Specialized BG Pro RBX knicker

Surprisingly cozy 3/4-length bib tight

Specialized's BG Pro RBX knicker uses ‘Therminal’ brushed fabric down the front of the torso, thighs and knees to help keep you warm, along with lighter-weight Fieldsensor rear panels for more breathability.

Save for our exposed lower legs, the BG Pro RBX knicker turned out to be surprisingly cozy even below 10°C (50°F) – provided you’re working a little bit – while the airy rear ensured we never got too hot even when shorts would have been more appropriate.

The four-panel construction isn’t terribly impressive on paper but is effective, nonetheless, with a comfortably tight fit around the legs and torso, soft silicone grippers on the leg openings and lightweight mesh bibs that never dug into our shoulders.

Likewise, Specialized’s multi-density, multi-thickness and stretch BG Pro RBX chamois proved practically faultless with its seamless top, moderately sized proportions and generous padding that somehow manages to avoid the dreaded ‘loaded nappy’ feel.

Durability is the BG Pro RBX knicker’s Achilles’ heel and its sole letdown. The material held up well through repeated use and regular machine washings but it didn’t take long for a substantial amount of stitching to blow out in several locations on one of the bib straps. Thankfully it’s something that is easy to repair but at this asking price and with this label, we definitely expected more.

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