Great Britain outclass USA for first gold

New Zealand pip Australia for bronze

Great Britain claimed their first gold medal of the championships, with a dominant start-to-finish performance over the world record holders in the women's team pursuit.

The result matched their qualifying positions however the final suggested the team from Great Britain - Laura Trott, Wendy Houvenaghel and Danielle King - were in a different class, with a winning time of 3:23.419 to the USA's 3:25.308.

Houvenaghel also explained that her team had taken into account the slow track and formulated their schedule based on that. The challenge for the three, was then to stick to it when it mattered.

"It's fantastic," she said of the dominant performance. "It's really special. It's incredible to be on that top spot on the podium again and that's where we want to stay. It's so encouraging. These girls have come a long way in a short space of time and over the next 16 months there's a lot of leeway to improve a lot more and I'm very excited about the prospect of us performing in London."

Trott and King were making their elite debuts at world championship level. For an "over the moon" King, it's been a dramatic rise to the top.

"The track was really hard to ride," the 20-year-old explained. "I was happy we were able to stick to our schedule and do it. I only started with the pursuit team last November and I've been working so hard."

The trio from the USA, Sarah Hammer, Dotsie Bausch and Jennie Reed were down from the first lap, and by the 1000m mark that had blown out to 1.361. The gap at the 2000m mark was close to 2 seconds. The USA rallied somewhat in the final laps, but then struggled to hold formation while the Great Britain team held steady.

Hammer, who will take on the gruelling schedule of the omnium on Saturday, said she was really proud of her team's efforts.
"We have come a long way in the past couple years," she said. Getting silver is almost harder than taking bronze but that I'm happy with the silver."

In the bronze medal ride-off, the New Zealand team of Alison Shanks, Jaime Nielsen and Kaytee Boyd pipped defending champions Australia in a time of 3:24.065.

Shanks, was slightly disappointed in the end result but could find positives in the ride.

"Bronze wasn't the medal they we came for, but we have to be a little happy getting a world championship medal," she admitted. "We got a bit too excited this morning, so tonight we had to hold back a little in the first half.

"The Aussies really made us race it, and they put up a good fight."

Earlier in qualifying, Great Britain was top of the pops in a time of 3:23.642 while the USA rode a 3:23.965.

Australia, with Amy Cure, Katherine Bates and Josephine Tomic struggled, with Tomic setting too high of a pace. The team posted the fourth fastest time in 3:25.253 which New Zealand bettered with 3:24.701.


Women's team pursuit final

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Great Britain0:03:23.419 
 Laura Trott  
 Wendy Houvenaghel  
 Danielle King  
2United States Of America0:03:25.308 
 Sarah Hammer  
 Dotsie Bausch  
 Jennie Reed  
3New Zealand0:03:24.065 
 Kaytee Boyd  
 Jaime Nielsen  
 Alison Shanks  
 Amy Cure  
 Katherine Bates  
 Josephine Tomic  


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Great Britain0:03:23.642 
 Laura Trott  
 Wendy Houvenaghel  
 Danielle King  
2United States Of America0:03:23.965 
 Sarah Hammer  
 Dotsie Bausch  
 Jennie Reed  
3New Zealand0:03:24.701 
 Kaytee Boyd  
 Jaime Nielsen  
 Alison Shanks  
 Amy Cure  
 Katherine Bates  
 Josephine Tomic  
 Kirsten Wild  
 Vera Koedooder  
 Ellen Van Dijk  
 Tara Whitten  
 Laura Brown  
 Clara Hughes  
 Lisa Brennauer  
 Charlotte Becker  
 Madeleine Sandig  
 Svitlana Galyuk  
 Lesya Kalitovska  
 Anna Solovey  
9People's Republic of China0:03:30.441 
 Fan Jiang  
 Wenwen Jiang  
 Jing Liang  
 Jolien D'Hoore  
 Els Belmans  
 Jessie Daams  
11Russian Federation0:03:30.650 
 Evgenya Romanyuta  
 Verena Absalyamova  
 Anastasia Chulkova  
 Tatsiana Sharakova  
 Alena Dylko  
 Aksana Papko  
 Vilija Sereikaite  
 Vaida Pikauskaite  
 Ausrine Trebaite  
 Malgorzata Wojtyra  
 Edyta Jasinska  
 Katarzyna Pawlowska  
 Monia Baccaille  
 Annalisa Cucinotta  
 Tatiana Guderzo  
16Hong Kong, China0:03:49.438 
 Xiao Juan Diao  
 Zhao Juan Meng  
 Wan Yiu Jamie Wong  


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