Best bike bells: Safety and style on the bike

best bike bells
(Image credit: Future / Tom Wieckowski)

The humble bicycle bell is generally acknowledged to have been invented by John Richard Dedicoat in my home city of Birmingham, UK, back in the late 1800's. On the whole, the bell's design has remained largely the same for the last century or so. 

The need for cyclists to alert other road users and pedestrians of their presence to ensure the safety of all has long been present, and that's exactly the reason cyclists fit and use bike bells. They provide an easy, convenient noise to alert people around us of our presence when passing by on a bike. The friendly sound of a bell may help warn a pedestrian we are approaching or let another rider know we are passing. Long story short, they can help keep us safe when getting around by bike. 

Tom Wieckowski
Tech writer

Tom joined the Cyclingnews team in late 2022 as tech writer. Tom has over 10 years experience as a qualified mechanic with 5 or so of those being spent running an independent workshop. Tom has ridden and raced bikes from an early age up to a national level on the road and track and has ridden and competed in most disciplines, even the odd bit of bike polo. Tom is as happy tinkering away in the garage as he is out on the road bike exploring the Worcestershire lanes.

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