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Australian team finalized for mountain bike worlds

Sid Taberlay (ShoAir/Specialized) and Todd Wells (Specialized) in a breakaway.

Sid Taberlay (ShoAir/Specialized) and Todd Wells (Specialized) in a breakaway. (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/

Cycling Australia and MTBA selected 66 riders to contest the 2009 UCI Mountain Bike and Trials World Championships in Canberra, Australia, from September 1 to 6.  This latest announcement completes the team.  Previously, only the junior nominations had been announced.

The team includes many cross country, downhill, four cross and trials riders with international experience and several reigning Oceania Champions.

Two riders, Trenton Day and Thomas Hubert, were selected but will not compete due to injury.

Nominations were made according to pre-defined selection criteria. Riders have until Friday, August 14 to appeal non-selections with Cycling Australia.

Elite men cross country
- Andrew Blair
- Dylan Cooper
- Ben Henderson
- Christopher Jongewaard
- Daniel McConnell
- Sid Taberlay

Elite women cross country
- Rowena Fry (Oceania Champion)
- Joanna Harrington
- Zoe King
- Kate Potter
- Katherine O'Shea
- Joanna Wall
- Jodie Willett

Under 23 men cross country
- Cal Britten
- Charlton Durie
- Nathan Haas
- Lachlan Norris (Oceania Champion)
- Paul van der Ploeg

Under 23 women cross country
- Gracie Elvin (Oceania Champion)
- Therese Rhodes

Junior men cross country
- Michael Baker
- Mitchell Codner
- Trenton Day
- Cameron Ivory
- Brendan Johnston
- Brenton Jones
- James Peacock (Oceania Champion)

Junior women cross country
- Gillian Burgess
- Shelley Flood
- Rebecca Henderson (Oceania Champion)

Elite men four cross
- Joshua Callan
- Leigh Darrell
- Jared Graves (Oceania Champion)
- Ryan Henderson
- Thomas Hubert
- Randall Huntington
- Luke Madill
- Sam Willoughby

Elite women four cross
- Caroline Buchanan (Oceania Champion)
- Sarsha Huntington

Elite men downhill
- Bryn Atkinson
- Mitchell Delfs
- Jared Graves (Oceania Champion)
- Michael Hannah
- Samuel Hill
- Chris Kovarik
- Jared Rando
- Nathan Rennie

Elite women downhill
- Sarah Booth
- Cara Smith
- Claire Whiteman(Oceania Champion)

Junior men downhill
- Laurie Dinham
- William Gower
- Hans Hadley
- Antony Moore
- Tamryn Murrell
- Shaun O'Connor (Oceania Champion)
- Rhys Willemse

Junior women downhill
- Holly Baarspul

Junior men trials - 20"
- Lachlan Sens

Elite men trials - 20"
- Morgan Driessens
- Jack Mullay

Elite men trials - 26"
- Joe Brewer
- Andrew Dickey
- Nathan Mummery

Elite women trials - 26"
- Janine Jungfels

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Sue George is an editor at Cyclingnews.  She coordinates all of the site's mountain bike race coverage and assists with the road, 'cross and track coverage.