Massie, Phinney, Walker and Hammer; day four winners

Keirin, Points Race and Women's sprint winners add to Championship haul

The 2009 USA Cycling Elite Track National Championships continued at the Home Depot Center velodrome on Saturday with Giddeon Massie (Bike Religion) and Taylor Phinney (Trek-Livestrong) earning their third national titles of the week, while Cristin Walker (Momentum Coaching Group) and Sarah Hammer (American Track Fund) collected their second Stars-and-Stripes of the five-day event.

Massie sprinted to the win in the men's Keirin while Phinney won a tie breaker in the points race. Former World Champion Hammer showed her continued strength by winning the points race, while Walker added the sprint title to Thursday's 500-meter time trial gold.

Phinney takes points race...just

In the men's 30-kilometre points race, Phinney and Mike Creed (Team Type I) both completed the race with 53 points after lapping the field twice. However, Phinney finished second in the final sprint to Creed's third, the Trek-Livestrong rider was awarded his third Stars-and-Stripes of the week. In the action-packed race, omnium winner Cody O'Reilly (Bissell) grabbed third, one lap down on the leaders with 40 points, while Danny Heeley (South Bay Wheelmen) and Jackie Simes (TIME Pro Cycling) rounded out the top five. Phinney also earned the Under-23 national title with O'Reilly and Simes second and third in that category.

"I haven't ridden on the track in two years, so I wasn't expecting a great deal," said Creed afterwards. "I knew it was tight going into the final sprint and it was disappointing to get so close.

Hammer nails the women's points race

Sarah Hammer (American Track Fund) once again displayed her dominance winning the women's points race two laps up on the field with 57 points. Theresa Cliff-Ryan (Verducci Breakaway) and Shelly Olds (Sugar Cycles-180), who finished one lap up, earned 35 and 31 points, respectively, to win silver and bronze. Catherine Fiedler-Cook (Tommasini) earned the Under-23 national title with her fourth-place-overall result

Massie continues his massive week

In the men's Keirin, Giddeon Massie (Bike Religion) held off a fierce challenge by 20-year-old David Espinoza (Bike America) and Steven Beardsley (Gentle Lovers) to win the gold. 2008 Keirin national and Pan Am champion Jimmy Watkins and last night's sprint champion Adam Duvendeck (Momentum Coaching) were absent from the event; Watkins contesting and winning a large South American track race and Duvendeck due to injury.

For Massie, it was the third national title of the week as he took the Stars-and-Stripes in both the 250-meter time trial and the kilometre time trial. The 2004 and 2008 Olympian also earned the silver in last night's sprint. After finishing second in the 250-meter time trial and third in the kilo, Espinoza once again narrowly missed out the title.

"It was a good week," said Massie. "I was feeling good all week and racing every day. I plan on taking this form and contesting as many international races as I can. That's what I need, what we [the US] need, to take it to that next level.

Game, set and match sprint title for Walker


The women's match sprint took centre stage on Saturday as the top two qualifiers, Cristin Walker (Momentum Coaching Group) and Cari Higgins (Proman Hit Squad) went head-to-head in the match sprint final. Walker, on monstrous form, took two straight as she caught the reigning champ at the line each time to earn her second national title of the week.

Third and fourth-place qualifiers Dana Feiss (Home Depot Center) and Jen Featheringhill (Bike Central) swapped places in the bronze medal ride with Feiss taking two-in-a-row to earn third place.

Competition will conclude on Sunday with the men's and women's team sprint and men's and women's Madison events.

Men's Keirin
1Giddeon Massie  
2David Espinoza  
3Steven Beardsley  
4Lanell Rockmore  
5Daniel Walker  
6Dean Tracy  
7Kelyn Akuna  
8Daniel Sullivan  
9Joshua Ryan  
10Allen Vugrincic  
11TJ Mathieson  
12Nelson Li  
Mens Points Race
1Taylor Phinney53pts
2Michael D. Creed53 
3Cody O'reilly40 
4Danny Heeley31 
5Jackie Simes31 
6Ryan Luttrell30 
7Eric Barlevav24 
8Julian Kyer23 
9Bobby Lea21 
10Iggy Silva12 
11Kevin Schiller6 
12Daniel Holloway4 
13David Moyer3 
14Ryan Sabga2 
15Ian Moir1 
16Jacob Duehring  
17Roman Kilun  
18Andrew Armstrong-10 
19Kit Karzen-18 
20Colt Peterson-20 
21Brent Kay-20 
DNFMike Garrett1 
DNFDavid Mccook-20 
DNFShane Kline-15 
Under-23 Mens Points Race
1Taylor Phinney  
2Cody O'reilly  
3Jackie Simes  
4Julian Kyer  
5Iggy Silva  
6Daniel Holloway  
Women's Points Race
1Sarah Hammer57pts
2Theresa Cliff-Ryan35 
3Shelley Olds31 
4Catherine Fiedler-Cook21 
5Christen King9 
6Jennifer Wheeler8 
7Kelli Jones8 
8Julia Lafranchise7 
9Jennifer Triplett6 
10Coryn Rivera4 
11Shelby Reynolds2 
12Colleen Hayduk1 
13Jennifer Reither1 
14Megan Guarnier  
15Emily Charbonneau  
16Hanan Alves-Hyde  
17Lauren Liscinski  
18Annette Williams  
19Cassandra Holman  
DNFLuanne Murray  
Under-23 Women's Points Race
1Catherine Fiedler-Cook  
2Colleen Hayduk  
3Lauren Liscinski  
Women's Sprint Final - Round 1
1Cristin Walker0:00:13 
2Cari Higgins  
Women's Sprint Final - Round 2
1Cristin Walker0:00:13 
2Cari Higgins  
Women's Sprint 3rd/4th - Round 1
1Dana Feiss0:00:13 
2Jen Featheringill  
Women's Sprint 3rd/4th - Round 2
1Dana Feiss0:00:13 
2Jen Featheringill  
Women's Sprint Results
1Cristin Walker  
2Cari Higgins  
3Dana Feiss  
4Jen Featheringill  
Under-23 Women's Sprint Results
1Cristin Walker  
2Dana Feiss  
3Andrea Fisk  
Women's 200m
1Cristin Walker (Momentum Coaching)0:00:12 
2Cari Higgins (Proman Hit Squad)0:00:00 
3Jen Featheringill (Bike Central)0:00:00 
4Dana Feiss (Home Depot Center)0:00:00 
5Anna Lang (B&L Bike & Sport)0:00:00 
6Maddie Godby (Rocky Mounts/IZZE)0:00:01 
7Amelia Bjesse-Puffin (Brians House of Pain)0:00:01 
8Andrea Fisk (Velo Bella)0:00:01 
9Tela Crane (Broadmark Capital)0:00:01 
10Christine D'ercole (Affinity Cycles)0:00:01 
11Heather Vanvalkenburg (Land Rover- Orbea)0:00:01 
12Dena Eaton (Hawk Relay Cycling)0:00:01 
13Kimberly Edwards (CVC/Subaru of New England)0:00:01 
14Jane Chateaubriand (Starbucks)0:00:02 


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