Bishop wins stage 4 at Raystown Lake

Haywood races to women's victory


That's the word Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale) used to describe the pace during the Raystown stage, stage number 4 of the NoTubes Trans-Sylvania Epic. Only 25 seconds separated Bishop from Barry Wicks (Kona Bikes) at the start of the day. By the end, that lead had ballooned to more than six and a half minutes.

The fourth stage of Trans-Sylvania took place on the rolling whoops and dips of the Allegrippis trails at Raystown Lake a one-hour drive from Camp TSEpic. Allegrippis has proven to be crowd favorite every year and this year was no exception. One of two "remote" stages in the Trans-Sylvania Epic, Raystown is the fastest and smoothest singletrack of the week and racers were greeted with slick and wet conditions that left riders covered with mud at the end of the stage but grinning ear to ear.

"I wanted to show the guys I was back," said Bishop. "I treated the start like a World Cup." Bishop pushed the pace early and quickly pulled a group including South African Matthys Buekes, Justin Lindine (Redline), Aaron Snyder (Scott), Drew Edsall (Kenda/Felt) and Wicks away from the rest. Less than five seconds separated these six riders the first time through the lap point.

The fireworks continued immediately into the second lap as Bishop was determined to shed his adversary Wicks, who had spent the previous two days chipping away at the lead Bishop established in the time trial at the start of the week. Buekes was on the move as well, looking to find time lost during the first two days of the race. Lindine, too, was having none of it, coming past Bishop and into the lead with the intent to send off a final attack. In the flurry of activity Edsall, then Snyder and finally Lindine were dropped from the front group.

Unfortunately for Wicks, as he jumped, his run of luck came to an end with a flat tire leaving Bishop and Beukes alone in the lead. Beukes was looking for a stage win and passed Bishop as he bobbled on one of the final switchbacks in the wild undulations of the Allegrippis trails.

Bishop recovered and in his words, "I kept pushing Matt and pushing Matt, trying one side then the other, until I got by because I knew the first person out of the singletrack had the advantage in the finish. And I wanted this stage win." Bishop found the room the made a final pass, emerged first from Sleek Dog Trail. Buekes attempted a last pass out of the final corner but came up one half bike length short.

Trailing in only seconds behind came Lindine with Snyder on his heels. Edsall finished another minute in arrears with a disappointed Wicks crossing the line more than six minutes behind the winners. Bishop now leads second place Wicks by 6:30 though his lead is anything but secure with the the raw old school trails awaiting the race in RB Winter tomorrow.


In the women's race, Sue Haywood (NoTubes Elite Women) continued her run of success in stage victories grabbing her third of the week. "We [Cheryl Sornson (Team CF) and I] went back and forth a bit but it was really hard to get away from each other. One of us would put in a big effort and the other would roll up on the next descent."

Haywood's teammate Jenny Smith said, "It just wasn't worth the effort to make the repeated accelerations today." Haywood did find one last place to make an acceleration and clipped 14 seconds from Sornson's overall lead though Sornson still holds a commanding 4:50 lead in the GC. Smith rolled across in third and has a strong hold on third in the GC.

Other categories

The stage produced new winners in the duo meen's race with Tim and Troy Zimmerman (First Place Racing) from Florida showing themselves to be a dominant force in tight and twisty racing taking out a six minute win over GC leaders Dax Massey and Jake Wells (NoTubes/Breck Epic) with Mike Festa and Craig Lebair of Philly Ciclismo in third. Zeke Hersh (Honey Stinger/Breck Epic) claimed the stage over Kenny Wehn (NoTubes Elite Masters) and Jon Davis (Trek Bike Store Boulder).

Dejay Birtch (Niner/Ergon) continued his dominance in the SS category while Rich Dillen (Team Dicky) came home in second and Clay Chiles (Faster Mustache) finished third. Jim Matthews continues to lead the 50+ race while the Coed Duo of Juan Garcia and Trish Grajczyk (JCTracing/Deadgoat) has yet to concede a stage to another racer.

Tim Johnson (People for Bikes/VW/Cannondale/Red Bull) put in perhaps the most impressive ride of the day. Johnson crossed the finish line in seventh place overall but that came after a start in fourth wave and an eight-minute delay as part of the Epic Team competition. His adjusted time put him in fifth overall and it is impossible not to consider what might have happened if Johnson had started in the front and not had to pass 70-80 racers on his way to the front. Johnson chipped away at his team's deficit to Team CF's Chip Meeks, Jessie Kelly, Nate Cross, Jack Delzel and Kaitlyn Broadhurst but still has close to 20 minutes to bring back and only three stages left to do so.

After the evening stage presentation the fun continued with the second annual wheelie competition and Hump Day Party which was made possible by stage winner Bishop and his sponsor Cannondale. Joel Light of the Epic Team TEVR destroyed all in an "around the world" wheelie while racers kicked back and enjoyed a selection of fine beverages before tomorrow's assault on RB Winter and the raw, rough, old school trails throughout this part of central Pennsylvania.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale Factory Racing)2:28:20 
2Matthys Beukes  
3Justin Lindine (Redline)0:00:19 
4Aaron Snyder (Scott Pro Mountain Bike Team)0:00:28 
5Drew Edsall (Kenda / Felt)0:01:18 
6Barry Wicks (Kona)0:06:01 
7Cary Smith (Team CF)0:10:01 
8Chris Michaels0:14:28 
9Matt Miller (Giant Mid Atlantic Off-Road Team)0:16:37 
10Stephan Kincaid (Stan's NoTubes/AXA Equitable)0:18:32 
11Michael Wissell (B2C2 p/b Boloco)0:20:40 
12Luke Sagur (Carolina Bicycle Company/ Total Cyclist)0:27:46 
13Madison Matthews (The Bicycle Shop / MBR / Maxxis)0:32:14 
14Cory Wallace (Kona Factory Team)0:33:05 
15Jarrett Heitzman0:36:20 
16Theo Procopos (Keswick Cycle)0:39:39 
17Jesse Stauffer0:49:14 
18Eric McKeegan (Dirt Rag)1:00:06 
19Samir Salas (Diamond Adventure)1:08:11 
20James Spurk1:23:40 
21Matthew Garrett1:25:30 
22Andrew Cappella1:28:54 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sue Haywood (Stan's NoTubes Elite Women)2:54:13 
2Cheryl Sornson (Team CF)0:00:16 
3Jenny Smith (Stan's NoTubes Elite Women)0:02:15 
4Sarah Kaufmann (Stan's NoTubes Elite Women)0:04:46 
5Kristin Gavin (Team CF)0:10:16 
6Alice Pennington (Kona)0:16:16 
7Karen Potter ( 
8Shannon Gibson (Stan's NoTubes Elite Women)0:41:10 
9Karen Brooks (Dirt Rag Magazine)0:47:06 
10Rachel Brown (Team Luna chix)0:48:46 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dejay Birtch (Niner/Ergon)2:53:18 
2Clay Chiles (Faster Mustache)0:06:04 
3Rich Dillen (Team Dicky)0:07:09 
4Chris Merriam (Crosshairs Racing)0:32:19 
5Steven Thompson (Big Pig Racing/Western)0:35:12 
Master men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ezekiel Hersh (Honey Stinger Bontrager/ Breck Epic)2:40:51 
2Kenneth Wehn (Stan's NoTubes Elite Masters)0:00:47 
3Jonathan Davis (Trek Bike Store Boulder Racing)0:01:53 
4Donnie Harries (Greenway Bicycles)0:11:08 
5Bruce Stauffer (Trek Bicycle Store Charlotte)0:11:12 
6Rich Bartlett (Block Bikes)0:14:46 
7Garth Prosser (Ashford SUrgical)0:17:17 
8Pat Doyle (Deadgoat Racing)0:18:43 
9Rob Campbell (BikeLine)0:20:36 
10Nathan Ruch (Evolution Racing)0:22:48 
11Nate Means0:35:06 
12Mike Abraham (Tall Tree Cycles)0:36:25 
13Brent Fargo (Oakville Cyclepath Race Team)0:37:57 
14John Kuhn (Cranford Bike Team/CTS)0:37:59 
15Stu Hess (MBR/The Bicycle Shop)0:46:19 
16Hal Judd (Oakville Cyclepath)0:47:09 
17Kevin Maldonado1:01:56 
18Luis Urteaga (Diamond Adventure)1:22:41 
19Oscar Velazco (Diamond Adventure)1:25:21 
Master men 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jim Matthews (MBR / The Bicycle Shop)3:04:50 
2Scott Thomson0:20:11 
3Jim Wilson (Team CF)0:35:58 
Duo men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tim Zimmerman (First Place 
 Troy Zimmerman (zboys Racing / Endurance Factor)  
2Dax Masey (BreckEpic/NoTubes)0:05:14 
 Jake Wells (BreckEpic/NoTubes)  
3Mike Festa (The Philadelphia Ciclismo TSEpic p/b 
 Craig Lebair (The Philadelphia Ciclismo TSEpic p/b  
4Steven Ordons (Philadephia Ciclismo)0:06:39 
 Jake Wade (Philadephia Ciclismo)  
5Todd Winget (Hoosier Old Boys)0:49:29 
 Andy Ording (Hoosier Old Boys)  
 Scott Perschke (TwoSes)  
Duo Co-ed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Juan Garcia (JCTracing/Deadgoat)3:14:23 
 Trish Grajczyk (JCTracing/Deadgoat)  
2Kaarin Tae (Kaarin/Lawrence)0:07:00 
 Lawrence Plug (Kaarin/Lawrence)  
3Karen Rishel (NoTubes Endurance Racing)0:05:24 
 Alan Rishel (NoTubes Endurance Racing)  
4Cissy Fowler (Pisgah Area Cycling)0:17:17 
 David Cook (Pisgah Area Cycling)  
5Joel Nankman (Will we still be married?)0:13:10 
 Jessica Nankman (Will we still be married?)  
Epic Team
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tim Johnson (Volkswagen/People For Bikes/Cannondale/NoTubes/TSE)2:29:14 
2Chip Meek (Team CF)0:13:24 
3Derek Bissett (CO/VA Connection)0:31:13 
4Rich Straub (Misfit Warriors)0:35:08 
5Darren Miskiewicz (Team Dogfish p/b The Captain)0:44:51 
6Wels Baker (Baker Installations)0:50:12 
7Matt Allyn (Bicycling Mag)0:57:38 
8Denver Poole (On the Rocks)1:02:27 
9Skye Allsop (TEVR)1:03:29 
10Bryon Kremer (Volkswagen/People For Bikes/Cannondale/NoTubes/TSE)0:21:17 
11Jesse Kelly (Team CF)0:27:04 
12Joey Boyle (CO/VA Connection)0:45:09 
13Mike Boyes (CO/VA Connection)0:48:28 
14Kevin Wetzel (CO/VA Connection)0:51:56 
15Jack Dalzell (Team CF)0:59:18 
16John Miller (Misfit Warriors)1:00:09 
17Dave Pryor (Team Dogfish p/b The Captain)1:09:21 
18Jamie Harris (Team Dogfish p/b The Captain)  
19Steven Hecht (Misfit Warriors)1:24:36 
20Nate Cross (Team CF)1:26:03 
21Freddy Long (TEVR)1:39:56 
22Kaitlyn Broadhurst (Team CF)1:42:36 
23Chad Baker (Baker Installations)1:43:21 
24Derek Reynolds (On the Rocks)  
25Tanner Davis (CO/VA Connection)  
26Joel Light (TEVR)  
TSE Experience
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joanne Abbruzzesi (Bike Line)1:51:01 
2Jacqueline Eder  
3Fred Baker (Baker Installations)0:09:12 
4Kathleen Riddell (Bike Line)0:47:00 
Men general classification after stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale Factory Racing)9:00:33 
2Barry Wicks (Kona)0:06:28 
3Drew Edsall (Kenda / Felt)0:18:25 
4Aaron Snyder (Scott Pro Mountain Bike Team)0:21:52 
5Matthys Beukes0:22:40 
6Justin Lindine (Redline)0:32:48 
7Cary Smith (Team CF)0:40:49 
8Chris Michaels0:54:55 
9Stephan Kincaid (Stan's NoTubes/AXA Equitable)1:21:07 
10Cory Wallace (Kona Factory Team)1:26:09 
11Matt Miller (Giant Mid Atlantic Off-Road Team)1:27:32 
12Michael Wissell (B2C2 p/b Boloco)1:35:48 
13Madison Matthews (The Bicycle Shop / MBR / Maxxis)1:55:52 
14Luke Sagur (Carolina Bicycle Company/ Total Cyclist)2:13:17 
15Theo Procopos (Keswick Cycle)2:15:59 
16Jarrett Heitzman2:42:37 
17Jesse Stauffer2:45:32 
18Eric McKeegan (Dirt Rag)3:39:13 
19Samir Salas (Diamond Adventure)4:15:43 
20James Spurk5:04:39 
21Andrew Cappella6:56:39 
Women general classification after stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cheryl Sornson (Team CF)10:40:56 
2Sue Haywood (Stan's NoTubes Elite Women)0:04:53 
3Jenny Smith (Stan's NoTubes Elite Women)0:19:19 
4Kristin Gavin (Team CF)0:44:27 
5Sarah Kaufmann (Stan's NoTubes Elite Women)0:48:37 
6Alice Pennington (Kona)0:57:21 
7Shannon Gibson (Stan's NoTubes Elite Women)2:22:50 
8Karen Brooks (Dirt Rag Magazine)3:32:34 
9Rachel Brown (Team Luna chix)4:45:08 
Singlespeed general classification after stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dejay Birtch (Niner/Ergon)10:52:18 
2Rich Dillen (Team Dicky)0:36:54 
3Clay Chiles (Faster Mustache)1:24:28 
4Chris Merriam (Crosshairs Racing)1:57:29 
5Steven Thompson (Big Pig Racing/Western)4:01:00 
Master men 40+ general classification after stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ezekiel Hersh (Honey Stinger Bontrager/ Breck Epic)9:57:59 
2Jonathan Davis (Trek Bike Store Boulder Racing)0:04:10 
3Kenneth Wehn (Stan's NoTubes Elite Masters)0:26:59 
4Garth Prosser (Ashford SUrgical)0:46:43 
5Donnie Harries (Greenway Bicycles)0:51:19 
6Rich Bartlett (Block Bikes)0:58:35 
7Nathan Ruch (Evolution Racing)1:16:44 
8Bruce Stauffer (Trek Bicycle Store Charlotte)1:19:02 
9Pat Doyle (Deadgoat Racing)1:20:34 
10Brent Fargo (Oakville Cyclepath Race Team)1:40:28 
11Rob Campbell (BikeLine)2:04:44 
12John Kuhn (Cranford Bike Team/CTS)2:08:17 
13Nate Means2:38:41 
14Stu Hess (MBR/The Bicycle Shop)3:02:06 
15Hal Judd (Oakville Cyclepath)3:30:35 
16Mike Abraham (Tall Tree Cycles)3:48:29 
17Kevin Maldonado4:19:19 
18Luis Urteaga (Diamond Adventure)5:16:10 
19Oscar Velazco (Diamond Adventure)5:55:23 
Master men 50+ general classification after stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jim Matthews (MBR / The Bicycle Shop)11:21:52 
2Scott Thomson1:24:01 
3Jim Wilson (Team CF)2:30:30 
Duo men general classification after stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jake Wells (BreckEpic/NoTubes)10:43:51 
 Dax Masey (BreckEpic/NoTubes)  
2Troy Zimmerman (zboys Racing / Endurance Factor)0:11:12 
 Tim Zimmerman (First Place  
3Mike Festa (The Philadelphia Ciclismo TSEpic p/b 
 Craig Lebair (The Philadelphia Ciclismo TSEpic p/b  
4Steven Ordons (Philadephia Ciclismo)0:06:08 
 Jake Wade (Philadephia Ciclismo)  
5Todd Winget (Hoosier Old Boys)3:32:43 
 Andy Ording (Hoosier Old Boys)  
Duo Coed general classification after stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Juan Garcia (JCTracing/Deadgoat)11:39:15 
 Trish Grajczyk (JCTracing/Deadgoat)  
2Karen Rishel (NoTubes Endurance Racing)1:07:05 
 Alan Rishel (NoTubes Endurance Racing)  
3Kaarin Tae (Kaarin/Lawrence)0:09:18 
 Lawrence Plug (Kaarin/Lawrence)  
4Cissy Fowler (Pisgah Area Cycling)1:01:04 
 David Cook (Pisgah Area Cycling)  
5Joel Nankman (Will we still be married?)1:18:44 
 Jessica Nankman (Will we still be married?)  
Epic team
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Team CF10:18:41 
2Volkeswagen/People for Bikes/Cannondale/NoTubes/TSE0:18:52 
3CO/VA Connection1:22:21 
4Misfit Warriors2:29:49 
5Baker Installations2:33:18 
6Team Dogfish p/b The Captain2:45:13 
8On the Rocks6:05:27 
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