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Fly V Australia to use Reynolds wheels

Fly V Australia's De Rosas will use Reynolds wheels for the next two seasons.

Fly V Australia's De Rosas will use Reynolds wheels for the next two seasons. (Image credit: Daniel Simms)

Reynolds has announced it will supply Australian Continental team Fly V Australia with equipment for two seasons, starting from 2010. Fly V Australia will use element disc and RZR wheel sets throughout the next two years, having previously been supplied by Edge.

Reynolds’ Jonathan Geran said the company hopes Fly V Australia’s riders will provide crucial feedback on its product. “Reynolds Cycling is very excited to be a part of the Fly V program, their racing depth and experience tie very nicely into our overall company philosophy,” said Geran. “Everyone within Reynolds is excited to work with the team on a successful racing program and product development feedback from top professionals that push anyone’s product to extremes.”

Fly V Australia will use Reynolds’ RZR, Element disc, MV 32 T, MV 32 C and DV46 T wheels on its De Rosa framed throughout 2010 and 2011. Reynolds approach to product advancement is what attracted the team toward the company, according to team owner Chris White.

“Our relationship with Reynolds is important to our success as having a wheel supplier at the forefront of technology and continually looking for improvements will ultimately drive our success as a team too,” said White. “Reynolds clearly displays the desire to advance their products. A fine example of this approach is their impressive sub 900 gram wheel sets, the RZR.”