Cantwell reclaims lead as Howlett wins sprint

Fly V rider tied on time with NSWIS's Tanner

Queenslander Jonathan Cantwell clung to the barest of leads in the Elgas Tour of the Murray River after a determined challenge from David Tanner in stages 4 and 5 of the eight-day cycling classic today.

Tanner, 25, who recently returned to Australia after a sporadic five-year overseas stint, won the 45km Swan Hill criterium and then finished ninth in the 66km flat stage from Swan Hill to Lake Boga.

His impressive performance elevated him to the same overall time of 9 hours, 25 minutes, 52 seconds as Cantwell, but the speedy Queenslander was awarded the Elgas purple jersey because of his second placing behind the unheralded Charles Howlett in the Swan Hill-Lake Boga dash.

Cantwell, already a double stage winner in this tour, surrendered his overall lead to Tanner in the Swan Hill criterium and was 11 seconds in arrears when the 100-strong field set out for Lake Boga.

Cantwell, already a winner of 20 races this year in America and Australia, said his team "messed up" their strategies in the Swan Hill criterium and were fortunate to regain the leader's jersey after a mixed day.

Tanner, Melbourne Commonwealth Games gold medallist Sean Finning and New South Wales road champion Cameron Peterson dominated the criterium with a spirited break-away which saw them reach the finish line 20 seconds clear of the fourth-placed Cantwell.

"We didn't have a lot of firepower out there" Cantwell said. "I'm lucky to get the jersey back and now I want to hang on to it".

South Australian Matthew Benson became the fourth rider to be hospitalised during the tour after he crashed heavily at the 36km mark of the Swan Hill to Lake Boga stage.

Full results
1Charles Howlett (Cycle City)1:26:15 
2Jonathan Cantwell (Fly V Australia)  
3Alex Carver (NSWIS)  
4Scott Law (NSWIS)  
5Mitchell Mulhern (QSM Sports)  
6Daniel Barry (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)  
7James Mowatt (Cycle City)  
8Kyle Marwood (Praties)  
9David Tanner (NSWIS)  
10Malcolm Rudolph (Budget Forklifts)  
11Po Hung Wu (Decked Out - Race)  
12Michael Freiberg (Team Jayco AIS)  
13Samuel Witmitz (Titans - Race)  
14James Langedyk (Jayco - VIS)  
15Ben Grenda (Praties)  
16Latham Croft (Decked Out - Race)  
17Alexander Ray (Search2Retain)  
18Johan Esterhuyzen (Praties)  
19Sam Genge (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)  
20Aaron Donnelly (NSWIS)  
21James Mcdulling (Decked Out - Race)  
22Andrew Gerber (QSM Sports)  
23David Cripps (Lawson Homes)  
24Michael Phelan (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)  
25Alex Smyth (Jayco - VIS)  
26Michael Smith (Lawson Homes)  
27James Hepburn (QSM Sports)  
28Joshua Prete (QSM Sports)  
29Joel Pearson (Credit Collect/Primestate)  
30Nick Aitken (Team 2XU - ARC)  
31Silas Fisher (Team 2XU - ARC)  
32Tobais Boylan (Search2Retain)  
33Ashley Baines (Cycle City)  
34Richard Lang (Budget Forklifts)  
35Al Dempsey (OEX - Team Enterprise)  
36Miles Watson (Titans - Race)  
37Andy Mcnab (Search2Retain)  
38Adam Phelan (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)  
39Samuel Wood (QSM Sports)  
40John Cornish (Credit Collect/Primestate)  
41Matth Meisel-Dennis (Brumbys Bakery - Canberra)  
42Hamish Presbury (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)  
43Jason Rigg (Praties)  
44Marc Williams (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)  
45William Robinson (Lawson Homes)  
46Nathan Earle (Praties)  
47Mitch Lovelock-Fay (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)  
48Eliott Crowther (OEX - Team Enterprise)  
49Dale Parker (Titans - Race)  
50Luke Durbridge (Team Jayco AIS)  
51Tim Hucker (Titans - Race)  
52Thomas Robinson (Lawson Homes)  
53Rohan Dennis (Team Jayco AIS)  
54Benjamin Hill (Swan Hill Region)  
55Peter Ladd (Budget Forklifts)  
56Stuart Grimsey (Elgas)  
57Brendan Schultz (Titans - Race)  
58Patrick Bevin (OEX - Team Enterprise)  
59Hayden Brooks (Fly V Australia)  
60Shaun Mccarthy (Credit Collect/Primestate)  
61Eric Sheppard (Jayco - VIS)  
62Andrew Ward (OEX - Team Enterprise)  
63Matthew Mcdonagh (Lawson Homes)  
64Adam Semple (Team Jayco AIS)  
65Patrick Lane (Jayco - VIS)  
66Trent Stevenson (Cycle City)  
67Thomas Donald (Search2Retain)  
68Rhys Gillett (Cycle City)  
69Tom Hanover (OEX - Team Enterprise)  
70Daniel Mcguigan (Swan Hill Region)  
71David Pell (Credit Collect/Primestate)  
72Trevor Griffiths (Jayco - VIS)  
73Daniel Seagar (Search2Retain)  
74James Henry (Search2Retain)  
75Lachlan Morton (NSWIS)  
76Peter Aquilina (Decked Out - Race)  
77Cameron Peterson (Swan Hill Region)  
78Scott Cronly-Dillon (Swan Hill Region)  
79Luke Davison (Team Jayco AIS)0:00:11 
80Chris Pryor (Fly V Australia)  
81Will Dickeson (Credit Collect/Primestate)  
82James Mccoy (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)  
83Mathew Marshall (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)  
84Michael Hepburn (Fly V Australia)  
85Cody Stevenson (Budget Forklifts)  
86Tim Decker (Titans - Race)  
87Trent Williams (Search2Retain)  
88Joel Stewart (Brumbys Bakery - Canberra)  
89James Ibrahim (Titans - Race)  
90Sean Finning (Jayco - VIS)0:00:21 
91Will Clarke (Praties)0:00:24 
92David Kemp (Fly V Australia)0:00:33 
93Sam Spokes (NSWIS)0:00:44 
94John Forrest (Brumbys Bakery - Canberra)0:00:48 
DNFGlenn O'shea (Team Jayco AIS)  
DNFMatthew Benson (Elgas)  
General classification after stage 5
1Jonathan Cantwell (Fly V Australia)9:25:52 
2David Tanner (NSWIS)  
3Joel Pearson (Credit Collect/Primestate)0:00:14 
4Richard Lang (Budget Forklifts)0:00:23 
5Nick Aitken (Team 2XU - ARC)0:00:36 
6Luke Durbridge (Team Jayco AIS)0:00:41 
7Alex Carver (NSWIS)0:00:42 
8Daniel Barry (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)0:00:44 
9Ben Grenda (Praties)0:00:45 
10Eliott Crowther (OEX - Team Enterprise)0:00:49 
11Hayden Brooks (Fly V Australia)0:00:50 
12Jason Rigg (Praties)0:00:51 
13Patrick Lane (Jayco - VIS)  
14Michael Freiberg (Team Jayco AIS)0:00:54 
15James Langedyk (Jayco - VIS)0:01:10 
16Rohan Dennis (Team Jayco AIS)0:01:13 
17Miles Watson (Titans - Race)0:01:25 
18Marc Williams (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)0:01:29 
19James Mowatt (Cycle City)0:01:32 
20Ashley Baines (Cycle City)  
21Alexander Ray (Search2Retain)0:01:35 
22Trent Stevenson (Cycle City)  
23Patrick Bevin (OEX - Team Enterprise)0:03:13 
24Samuel Witmitz (Titans - Race)0:03:15 
25Tom Hanover (OEX - Team Enterprise)0:03:19 
26Thomas Robinson (Lawson Homes)0:03:25 
27Adam Semple (Team Jayco AIS)0:03:26 
28Adam Phelan (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)0:03:28 
29Tim Hucker (Titans - Race)  
30Silas Fisher (Team 2XU - ARC)  
31Benjamin Hill (Swan Hill Region)  
32Alex Smyth (Jayco - VIS)  
33Stuart Grimsey (Elgas)  
34Eric Sheppard (Jayco - VIS)  
35Lachlan Morton (NSWIS)  
36Will Clarke (Praties)0:03:39 
37Nathan Earle (Praties)0:04:18 
38Scott Law (NSWIS)0:05:02 
39Tim Decker (Titans - Race)0:05:17 
40Brendan Schultz (Titans - Race)0:05:42 
41Charles Howlett (Cycle City)0:07:47 
42David Pell (Credit Collect/Primestate)0:09:55 
43David Cripps (Lawson Homes)0:10:01 
44William Robinson (Lawson Homes)0:13:38 
45Tobais Boylan (Search2Retain)0:14:35 
46Joshua Prete (QSM Sports)  
47Trevor Griffiths (Jayco - VIS)0:16:37 
48James Mccoy (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)0:16:38 
49Malcolm Rudolph (Budget Forklifts)0:18:34 
50Andy Mcnab (Search2Retain)0:18:37 
51Mathew Marshall (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)0:18:48 
52Scott Cronly-Dillon (Swan Hill Region)0:18:52 
53Sam Spokes (NSWIS)0:19:21 
54Will Dickeson (Credit Collect/Primestate)0:19:45 
55Michael Phelan (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)0:20:09 
56Peter Ladd (Budget Forklifts)0:20:15 
57David Kemp (Fly V Australia)0:20:17 
58Chris Pryor (Fly V Australia)0:20:43 
59Al Dempsey (OEX - Team Enterprise)0:23:13 
60Hamish Presbury (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)0:23:26 
61Cameron Peterson (Swan Hill Region)0:25:37 
62Aaron Donnelly (NSWIS)0:26:23 
63Kyle Marwood (Praties)0:27:03 
64Rhys Gillett (Cycle City)0:30:06 
65Shaun Mccarthy (Credit Collect/Primestate)0:30:39 
66Mitchell Mulhern (QSM Sports)0:32:05 
67John Forrest (Brumbys Bakery - Canberra)0:32:14 
68Dale Parker (Titans - Race)0:32:43 
69John Cornish (Credit Collect/Primestate)0:34:21 
70Cody Stevenson (Budget Forklifts)0:34:32 
71Michael Hepburn (Fly V Australia)0:34:45 
72James Henry (Search2Retain)0:45:08 
73Michael Smith (Lawson Homes)0:47:51 
74Andrew Ward (OEX - Team Enterprise)0:47:52 
75James Ibrahim (Titans - Race)0:48:07 
76Mitch Lovelock-Fay (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)0:48:57 
77Joel Stewart (Brumbys Bakery - Canberra)0:49:36 
78Po Hung Wu (Decked Out - Race)0:53:26 
79Luke Davison (Team Jayco AIS)0:54:02 
80Johan Esterhuyzen (Praties)0:54:36 
81Sean Finning (Jayco - VIS)0:55:00 
82Matthew Mcdonagh (Lawson Homes)0:57:40 
83James Hepburn (QSM Sports)0:57:41 
84Sam Genge (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)0:59:54 
85Latham Croft (Decked Out - Race)1:00:00 
86Thomas Donald (Search2Retain)1:00:52 
87Samuel Wood (QSM Sports)1:01:10 
88James Mcdulling (Decked Out - Race)1:01:42 
89Andrew Gerber (QSM Sports)1:03:35 
90Daniel Seagar (Search2Retain)1:03:56 
91Peter Aquilina (Decked Out - Race)1:04:56 
92Daniel Mcguigan (Swan Hill Region)1:08:04 
93Matth Meisel-Dennis (Brumbys Bakery - Canberra)1:12:22 
94Trent Williams (Search2Retain)1:14:05 
Sprint classification
1Will Clarke (Praties)22pts
2Jonathan Cantwell (Fly V Australia)19 
3Joel Pearson (Credit Collect/Primestate)19 
4Richard Lang (Budget Forklifts)14 
5Cameron Peterson (Swan Hill Region)14 
6Samuel Witmitz (Titans - Race)13 
7Sean Finning (Jayco - VIS)11 
8David Kemp (Fly V Australia)11 
9Rohan Dennis (Team Jayco AIS)10 
10Luke Durbridge (Team Jayco AIS)10 
11Miles Watson (Titans - Race)10 
12David Tanner (NSWIS)9 
13Tom Hanover (OEX - Team Enterprise)9 
14Nick Aitken (Team 2XU - ARC)8 
15Patrick Bevin (OEX - Team Enterprise)8 
16Charles Howlett (Cycle City)7 
17Ben Grenda (Praties)6 
18Marc Williams (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)6 
19Chris Pryor (Fly V Australia)5 
20Kyle Marwood (Praties)5 
21James Langedyk (Jayco - VIS)5 
22David Pell (Credit Collect/Primestate)4 
23Michael Freiberg (Team Jayco AIS)4 
24Ashley Baines (Cycle City)3 
25Trevor Griffiths (Jayco - VIS)3 
26Thomas Robinson (Lawson Homes)3 
27James Mowatt (Cycle City)3 
28Eliott Crowther (OEX - Team Enterprise)2 
29Alex Carver (NSWIS)2 
30Adam Semple (Team Jayco AIS)2 
31Michael Smith (Lawson Homes)1 
32Hayden Brooks (Fly V Australia)1 
33James Mccoy (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)1 
34Mitch Lovelock-Fay (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)1 
Mountains classification
1Nick Aitken (Team 2XU - ARC)7pts
2Will Clarke (Praties)6 
3David Tanner (NSWIS)2 
4Richard Lang (Budget Forklifts)1 
5Nathan Earle (Praties)1 
6Michael Freiberg (Team Jayco AIS)1 
Criterium classification
1David Tanner (NSWIS)17pts
2Joel Pearson (Credit Collect/Primestate)14 
3Jonathan Cantwell (Fly V Australia)11 
4David Kemp (Fly V Australia)10 
5Sean Finning (Jayco - VIS)9 
6Rohan Dennis (Team Jayco AIS)9 
7Cameron Peterson (Swan Hill Region)8 
8Malcolm Rudolph (Budget Forklifts)8 
9Richard Lang (Budget Forklifts)7 
10Patrick Bevin (OEX - Team Enterprise)5 
11Alex Carver (NSWIS)5 
12Michael Phelan (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)3 
13James Langedyk (Jayco - VIS)3 
14Daniel Barry (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)1 
Young rider classification
1Richard Lang (Budget Forklifts)9:26:15 
2Nick Aitken (Team 2XU - ARC)0:00:13 
3Luke Durbridge (Team Jayco AIS)0:00:18 
4Alex Carver (NSWIS)0:00:19 
5Daniel Barry (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)0:00:21 
6Ben Grenda (Praties)0:00:22 
7Eliott Crowther (OEX - Team Enterprise)0:00:26 
8Patrick Lane (Jayco - VIS)0:00:28 
9Michael Freiberg (Team Jayco AIS)0:00:31 
10James Langedyk (Jayco - VIS)0:00:47 
11Rohan Dennis (Team Jayco AIS)0:00:50 
12James Mowatt (Cycle City)0:01:09 
13Alexander Ray (Search2Retain)0:01:12 
14Patrick Bevin (OEX - Team Enterprise)0:02:50 
15Tom Hanover (OEX - Team Enterprise)0:02:56 
16Thomas Robinson (Lawson Homes)0:03:02 
17Adam Semple (Team Jayco AIS)0:03:03 
18Adam Phelan (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)0:03:05 
19Silas Fisher (Team 2XU - ARC)  
20Benjamin Hill (Swan Hill Region)  
21Alex Smyth (Jayco - VIS)  
22Stuart Grimsey (Elgas)  
23Eric Sheppard (Jayco - VIS)  
24Lachlan Morton (NSWIS)  
25Nathan Earle (Praties)0:03:55 
26Scott Law (NSWIS)0:04:39 
27William Robinson (Lawson Homes)0:13:15 
28Joshua Prete (QSM Sports)0:14:12 
29Trevor Griffiths (Jayco - VIS)0:16:14 
30James Mccoy (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)0:16:15 
31Malcolm Rudolph (Budget Forklifts)0:18:11 
32Andy Mcnab (Search2Retain)0:18:14 
33Mathew Marshall (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)0:18:25 
34Scott Cronly-Dillon (Swan Hill Region)0:18:29 
35Sam Spokes (NSWIS)0:18:58 
36Michael Phelan (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)0:19:46 
37Hamish Presbury (Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti)0:23:03 
38Aaron Donnelly (NSWIS)0:26:00 
39Rhys Gillett (Cycle City)0:29:43 
40Mitchell Mulhern (QSM Sports)0:31:42 
41Dale Parker (Titans - Race)0:32:20 
42Michael Hepburn (Fly V Australia)0:34:22 
43James Henry (Search2Retain)0:44:45 
44James Ibrahim (Titans - Race)0:47:44 
45Mitch Lovelock-Fay (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)0:48:34 
46Luke Davison (Team Jayco AIS)0:53:39 
47Johan Esterhuyzen (Praties)0:54:13 
48Matthew Mcdonagh (Lawson Homes)0:57:17 
49James Hepburn (QSM Sports)0:57:18 
50Sam Genge (Suzuki - ACTAS Team)0:59:31 
51Latham Croft (Decked Out - Race)0:59:37 
52Samuel Wood (QSM Sports)1:00:47 
53James Mcdulling (Decked Out - Race)1:01:19 
54Daniel Seagar (Search2Retain)1:03:33 
55Matth Meisel-Dennis (Brumbys Bakery - Canberra)1:11:59 
56Trent Williams (Search2Retain)1:13:42 
Teams classification
3Team Jayco AIS0:01:08 
4Fly V Australia0:02:13 
5Cycle City0:02:32 
6Jayco - VIS0:03:01 
7OEX - Team Enterprise0:05:34 
8Titans - Race0:06:18 
9Credit Collect/Primestate0:08:22 
10Suzuki - ACTAS Team0:17:25 
12Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti Plus0:18:41 
13Lawson Homes0:19:20 
14Budget Forklifts0:22:33 
15Swan Hill Region Heart Of The Mu0:46:04 
16QSM Sports1:41:12 
17Brumbys Bakery - Canberra Team2:31:59 
18Decked Out - Race2:50:35 


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