A different Miller claims US title

Dombrowski best U23

Meredith Miller (TIBCO) out smarted a breakaway of five riders to claim her maiden United States of America Road Championship title after 11 years of racing. Miller made her winning move with two kilometres remaining, holding off chasers Chrissy Ruiter (Value Act Capital) and Kristin LaSasso, who took second and third respectively.

Amy Dombroski (Webcor-Builders) finished fourth, claiming the Under 23 title. Kori Seehaffer (Team Type 1), who initiated the break, finished fifth.

“I don’t know what to say, I have never been a national champion before,” said Miller, who is best-known for her selfless work as a domestique. “I was in the break and once it was clear that it was going to stay, I was thinking, ‘Ok, Meredith, you’re not normally in this position so don’t screw it up’.”

Miller shares a team and surname with previous champion Brooke Miller, but the riders are not related. TIBCO entered five riders prepared to defend the national title.

“We had so many other cards to play,” said Miller. “We are all about team work and laying it down for each other. It’s been amazing having such strong team-mates and having support and encouragement from everyone. I’m confident that any one of us could have won.”

Several kilometres before the successful break, Miller put in one hard effort over the gradual feed zone climb to shed Jen McRae (Team Type 1), the fastest and most dangerous to win should they arrive to the line together.

“I was watching Chrissy to attack on the steep climb,” Miller said. “We went over it together. I jumped over the top just to see if we could drop Kori because she’d be the next fastest at the finish, but she made it back on. Lasasso was eager to do most of the work. I attacked over the last little roller and got the gap.”

Miller had some wiggle room to play her cards and sit on due to a chase group of three that followed 40-seconds behind the leaders. They included her team-mate Katharine Carroll, former champion Mara Abbott (Columbia-HighRoad) and Evelyn Stevens (CRCA).

Elite, U23 jerseys change hands after a tough race

Some 120 combined Elite and U23 women lined up early enough to appreciate the mid-60F weather temperatures, much cooler than the men’s U23 race held the previous day where temperatures reached above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

The race, that would see riders tackle four laps of the 27 kilometre circuit, kicked off with an early move that included Liza Rochetto (Sugar CRM), Anna Milkowski, Alison Starnes (TIBCO), Jacquelyn Crowell (Team Type 1) and Martina Patella (Value Act Capital). The move was short lived and it was not long before a new one was up the road.

Amber Rais (TIBCO) attack half way through the first lap and gained a 40 seconds advantage heading into the start of the second lap. Rais, who placed second overall in last week’s Cascade Cycling Classic, continued to push on the pedals furthering her lead to a maximum of 1:30 minutes.

Several attacks animated the front of the field before Value Act Capital took matters into its hands and organised a chase. Rais’ gap dropped down to one minute and held steady for the duration of the second lap.

Value Act Capital received help from Team Type 1 in the chase on lap three. The two teams were committed to bringing Rais back before the fourth and final lap. However when Rais was in sight Value Act Capital reverted to plan B - attack mode. It sent Farina and then Ruiter to counter one another. The bridge attempts were not successful but they did serve to reduce Rais’ margin to a mere 20 seconds.

“When we had Amber off the front it was perfect because the rest of TIBCO got to enjoy the ride, follow wheels, no pressure,” Miller said. “When she came back things were starting to reshuffled and Kori got off solo on the fourth lap, Amy attacked, I went with the move.”

Rais returned to the field over the circuit’s steep climb after a hard, solo effort for more than 50 kilometres. A short lull in the field and it was back in to full swing, a series of attacks resulted in a second solo break from Seehafer.

Seehafer’s advantage grew to 45 seconds with 24 kilometres remaining. Given her stellar palmares the peloton reacted quickly and small chase group formed behind her shattering the remaining peloton. A group five riders that would make it to the finish line together.

“Dombroski jumped first and I followed her,” Miller said. “Then LaSasso did most of the work to bridge up to Kori.”

Elite Women
1Meredith Miller (Team TIBCO)2:52:15 
2Christina Ruiter (Value Act Capital)0:00:07 
3Kristen Lasasso (Mellow Mushroom)  
4Kori Seehafer (Team Type 1)0:00:20 
5Katharine Carroll (Team TIBCO)0:00:34 
6Evelyn Stevens (CRCA-Radical Media)0:00:35 
7Mara Abbott (Team Columbia-htc)0:00:38 
8Alison Powers (Team Type 1)0:00:51 
9Alice Pennington0:00:52 
10Kristin Sanders (Value Act Capital)0:00:54 
11Carmen Mcnellis (Colivatia Sutter Homes)  
12Nicole Evans (Value Act Capital)  
13Jessica Phillips  
14Anna Mcloon (Altarum Women's Cycling Team)  
15Teri Sheasby0:00:55 
16Rebecca Much (Webcor Builders Cycling Team)  
17Andrea Dvorak (Colivatia Sutter Homes)0:01:00 
18Stacy Marple0:01:02 
19Tina Pic (Colivatia Sutter Homes)0:01:28 
20Patricia Bailey (Wines Of Washington)0:01:29 
21Debbie Milne0:01:30 
22Erika Graves (Kahala Lagrange)0:01:31 
23Amity Elliot (Van Dessel)  
24Kate Veronneau (Altarum Women's Cycling Team)  
25Lisa Turnbull (Team Group Health)  
26Kelly Benjamin (Colivatia Sutter Homes)  
27Kathryn Donovan (Kahala Lagrange)0:01:33 
28Marisa Asplund (Dft P/b Treads)0:01:35 
29Katheryn Curi Mattis (Webcor Builders Cycling Team)0:01:37 
30Shelley Olds (Proman Hit Squad)0:01:38 
31Christina Smith0:02:12 
32Kristin Mcgrath (Value Act Capital)  
33Melanie Meyers0:02:15 
34Melissa Ross (U Of Wyoming Cycling)0:02:31 
35Kari Studley (Velobella)0:02:55 
36Melissa Sanborn (Vanderkitten Racing)  
37Kathleen Billington (Velo Classic Tours/radical Med)  
38Sarah Maguire (West Priority Health)  
39Jennifer Mcrae (Team Type 1)0:03:47 
40Lauren Tamayo (Team Tibco)0:06:01 
41Coryn Rivera (-------)  
42Lise Grace (Wines Of Washington/bikesale.c)0:06:16 
43Heather Albert (Riverstone Women's Racing Team)0:09:06 
44Liza Rachetto (ICO)0:09:50 
45Kristina Seley (Touchstone Climbing)  
46Cara Bussell0:16:09 
47Brooke Miller (Team Tibco)0:23:30 
48Robin Farina (Value Act Capital)  
49Ann Marie Miller0:26:59 
50Lindsay Fox (Team Oregon)0:33:44 
51Carolyn Eller (Ti Cycles/avanti Racing)  
DNPSharon Allpress (Value Act Capital)  
DNPLana Atchley (Bailey Bikes)  
DNPHilary Billington  
DNPLinsey Bradshaw-Sandoval (Dft P/b Treads)  
DNPNicole Brandt  
DNPShontell Gauthier  
DNPLauren Hall  
DNPJenn Halladay  
DNPLaura Hines (Southern California Velo)  
DNPJanel Holcomb (Webcor Builders Cycling Team)  
DNPMorgan Kapp (Kahala Lagrange)  
DNPAlison Littlefield (Contender Bicycles)  
DNPAnna Milkowski (Gear Works-spinarts)  
DNPAmanda Miller (Lip Smacker)  
DNPMartina Patella (Value Act Capital)  
DNPHeather Pryor (Touchstone Climbing)  
DNPAmber Rais (Team Tibco)  
DNPBeatriz Rodriguez (Kahala Lagrange)  
DNPAlison Rosenthal  
DNPAlison Starnes (Team Tibco)  
DNPNichole Wangsgard (Colivatia Sutter Homes)  
DNPEmily Zell (Value Act Capital)  
DNPMary Zider  
U23 Women
1Amy Dombroski (Webcor Builders Cycling Team)2:52:23 
2Ally Stacher (Team Kenda)0:00:48 
3Jacquelyn Crowell (Team Type 1)0:01:21 
4Rachel Warner (Charlottesville Racing Club)0:01:22 
5Ashley Anderson (Proman Hit Squad)0:04:06 
6Samantha Schneider (Mesa Cycles)0:12:13 
DNFArielle Filiberti (Hot Tubes)  
DNFEmily Foxman (Sugarcrm)  
DNFLauren Hecht (Webcor Alto Velo)  
DNFJerika Hutchinson (Team Tibco)  
DNFLauren Liscinski (Now-ms)  
DNFAntonia Musto (Priority Health U25 Developmen)  
DNFLindsay Myers (Dewar's Racing Team)  
DNFMorgan Patton (Team Type 1)  
DNFKimberley Turner (Seattle Pacific University)  
Junior Men 17-18
1Maxwell Durtschi (Hammer Cmg)2:43:36 
2Nathaniel Wilson (Kelly Benefit)0:00:35 
3Steven Black (National Capital Velo Club)0:00:36 
4Ty Magner (Hincapie)0:02:02 
5Kit Recca (Front Rangers Cycling Club)0:02:03 
6Connor Oleary (FFKR /SBO)  
7Sam Bassetti (Team Swift)  
8Colton Barrett (MNJRC)0:02:04 
9Stephen Koelbl  
10Charlie Avis (Team Specialized Racing Junior)0:02:05 
11Nate Geoffrion (All Sport-Team Swift)  
12Austin Arguello (Hammer Cmg)  
13Andrew Barker  
14Stephen Leece (Rock Solid Cycling)0:02:06 
15Stephen Liguori  
16Kevin Gottlieb (Squadra Coppi)  
17Chris Wallace (Mercy Elite Cycling Team)  
18Peter Taylor (Team Specialized Racing)  
19Connor Mccutcheon  
20Morgan Ryan (Major Motion)0:02:07 
21Angelo Roman  
22Michael Stone  
23Phelan Kostur  
24Cody Foster  
25Zack Noonan0:02:08 
26Anders Newbury  
27Wesley Stein (Hammer Cmg)  
28Zack Stein (Is Corp / Nova Cycle Sports)0:02:09 
29John Tomlinson (Xxx Racing Athletico)  
30Alex Parks  
31Ryan Cleveland  
32Jesse Goodrich  
33Tanner Putt (Cole Sport)  
34Andreas Freund (Davis Bike Club)0:02:10 
35Michael Niemi (Jittery Joe's U-25 P/b Kudzu.c)  
36Tyler Karnes  
37Tony Wieczorek (Mesa Cycles Racing Team)0:02:11 
38Zach Bergh0:02:12 
39Marshall Opel (Hammer Cmg)0:02:13 
40Andrew Bennett (Hammer Cmg)  
41Luke Keough0:02:18 
42Eric Landman (AL2-SDBC)0:02:20 
43Zane Dordai  
44Benjamin Salibra (Syracuse Bicycle/spokepost.com)0:03:02 
45Colt Peterson  
46Ian Terry (Rad Racing/hagens Berman Llp)  
47Wesley Kline0:03:04 
48Armand Kabarec Quiroz  
49Julian Fowkes (Ski Utah)0:03:05 
50Kevin Mcguire (Act)0:03:06 
51Neal Forbes (Team Turner/prochain)  
52Jordan Campbell0:03:19 
53David Tarrant (Southern California Velo)0:03:21 
54Sam Simmons0:03:54 
55Jeffrey Alpert  
56Benjamin Swedberg0:03:58 
57Adam Miller0:04:07 
58Brian Rizk (Precision Bikes Racing)0:04:22 
59Steven Rusnak (Cycle Science)  
60Brian Sullivan (Trysports)0:04:23 
61Brian Sullivan0:05:13 
62Royce Strange (Gs Tenzing)  
63Huey Mathews0:05:39 
64Adam Leibovitz0:05:48 
65Alexander Meyer  
66Jonathan Youell (Asc Racing/redline)0:06:41 
67Adam Hodes (Tieni Duro)0:07:08 
68Jacob White (Team Power Train)0:07:32 
69Cody Tapley (Davis Bike Club)0:07:36 
70Scott Rosenfield0:07:38 
71Tucker Gerald0:09:58 
72Daniel Farinha (Sjbc/sugarcrm)0:14:30 
73Dylan Knutson (Bianchi/grand Performance)  
74Danny Hiller (5280 Magazine)0:14:31 
75Matt Fickinger (Dent Wizard - Maplewood)0:14:35 
76Chase Watkins (Byrds)0:15:11 
77Brent Nixon0:15:14 
78Taylor Benz (Sun Summit Cycling Club)0:17:54 
79Andrew Albert (Strada Racing Club)0:17:56 
80Matt Pence (Mesa Cycles Racing Team)0:20:04 
81Kyle Anderson (Mesa Cycles Racing Team)0:21:45 
82Kenny Strickland (Infovista Cycling Team)0:22:50 
83Nick Kinney (All Sport-team Swift)0:22:52 
84Samuel Bolster (Team Kinetic Cycles)0:44:58 
85Jacob Ashton  
86Alex Battles-Wood (Team Power Train)  
87Miguel Henderson  
88Hunter Lydick (Frazier Cycling)  
89Patrick Small (Carve)  
90Dylan Degan (Fulton Flyers Junior Devo Team)  
91Maxwell Robb (Uptown Cycles Racing)  
92Wilson Hale  
93Ethan Zehr (Frazier Cycling)  
94Jacob Gorke (Junior Development)  
DNFIan Andrews (Savage Hill Cycling Team)  
DNFJacob Arnold (Cycling Spoken Here)  
DNFAndrew Beem (Felt Bicycles)  
DNFRiley Burgoon  
DNFJuan Carmona  
DNFCharles Cassin  
DNFElliott Craddock  
DNFSteve Cullinan (Team Waste Management)  
DNFPatrick Davis  
DNFRyan Eastman (All Sport-team Swift)  
DNFCharles Hanlon (Guys Racing)  
DNFStradford Helms (Hincapie Development Team)  
DNFCollin Huston (CL Noonan-Kam-Coast to Coast)  
DNFJesse Keough  
DNFJonathan Merritt (Rmcef)  
DNFAndrew Meyer  
DNFAubrey Moore  
DNFSynjen Morrocco  
DNFMatt Muney  
DNFGabe Murray (Blacksheep)  
DNFSamuel Phillips  
DNFAndrew Ramage (Southern California Velo)  
DNFJoel Shaffer (Team Specialized Racing)  
DNFDaniel Tisdell (Team Specialized Racing Junior)  
DNFSkyler Trujillo (Black Sheep)  
DNFEdison Turner  
DNFZachary Wick (Davis Bike Club)  
DNFHenry Willis Ii (Colavita Florida)  
Elite Men
1Michael Olheiser (Marx And Bensdorf Realitors/tr)3:50:31 
2David Clinger (Cole Sport)0:00:01 
3Erik Slack (Team Bobs-bicycles.com)  
4Peter Horn (John Bruyneel Cycling Academy)  
5Matthew Busche (Nova Cycle Sport Foundation)  
6Paul Esposti  
7Corey Collier (Rio Grande)  
8James Mattis (California Giant Berry Farms/s)0:00:02 
9Steve Reaney (California Giant Berry Farms/s)0:00:04 
10Robbie King (IF)0:00:05 
11Jesse Moore (California Giant Berry Farms/s)0:00:06 
12Jeffrey Hartman (Big Shark)0:00:40 
13Justin England (California Giant Berry Farms/s)0:00:41 
14Christian Walker (Platinum Performance Cycling T)0:00:45 
15Jared Gilyard (Ride Clean)0:00:59 
16Ian Holt (Us Armed Forces)0:01:21 
17Matthew Cooke (Ride Clean)0:01:51 
18Ryan Trebon (Kona)0:02:13 
19David Nelson (John Bruyneel Cycling Academy)  
20Lang Reynolds (Hagens Berman Cycling)0:04:17 
21Braden Bingham (Team Rio Grande)0:04:18 
22Nicholas Clayville (Hagens Berman Llp)0:04:48 
23Joshua Dillon (Bikereg.com / Cannondale)0:05:47 
24John Eisinger0:06:23 
25Aaron Sander (Half Fast Velo)  
26Charles Hutcheson (US Armed Forces)  
27Matt Landen (Liquid Fitness/adageo Energy)0:06:35 
28Jonathan Bruno (If/ft Pb Lionette's)0:07:20 
29Alexander Hagman (Ciclismo Racing)0:07:30 
30Sean Passage  
31Chris Swan (Team Oregon)0:07:32 
32Nicholas Brandt-Sorenson0:08:31 
33Jared Barrilleaux (California Giant Berry Farms/s)  
34Joshua Liberles (Colavita New Mexico)0:08:32 
35Ryan Parnes (Webcor/alto Velo)  
36Jafer Beizer (Jittery Joe's U-25 P/b Kudzu.c)  
37Michael Mathis (Preferred Care)  
38Michael Lanham (Warp9bikes.com/tristar)0:10:46 
39Bradley Gehrig (Cole Sport)0:13:26 
40Osvaldo Olmos (California Giant Berry Farms/s)0:17:45 
41Christopher Hong  
42Paul Bourcier (Hutch's Oic)0:17:46 
43Evan Hepner (Mi Duole)0:19:04 
44Mike Sohm (Specialized/porcupine Racinf)0:20:04 
45Michael Telega0:22:38 
46Chris Hamilton  
47Wayne Stetina (Amgen/giant Masters)0:31:56 
48Ian Mensher (Gin Optics)  
49David Klipper (Guinness)0:35:58 
50George (Tad)  
51Sean Coleman (Us Armed Forces)  
52Carl Hoefer (Therapecutic Assoc)  
53Nick Skenzick  
DNFKai Applequist (Team Bobs-bicycles.com)  
DNFEric Bean (Iscorp)  
DNFAndrew Boone  
DNFBenjamin Bradshaw (Team Waste Management)  
DNFShane Braley (Unattatched)  
DNFGregg Brandt (Bianchi/grand Performance)  
DNFJacob Brewer (Herring Gas Cycling)  
DNFPatrick Briggs (California Giant Berry Farms/s)  
DNFBrian Buchholz (Webcor/alto Velo)  
DNFRobert Bush (Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team)  
DNFCorey Carlson (Team Rio Grande)  
DNFPatrick Caro  
DNFAdam Carr (Ten Speed Drive - Bh Bicycles)  
DNFAndrew Chocha (Mesa Cycles)  
DNFThom Coupe (Bikereg.com / Cannondale)  
DNFDirk Cowley (Ffkr/sportsbaseonline P/b Tour)  
DNFStevie Cullinan (Team Waste Management)  
DNFChris Daggs (Swami's-fppi Devt Elite)  
DNFAndrew Dahlheim (Metro Volkswagen)  
DNFChristopher Daifuku  
DNFPhillip Elsasser (Fanatik Bike Co)  
DNFNathaniel English (Zteam)  
DNFGalen Erickson  
DNFJonathan Eropkin (Safeway/bicycles Plus)  
DNFKris French  
DNFGeorge Ganoung (Us Armed Forces)  
DNFLogan Garey (G.s. Boulder)  
DNFWilliam Gault (Tulsa Tough Racing)  
DNFBradley Gehrig (Cole Sport)  
DNFDavid Glick (Rideclean P/b Patentit.com)  
DNFJeffrey Goodwin (Cartervw/saab/subaru)  
DNFIan Gray (Ciclismo Racing)  
DNFTodd Hageman (Colesport)  
DNFTravis Hagner (Locos Pub And Grill)  
DNFJohn Hanson  
DNFAaron Heun (Rideclean)  
DNFJohn Hunt (California Giant Berry Farms/s)  
DNFEvan Hyde (Cole Sport)  
DNFSam Johnson  
DNFAaron Johnson (Hagens-berman)  
DNFEmiliano Jordan (Ten Speed Drive - Bh Bicycles)  
DNFQuinn Keogh (Paul's Bicycle Way Way Of Life)  
DNFAllen Krughoff (Team Rio Grande)  
DNFJustin Lindine (Targetraining)  
DNFBrandon Lynch (Team Bobs-bicycles.com)  
DNFJacob Macarthur (Arlberg Sports)  
DNFMichael Margraf (Safeway/bicycles Plus)  
DNFSean Mazich (Team Waste Management)  
DNFRyan Mckean  
DNFBryan Mcvey (Vision Quest)  
DNFEdward Micek (Team Webcyclery.com)  
DNFKeith Miller (California Giant Berry Farms/s)  
DNFRudolph Napolitano (Liquid Fitness/adageo Energy)  
DNFRyan Nye (Preferred Care)  
DNFEmerson Oronte (If/lionettes)  
DNFVincent Owens (Hdr P/b Lombardi Sports)  
DNFChristopher Parrish (Western Washington University)  
DNFCody Peterson (Cole Sport)  
DNFKennett Peterson (Team Oregon)  
DNFKevin Rowe (Team Bobs-bicycles.com)  
DNFMark Santurbane (California Giant Berry Farms/s)  
DNFAaron Schneider (Team Type 1)  
DNFJason Short (Encino Velo)  
DNFMatthew Spohn (Dynaflo)  
DNFFrederick Stamm (Metromint Cycling On Marin Bik)  
DNFJames Stangeland (Gin Optics Cycling)  
DNFScott Stewart (Team Waste Management)  
DNFChris Stuart (Team Bobs-bicycles.com)  
DNFColt Trant (Matrix/rbm)  
DNFKyle Valenta  
DNFZach Watson (ABD Cycling Team)  
DNFStephen Weller (Bikereg.com Cannon dartmouth)  
DNFJames Wingert (Davis Bike Club)  
DNFRobert Campbell (Valley Athletic Club)  
DNFEric Schildge  
DNFEric Bennett (NOW MS society)  
DNFJohn Tzinberg (Bike Religion)  

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