Gravel bike conversion: Can your current bike become a gravel grinder?

Gravel bike conversion
(Image credit: Graham Cottingham)

There are plenty of gravel naysayers out there (don't think we don't read your comments) that dispel the popularity of modern gravel bikes as merely a fad perpetuated by bike companies to make you spend money. “This isn’t new, it’s just mountain biking from the nineties” they proclaim, there is some truth in what they say, but they're forgetting one important thing. Gravel riding is a lot of fun. 

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Graham has been part of the Cyclingnews team since January 2020. He has mountain biking at his core and can mostly be found bikepacking around Scotland or exploring the steep trails around the Tweed Valley. Not afraid of a challenge, Graham has gained a reputation for riding fixed gear bikes both too far and often in inappropriate places.