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Flaksis, Becis escape on final lap to claim win

The historic Scandinavian Race in Uppsala was held for the 103rd time with a brazen escape by two members of the Rietumu-Delfin team winning the day. The race is run over 193.5 kilometres (15 laps of a 12.9 kilometre course).

With one lap remaining, Latvian pair Andžs Flaksis and Armands Becis made a dash for the finish holding a 21 second advantage over Michael Stevenson (Sparebanken Vest-Ridley).

Swedish champion Stevenson was competing in only his fourth race back from injury.

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andzs Flaksis (Rietumu-Delfin)4:17:30
2Armands Becis (Rietumu-Delfin)
3Michael Stevenson (Sparebanken Vest-Ridley)0:00:21
4Michael Olsson (Team Cykelcity)
5Alexander Gingsjö (Nordic Eco-Vallentuna Cycling)0:00:31
6Lars Andersson (National Team Sweden)0:00:32
7Andris Smirnovs (Rietumu-Delfin)
8Roy Hegreberg (Sparebanken Vest-Ridley)
9Erki Putsep (Alpha Baltic/Unitymarathons.)
10Florian Bissinger (ARBÖ Gebrüder Weiss - Oberndorfer)
11Morten Øllegaard (Team Energi Fyn)
12Johan Svensson (Borås CA)
13Andris Vosekalns (Alpha Baltic/Unitymarathons.)
14Indulis Bekmanis (Rietumu-Delfin)
15Andreas Thell (Bornholm Pro Cycling)
16Eirik Jarlseth (Kasa Team Ringeriks-Kraft)
17Aslak Værnes (Team Ringeriks-Kraft)
18Viesturs Luksevics (Alpha Baltic/Unitymarathons.)
19Fredrik Galta (Stavanger Sykleklubb)
20Kim Magnusson (Motala AIF CK)
21Andreas Tillfors (CK C4/Team Refero)
22Sebastian Balck (Team Cykelcity)
23Victor Ulzen (ARBÖ Gebrüder Weiss - Oberndorfer)
24Jesper Hansen (Team Energi Fyn)
25Jesper Andreasen (Bornholm Pro Cycling)
26Kristian Jensen (Team Energi Fyn)
27Alexander Wetterhall (National Team Sweden)
28Kristian Vika (Stavanger Sykleklubb)
29Erik Sven Bystrøm (Stavanger Sykleklubb)
30Marcus Johansson (CK Hymer)
31Paul Wirenstedt (CK C4/Team Refero)
32Patrik Morén (Nordic Eco-Vallentuna Cycling)
33Frans-Leonard Markaskard (Team Ringeriks-Kraft)
34Lucas Persson (National Team Sweden)
35Brekke Audun Fløtten (Team Ringeriks-Kraft)
36Rasmus Sterebo (Team Energi Fyn)
37Erik Saeden (EPIC Mölndals CK Elite)
38Mathias Hjärtström (CK Hymer)
39Andreas Frisch (Team Concordia Forsikring Himmerland)
40Ove Nilsson (Borås CA)
41Kimmo Kananen (National Team Finland)
42Frederik John Ziesler (Sparebanken Vest-Ridley)
43Simon Galle (Fredrikshofs IF CK)
44Patrik Ericsson (Bornholm Pro Cycling)
45Rick Andersson (Motala AIF CK)
46Joakim Carlsson (EPIC Mölndals CK Elite)
47Christian Gustavsson (EPIC Mölndals CK Elite)
48Kristian Løberg (TVK)
49Thomas Pettersen (Stavanger Sykleklubb)
50Marc Garby (Bornholm Pro Cycling)
51Reinis Andrijanovs (Alpha Baltic/Unitymarathons.)
52Petter Persson (Nordic Eco-Vallentuna Cycling)
53Sebastian Lander (Team Concordia Forsikring Himmerland)
54Tobias Ludvigsson (Team Cykelcity)
55Christian Ranneries (Team Concordia Forsikring Himmerland)0:01:32
56Rasmus Quaade (Christian Team Concordia Forsikring Himmerland)
57Lasse Norman (Team Concordia Forsikring Himmerland)
58Lukas Ranacher (ARBÖ Gebrüder Weiss - Oberndorfer)0:02:32
59Christofer Stevenson (Sparebanken Vest-Ridley)
60Nicolai Steensen (Team Concordia Forsikring Himmerland)
61Johan Landström (eam Cykelcity)
62Johan Lindgren (Team Cykelcity)
63Risto Aaltio (National Team Finland)0:03:32
64Carl-Henrik Sandell (National Team Sweden)
65Kristofers Racenajs (Alpha Baltic/Unitymarathons.)
66Marcus Johansson (Motala AIF CK)
DNFLauris Spillers (Alpha Baltic/Unitymarathons.)
DNFLars Pria (ARBÖ Gebrüder Weiss - Oberndorfer)
DNFSebastian Ndersen (Bornholm Pro Cycling)
DNFChristian Andreasen (Bornholm Pro Cycling)
DNFMattias Brolin (Borås CA)
DNFMartin Gotting (Borås CA)
DNFPeter Karlsson (Borås CA)
DNFAnders Stenberg (Borås CA)
DNFJimmy Bodin (CK C4/Team Refero)
DNFFredrik Olofsson (CK C4/Team Refero)
DNFPatrik Paulsson (CK C4/Team Refero)
DNFBenny Sonesson (CK C4/Team Refero)
DNFLudwig Brandt (CK Falken)
DNFErik Johansson (CK Falken)
DNFDaniel Sjöberg (CK Falken)
DNFChristoffer Svensson (CK Falken)
DNFJohan Gransten (CK Hymer)
DNFRasmus Mikiver (CK Hymer)
DNFFredrik Albing (CK Valhall)
DNFBjörn Gustafsson (CK Valhall)
DNFMagnus Nilsbo (CK Valhall)
DNFMatti Scheffer (CK Valhall)
DNFJohan Brengdahl (EPIC Mölndals CK Elite)
DNFKristoffer Fransson (EPIC Mölndals CK Elite)
DNFAnton Holm (EPIC Mölndals CK Elite)
DNFCarl Bylund (Fredrikshofs IF CK)
DNFEmil Eriksson (Fredrikshofs IF CK)
DNFPeter Eriksson (Fredrikshofs IF CK)
DNFAlexander Nordström (Fredrikshofs IF CK)
DNFClas Nordström (Fredrikshofs IF CK)
DNFFredrik Svärm (Motala AIF CK)
DNFSimon Widå (Motala AIF CK)
DNFIlari Kahila (National Team Finland)
DNFMatti Manninen (National Team Finland)
DNFMikael Myllymäki (National Team Finland)
DNFMikko Paajanen (National Team Finland)
DNFLinus Dahlberg (National Team Sweden)
DNFJesper Dahlström (National Team Sweden)
DNFEgeland Daniel Jarstø (Sparebanken Vest-Ridley)
DNFSondre Asheim (Stavanger Sykleklubb)
DNFJonas Bjelkmark (Team Cykelcity)
DNFMorten Christensen (Team Energi Fyn)
DNFAlexander Randin (Team Ringeriks-Kraft)
DNFMikael Schou (Team Ringeriks-Kraft)
DNFHalvorsen Espen Bjørgan (TVK)
DNFFrengen Tommy Evensen (TVK)
DNFArne Jon Gaundal (TVK)
DNFTombre Anders Pettersen (TVK)
DNFAas Adrian Stien (TVK)
DNFMarcus Linder (Upsala CK)
DNFJan Mattsson (Upsala CK)
DNFPatrik Stridsberg (Upsala CK)
DNFTobias Stridsberg (Upsala CK)
DNFMikael Andersson (Östersunds CK)
DNFSigve Colbjörnsen (Östersunds CK)
DNFDavid Ekholm (Östersunds CK)
DNFFredrik Kingstad (Östersunds CK)
DNFKlas Kullman (Östersunds CK)
DNFMartin Nilsson (Östersunds CK)
DNFMats Andersson (Nordic Eco-Vallentuna Cycling)
DNFMattias Svensson (Nordic Eco-Vallentuna Cycling)
DNFDaniel Lundvall (Nordic Eco-Vallentuna Cycling
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