Ragot surpises in the downhill, Jonnier crashes

France's Ragot takes world title ahead of Britain's Moseley

Emmeline Ragot (France) was an upset winner in the downhill at the World Championships in Canberra, Australia. Favourite Sabrina Jonnier (France) crashed and flatted during her run.

"I couldn't see the [TV] screen it was behind something, and I was wondering if Sabrina crashed or not," said Ragot. "When I saw the result it was good. The win is only sinking in now that I have the rainbow [jersey], and I am just realising that it has happened."

Kathy Pruitt (United States) was the only North American to make it onto the podium, winning the bronze medal in the women's race.

Canada's Miranada Miller set the first fast time of 3:04.25. Her time would hold up through five riders, before Pruitt knocked nearly ten seconds off, to take the lead with a time of 2:54.89. Pruitt's lead lasted almost the entire race, as rider after rider came down and fell short.

It wasn't until Ragot came down third from last that Pruitt was finally displaced. Ragot knocked nearly three seconds off her time.

Tracy Moseley (Great Britain), second from last, bumped Pruitt to third, but everyone was waiting for Jonnier, the winner of six out of seven World Cups this season.

Jonnier crashed high on the course, in the rocky section, puncturing her front tire and dashing hopes of a World/World Cup title double. Jonnier disappeared immediately after her run, crying in the arms of the French coach.

"If I am honest, no, I'm not happy [with second]," said Moseley. "I definitely came here to win. I certainly came here feeling like I could win on this track and I was riding well in practice."

Pruitt, a former Junior World Champion in 2000, was satisfied with her third place. "Anytime you are on the podium at the World Championships I don't think it's a bad day," she said. "I've been missing out on all the World Cups this year, so just getting on the podium in a big race on a big day like this does a lot."


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emmeline Ragot (France)0:02:50.05 
2Tracy Moseley (Great Britain)0:00:02.49 
3Kathleen Pruitt (United States)0:00:04.84 
4Fionn Griffiths (Great Britain)0:00:06.74 
5Floriane Pugin (France)0:00:07.39 
6Claire Buchar (Canada)0:00:09.37 
7Micayla Gatto (Canada)0:00:09.39 
8Mio Suemasa (Japan)0:00:09.51 
9Melissa Buhl (United States)0:00:11.64 
10Joanna Petterson (South Africa)0:00:13.25 
11Celine Gros (France)0:00:13.40 
12Anita Molcik (Austria)0:00:13.79 
13Miranda Miller (Canada)0:00:14.20 
14Emilie Siegenthaler (Switzerland)0:00:18.38 
15Claire Whiteman (Australia)0:00:18.68 
16Harriet Harper (New Zealand)0:00:19.84 
17Julia Boer (Hungary)0:00:23.09 
18Gabrielle Molloy (New Zealand)0:00:23.81 
19Cara Smith (Australia)0:00:27.59 
20Amy Laird (New Zealand)0:00:29.57 
21Sarah Booth (Australia)0:00:32.75 
22Tomoko Iizuka (Japan)0:00:37.18 
23Anka Martin (South Africa)0:00:46.38 
24Olivia Johnston (New Zealand)0:00:47.91 
25Sabrina Jonnier (France)0:01:31.46 
DNFDiana Marggraff (Ecuador)  
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