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MET Manta MIPS is the Italian brand's new aero lid

MET Manta MIPS seen from the side
(Image credit: MET)

The new MET Manta MIPS sees the Italian brand's aero road helmet become even safer and more energy-efficient. MET had its design teams slightly reshape the Manta in a wind tunnel, and add a slip plane to its fastening lining. 

The new Manta MIPS has an even more aero structure than its predecessor. Its nine leading-edge vent ports have been reshaped and the aft section has a rear deflector, which helps to channel airflow better, delivering a cooler and comfier ride experience, especially in sweltering conditions. 

With assistance from the Newton aero laboratory in Milan, MET has reformed the Manta’s rear, whilst retaining the top-mounted NACA scoop and providing eight exhaust points for air flow. In comparative wind tunnel testing, MET’s technical team has seen a 3w efficient gain, in terms of mean drag, compared to the previous generation Manta. 

Fit ergonomics use a 360-degree fastening belt to reduce point pressure and a magnetic Fidlock buckle, which can easily be clipped and unclipped, even with a gloved hand. 

MET Manta MIPS helmet seen from the side and back

(Image credit: MET)

Better protection

The Manta’s MIPS liner enhances its protection rating, especially for those angular impacts that can cause soft tissue brain injury, and allows for between 10-15mm of impact-absorbing movement. 

Beyond the enhanced aerodynamic properties, safety and comfort, the Manta MIPS also features integrated docking for your sunglasses, with two front vents dedicated to the purpose of keeping your sunglasses securely in place. 

The helmet’s launch colourway is a deep red, whilst the entire colour palette is six hues strong. Sizes are small, medium and large, with a reference weight rating of 250g. MET is marketing the Manta MIPS at £220.