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Futuristic 3D-printed Fizik Antares Versus Evo 00 Adaptive now available to buy

Fizik 3D printed saddle: Antares Versus Evo 00 Adaptive
(Image credit: Fizik)

Fizik launched its new 3D printed saddle at Eurobike last September with the suggestion that it could be available in the near future. The wait is now over as today, Fizik has officially released its new 3D-printed Antares Versus Evo 00 Adaptive saddle for sale.

Fizik has based its new saddle on its existing Antares Versus Evo 00 racing saddle platform. Continuing with the Versus Evo full channel design and utilising the already successful high module carbon body and rails to form a base to support the new innovative 3D-printed padding.

Fizik 3D printed saddle shell - Antares Versus Evo 00 Adaptive

A tried-and-tested carbon body provides the base for the new revolutionary padding (Image credit: Fizik)

It’s the 3D-printed latticework padding that makes this saddle so interesting. By partnering with the Silicon Valley company Carbon (the company that has also been working with Specialized) Fizik has been able to utilise the Carbon Digital Light Synthesis technology (DLS) which has opened up the possibility of producing highly intricate structures with specific mechanical properties and finishes that aren’t possible with standard foam padding.

In the real world, this has allowed Fizik to produce a saddle with four zones that have targetted support. These were determined by analysing different pressure profiles and how these patterns change based on different bike geometries, riding positions and riding styles.

Fizik 3D printed saddle - Antares Versus Evo 00 Adaptive

The saddle is split into four seamless zones for targeted comfort and support (Image credit: Fizik)

By taking the knowledge established from the saddle telemetry and experimenting with DLS construction, Fizik can provide specific properties that are seamlessly blended together. The focus has been in the middle zone, for better pedalling stability and enhanced blood flow, as well as a compression gradient to support the sit bones and ischiatic zone. Fizik has also considered the nose of the saddle for support in the most aero position and rear cushioning for riders who like a more backward position.

Fizik assures the new padding has long-lasting durability for real-world use based on testing that simulated accelerated weathering, UV ageing and wear resistance. The saddle has been in use by Fizik's sponsored professional team including Team Ineos and Jumbo Visma, as well as atop the seatposts of Movistar riders, as we spotted at the Tour Down Under. Cleaning the saddle after a dirty ride on a MTB or gravel bike is as simple as blasting it with a hose.

Fizik will offer the 3D-printed Antares Versus Evo 00 Adaptive in two width options and will retail for £369.99 / $399.00 / €390.00. 

Buy the Fizik Antares Versus Evo 00 Adaptive saddle


Fizik Antares Versus Evo 00 Adaptive 139mm

  • Dimensions: 274x139mm
  • Weight: 147g
  • Height at 75mm width: 54mm
  • Length from nose to 75mm width: 151mm

Fizik Antares Versus Evo 00 Adaptive 146mm

  • Dimensions: 274x146mm
  • Weight: 154g
  • Height at 75mm width: 54mm
  • Length from nose to 75mm width: 151mm