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Gifts for cyclists: Christmas present ideas to cater to all budgets

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Best gifts for cyclists
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Whether you're getting a head start on your Christmas shopping or simply showing a sign of affection, if you're looking to buy gifts for cyclists, then you may need some inspiration. We, as cyclists, can be a fussy bunch to please. For example, we like our socks the perfect length and our bar tape a matching colour, and that serves to make us tough to buy for when it comes to gifting.  

Luckily for you, the Cyclingnews team is made up of passionate cyclists, so we like to think we can relate to the wants and needs of cyclists around the world. So whether you're the gift-giver looking for inspiration or the recipient wanting to suggest some gift ideas, we’ve compiled a range of great gifts for cyclists so the cyclists of the world can get something they can actually use and enjoy.

Scroll on for an all-encompassing guide to our favourite gifts for cyclists no matter their age or preferred discipline and budget. We'll cover wallet-friendly crowd-pleasers to the crème de la crème of premium products (in case you’re feeling especially generous). Or, just keep scrolling for all of our gift ideas.

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Don't forget, with the many Cyber Monday bike deals this weekend, you can grab a great gift while also saving some money. If you're buying for a roadie, see if you can get them something nice in the Cyber Monday Rapha deals, or if they're a gadget-head, try the Cyber Monday Garmin deals or Cyber Monday GoPro deals. Plus let's not forget that Christmas is a great time to treat the mini cyclists in our lives, so be sure to check out the Cyber Monday kids' bike deals as well.

Gifts for cyclists

The front cover of Lonely Planet, 'Epic Bike Rides of the World', showing a drawing of two cyclists riding through an autumnal landscape

(Image credit: Lonely Planet)

Lonely Planet, 'Epic Bike Rides of the World'

A beautiful book to inspire their next adventure

RRP: £24.99 / $35.00
Reasons to buy
+200 adventure ideas+Beautifully finished

If they're a fan of travelling with their bike, and particularly if they've been dying to get out on another adventure after being cooped up during three lockdowns, then this beautiful book from Lonely Planet could be the thing to inspire their next trip. While travel restrictions may still be in place for certain parts of the world, there's nothing to stop them from delving into its pages and dreaming up the next big journey.

The Midlife Cyclist by Phil Cavell

(Image credit: Bloomsbury Publishing)

'The Midlife Cyclist', Phil Cavell

A roadmap for the 40+ year old rider who wants to train hard, ride fast and stay healthy

RRP: £14.99 / $20.00
Reasons to buy
+Contributions from leading coaches, ex-pro and pro team doctors

In his debut book, Phil Cavell - co-founder of Cyclefit and renowned biomechanics pioneer - has put together a manifesto for cyclists over the age of 40. It explores the trend of middle-aged and older cyclists seeking to achieve high-level performance and uses contributions from a variety of experts, including ex-pros, leading coaches, and pro-team doctors, to provide a road-map for the mature cyclist.

The Muc-Off Ultimate bicycle care kit toolbox, closed, with pink handles and clips

(Image credit: Muc-Off)

Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Kit

Great gift for a commuter to keep their bike clean

RRP: £84.99 / $109.99
Reasons to buy
+Multiple gifts in one+Genuinely useful products

If your loved one is a commuter cyclist, or they just generally come home dirty, help them to keep their bike running for longer with this all-in-one cleaning kit from Muc-Off.

It contains all the tools needed for the job, including biodegradable bike cleaner and spray wash, drivetrain cleaner, a microfibre cloth, several specialist brushes and wet lube for afterwards. Plus, it’s all stored neatly in a heavy-duty toolbox.

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The Road Book

(Image credit: The Road Book)
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The Road Book

“Pow” - Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig – Shaking my Confidence (Image credit: The Road Book)
Image 3 of 5

The Road Book

Dentist – Dan Martin – Completing the Set (Image credit: The Road Book)
Image 4 of 5

The Road Book

Tom Pidcock – In the Cross-Fire (Image credit: The Road Book)
Image 5 of 5

The Road Book

“Dear ASO” - Kathryn Bertine - A Standing Start (Image credit: The Road Book)

The Road Book 2021 First Edition, ed. Ned Boulting

The essential roadie almanac

RRP: £50.00 / $TBC
Reasons to buy
+Excellent essays+A fascinating read for any road cycling enthusiast

Since 2018 'The Road Book' has been documenting the entire year's race calendar in exquisite detail, with long-form essays and all the essential data, mapping out the entire year. Among the many essays enclosed in this year's edition, your giftee will find words from Tadej Pogačar, Lizzie Deignan, Dame Sarah Storey, and Tom Pidcock. They'll read Kit Nicholson’s account of Mark Cavendish’s return to his triumphant best and a record-equalling 34th stage win at the Tour de France, as well as multiple Grand Tour stage winner Dan Martin's candid, amusing and honest account of his final Giro d’Italia. 

Using code ROADCN21, Cyclingnews readers can get an exclusive deal which includes free UK delivery or vastly discounted delivery to ROW territories, as well as four exclusive A5 prints, as shown in the gallery above. 

Aeropress Go with various accessories

(Image credit: Aeropress)

Aeropress Go

Surely caffeine is the ultimate gift for a cyclist?

RRP: £31.99 / $31.95
Reasons to buy
+Useful at home as well as on the go

Cycling and coffee go hand in hand, and with the ever-growing popularity of enjoying a brew in the great outdoors, what better present to give than a packable Aeropress kit that fits inside their dangle mug? It has everything you need to brew up the perfect cup of joe, while admiring the view, or getting a boost for the next leg of their ride.

A rose gold Knog Oi Bell

(Image credit: Knog)

Knog Oi Luxe Bike Bell

A minimalist accessory that adds a touch of class to the cockpit

RRP: £34.99 / $39.95
Reasons to buy
+Distinctive ring+Looks great

While a bell may seem like a trivial gift, the Knog Oi is a very classy addition to anyone’s cockpit. Its slimline, minimalist design doesn’t take up much space, and adds a touch of sophistication, while the sound it emits is polite and distinctive. It’s easy to install, fits around cables without any issues, and comes in a range of colours and two size options for narrow and wide diameter handlebars.

The front cover of Where There's A Will, complete with woman riding a bikepacking bike through a mountainous landscape

(Image credit: Pursuit Books)

‘Where there’s a will’, Emily Chappell

An inspiring tale of cross-continental racing

RRP: £6.99 / $15.38
Reasons to buy
+An inspiring and relatable story

Emily Chappell has been an inspiring figure in women’s endurance racing since she won the Transcontinental Race in 2016. ‘Where there’s a will’ is her second book, which details her struggle to overcome feelings of inadequacy and imposter syndrome in the lead-up to the grand departure. She also writes about the women who inspire her - her ‘invisible peloton’ - her friendship with the late Mike Hall, and how she worked through grief following his death in 2017.

Bontrager Ion 200 RT & Flare RT

(Image credit: Bontrager)

Bontrager Ion 200 RT & Flare RT

Compact-yet-powerful lights that punch well above their weight

RRP: £84.99 / $114.99
Reasons to buy
+Daytime visible from 2k away+ANT+ connectivity

A good set of lights can make all the difference to a ride, especially when it turns out to be much longer than initially planned. They never have to get caught out riding home in the dark if they have a decent pair of lights to hand. 

They're small and easy to stuff into a pocket for emergencies, and they give off a powerful flash that can be seen from 2km away.

Lezyne HV Micro Floor Drive V2 ABS Pump

(Image credit: Lezyne )

Lezyne HV Micro Floor Drive V2 ABS Pump

An excellent tool to keep on hand if they end up with a flat tyre

RRP: £50.00 / $54.99
Reasons to buy
+High quality machined product+PSI gauge for accurate inflation+Includes a fold-out foot for easier pumping

Nothing's worse than getting caught out with a puncture, especially when your hand pump has had it and you almost lose an arm trying to reinflate your tyre afterwards. Unlike most hand pumps that can tire you out very quickly, the Lezyne HV Micro Floor Drive acts like a miniature track pump, with a fold-out foot that you can use to stand it upright and push down to pump. It also includes a PSI gauge and makes an excellent addition to their tool stash.

Abus Bordo Lite 6055 and bracket

(Image credit: Abus)

Abus Bordo Lite 6055

A neatly packaged deterrent against opportunist thieves

RRP: £49.99 / $69.99
Reasons to buy
+Super-neat folding design+Rubber coated to protect your bike+Light and easy to use+Neat carrying bracket+Hard to cut or burst

Help them keep their pride and joy safe when out and about, by buying them a great quality bike lock. The Abus Bordo Lite 6055 is a folding lock that neatly folds away and can be stored easily on the frame, and is difficult to cut through. It weighs just 440g so it's not overly cumbersome to pedal around with, plus if you didn't want to use the well-designed mount, it's small enough to stash in a pocket or bag.

Oakley Sutro sunglasses in black with red and yellow tinted Prizm lens

(Image credit: Oakley)

The best cycling sunglasses for the fashion conscious

RRP: £140.00 / $173.00
Reasons to buy
+Fantastic visual clarity+Great field of view+Cheap price for premium product

Any road cyclist will appreciate the gift of some high-quality cycling sunglasses, and the Oakley Sutros are up there among the best, thanks to their large lenses that offer a good field of view, the visual clarity that comes with Oakley's Prizm lenses, and the secure and stable fit.

With their classic retro style, the Oakley Sutros are ideal for everyone from the elite-level cyclist to casual commuters and everything in between.

A row of Cupple bottles in different colours

(Image credit: Cupple)


An insulated bottle and coffee keep-cup in one stylish, eco-friendly package

RRP: From £39.50
Reasons to buy
+All-in-one design fits in a regular bottle cage+Never forget a reusable coffee cup+Personalisation and various colour options

If the person you're buying for enjoys their coffee stops, cares about the environment, but is constantly forgetting to take their own reusable cup out on rides, then the Cupple could be an excellent solution and gift option. It's a 525ml insulated water bottle - to keep their drink cold and fresh on the ride - and keep-up in one. Simply untwist the stainless steel outer sleeve, and the double-walled coffee cup is slotted neatly inside, along with a silicone lid. The whole thing can fit inside a standard bottle cage, and comes in several colours with personalisation options as well to make it a very special gift.

In the lead up to Christmas, you can also get a Cupple bundle for £60, which includes  a personalisation on the botle, a cross-body carry bag, bottle brush, a tote shopping bag and a £1 donation to the Woodland Trust.

Luxury gifts for cyclists

Aftershokz Aeropex headphones

(Image credit: Aftershokz )

Bone-conducting headphones for the great outdoors

RRP: £149.95 / $159.99
Reasons to buy
+Listen to music without blocking surroundings

If you're buying for someone who likes to listen to music while out on the roads, offer them a safer option with these bone-conducting headphones from Aftershokz. Instead of blocking their ears, like regular headphones, the Aeropex uses bone-conduction technology to deliver a dynamic and stereo audio experience while leaving the ears open.

Weighing just 25 grams and sporting a sleek design, the Aftershokz Aeropex is comfortable to wear and ideal for listening to music and podcasts, or taking phone calls while active. Its claimed battery life is up to eight hours for music and calls, so it's suitable for daily commuters and all-day riders alike.

The Silca Ypsilon Home Kit Box, slightly ajar revealing the tools inside

(Image credit: Silca)

Silca Ypsilon Home Kit Box

Professional quality Y-wrench tool kit

RRP: £130.00 / $122.00
Reasons to buy
+High strength and quality materials+Beautiful birch case

Whether they're a professional bike mechanic or a home tinkerer, get them something special to add to their toolkit. Silca's take on the conventional Y-wrench offers - as with all of Silca's wares - a perfect blend of beauty and functionality. 

The lightweight composite Y-shaped body features ergonomic grips so that it's comfortable to hold and manoeuvre over an extended period of time. Meanwhile the high-strength CrV steel spines leading to the allen keys offer long-lasting wear. The third arm is a quarter-inch bit collet with a magnetic attachment. For this there's an array of options, including allen bits from 1.5-6mm, Torx bits from T8-T30, and variously sized Philips and Flathead screw bits. 

The whole thing is neatly packaged in a beautiful birch case with magnetic closure, so all it needs is a bow on a top.

RCC + POC Ventral Air Spin helmet

(Image credit: Rapha / POC)

Gift them the ultimate aero road helmet, with a sprinkling of Rapha

RRP: £220.00 / $250.00
Reasons to buy
+Outstanding ventilation+Protects against rotational impact+Lightweight and comfortable

The POC Ventral Spin helmet has revolutionised the way we can stay protected while cycling on the road. Spin technology offers brain-saving protection against rotational forces, while the fully-wrapped unibody shell construction offers optimal coverage. Meanwhile the accelerated airflow zones create advanced ventilation channels for serious cooling, making this an exceptionally lightweight, aerodynamic and safe helmet. And now you can gift it to your favourite cyclist, complete with some beautiful Rapha styling with this recent collaboration.

GoPro Hero 10 Black bundle

(Image credit: GoPro)

GoPro Hero 10 Black

Perfect for the budding vlogger or filmmaker

RRP: £584.97 / $599.97
Reasons to buy
+Shoots 5.3K video+Front display ideal for vloggers+Waterproof to 33ft+1080p live streaming

Launched only a couple of months ago, the new Hero 10 Black sits atop GoPro’s famous Hero lineup. With it came some big changes, including Hypersmooth 4.0 and TimeWarp 3.0 features, which provide better video quality, higher bitrates and 1080p live streaming. It’s the ultimate piece of tech for any cycling vlogger or budding filmmaker.

What's more, between now and Christmas you can currently get the Hero 10 Bundle that includes a magnetic swivel clip, spare battery, Shorty mount, 32GB SD card and camera case, along with a year's subscription to GoPro, with a saving of $210 / £220, making now the perfect time to take the plunge on GoPro goodness. 

Philips Lumea hair removal device, with case and alternate heads

(Image credit: Phillips)

Philips Lumea Prestige Hair Removal Device

For the cyclist who shaves their legs

RRP: £475.00 / $610.99
Reasons to buy
+A safe and gentle way to remove leg hair+Cordless for easy use

For many road cyclists, removing leg hair is just as important as lubing a chain. Wind tunnel data has shown that shaving your legs can actually make you faster on the bike, so it’s no surprise that many serious cyclists shave their legs. With the nasty side effects that can come with shaving, why not treat the dedicated cyclist in your life to this wireless hair removal device, offering a much gentler alternative to the razor.

The Garmin Edge 1030 Plus, next to a heart rate strap, speed and cadence sensors and rubber mounts

(Image credit: Garmin)

Give them everything they need to go exploring

RRP: £599.99 / $599.99
Reasons to buy
+Built-in coach function+Dynamic performance monitoring+Connect to your phone for text alerts+24 hours of battery life

Whether they’re planning a big adventure or planning some intensive training for next season, the Garmin Edge 1030 Plus is jam-packed with all the features they’d need to succeed. Including performance tracking that monitors VO2 max, recovery time and training load, among others, and daily workout suggestions tailored to their fitness level, this is the ultimate training companion for any serious cyclist. Treat them to a bundle, so they’ll also get a heart-rate monitor, cadence sensor, and speed sensor.

A silver De'Longhi Magnifica coffee machine with two cups of espresso

(Image credit: De'Longhi)

De'Longhi Magnifica

Because cycling and coffee go hand in hand

RRP: £499.99 / $699.95
Reasons to buy
+Bean-to-cup grinder and coffee maker+Includes a milk frother

Coffee as almost as important to cycling as the bike itself, and any cyclist who receives this for Christmas will feel truly spoilt. Complete with an integrated coffee bean grinder that can be adjusted for seven different coarseness levels, and a milk frother, they can bring the luxury of the coffee shop home with them.

The De'Longhi Magnifica is programmable so they can make their coffee exactly how they like it, while the machine itself is easy to clean and features automatic cleaning programmes, including descaling to help prolong its shelf life.

A black Gore Shakedry jacket with hi-vis yellow cuffs

(Image credit: Gore Wear)

Gore C5 Shakedry 1985 Viz waterproof jacket

The best waterproof jacket they could ask for

RRP: £250.00 / $300.00
Reasons to buy
+Incredibly light and packable+Impenetrable waterproofing+High-visibility panels and reflective details+Extremely breathable

When it comes to waterproofs, you usually have to choose two options from waterproof, breathable and lightweight. It’s very rare that you find a jacket that can do all three. Amazingly though, that’s exactly what the Gore C5 Shakedry 1985 Viz jacket can do, and that makes it a hotly sought after garment. Treat your loved one to something that will enable them to enjoy cycling all year round.

A single white S-Works Vent shoe

(Image credit: Specialized)

The pinnacle of summer (or indoor) road shoes

RRP: £380.00 / $428.00
Reasons to buy
+Vented Mouthport toe box+Mesh upper for superior ventilation+WorldTour-proven features

If you’re buying for a serious road racer, then treat them to something really special. The S-Works Vents are the new gold standard for summer race shoes, packed with WorldTour-proven features like Body Geometry Longitudinal Arch, Varus Wedge, PadLock heel, FACT Powerline carbon outsole, BOA S3-Snap dials, and a personalised insole with a Metatarsal Button. 

Most importantly, these shoes deliver expert moisture management and ventilation to help keep feet dry and fresh during a sweltering race.

The Tacx Neo 2T trainer complete with riser block

(Image credit: Tacx)

The perfect addition to anyone’s pain cave

RRP: £1,199.00 / $1,400.00
Reasons to buy
+Near universal hub-compatibility+Max power: 2,200W+Max incline: 25%

With a huge amount of cyclists having to take their workouts indoors this year, turbo trainers and smart trainers have been difficult to get hold of, with the most affordable options selling out and remaining unavailable for a long time. If you’re buying for someone who is desperate to start cycling indoors, and you’re feeling especially flush and generous, why not treat them to the Tacx Neo 2T smart trainer, the grandaddy of all smart trainers.

The sennheiser Momentum 2 ear buds sit next to their case

(Image credit: Sennheiser)

Sennheiser Momentum 2

Stylish in-ear wireless earphones with all the bells and whistles

RRP: £279.00 / $299.98
Reasons to buy
+Far from a cycling-specific gift+Great for Zwifting with music/Netflix/Eurosport

Since the boom in indoor cycling this year, why not get them something to help make their pain cave sessions all the more pleasant? These sleek-looking earphones from Sennheiser are as good as it gets, offering active noise cancelling, while touch controls allow you to play and pause audio, and skip back and forth between tracks. They’re even compatible with voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant.

The Campagnolo Corkscrew in a display box

(Image credit: Campagnolo)

Campagnolo The Big Corkscrew

For the Campag connoisseur’s collection

RRP: £199.99 / $230.00
Reasons to buy
+Campagnolo’s signature artisanship+Definitely a talking piece

For anyone with a deep love of Campagnolo groupsets, the Campy Corkscrew - as it’s often lovingly called - is a standout gift idea. It’s essentially an oversized corkscrew, but made with the premium materials and Italian flair you’d expect from Tullio Campagnolo. As a functional corkscrew, it’s designed to prevent the bottle from shaking and to never twist through the cork and cause it to drop into the wine. As a collector’s item, its careful finish includes some well-considered details like the design of the screws, derived from the 70s Super Record crankset. It’s bound to be a crowd-pleaser in the right hands.

Cycling gifts for him

Philips OneBlade razor above a spare head and three attachments

(Image credit: Philips)

Philips OneBlade

Smoother is faster. Always

RRP: £39.99 / $34.95
Reasons to buy
+Easy gift with no size / colour to choose from+Not purely restricted to leg-shavers+Comedic value for new cyclists

Smoother is faster. When Specialized launched its Roubaix, that was its tag line… We bet the company didn't expect us to use it in favour of shaven legs.

The truth is, smoother legs are indeed faster, and a great number of cyclists shave their legs for that very reason. So if the cyclist in your life wants to go faster, you can't go wrong with a razor - but maybe check he's part of the silky-smooth club first. 

Of course, if they're not part of the leg-shaving brigade, then you could still gift this razor as a brilliant tongue-in-cheek present, and the chances are he'll find it useful anyway. 

A white pair of Rapha Merino boxer shorts

(Image credit: Rapha)

Rapha Merino Boxers

These aren’t just boxers, they’re merino boxers

RRP: £35.00 / $50.00
Reasons to buy
+Soft and comfortable+Excellent moisture management

Available in both black and white, Rapha’s luxury merino boxers offer performance and comfort that any male cyclist will appreciate. Not only are they soft against the skin, merino has excellent moisture-wicking capabilities, to help everything stay fresh and dry ‘down there’.

An orange Castelli Perfetto Ros jacket

(Image credit: Castelli)

Castelli Perfetto RoS Long Sleeve Jacket

A premium-quality outer layer to see him through the winter

RRP: £200.00 / $229.99
Reasons to buy
+Waterproof and breathable+Close cut for aero efficiency and comfort

The RoS in the jacket’s name stands for ‘rain or shine’, which shows just what it’s designed to do. For any road cyclist looking to continue riding outside through the winter, the Castelli Perfetto RoS jacket features Gore-Tex Infinium fabric for waterproofing, stretch and breathability, offering weather protection without compromising on comfort.

A pair of chain link cufflinks, one sat on top of the other

(Image credit: Recycle and Bicycle)

For the suit-wearer who wants to show off their hobby

RRP: £16.00 / $21.10
Reasons to buy
+Recycled materials+Available in bronze, silver and gold

If the cyclist in your life often wears suits to work, offer him the chance to make a subtle statement about his love for all things two-wheels. These cufflinks are made from upcycled chain links, making them a great way to repurpose worn parts that would otherwise go to scrap. Plus, they’re a small and subtle way to add a bit of personality to workwear.

An orange and white Rapha brevet lightweight jersey

(Image credit: Rapha)

Rapha Brevet Lightweight Jersey

A super popular and lightweight jersey for long, hot rides

RRP: £120.00 / $165.00
Reasons to buy
+Designed to keep him cool on a long day out+Lots of pockets+Plenty of colour options

With summer on the way, gift him something really special that he can get a lot of use out of. Rapha's Brevet Lightweight Jersey is a popular choice because it's designed to help him stay cool on his longest rides when the sun is beating down. It comes with lots of pockets and storage capabilities so he can carry his essentials and snacks, and has a lot of colour options as well so you can choose something you know he'll love.

A purple and yellow tube of Paceline Chamois Butt'r Chamois Cream

(Image credit: Paceline )

Paceline Chamois Butt'r Chamois Cream

Something to make the rides more comfortable

RRP: £15.50 / $18.99
Reasons to buy
+Non-greasy+Easy to remove

Chamois cream is a must-have for any long-distance cyclist, so if your cycling loved one is putting in the miles day after day, a tube of this would make a really thoughtful gift that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

It's a non-greasy lubricant that will help prevent friction build-up and keep them comfortable for hours on the saddle.

We've included it in our 'cycling gifts for him' section due to the fact that we've also featured the female-specific version in our gifts for her section, but there's nothing stopping women using this. 

A man in a white t-shirt and blue jeans wearing the black Park Tool Heavy Duty Shop Apron

(Image credit: Park Tool)

Park Tool Heavy Duty Shop Apron - SA-3

A useful gift for a home mechanic

RRP: £37.99 / $29.95
Reasons to buy
+One size fits all+Usable outside of the workshop, too

If they do all their own bike maintenance at home, why not treat them to this heavy-duty mechanic’s apron from Park Tool? It has all the pockets they need to keep the most essential tools to hand while carrying out a tricky fix, and is made with durable cotton canvas that stands the test of time.

Cycling gifts for her

Functional Chocolates

(Image credit: The Functional Chocolate Company)

Functional Chocolate

Give the gift of chocolate with a functional twist

RRP: From $7.49
Reasons to buy
+Special ingredients and formulas for deep sleep, a boost in energy, PMS relief, and more

While you can never go wrong with chocolate, it can be an impersonal and unimaginative gift. Not anymore though, as The Functional Chocolate Company has developed seven different thoughtful and purposeful formulas for chocolate bars that do good, as well as tasting good.

From the blueberry and lavender infused Sleepy chocolate, to the espresso crunch Energy chocolate, there's bound to be something that appeals. Other options include chocolate bars that relieve symptoms of PMS and menopause, which can definitely be a hurdle for some women cyclists.

Each bar contains three servings, is vegan, gluten free, Fair Trade, and contains some very specialist ingredients that make it a true luxury to indulge in.

The front cover of Waymaking book, in light blue with an artists drawing of a face

(Image credit: Alpkit)


All the inspiration she needs to get out and adventure

RRP: £17.99 / $22.49
Reasons to buy
+Inspiring stories+By women for women+Proceeds go to charity

Whether she's already a seasoned adventurer or is just starting to feel that spark of curiosity, 'Waymaking' is a book that will empower and inspire her to take the next step into the great outdoors. This anthology of short stories, poems and artwork by adventurous women, including Sarah Outen and Anna McNuff.

Alternatively, you can buy it from Alpkit and the royalties will be donated to the John Muir Trust and Rape Crisis.

A pair of light bllue socks, with pink heel, toe and cuffs, the Primal logo on the sole and pink flamingos dotted throughout the design

(Image credit: Primal)

Primal Flamingo Socks

Inject a bit of fun into her cycling getup

RRP: £10.00 / $14.00
Reasons to buy
+Fun and brightly coloured

Socks may seem like a bit of a cop-out gift but cyclists absolutely love them. They're an excellent opportunity to show off a bit of personality and inject some fun into what might otherwise be some pretty serious kit. So, treat her to a fun and colourful pair of socks from Primal, whose patterns range from ice cream and sprinkles to unicorns and zebra stripes. However we think these flamingo socks are absolutely bang on the money.

A purple and yellow tube of women's Paceline Chamois butt'r

(Image credit: Paceline)

Paceline Chamois Butt’r For Her

A chamois cream specially formulated for women

RRP: £15.50 / $17.99
Reasons to buy
+Contains aloe vera, shea butter and lavender oil+Special formula and pH balance for intimate areas

Chamois Butt’r is already a very popular choice amongst cyclists, and the women-specific formula is just as good. Ingredients include aloe vera and vitamins A and E, and because the women’s formula is pH balanced specifically for lady parts, she can slather it all over. It also contains shea butter that moisturises, and tea tree oil, which has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It has a light consistency, similar to hand cream, and a light lavender scent. All in all, a very useful gift.

A pair of silver stud earrings with bicycles on

(Image credit: Katy Craig)

Katy Craig Bicycle Earrings

A subtle and pretty way to show off her love of bikes

RRP: £11.90 / $TBC
Reasons to buy
+Sterling Silver+Suitable for all occasions

Whether she’s going smart or casual, a pair of earrings is a versatile item of jewellery that can go with pretty much anything. They’re also an excellent way to express your personality through jewellery without overpowering your look, so it goes without saying that a pair of sterling silver bicycle earrings would make a lovely addition to any woman’s collection.

Three rolled up pairs of underwear in plain green, plain yellow and red/white polka dots respectively

(Image credit: Look mum no hands!)

LMNH! Podium Pants

Funderwear inspired by the Tour de France

RRP: £25.00 / $34.64
Reasons to buy
+Just for fun

Whether she’s a Queen of the Mountains or a Sprint snaffler, treat her to this fun triple-pack of women’s pants (underwear, to our American readers), inspired by the Tour de France. Made from cotton and spandex, they’re super comfortable and feature a Look Mum No Hands! black waistband.

An orange Rapha Women's Classic Winter jacket

(Image credit: Rapha)

Rapha Women’s Classic Winter Gore-Tex Jacket

See her through the winter with this premium winter jacket

RRP: £270.00 / $370.00
Reasons to buy
+Wind- and water-resistant+Gore-Tex Infinium fabric for durability

The Rapha Women’s Classic Winter Jacket has a three-layer construction, made up of Gore-Tex Infinium fabric which is both breathable and durable, alongside a wind-resistant and water-resistant layer. What results is a hard-wearing winter cycling jacket that protects her from the elements so she can put in those winter miles. There are reflective details for improved visibility, high-stretch storm cuffs for an air-tight seal, and two rear pockets for storage.

The very pink front cover of Queens of Pain, with a woman sat on a stool drinking coffee, a bicycle in the background

(Image credit: Rapha)

‘Queens of Pain’, Isabel Best

For inspiration, and tales of badassery

RRP: £25.00 / $35.00
Reasons to buy
+Packed with inspiring stories+Beautiful finish

This isn’t just a gorgeous coffee table book, it’s a compendium of inspiring tales about the mostly unknown world of women’s bike racing over the past one hundred years. From the first women’s Tour de France, to the fin-de-siécle velodromes of North America, every page is packed with stories of badass women and the legacies they left behind.

A black dhb MODA Women’s SS Jersey with red, blue and purple swirls across the front

(Image credit: dhb)

dhb MODA Women’s SS Jersey - Aurora

For the cyclist who can never have too much kit

RRP: £50.00 / $65.00
Reasons to buy
+Luxurious Italian fabrics+Modern design

While it’s not the time of year for a short-sleeve jersey just yet, this MODA jersey in the Aurora pattern by dhb is simply stunning and would be a great addition to anyone’s cycling wardrobe. Constructed from soft and stretchy Italian fabrics, it feels luxurious to the touch, while the relaxed fit provides maximum comfort. Even better, if she doesn’t want to wait until it’s short-sleeve weather, you can also get matching arm warmers and thermal socks to go with it.

Stocking fillers for cyclists

A map with strava logo and KOM details overlaid

(Image credit: Strava)

One month subscription to Strava

Unlock a whole host of incredible features

RRP: £6.99 / $7.99
Reasons to buy
+Offers smarter training, deeper analysis and safer workouts+When you purchase a gift certificate, you also get a free month

If it isn't on Strava, it didn't happen, right? If your loved one is a firm believer of this, then the gift of a Strava subscription could be the thing that makes their year, unlocking a whole host of premium features and giving them the tools they need to up their training once and for all. Plus, when you buy a gift certificate for Strava, you can also get a free month's subscription for yourself!

SiS GO Isotonic Gel Variety Pack

(Image credit: SiS)

SiS GO Isotonic Gel Variety Pack

Avoid the dreaded hunger knock

RRP: £14.00 / $11.00
Reasons to buy
+Mix of flavours+Offers a great introduction to energy gels if he's new to them

The bonk, hunger knock, hitting the wall or blowing up. Call it what you will, it's never a pleasant experience. It's caused by a lack of carbohydrates and can be avoided by eating regularly during exercise. A bundle of energy food from SIS is a great gift for a cyclist, so why not treat them to one of these variety packs containing seven different fruity flavours?

Eight rolls of Deda Mistral Bar Tape in four high vis colours, pink, green, yellow and orange

(Image credit: Deda)

Deda Mistral Bar Tape

Add a splash of colour to their mileage hunting

RRP: £13.99 / $16.49
Reasons to buy
+Plenty of colours available+No sizing issues to worry about

As with socks, cyclists are like moths to a flame when it comes to fresh bar tape. Some prefer to stick with understated black, but why not add some colour with this luminous Deda Mistral bar tape.

Two images of DeFeet 'Moondoggo' socks on a model's feet from different angles

(Image credit: DeFeet)

DeFeet Socks

Sock doping, it's a thing!

RRP: £13.99 / $18.00
Reasons to buy
+Endless colour options+Great for all styles

Cyclists and socks are a formidable duo. While the stereotype of socks as a gift is long-established and often met with disappointment, gift a pair of kit-matching colourful socks and you'll forever be in their good books. If you're unsure on the exact colour, choose white for road cyclists, black for everyone else!

Two images of the Worry Less Design mug from different angles showing the motivational mottos printed on the design

(Image credit: Worry Less Design)

Worry Less Design ‘The laws of cycling’ mug

For the cyclist who needs a bit of motivation

RRP: £9.99 / $14.00
Reasons to buy
+Two-tone design +Glossy finish+Affordable

If you're really stumped for a gift idea, you can never go wrong with a mug, and luckily for you there are plenty of cycling-themed mug designs to choose from. We like this 'laws of cycling' design, because it outlines eight motivational mottos that every cyclist can appreciate when they're going through a period of low motivation.

A yellow Klean Kanteen bottle with black top

(Image credit: Klean Kanteen)

Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle

A sustainable and long-lasting bottle for the bike

RRP: £19.95 / $33.95
Reasons to buy
+Long-lasting and durable+Supports a good cause

Klean Kanteen is a family-run business that produces a whole range of insulated stainless steel water bottles, among other products. They’re BPA-free and offer an alternative to plastic bottles. Most importantly the company is dedicated to improving the environment, and works closely with organisations and schools in Chico, California, to provide water stations with free filtered water at events, among other things. By purchasing a Klean Kanteen bottle - which fits nicely in a standard bottle cage by the way - you’re doing something great with your money, as well as treating the cyclist in your life to something long-lasting that they’ll use again and again.

Four tubs of SIS Rego recovery in various flavours

(Image credit: Science in Sport)

Science in Sport Rego Rapid Recovery Drink Powder

For the cyclist who regularly pushes their limits

RRP: £12.99 / $20.00
Reasons to buy
+Easy to digest+Rebuilds muscles

Science in Sport's recovery drinks are formulated to help with rebuilding and recovering after a gruelling time in the saddle. For the cyclist who pushes themself hard, this is a thoughtful gift that they’ll be sure to use. It’s easy on the stomach and provides a blend of protein and complex carbohydrates, along with a host of other supplements to aid recovery.

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