Haley secures junior win in Milton Keynes

Green and Craig round out podium

American cyclo-cross racer Gavin Haley won the junior men's race held in Milton Keynes on Saturday. The event was not a World Cup but it was held on the same day and at the same venue as the elite men's and women's round three of the World Cup series.

Haley finished the race by nearly 30 seconds ahead of Briton riders Arthur Green in second and Thomas Craig in third.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gavin Haley (USA)0:41:34 
2Arthur Green (GBr)0:00:29 
3Thomas Craig (GBr)0:00:59 
4Joshua Waters (GBr)0:01:22 
5William Gascoyne (GBr)0:01:39 
6David Barnes (GBr)0:01:40 
7Alfie Moses (GBr)0:02:06 
8Tom Seaman (GBr)0:02:29 
9Ewan Grivell-Mellor (GBr)0:02:30 
10Charlie Mcfadzean (GBr)0:02:46 
11Matthew Fratesi (GBr)0:02:47 
12Finlay Robertson (GBr)0:03:03 
13David Conroy (Irl)0:03:11 
14Cai Davies (GBr)0:03:19 
15Adam Hartley (GBr)0:03:26 
16Cameron Biddle (GBr)0:03:28 
17Jacob Phelps (GBr)0:03:32 
18Tim James (GBr)0:03:37 
19Buauna Ball (GBr)  
20Joseph Peatfield (GBr)0:04:05 
21Marcus Burnett (GBr)0:04:32 
22Joshua Outram (GBr)0:05:11 
23Christopher Barnes (GBr)0:05:22 
24James Garratt (GBr)0:05:27 
25Anthony Neave (GBr)0:05:38 
26Thomas Sewell (GBr)0:05:45 
27Christopher Rothwell (GBr)0:06:00 
28Greg Taylor (GBr)0:06:38 
29Callum Mackie (GBr)0:07:08 
30Dylan Flesher (GBr)0:07:14 
31George Baker (GBr)0:07:23 
32Max Williamson (GBr)  
33Conall Brown (GBr)0:07:28 
34Jack Griffiths (GBr)0:07:40 
35Joseph Taylor (GBr)0:08:30 
36Joe Williams (GBr)0:08:43 
37Matthew Thorne (GBr)0:09:05 
38Ben Dransfield (GBr)0:09:59 
39Teifion Best (GBr)0:10:00 
40Steven Humphreys (GBr)  
41William Warre (GBr)  
42Glenn Dossett (GBr)  
43Louis Carter (GBr)  
44Ned O'regan (GBr)  
45Robbie Sturdy (GBr)  

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