La Passione cycling clothing: Details, pricing and highlights from the La Passione range

La Passione range
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Founded in 2013, La Passione is an Italian brand which seeks to combine top-quality fabrics with that famous Italian eye for style. The aim is to make garments which are not only functional but clothing 'you will fall in love with'.

By using a direct-sales model to cut down the extra costs of selling through distributors, the prices are kept very competitive. Costs aren’t cut in all quarters though; La Passione has a strong commitment to fair labour and ensures all its suppliers’ fabrics and products come from sweat-shop-free conditions.

A deep respect for nature is also ingrained in the company. There is a focus on keeping the manufacturing as local as possible and using organic materials, so as to keep transportation emissions down and have a lower impact environmentally.

La Passione clothing you can buy today

La Passione NDR range

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La Passione NDR range

Maximum breathability for indoor sweat-fests

Comprising: Short sleeve jersey, sleeveless jersey, bib shorts, waist shorts, socks | RRP: Short sleeve jersey: £60 / $75, sleeveless jersey: £40 / $55, bib shorts: £105 / $135, waist shorts: £95 / $120, socks £10 / $15 | Gender: Male

 No rear pockets 

A new arrival for La Passione, this range is intended for indoor riding, where the intensity is high and heat management is key - NDR being a play on the word ‘indoor’.

For the top half, there is the NDR jersey, which is a short-sleeved option with a heavily perforated fabric to maximise airflow. Alternatively, there is the less expensive NDR Tee Sleeveless Jersey, which does use a more tightly woven material but, by eschewing the sleeves, still promises great breathability. Although the jerseys are great value compared to similar products from Le Col or Castelli, the lack of rear pocks limits their versatility for outdoor excursions come the summer.

For the legs, La Passione offers the NDR Bib Shorts, which also feature large perforations in the side panels. A low cut at the front minimises unnecessary fabric, while the bib straps and leg grippers hold everything in place. For a little less money, there are the NDR Shorts which lose the bibs in favour of a waistband, thereby offering greater cooling but with the consequence of more compression around the waist.

La Passione Feel collection

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La Passione Feel collection

Women’s specific summer cycling kit, combining chic with high-performance

Comprising: Short sleeve jersey, sleeveless jersey, tank jersey, bib shorts, waist shorts, socks | RRP: Short sleeve jersey: £80 / $105, sleeveless jersey: £66 / $84, tank jersey: £58 / $72, bib shorts: £94 / $120, waist shorts: £80 / $105, socks: £12 / $15 | Gender: Female

Form hugging fit 
Technical fabrics
No zipped pocket

This is La Passione’s summer range for women, with a focus on using top-quality fabrics and a tailored fit that conforms to the body for a great feel and aerodynamics. The use of bold colours and timeless designs make it a range that is eye-catching as well as functional.

There are three different cuts of the jerseys in this range, but all are constructed from the same quick-wicking Lycra with perforated panels, which includes spacious rear pockets and uses a silicone gripper to hold the hem in place. The Feel Jersey is a classic cycling short sleeve, while the Feel Sleeveless—as you might anticipate—loses the sleeves. The Feel Tank has even less fabric on the upper back and uses a quarter zip rather than full length.

On the lower half, you get the choice between the Feel Bib Shorts—which are a classic cycling short with bib straps—and the Feel Shorts, which are a simple waist short. Bibs can offer a more secure fit, but waist shorts make toilet stops on long rides a much more straightforward affair. Both have an Elastic Interface chamois pad developed for comfort on long rides and use wide silicone grippers to keep the shorts in place.

La Passione Adventure collection

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La Passione Adventure collection

Gravel garments for the path less pedalled

Comprising: Merino jersey, cargo bib shorts, baggy shorts, cargo bib tights, gloves and socks | RRP: Merino jersey: £80 / $100, cargo bib shorts: £115 / $145, baggy shorts: £96 / $120, cargo bib tights: £142 / $184, gloves: £38 / $45, socks: £11 / $14 | Gender: Male

Comfortable and breathable
Great for relaxed gravel atmosphere 
Geared towards milder weather

This range has been developed for comfort, practicality and to be hard-wearing to take on whatever the trails might throw at it. The Adventure Cargo Bib Shorts are made with highly technical Italian fabrics that are extremely abrasion-resistant and come with a mesh pocket perfect for slipping a phone, or some mid-ride snacks, into.

For those less Lycra inclined, there are also Adventure gravel shorts which have a more casual, baggy cut. The four-way stretch fabric is intended to provide no impediment to your pedal stroke and is water repellent, as well as being resistant to scratches from thorns and branches. 

La Passione Warmers collection

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La Passione Warmers collection

Thermal accessories for when the weather starts to turn

Comprising: Leg warmers, arm warmers, knee warmers, neck warmer and cap | RRP: Leg warmers: £38 / $48, arm warmers: £30 / $36, knee warmers: £30 / $36, neck warmer: £22 / $28, cap: £18 / $24 | Gender: Unisex

Warm fabrics
Tailored fit 
Reflective highlights

For those days which don’t warrant full winter garb—but still present a chill—the addition of some warming accessories can be useful as we transition into the colder months. An added benefit is that you aren’t as committed to the layers as you would be with a thermal jacket—warmers can be quickly whipped off and stuck in a jersey pocket.

The leg and arm warmers use a fleece-backed Super Roubaix fabric and feature non-slip silicone grippers to keep them in place—as well as featuring reflective highlights. The knee warmers too feature silicone grippers, but aren’t given the fleece-backed treatment, instead of using a similar material to that of La Passione’s bib shorts.

The neck warmer is made from a merino wool blend, offering natural antibacterial and thermal properties. A versatile garment, it can also be used as an ear tube. The Under-Helmet Cap has a complex construction, with windproof panels on the sides and front and the fleecy Super Roubaix on the upper side. It’s 100% waterproof and even has an opening for sunglasses legs. La Passione says it will take you from -6°C to +4°C (25°F to 43°F).

La Passione Prestige Winter collection

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La Passione Prestige Winter collection

Top-of-the-range technical fabrics for winter riding

Comprising: Thermal jersey, winter jacket, winter tights, deep winter tights | RRP: Thermal jersey: £110 / $142, winter jacket: £160 / $205, winter tights: £152 / $196, deep winter tights: £170 / $220 | Gender: Male

Weather protection
High performance fabrics
The price

Prestige denotes La Passione’s highest-level clothing range, featuring the most technical fabrics and a “perfect body fit”. This does come at a cost, and this range is also La Passione’s most expensive.

For the majority of winter riding, the Prestige Thermal Jersey combined with the Prestige Winter Tights will suffice. These are both designed for temperatures around 10°C (50°F) and feature fleece-backed fabrics for warmth as well as reflective highlights for visibility. The jersey comes with a waterproof pocket for valuables, while the tights are treated to an Elastic Interface pad that’s rated for rides of over seven hours.

But when the weather really starts to bite, the Prestige Winter Jacket and Prestige Deep Winter Tights are both designed to take you down to temperatures below 0°C (32 °F). The jacket features a three-layer membrane—which is completely wind and water-resistant—to protect you from the elements. There’s also a fleecy fabric on the inside to keep you warm. The bib tights have the same chamois pad as the standard winter version, but have a three-layer membrane on the front panels and a DWR treatment.

La Passione Prestige Summer collection

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La Passione Prestige Summer collection

High-performance kit for warm weather riding

Comprising: Short sleeve jersey, bib shorts, lightweight bib shorts | RRP: Short sleeve jersey: £100 / $125, bib shorts: £145 / $180, lightweight bib shorts: £135 / $160 | Gender: Male

Tight fitting and aerodynamic 
Comfort for long rides 
The price

On the other end of the range-topping Prestige collection, is the summer cycling kit. These have been tailored for a form hugging fit, great heat management and comfort on long rides. 

The jersey comes in a wide range of colours, from black, blue and graphite through to sapphire and virtus red. The fabric is quick wicking and utilises a low collar for unrestricted respiration. Although thin, the jersey has an SPF rating of 50+ and so can cope with outings in the full sun.

There are two bib shorts in this range, the Prestige Bib Shorts and the Prestige Lightweight Bib Shorts. Both use the latest Elastic Interface chamois pad for all-day comfort and feature silicon grippers to keep the legs in place. The difference between them is that the Lightweight Bib Shorts uses a more minimalistic fabric which makes them even more breathable and lowers the weight by a claimed 12.5 per cent.

La Passione PSN kit for cool weather

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La Passione PSN kit for cool weather

More affordable cycling clothing for the transitional seasons

Comprising: Rain jersey, windproof jersey, thermal bib shorts | RRP: Rain jersey: £120 / $150, windproof jersey: £125 / $155, thermal bib shorts: £135 / $170 | Gender: Male

Anatomical fit
Lower price
Not as technical fabrics

La Passione’s PSN label denotes their value-oriented range, with fabrics chosen to best balance performance with price. The standard cut is of a similar form-hugging style as the prestige range, but select items come in a “club” fit, which is designed to be a little more relaxed and better suited to a more upright riding position. 

The fabric of the PSN Windproof Jersey is fleece-backed and uses a three-layer membrane on the front, sleeves and collar to provide protection from the elements. Whereas the back and underarms use a thermo fleece fabric to increase breathability. For warm and wet days, there is the PSN LS Rain Jersey, which employs more weather protection and uses less fleece.

Featuring Super-Roubaix fleece-backed panels, the PSN Thermal Bib Shorts promise to keep your thighs toasty, while the Elastic Interface chamois included has been developed specifically for rides that are over seven hours in length. When the cold starts to bite a little more sharply, these pair up well with a set of leg warmers.

La Passione PSN Summer range

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La Passione PSN Summer range

High-value kit for warm weather riding

Comprising: Short sleeve jersey, ultra-lightweight jersey, bib shorts | RRP: Short sleeve jersey: £80 / $105, ultra-lightweight jersey: £72 / $88, bib shorts: £125 / $155 | Gender: Male

Breathable and cool
More affordable
No UPF rating

The PSN range also features some more attainable summer options. As with other items in the PSN range, there is often a choice between the standard close-fitting, aerodynamic cut and the more relaxed “club” cut.

Although the fabrics are less technical than what you might see in the Prestige range, they still pack a punch in terms of performance. The PSN Jersey comes in a staggering range of 12 colours and uses highly breathable Italian fabrics that have been given an antibacterial and wicking treatment. If you need even more airflow in your life, there is the PSN Ultralight Jersey which uses a more minimalist fabric to maximise breathability—just make sure to wear sun cream with this jersey though, as you could get burnt through it.

Although the shorts may not be quite as technical as their Prestige counterparts, they are still compressive, quick-wicking and come with a chamois designed for long-distance riding.

La Passione range explained

Although the naming system for the garments themselves falls refreshingly into the does-what-it-says-on-the-tin category (unlike some other brands…), the various ‘collections’ do benefit from an explanation.

NDR – This denotes La Passione’s recently released indoor-specific clothing. These maximise breathability to keep you as cool and comfortable as possible when training on the turbo.

Adventure – This is the gravel range with an emphasis on usability and comfort. The highlights include bib shorts featuring cargo pockets, baggy shorts and relaxed merino jerseys.

Feel – La Passione’s women-specific collection, with an emphasis on technical and breathable fabrics for long summer rides.

Prestige – This is the range-topping line, using the most technical fabrics and having the most tailored fit. The range spans from lightweight summer options right over to clothes for deepest winter.

PSN – This is the everyman range, still using high-quality fabrics, but with more attention paid to value. Select items are available in a “club” fit, which is more relaxed and best suited to an upright position.

Duo – This collection is the purest expression of Italian style, with a huge range of colours to choose from. The fit and quality of the fabric, naturally, has not been forgotten in the pursuit of fashion.