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Hannah Rhodes-Patterson smashes Everesting women's record

Hannah Rhodes-Patterson Everesting
Hannah Rhodes-Patterson during her Everesting ride (Image credit: Joel Rhodes-Patterson)

In a recent string of record-breaking climbing efforts, Hannah Rhodes-Patterson has smashed the Everesting women's record with a new time of 9 hours and eight minutes on Thursday. She beat the previous record holder Lauren De Crescenzo by nearly 50 minutes.

Rhodes-Patterson covered 8,848 metres on the short side of Kirkstone Pass in the Lake District in Penrith, UK. The short side of the ascent has an average gradient of 10.90 per cent and Rhodes did her test in 37 repeats and 163km.

"Not sure I could go so far as to say I feel fine," she wrote on a Strava post.

Riders have been Everesting, officially run by Hells 500 out of Australia, by riding 8,848 vertical metres - the height of Mount Everest - as fast as possible using just one climb.

Rhodes-Patterson is the third woman within two weeks to break the Everesting women's record. De Crescenzo, a former pro that now works as a research assistant at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), set a new fast time just last weekend climbing Hogpen Gap in Georgia a total of 24 times in 9 hours and 57 minutes. She had beat previous record holder Katie Hall's time by roughly four minutes.

"With lots of cyclists having taken to the 'everesting ' hills recently (essentially accumulating 8848m of elevation gain on a single hill), and some new records being set, I thought why not have a go myself, while hopefully raising some money for two very worthwhile causes in the process," Rhodes-Patterson wrote on her fundraiser page.

She set up a GoFundMe following the ride to raise fund on behalf of Staffordshire North and Stoke-on-trent Citizens Advice Bureau. 

"If you are able, I would love it if you contribute a little something through this page for those who really need it. I've chosen the Staffordshire North & Stoke-on-Trent CitizensAdviceBureau," she wrote on the fundraiser page.

"Through the Citizens Advice Bureau  I hope to be able to provide support to people in the local area who have had a particularly difficult few months and for whom the little things that make a big difference."

Visit the GoFundMe page to support Staffordshire North and Stoke-on-trent Citizens Advice Bureau here.