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Andy Schleck confirms he will miss the Worlds Championships

All eyes will be on Andy Schleck in 2011.

All eyes will be on Andy Schleck in 2011. (Image credit: Bettini Photo)

Andy Schleck has confirmed that he will not ride alongside his brother Frank at the World Championship road race next week in Copenhagen. The Tour de France runner-up has been taken out of the Luxembourg six-man roster initially published on the federation's website.

"I'm not going to the world's because of my tooth problem. Healing slower than expected," the younger Schleck tweeted on Friday.

Schleck has been suffering from an infection of a wisdom tooth for several weeks, making the removal of the tooth necessary. The surgery has already forced him miss the GP de Quebec and the GP de Montreal race in Canada.

It is unclear if Andy will race again this season.

The Luxembourg federation has decided not to replace Andy in the line-up, as the only rider who could have possibly taken his place, Bob Jungels, is still an Under 23 rider. The Luxembourg team will thus enter the road race with only five instead of six riders: Fränk Schleck, Jempy Drucker, Christian Poos, Laurent Didier and Ben Gastauer.