Phinney and Hammer take individual pursuit titles

Double-up for Duvendeck, Cristin Walker Keirin Champ, Daniel Walker wins Under-23 mens sprint

The 2009 USA Cycling Elite Track National Championships continued at the Home Depot Center velodrome on Friday with both Taylor Phinney (Trek-Livestrong) and Sarah Hammer (American Track Foundation) catching their opponents in their respective men's and women's individual pursuit finals to add to their collection of national titles. Kristin Walker (Momentum Coaching) also grabbed her second Stars-and-Stripes of the competition in the women's Kierin and Olympian Adam Duvendeck (Momentum Coaching) won his first elite national sprint title.

Phinney clocked a time of 4:30.855 seconds in the qualifying round of the 4000-meter individual pursuit before catching Roman Kilun (OUCH p/b Maxxis) in the gold medal final to win his third consecutive elite title in that event. The 2008 Olympian was able to catch Harm in 7.5-laps of what was to be a 16-lap lap affair.

"This event is so tough," explained Phinney. "It's a rewarding event, but you really have to work at it. It's exciting to see so many young guys like Julian doing well."

Daniel Harm (Broadmark Capital City) took third ahead of last year's bronze medallist Julian Kyer (Trek-Livestrong) in the race for third and fourth.

In the women's 3000-meter individual pursuit, former world champion Sarah Hammer (American Track Foundation) took her ninth national title, as she caught training partner Dotsie Bausch (ATF-Empower Coaching) after the same number of laps as Phinney caught his competitor. Also going head-to-head with Bausch in the qualifier, Hammer posted a Home Depot Center Velodrome record with a time of 3:31.831, with her second lap split even faster than Phinney's.

In the race for the bronze medal, Heather Jackson (California) defeated 2008 pursuit national champion Kimberly Geist (Team Alliance Environmental).

Five hundred meter time trial champion Cristin Walker (Momentum Coaching) took her second title of these national championships winning the women's Keirin in a photo finish over Dana Feiss (Home Depot Center). The pair met in a packed final that included former collegiate national champion Anna Lang (B&L Bike & Sport) and 2008 national champion and 2009 omnium winner Cari Higgins (Proman Hit Squad).

In the match sprint final, a pair of Olympians: Adam Duvendeck (Momentum Coaching) and Giddeon Massie (Bike Religion) split a pair of rides before Duvendeck was awarded the national title as Massie was relegated after a crash in the final round. Duvendeck recovered from the crash to collect his first elite national title in the sprint. Daniel Walker (Momentum Coaching) took two out of three from Kevin Mansker (Oregon) to win the bronze medal as well as the Under-23 national title.

"You never want to win like that," stated Duvendeck. "I really felt good going into that round. It was a good hole and it just got closed up on me. I feel pretty confident about the racing today. This is some of the best competition we've had in years with several guys posting sub-11 second times in the 200. It really bodes well for the future of American track cycling."

Competition will continue on Saturday with the points race, men's Keirin and the women's sprint events.

Men's Individual Pursuit
1Taylor Phinney (Trek-Livestrong)0:04:31 
2Roman Kilun (Ouch P/B Maxxis)  
3Daniel Harm (Broadmark Capital)0:04:48 
4Julian Kyer (Trek-Livestrong)0:04:50 
Women's Individual Pursuit
1Sarah Hammer (American Track Found)0:03:32 
2Dotsie Bausch (ATF/Empower Coaching)  
3Heather Jackson0:03:46 
4Kimberly Geist (Team Alliance)0:03:52 
Men's Sprint Quarter Final Heat 1
1Adam Duvendeck0:00:12 
2Giovanni Rey  
Men's Sprint Quarter Final Heat 2
1Giddeon Massie0:00:11 
2Sam Milroy  
Men's Sprint Quarter Final Heat 3
1Kevin Mansker0:00:11 
2TJ Mathieson  
Men's Sprint Quarter Final Heat 4
1Daniel Walker0:00:13 
2Peter Billington  
Men's Sprint Quarter Final Heat 5
1Jonathan Fraley0:00:11 
2David Espinoza  
Men's Sprint Quarter Final Heat 6
1Dean Tracy0:00:11 
2Lanell Rockmore  
Men's Sprint Semifinal Heat 1 - Race 1
1Adam Duvendeck0:00:12 
2Daniel Walker  
Men's Sprint Semifinal Heat 1 - Race 2
1Adam Duvendeck0:00:12 
2Daniel Walker  
Men's Sprint Semifinal Heat 2 - Race 1
1Giddeon Massie0:00:11 
2Kevin Mansker  
Men's Sprint Semifinal Heat 2 - Race 2
1Giddeon Massie0:00:11 
2Kevin Mansker  
Men's 3rd-4th - Race 1
1Daniel Walker0:00:11 
2Kevin Mansker  
Men's 3rd-4th - Race 2
1Kevin Mansker0:00:12 
2Daniel Walker  
Men's 3rd-4th - Race 3
1Daniel Walker0:00:12 
2Kevin Mansker  
Men's Sprint Final - Race 1
1Adam Duvendeck0:00:11 
2Giddeon Massie  
Men's Final - Race 2
1Giddeon Massie  
2Adam Duvendeck  
Men's Final - Race 3
1Adam Duvendeck  
2Giddeon Massie  
Men's Under-23 Sprint Results
1Daniel Walker  
2Kevin Mansker  
3David Espinoza  
4Lanell Rockmore  
5Kevin Mansker  
6Daniel Sullivan  
Men's 200m
1Adam Duvendeck (Momentum Coaching)0:00:11 
2Giddeon Massie (Bike Religion)0:00:11 
3Mathieson Tj (Momentum Coaching)0:00:11 
4Daniel Walker (Momentum Coaching)0:00:11 
5David Espinoza (Bike America)0:00:11 
6Dean Tracy (Land Rover - Orbea)0:00:11 
7Lanell Rockmore (Team Alliance)0:00:11 
8Jonathan Fraley (WDT/AllVoi)0:00:11 
9Peter Billington (LTO Velo)0:00:11 
10Kevin Mansker (Unattached)0:00:11 
11Sam Milroy (LTO Velo)0:00:11 
12Giovanni Rey (LTO Velo)0:00:11 
13Daniel Sullivan (Team Metra / Wendy's)0:00:11 
14Joshua Ryan (Bouledogue Tout Noir)0:00:11 
15Andrew Lacorte (Affinity Cycles)0:00:11 
16Marius Farioletti0:00:11 
17Nelson Li (Sommerville Sports)0:00:12 
18Allen Vugrincic (Momentum Coaching)0:00:12 
19Andrew Weathers (American Track Found)0:00:12 
20Mark Godfrey (Bike Central)0:00:12 
21Nathan Frechen (Team Beer)0:00:12 
22TC Valentine0:00:12 
23Douglas Northcott0:00:12 
DNSRyan Cornell  
DNSMike Garrett  
DNSVann Johnson  
Women's Keirin Heats
Heat 1
1Cari Higgins  
2Tela Crane  
3Anna Lang  
4Dena Eaton  
5Amara Boursaw  
Heat 2
1Dana Feiss  
2Jen Featheringill  
3Vera Divenyi  
4Heather Vanvalkenburg  
5Megan Dean  
6Carol Kauder  
Heat 3
1Cristin Walker  
2Andrea Fisk  
3Maddie Godby  
4Camille Hook  
5Luanne Murray  
6Jane Chateaubriand  
Heat 4
1Colleen Hayduk  
2Shelby Reynolds  
3Elizabeth Newell  
4Kimberly Edwards  
5Valerie Brostrom  
6Amelia Bjesse-Puffin  
Women's Keirin Round 2
Heat 2
1Cari Higgins  
2Shelby Reynolds  
3Cristin Walker  
4Jen Featheringill  
5Valerie Brostrom  
6Elizabeth Newell  
Heat 2
1Colleen Hayduk  
2Anna Lang  
3Dana Feiss  
4Tela Crane  
5Maddie Godby  
6Andrea Fisk  
Women's Keirin Final
1Cristin Walker  
2Dana Feiss  
3Anna Lang  
4Cari Higgins  
5Shelby Reynolds  
6Colleen Hayduk  

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