger) Team HAIBIKE1:14:26
50Julian Biefang (Ger) RSC Eifelland Mayen1:17:21
51Michael Kreiß (Ger) Radsport-Team Lutz1:20:09
52Bart Boeckmans (Bel) mtb rudi1:21:18
53Rudi Geentjens (Bel) mtb rudi1:24:55
54Wolf-Thorsten Witt (Ger) Mister Bike Pforzheim1:28:38
55Frank Wochner (Ger) RSV Geislingen / Team Interstuhl1:31:10
56Jos Engelen (Ned) licht verzet1:36:33
57Frank Stanger (Ger) Hepco Becker Factory Team1:39:10
58Michel Wynsberghe (Bel) Lingier-Versluys team1:47:06
59Arduin Tabary (Fra) GKV Cycling Team1:47:20
60Kai Bodmer (Ger) GHOST Racing Team1:47:26
61Arman Yigitkurt (Ger) RSV Geislingen / Team Interstuhl1:53:51
62Mikel Tharann (Ger) Racing-Team www.kern-sohn.com1:56:22
63Patrik Cura (Ger) RSV Geislingen / Team Interstuhl2:01:16
64Ronny Dölker (Ger) RSV Geislingen / Team Interstuhl2:08:26
65Dieter Schulzki (Ger) Christlicher Sportverein Stuttgart2:11:45
66Markus Abt (Ger) Racing-Team www.kern-sohn.com2:17:22
67Matthieu Neirynck (Bel) Rvcobg2:39:20
68Hermann Heinzelmann (Ger) Christlicher Sportverein Stuttgart3:17:35

Women final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gabi Stanger (Ger) Team Centurion8:41:16
2Meier Maaris (Est) ProShop Team0:04:45
3Anne Terpstra (Ned) Bar-End0:14:06
4Sonja Brodbeck (Ger) CSV Stuttgart 19991:01:21
5Hélène Vander Massen (Bel) GKV Cycling Team1:47:37
6Judith Koniezcny (Ger) Sparkasse Zollernalb2:32:00

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