Macdonald beats O'Connor to men's victory

Pajot leads French dominance in women's race

Brook MacDonald (New Zealand) won the junior men's downhill at the World Championships in Canberra, Australia.  Anais Pajot (France) won the junior omen's title.


Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brook Macdonald (New Zealand)0:02:36.49 
2Shaun O'connor (Australia)0:00:01.18 
3Danny Hart (Great Britain)0:00:02.27 
4Rhys Willemse (Australia)0:00:02.82 
5Bernard Kerr (Great Britain)0:00:03.84 
6Harry Heath (Great Britain)0:00:04.70 
7George Brannigan (New Zealand)0:00:05.48 
8Daniel Heads (New Zealand)0:00:06.40 
9Tamryn Murrell (Australia)0:00:06.48 
10Antony Moore (Australia)0:00:08.01 
11Ivan Oziol (France)0:00:08.06 
12Arran Gannicott (Great Britain)0:00:08.44 
13Richard Leacock (New Zealand)0:00:08.65 
14Gareth Brewin (Great Britain)0:00:09.14 
15Geoffrey Ulmer (United States)0:00:09.56 
16Mitch Ropelato (United States)0:00:09.87 
17Iago Garay Tamayo (Spain)0:00:10.33 
18Rupert Chapman (New Zealand)0:00:10.37 
19Kim Petersson (Sweden)0:00:10.61 
20Andrea Gamenara (Italy)0:00:11.14 
21Ziga Pandur (Slovenia)0:00:12.13 
22Timothy Bentley (South Africa)0:00:12.24 
23Shawn Neer (United States)0:00:12.67 
24Tyler Allison (Canada)0:00:12.89 
25Trenton Zoobkoff (Canada)0:00:14.96 
26Patrick Thome (France)0:00:15.70 
27Remi Gauvin (Canada)0:00:17.30 
28Wolfgang Eysholdt (Germany)0:00:17.42 
29Martin Hanak (Czech Republic)0:00:18.57 
30Luciano Worl (United States)0:00:19.53 
31Erik Kimmel (Czech Republic)0:00:19.80 
32Santa Kushima (Japan)0:00:20.03 
33Kazuki Shimizu (Japan)0:00:22.05 
34Ethan Helliwell (New Zealand)0:00:22.80 
35Kyle Marshall (Canada)0:00:23.17 
36Hajime Imoto (Japan)0:00:25.60 
37Laurie Dinham (Australia)0:02:43.67 
38Aari Barrett (New Zealand)0:02:55.51 
DNFKevin Aiello (United States)  
DNSWilliam Gower (Australia)  
DNSHans Hadley (Australia)  
DNSChayse Marshall (Canada)  
Junior women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anais Pajot (France)0:03:11.91 
2Julie Berteaux (France)0:00:04.37 
3Holly Baarspul (Australia)0:00:08.25 
4Alia Marcellini (Italy)0:00:09.89 
5Georgia Wight (New Zealand)0:00:18.61 
6Fanny Lombard (France)0:00:18.62 
7Leoni-Caro. Dickerhoff (Germany)0:00:29.80 
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