Drapac's Giants take Mont by a lap

On Ya Mal Adjusted Chicks just get women's category

The Giant 4s team, which was essentially made up by Drapac-Porsche riders, dominated the weekend’s Mont 24 Hour endurance mountain bike race, with the team winning the open men’s category by virtue of its overall win. Consisting of Stu Shaw, Joe Lewis, Michael Phelan and Lachy Norris the group completed 27 laps of the Sparrow Hill, Canberra course in 23:20:30 to Ghostrider’s 26 laps, which took the team a further 18 minutes to complete.

The On Ya Mal Adjusted Chicks outfit, which included Claire Aubrey, Karen Foat, Claire Graydon and Kimberlee King won the women’s foursome category, with one more lap than Femme Fatale’s Annette Braagaard, Kaori Ikeda, Anne Napier and Sam Reinhardt, who completed 22 laps.

The 24 hour race was slightly shortened, with the first hour used for a tribute ride to the late James Williamson on a reduced lap of the course. A renowned Australian endurance rider and former solo 24 hour world champion, Williamson passed away in his sleep at last week’s Cape Epic due to an undiagnosed heart condition.

The mixed categories were dominated by Merida-Flight Centre, who won both the mixed fours and sixes categories. The mixed six team of Adrian Jackson, female rider Terri Rhodes, James Peacock, Ryan Standish, David Whitney and James Kennedy finished two laps clear of its nearest rival.

“We’re trying to raise the profile of mixed team racing so to win these two categories is a great result for us,” said Merida Flight Centre team manager Darryl Moliere.


Podiums by category
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
Foursomes - OPEN Male
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Giant 4s (27 laps)23:20:30 
 Stu Shaw  
 Joe Lewis  
 Michael Phelan  
 Lachy Norris  
2Ghostriders (26 laps)23:48:22 
 Jarrod Hughes  
 Shannon Lister  
 Stuart Lowndes  
 Ryan Morgan  
3Trek Bicycles Australia (25 laps)23:43:41 
 Matt Fleming  
 Charles Frost  
 Liam O'Dea  
 Ian Stewart  
Foursomes - OPEN Female
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1On Ya Mal Adjusted Chicks (22 laps)23:16:50 
 Claire Aubrey  
 Karen Foat  
 Claire Graydon  
 Kimberlee King  
2Femme Fatale (22 laps)24:11:09 
 Annette Braagaard  
 Kaori Ikeda  
 Anne Napier  
 Sam Reinhardt  
3Good Odds (21 laps)23:49:33 
 Erica Collins  
 Nerida Rixon  
 Sarah Truscott  
 Cheryl Woods  
Foursomes - OPEN Mixed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Merida Flight Centre / Swell Redshift / Enduro Mag (24 laps)23:23:17 
 Kath Bicknell  
 Shane Taylor  
 Nick Both  
 Paul Traynor  
2Team ISIS (24 laps)24:00:15 
 Jonathan David Hull  
 Duncan MacAulay  
 Kelly Mapleston  
 Nathan Potter  
3MY FACE (23 laps)23:22:24 
 Carmel Ainsworth  
 Michelle Ainsworth  
 Greg Collis  
 Robbie Cooper  
Foursomes - Honest 40s - Male
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
13Fidi1 (24 laps)23:05:51 
 Robert Bleeker  
 Greg Burghardt  
 Dayn Jackson  
 Craig Maclachlan  
 Chris Millman  
 Tony Rowley  
 David Shearer  
 Bruce Watman  
3Granny Dogs (24 laps)23:51:02 
 Rod Hart  
 Jeff Rooney  
 Anton Kruger  
Foursomes - Honest 40s - Female
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Inspect Her Gadget (19 laps)23:16:23 
 Mareeta Grundy Reid  
 Michelle Inglis  
 Jodie Snelling  
2crackenback ladies (18 laps)23:44:29 
 Jane Corben  
 Carol Lee  
 Michelle Macfarlane  
 Cynthia Trevallion  
Foursomes - Honest 40s - Mixed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mixed Nuts (23 laps)23:12:27 
 Gary Harwood  
 Stephen Knight  
 Martine Robin  
 Steven White  
2CherryPickers (22 laps)23:53:38 
 Simon Bolton  
 Malcolm Bradley  
 Roger Cull  
 Wendy Stevenson  
3Bird Lovers (21 laps)24:03:20 
 Mark Baker  
 Jules Bros  
 Terry Carr  
 Andy Kelsey  
Singles Club - Male Single Speed (Team of 4)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Painters & Chippies (25 laps)23:07:53 
 Brendan Den  
 Craig McGee  
 Rod McGee  
 Richard Vollebregt  
2sixcessful (25 laps)23:50:02 
 Jeff Dau  
 Steve Fitchett  
 Ian Heddle  
 Brett Musial  
3City Bike Depot (25 laps)23:54:38 
 Joshua Beck  
 Gavin Burland  
 Matt De Belin  
 Paul Lidgard  
Singles Club - Mixed Single Speed (Team of 4)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1luvnthesinglelife (22 laps)22:35:10 
 Trudy Nicholas  
 Bec Parkes  
 Dave Sims  
 Stewart Ward  
2Team HTFU (20 laps)23:15:11 
 Christine Carter  
 Lawrence Chiu  
 Sean Couley  
 Paul Smith  
3Virgin Monties (17 laps)22:06:09 
 Phill Banks  
 Kris Nicholls  
 Debbie Thomsen  
 Erin Zimmer  
Six Packs - OPEN - Male
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Team Anytime Fitness (27 laps)23:31:26 
 Richard Peil  
 Garry James  
 Bradley Morton  
 Nick Menager  
 Ben Henderson  
 Darren Smith  
2Hoax Racing Australia (26 laps)23:16:15 
 Dion Blair  
 Brad Glennan  
 Troy Glennan  
 Peter Hamilton  
 Aiden Lyons  
 Mark Thompson  
34on4off (25 laps)23:37:22 
 James Boland  
 Brett Butler  
 Gerrard Collins  
 Jason Kaul  
 David McMurdo  
 Dylan Wolsky  
Six Packs - OPEN - Female
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Erina Bikeworx (21 laps)23:47:51 
 Judith Goldstone  
 Melida Howell  
 Theresa Lancaster  
 Cheryl Nas  
 Aimee Quinlan  
 Kelly Robinson  
26 kranky chicks (18 laps)23:05:15 
 Claire Barbato  
 Kirsten Farrell  
 Alison Inglis  
 Nicci Martin  
 Nicola Plunkett-Cole  
 Lindy Edwards  
3Just call 000 (17 laps)23:23:23 
 Jackie Birrell  
 Jodie Landers  
 Kerry Peachy  
 Fiona Stevens  
 Amanda Tough  
 Cindy Williams  
Six Packs - OPEN - Mixed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Merida Flight Centre racing (25 laps)22:52:13 
 Adrian Jackson  
 James Kennedy  
 James Peacock  
 Terri Rhodes  
 Ryan Standish  
 David Whitney  
2Merida Shack (24 laps)23:46:03 
 Karen Showell  
 Matt Smith  
 David Tuckerman  
 Isaac Whitton  
 Jake Whitton  
 Kurt Winfield  
3Midnight Madness (23 laps)23:34:58 
 Jake Coles  
 Rodney Farrell  
 Pip Southey  
 Alexandra Stephens  
 Joe Szyptko  
 David Van Schaik  
Six Packs - Honest 40s - Male
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1winners Bars (25 laps)23:20:43 
 Bruce Dickey  
 Cameron Wells  
 Chris Haydon  
 Brett Kellett  
 Malachi Moxom  
2Tim Mc Grath  
 Meat & 2 Veg (23 laps)23:51:18 
 Patrick Dellagiacoma  
 Staffan Flodin  
 Roland Kahsnitz  
 Paul Karis  
 Bill Killick  
3Gu Stacked (22 laps)23:12:32 
 Andrew Mercer  
 Jamie Foster  
 John Wurst  
 Tony Murray  
 Wayne Durey  
 Gary Hitches  
Six Packs - Honest 40s - Female
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Southern Highlands Chicks (14 laps)22:17:32 
 Jen Benson  
 Wendy Denn  
 Caroline Homburg  
 Nicole Lancaster  
 Fiona Martin  
 Megan Patey  
Six Packs - Honest 40s - Mixed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Snoring Forties (21 laps)23:41:56 
 Jeff Brunette  
 Tracy Fazackerley  
 Harry Goldstein  
 Greg Pike  
 Craig Secombe  
 Morgan Small  
2NoBMob Team Big Test Icicles (20 laps)23:15:46 
 Steve Barrett  
 Andy Dier  
 Bernd Emmert  
 Brian Logan  
 Sarina Tomchin  
 Hans Zerr  
3Gu Mixed Brew (20 laps)23:54:14 
 Greg Pithers  
 Chris Little  
 Greg Pearsall  
 Christine Pearsall  
 Bryan Larkins  
 Greg Andrews  
Young Guns - Male (Team of 6)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1onya boys (23 laps)23:26:29 
 Andrew Bain  
 Chris Caddy  
 Ben Comfort  
 Josh Green  
 Tomas Phillips  
 Cameron Rybinski  
2UpStarts (23 laps)23:38:40 
 Michael Graham  
 Rohan Peacock  
 Sam Pointon  
 Billy Sewell  
 Liam Warburton  
 Numa Warburton  
3THE HIGHLAND BOYS (22 laps)23:49:58 
 Harry Herne  
 Josh Higson  
 Jamie Hill  
 Robert Kell  
 Jamie Sell  
 Joshua Sell  
Young Guns - Female (Team of 6)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cyclomegafastatron (18 laps)23:46:15 
 Josie Alexandra  
 Lydia Cupit  
 Sian Gwynn-Jones  
 Karuna Henderson  
 Katherine Huckstep  
2Kyna Millan  
 Single Track Discoverers (16 laps)23:02:37 
 Alex Heggie  
 Tilly Horman  
 Liz Kemp  
 Rosemary Stewart  
3Flap Jack (16 laps)23:49:08 
 Paris Bridge  
 Sigrid Bridge  
 Morgan Davis  
 Tara Glasson  
 Annie Kennedy  
 Madeline Kennedy  
Young Guns - Mixed (Team of 6)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1CatchUs010 (23 laps)23:56:59 
 Zac Bollinger  
 Peter McKellar Stewart  
 Joshua Millbank  
 Ella Scanlan-Bloor  
 Hayden Streeter  
 Jackson Streeter  
2Stiff Links (21 laps)23:52:39 
 Jasmine Blackman  
 Mekayla Burdfield  
 Angus Craig  
 Luke Harden  
 Angus Hayes  
 Jake Marland  
3vinnie pride (18 laps)23:21:19 
 Adam Brown  
 Oscar Innis  
 Steven Mackay  
 Jessica O'Keefe  
 Benjamin Pearce  
 Joshua Stannard  
Brady Bunch
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1ODD ONE OUT (22 laps)23:04:03 
 Kane Barrett  
 Scott Barrett  
 Ben Binder  
 Meaghan Binder  
 Zoe Binder  
 Ian Whitton  
2Canberra VW Centre Tuggeranong (22 laps)23:46:19 
 Michael Halling  
 Rod Hot  
 Madeline Molnar  
 Michael Molnar  
 Aaron Thomson  
 Andrew Yates  
3Knobbies (21 laps)23:21:57 
 Mal Allen  
 Charlie Brodie  
 Paul Brodie  
 Paul Mason  
 Dave O'Connor  
 Harry Enright  
Cruisers - Team of 10
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bull and Bear (18 laps)23:13:57 
 Campbell Harris  
 Phillip McGilvray  
 Matthew McNamara  
 Bonnitta Mitchell  
 Matthew Reid  
 Alex Watson  
 Andrew Wilkie  
2Synergy Group 2 (17 laps)23:49:28 
 Nigel Fredericks  
 Paul Gray  
 Sam Price  
 Stephen Holmes  
 Justin Homan  
 Cameron Lynch  
 Mark Pattrick  
 Patrick Quade  
 Sam Volker  
 Anthony Wilson  
Outright by teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Giant 4s (27 laps)23:20:30 
2Team Anytime Fitness (27 laps)23:31:26 
3Hoax Racing Australia (26 laps)23:16:15 
4Ghostriders (26 laps)23:48:22 
5Merida Flight Centre racing (25 laps)22:52:13 
6Painters & Chippies (25 laps)23:07:53 
7winners Bars (25 laps)23:20:43 
84on4off (25 laps)23:37:22 
9Trek Bicycles Australia (25 laps)23:43:41 
10Delta Four (25 laps)23:45:15 
11Manly Adventure Racing (25 laps)23:45:25 
12sixcessful (25 laps)23:50:02 
13KOM Funky Buddhas (25 laps)23:51:24 
14City Bike Depot (25 laps)23:54:38 
15RSM BIRD CAMERON RACING (24 laps)22:55:20 
16FRS-HORCC (24 laps)23:01:21 
173Fidi1 (24 laps)23:05:51 
18Funky Fat & Single (24 laps)23:10:25 
19Team High Noon (24 laps)23:14:33 
20Harden Up (24 laps)23:16:38 
21Merida Flight Centre / Swell Redshift / Enduro Mag (24 laps)23:23:17 
22Swell Arse (24 laps)23:23:33 
23OConnor Drifters (24 laps)23:24:17 
24Gu Imports (24 laps)23:25:39 
253fidi3 (24 laps)23:27:02 
26newie cogheads (24 laps)23:33:00 
27Renegade Cycles (24 laps)23:35:18 
28Synergy Group 1 (24 laps)23:35:50 
29AMB (24 laps)23:37:00 
30Independent Cox (24 laps)23:44:03 
31Regional Financial Solutions A (24 laps)23:44:48 
32BBQ Prawns in a Satay Sauce (24 laps)23:45:05 
33Merida Shack (24 laps)23:46:03 
34Grusench (24 laps)23:50:55 
35Granny Dogs (24 laps)23:51:02 
36weapons of self destruction (24 laps)23:53:03 
37Earlybird (24 laps)23:59:34 
38Team ISIS (24 laps)  
39Bomberos Locos (24 laps)  
40Team Mickos (23 laps)22:57:05 
41crash and burn (23 laps)23:07:20 
42Lonsdale Street Cyclery (23 laps)23:11:32 
43Mixed Nuts (23 laps)23:12:27 
44Bird TORC (23 laps)23:17:50 
45the family (23 laps)23:19:18 
46Highlanders one S S (23 laps)23:22:10 
47MY FACE (23 laps)23:22:24 
48Gu bait (23 laps)23:23:37 
49Team FRS (23 laps)23:23:55 
50Beer Chuggin Dirt Worshipers (23 laps)23:25:56 
51All Terrain Cycles (23 laps)23:26:16 
52onya boys (23 laps)23:26:29 
53Gu lard (23 laps)23:29:45 
54Gu sram niteriders (23 laps)23:31:14 
55Permanently Derailed (23 laps)23:32:30 
56Midnight Madness (23 laps)23:34:58 
57UpStarts (23 laps)23:38:40 
58GU-Demension Landscapes (23 laps)23:39:35 
59Team Lounge (23 laps)23:41:22 
60Team APM (23 laps)23:43:14 
61Lab Rats (23 laps)23:45:50 
62Once Were Crappers (23 laps)23:45:55 
63save majura pines (23 laps)23:50:11 
64Team Peroni (23 laps)23:50:34 
65Meat & 2 Veg (23 laps)23:51:18 
66GU-A.I.S (23 laps)23:52:23 
67Little Britain (23 laps)23:53:11 
68CatchUs010 (23 laps)23:56:59 
69SYDBMA Masters (23 laps)23:58:32 
70Bike Culture Off Road (23 laps)23:58:42 
71Independent Cox (22 laps)21:49:11 
72luvnthesinglelife (22 laps)22:35:10 
73Ageing Numbutts (22 laps)22:55:04 
74Bombs On Target (22 laps)23:01:44 
75Two Tyred (22 laps)23:02:18 
76mystics (22 laps)23:02:41 
77ODD ONE OUT (22 laps)23:04:03 
78sofakings (22 laps)23:06:03 
79Konichiwa NoBs (22 laps)23:06:14 
80Team Chimay (22 laps)23:07:44 
81mtbdy (22 laps)23:09:33 
82Gu Stacked (22 laps)23:12:32 
83Nightlightning (22 laps)23:16:00 
84On Ya Mal Adjusted Chicks (22 laps)23:16:50 
85Popstar Racing (22 laps)23:18:08 
86Le Lusties (22 laps)23:18:37 
87get your gears off (22 laps)23:21:54 
88Gu Mixed (22 laps)23:22:17 
89GU-Riatrics (22 laps)23:22:56 
90Addicted to Ibuprofen (22 laps)23:23:27 
91Quatro Loco Hombres (22 laps)23:23:44 
92Outward Bound (22 laps)23:23:50 
93Pluck the Bird (22 laps)23:26:51 
94Tweaked Nipple Racing (22 laps)23:31:21 
95BlackRats (22 laps)23:31:40 
96JetBlack 1 (22 laps)23:31:52 
97Ausbike (22 laps)23:32:10 
98cyclopaths (22 laps)23:33:06 
99team newy (22 laps)23:36:41 
100Dapper Dan Fans (22 laps)23:38:34 
101tyred rims (22 laps)23:38:37 
102Unknowns (22 laps)23:41:15 
1038 Legs (22 laps)23:42:00 
104Nicole and the girly men (22 laps)23:43:00 
105Prossercution (22 laps)23:43:54 
106Single Track Minds (22 laps)23:44:38 
107Wona B Rockstars (22 laps)23:45:21 
108Token Skippy (22 laps)23:45:47 
109Canberra VW Centre Tuggeranong (22 laps)23:46:19 
110Not all Bald (22 laps)23:46:30 
111broken spokes (22 laps)23:46:45 
112Los Cojones Grandes 1 (22 laps)23:48:07 
113THE HIGHLAND BOYS (22 laps)23:49:58 
1145 plus 1 (22 laps)23:50:06 
115JimJams (22 laps)23:50:20 
116MUD Flaps (22 laps)23:51:06 
117rollons plus one (22 laps)23:51:14 
118The Roaring 40s (22 laps)23:52:32 
119CherryPickers (22 laps)23:53:38 
120Hale & no Pace (22 laps)23:54:34 
121guRAGE (22 laps)23:56:06 
122The Flying Squirrels (22 laps)23:56:32 
123chick n nuts (22 laps)23:56:36 
124crank on to glory (22 laps)23:56:54 
125Psyclepaths 4 (22 laps)23:59:27 
126Average Joes (22 laps)23:59:41 
127The Watermelons (22 laps)24:03:34 
128Building eValuate (22 laps)24:05:01 
129Femme Fatale (22 laps)24:11:09 
130headshot (21 laps)22:37:12 
131Lactic Wastrels (21 laps)22:48:19 
132Team Pill (21 laps)22:51:10 
133Malcontents (21 laps)22:51:25 
134Nightlightning NSW (21 laps)22:53:41 
135Radical Lights (21 laps)22:59:35 
136Sushi Salmon & Wasabi Nostrils (21 laps)23:00:58 
137Team Outrider 1 (21 laps)23:02:22 
138Beers are carbs too (21 laps)23:04:11 
139C3 six-pack rides again (21 laps)23:06:21 
140Brindabella Waste Men (21 laps)23:11:18 
141Velvet Lounge (21 laps)23:11:56 
142Something Funny (21 laps)23:14:17 
143highlanders (21 laps)23:17:43 
144Makin Tracks (21 laps)23:18:18 
145Tentative (21 laps)23:18:49 
146kamakaze k4s (21 laps)23:20:37 
147Knobbies (21 laps)23:21:57 
148sorbax (21 laps)23:22:40 
149vikings in bikings (21 laps)23:22:52 
150Powermonkeys (21 laps)23:23:47 
151Fighting Uraki (21 laps)23:23:58 
152Dirty Tools (21 laps)23:24:30 
153Gu Lovers (21 laps)23:25:30 
154cycle city (21 laps)23:26:55 
155Green Junk Mail Online (21 laps)23:28:15 
156Top Gear (21 laps)23:28:44 
157AWT Rudds (21 laps)23:29:23 
158The Dam Busters (21 laps)23:30:29 
159Touch Wood (21 laps)23:31:30 
160Wheezers (21 laps)23:31:49 
161Beer Bellies (21 laps)23:36:23 
162Moruya Bicycles plus 1 (21 laps)23:36:56 
163bush turkeys (21 laps)23:39:52 
164Team - EPO (21 laps)23:41:30 
165Goat central (21 laps)23:41:48 
166Snoring Forties (21 laps)23:41:56 
167Relaxed Approach V2 (21 laps)23:44:23 
168Bikes at the Basin (21 laps)23:44:43 
169Drug Pushies 2 (21 laps)23:46:34 
170Who Turned Out the Lights (21 laps)23:47:18 
171The Empire Strikes Camelbak (21 laps)23:47:34 
172grease monkeys (21 laps)23:47:47 
173Erina Bikeworx (21 laps)23:47:51 
174flaming prostates too (21 laps)23:48:25 
175The Excuse from Snowy River (21 laps)23:48:28 
176Good Odds (21 laps)23:49:33 
177Stiff Links (21 laps)23:52:39 
178spoken 4 (21 laps)23:53:21 
179SoCro Racing (21 laps)23:55:08 
180ihaterescue (21 laps)23:55:21 
181FAC Riders (21 laps)23:58:28 
1824 Bent Spokes (21 laps)24:01:00 
183Six Skins (21 laps)24:02:06 
184Bird Lovers (21 laps)24:03:20 
185Workitoutlater (21 laps)24:03:29 
186Sheer Desperation (21 laps)24:03:59 
187The B Team (21 laps)24:09:41 
188Passer Sapiens Nocturnalis (21 laps)24:15:28 
189Team Lounge Too (20 laps)21:57:26 
190Cannondale (20 laps)22:12:53 
191grumpy old men (20 laps)22:25:06 
192Inglorious Bastards (20 laps)22:37:00 
193Scum Dogs (20 laps)22:39:04 
194HPfour (20 laps)22:51:22 
195Big Bird Goes Biking (20 laps)22:57:49 
196Faster Pussycat (20 laps)23:00:39 
197FAC RIDERS 2 (20 laps)23:02:02 
198The Chain Smokers (20 laps)23:02:46 
199GU Girls (20 laps)23:03:17 
200Sportsmans Warehouse (20 laps)23:05:47 
2014 Monts & 2 Blow Ins (20 laps)23:06:17 
202basin bush bashers (20 laps)23:06:27 
203one ride in an ambulance (20 laps)23:06:35 
204The Cunning Stunts (20 laps)23:11:39 
205Krazy Krankers (20 laps)23:13:50 
206Team HTFU (20 laps)23:15:11 
207Beauty and the Geeks (20 laps)23:15:41 
208NoBMob Team Big Test Icicles (20 laps)23:15:46 
209Only The Beginning (20 laps)23:15:49 
2104 fun (20 laps)23:15:53 
211Beer In The Headlights (20 laps)23:16:03 
212Moose Knuckles (20 laps)23:16:19 
213Trilogy in four parts (20 laps)23:17:02 
214non stop chatter (20 laps)23:19:33 
215scott (20 laps)23:20:23 
216Back to Track (20 laps)23:22:35 
217Kamikaze Tigers (20 laps)23:22:44 
218Cacti (20 laps)23:26:40 
219Steel Legs (20 laps)23:26:47 
220Platinum Exclusive (20 laps)23:27:29 
221The Nocturnalists (20 laps)23:28:06 
222Propeller Heads (20 laps)23:28:19 
223crankensteins man beasts (20 laps)23:29:50 
224Numbutts (20 laps)23:31:36 
225Covenant (20 laps)23:32:07 
226Excuses Excuses (20 laps)23:33:57 
227Spartans (20 laps)23:35:05 
228Muffin Tops (20 laps)23:35:32 
229No Rest 4 the Wicked (20 laps)23:36:46 
230The Nah Yeahs (20 laps)23:38:23 
231Skunna urt 2 (20 laps)23:39:40 
232Dirt Masters (20 laps)23:40:38 
233The Weeping Taints (20 laps)23:41:25 
234Equipo El Rancho Relaxo (20 laps)23:47:42 
235All the Gear No Idea (20 laps)23:48:33 
236In the granny racing (20 laps)23:48:49 
237Romp the Mont (20 laps)23:49:00 
238Only one bald guy (20 laps)23:49:16 
239Parks Conservation & Lands (20 laps)23:50:52 
240Masterfinish Weapons (20 laps)23:52:54 
241Wow We (20 laps)23:54:05 
242Gu Mixed Brew (20 laps)23:54:14 
243EPP - Enlarged Prostate Posse (20 laps)23:54:19 
244The Mont Maniacs (20 laps)23:58:13 
245Red Butt Racing (20 laps)24:01:04 
246Hunting For Jupiter (20 laps)24:01:48 
247Expectation Management (20 laps)24:07:36 
248Tyred and Emotional (20 laps)24:12:26 
249Australian Paragliding (20 laps)24:15:39 
250elvis rides again (20 laps)24:18:01 
251Ausbike (19 laps)20:29:19 
252Ride Shop (19 laps)21:42:15 
253Toyota 1 (19 laps)22:13:53 
254Dirty (Half) Dozen (19 laps)22:26:49 
255Norfolk and Good (19 laps)22:28:49 
256takotsubo (19 laps)22:33:10 
257Mountain Cycles (19 laps)22:37:04 
258Not Another Night lap (19 laps)22:50:26 
259Found Brian (19 laps)22:53:47 
260The Whoop de doos (19 laps)22:54:56 
261Cleveland Steamers (19 laps)22:55:49 
262Beware the Sprocket (19 laps)22:59:59 
263crankensteins zombies (19 laps)23:00:01 
264APVMA (19 laps)23:01:13 
265This is how we roll (19 laps)23:03:26 
266WAYNES WORLD (19 laps)23:03:39 
267redblacks (19 laps)23:03:46 
268Drug Pushies (19 laps)23:04:52 
269Old Farts Doing Badly (19 laps)23:05:41 
270North Shore Racing (19 laps)23:06:24 
271WannabeRacers (19 laps)23:06:39 
272Crack like a biscuit (19 laps)23:08:37 
273Team Roche (19 laps)23:09:23 
274One gear one beer (19 laps)23:15:56 
275Inspect Her Gadget (19 laps)23:16:23 
276The Annandale Orthopedics (19 laps)23:17:12 
277Totally Angry Thunder Hobbits (19 laps)23:17:39 
278OPTIMUS (19 laps)23:17:54 
279Fat Bastard Racing 2 (19 laps)23:18:54 
280breakaway awsome (19 laps)23:19:00 
281Dirty Something (19 laps)23:19:37 
282nca church 1 (19 laps)23:20:57 
283FJ40 Lovers (19 laps)23:21:49 
284Wheely Good Riders (19 laps)23:22:05 
285Have Mercy (19 laps)23:22:30 
286Team Quattro Canberra (19 laps)23:23:02 
287Slow Motion (19 laps)23:26:43 
288Mountain Equipment (19 laps)23:27:32 
289Lubricated Goat (19 laps)23:28:39 
290The Moon Tans (19 laps)23:29:10 
291how about a massage (19 laps)23:29:16 
292Not punctured just slow (19 laps)23:30:33 
293Pinecones (19 laps)23:30:39 
294team lounge III (19 laps)23:31:10 
295Cordelta 4 (19 laps)23:33:29 
296Evolution Mountain Biking (19 laps)23:34:15 
297BMU 1 (19 laps)23:35:44 
298Roaring Forties (19 laps)23:40:54 
299Hacks and Flacks (19 laps)23:41:05 
300Rouge Bananas (19 laps)23:43:46 
301ISIS ACT (19 laps)23:43:50 
302Team Positive (19 laps)23:44:57 
303Team Jeeten (19 laps)23:45:59 
304RSM BIRD CAMERON RACING WAGGA (19 laps)23:50:39 
305CrystalApproach (19 laps)23:55:03 
306wollongong boys (19 laps)23:57:33 
307Bluefinger (19 laps)23:59:18 
308Team DVDcoach (19 laps)24:11:53 
309THE CHAINRING CIRCUS (19 laps)24:15:06 
310The Hairy Tongues (18 laps)20:19:21 
311Pirouettes and Tourettes (18 laps)20:29:57 
312Tathra Beach and Bike (18 laps)20:55:03 
313My Camelback is Full of Eels (18 laps)21:12:30 
314tricycle 2 (18 laps)22:03:55 
315Riderdown (18 laps)22:34:24 
316doomers1 (18 laps)22:35:56 
317Newy Noobs (18 laps)22:40:15 
318Sixcess (18 laps)22:40:27 
319Inglorious Bustups (18 laps)22:42:34 
320Cordelta Powered by Chook (18 laps)22:44:53 
321Legless bear chair (18 laps)22:46:38 
322flaming prostates (18 laps)22:54:15 
323Fully Loaded Men (18 laps)22:57:37 
324CycleEd Quickest (18 laps)22:59:14 
325GU 2nd rate (18 laps)22:59:26 
326alpha black wolf squadron 666 (18 laps)23:02:32 
327nca Church 2 (18 laps)23:02:52 
3286 kranky chicks (18 laps)23:05:15 
329Fuelled By Freddo (18 laps)23:05:33 
330Summer Rollin (18 laps)23:05:38 
331Engine upgrade required (18 laps)23:07:58 
332KatTashtrophe (18 laps)23:08:08 
333Montivated (18 laps)23:08:21 
334Team Tech (18 laps)23:11:59 
335We MTB here too (18 laps)23:12:54 
336Bull and Bear (18 laps)23:13:57 
337Take it Easy (18 laps)23:14:03 
338The Kranky Gripsters (18 laps)23:14:41 
339RSM BIRD CAMERON RACING Team 2 (18 laps)23:16:07 
340quattro (18 laps)23:16:53 
341Under Construction (18 laps)23:17:27 
342Covenant Jnr (18 laps)23:20:27 
343vinnie pride (18 laps)23:21:19 
344Have a Blast (18 laps)23:22:14 
345SHAMBLES (18 laps)23:23:13 
346Chickens (18 laps)23:24:13 
347Razorback Bike Team (18 laps)23:24:26 
348MONT SLOGGERS (18 laps)23:27:00 
349DADS ARMY (18 laps)23:28:26 
350Team CSC (18 laps)23:28:47 
351BMU Bandits (18 laps)23:30:36 
352Bludgers (18 laps)23:30:42 
353iRide 2 (18 laps)23:30:59 
354Buddha and the fat boys (18 laps)23:31:46 
355Muddy (18 laps)23:33:09 
35624 Laps this time (18 laps)23:40:22 
357doomers2 (18 laps)23:40:47 
358Dirty Deeds (18 laps)23:43:04 
359Rampaging Wookies (18 laps)23:43:10 
360crackenback ladies (18 laps)23:44:29 
361The Fun Shack (18 laps)23:44:53 
362Cyclomegafastatron (18 laps)23:46:15 
363Mudskippers (18 laps)23:55:25 
364LiTuLuSa (18 laps)23:56:00 
365123abc (18 laps)23:56:39 
366team trek (18 laps)23:59:56 
367ACT Venturers (18 laps)24:07:10 
368Dapper Dan Also Rans (18 laps)24:07:42 
369Brindabella Waste Mixed (18 laps)24:13:53 
370Team Haemorrhoids (17 laps)20:23:45 
371Bikers Dozen (17 laps)21:07:52 
372Thirtytwosixteen (17 laps)21:10:56 
373Wood Ducks (17 laps)21:22:21 
374Virgin Monties (17 laps)22:06:09 
375TheWheelyFast4 (17 laps)22:20:28 
376Knot Wheel Serious (17 laps)22:30:48 
377Go Go Groman (17 laps)22:46:08 
378babygoose (17 laps)22:47:49 
3792 fast (17 laps)22:50:47 
380Giant 6s (17 laps)22:51:58 
381Snowy Chicks (17 laps)22:57:24 
382Terminal Harminosity (17 laps)23:03:04 
383The O Team (17 laps)23:05:08 
384Nutters & Bolters (17 laps)23:05:44 
385Green Eggs and Spam (17 laps)23:05:57 
386Mount the Mont (17 laps)23:06:00 
387Scrub Cats (17 laps)23:08:02 
388Thunderbird 2 (17 laps)23:08:05 
389jimjackjohnny & malibu barbi (17 laps)23:09:54 
390biological bush bandits A (17 laps)23:11:52 
391so why are we here team (17 laps)23:13:46 
392Cordelta 1 (17 laps)23:13:54 
393Brown Cows (17 laps)23:18:14 
394quadbike (17 laps)23:19:25 
395Just call 000 (17 laps)23:23:23 
396Wild Turkeys (17 laps)23:28:31 
397Lost in Transition (17 laps)23:30:08 
398Team Fujitsu (17 laps)23:31:18 
399Rear Hangers (17 laps)23:31:43 
400Cafe Latte (17 laps)23:33:53 
401Club Munyard Lighting Systems (17 laps)23:38:12 
402Synergy Group 2 (17 laps)23:49:28 
403MOHS MOB (17 laps)23:49:53 
404The Lost Tourists (17 laps)23:51:29 
405Mumnuts (17 laps)23:52:44 
406Its all about us (17 laps)23:54:09 
407Fully Loaded Men Team Bravo (17 laps)23:54:42 
408Krazy Kassettes (17 laps)24:18:52 
409crankensteins wookies (17 laps)24:21:00 
410The Mont Maniacs (16 laps)19:28:15 
411The Red Herrings (16 laps)20:38:21 
412Turgid 4 (16 laps)20:44:34 
413MUD FOXES (16 laps)20:49:32 
414Thunderbirds 1 (16 laps)21:04:09 
415fyshwick self storage (16 laps)21:22:04 
416Black Magik (16 laps)21:32:31 
417Pandas (16 laps)21:41:10 
418The Humpsters (16 laps)21:59:19 
419Rides Over Roots (16 laps)22:13:05 
420Extra Salty (16 laps)22:22:59 
421Tourettes team (16 laps)22:29:29 
422Team Farmer (16 laps)22:41:56 
423Anywhere Anytime (16 laps)22:45:53 
424ship of fools (16 laps)22:53:34 
425Pedals Plus (16 laps)22:54:46 
426Shake and Bake (16 laps)22:56:35 
427Mudpuppies (16 laps)22:56:50 
428unsixcessful (16 laps)22:56:59 
4294 gone (16 laps)22:59:29 
430Kranky Dirtriders (16 laps)23:01:31 
431Single Track Discoverers (16 laps)23:02:37 
432Sparrowfart (16 laps)23:05:54 
433Not Gooch Fit (16 laps)23:06:07 
434colliewobbles (16 laps)23:10:58 
435Chuck Norris & His Trusty Team (16 laps)23:19:22 
436Numbnuts (16 laps)23:19:55 
437It must be midday somewhere (16 laps)23:20:07 
438Cycle Surgery Patients (16 laps)23:23:40 
439Krashtastic (16 laps)23:24:23 
440biological bushbandits (16 laps)23:29:13 
441CycleEd Getting Quicker (16 laps)23:40:59 
442Flap Jack (16 laps)23:49:08 
443The Mudrunners (16 laps)23:57:51 
444Team Skidmarks (15 laps)18:43:48 
445babygoose (15 laps)20:30:46 
446Three Men and a Baby (15 laps)21:24:09 
447SLO BOYS (15 laps)21:41:02 
448Fully Loaded Men Team Alpha (15 laps)22:12:48 
449Team Wallet (15 laps)22:19:34 
450psyclopaths (15 laps)22:24:44 
451cisco (15 laps)22:29:47 
452Team Hot Red (15 laps)22:30:22 
453The Goodies (15 laps)22:31:45 
454JetBlack 2 (15 laps)22:32:12 
455HPsixpack (15 laps)22:34:39 
456Ellsworth Cycling Factory Team (15 laps)22:49:53 
457TKs on bikes (15 laps)22:53:37 
458One Million Monkeys (15 laps)23:20:33 
459clovelly crusties (15 laps)23:38:31 
460Pro Rider Speed Humps (15 laps)23:56:20 
461Yacumama (15 laps)24:04:56 
462team keen training (14 laps)19:58:36 
463On for Young and Old (14 laps)20:33:27 
464mums up (14 laps)21:58:41 
465Team Cucumber (14 laps)22:00:46 
466Team IPG Cox (14 laps)22:14:29 
467More Gravel Rash (14 laps)22:14:36 
468Southern Highlands Chicks (14 laps)22:17:32 
469Sultans of Spin (14 laps)22:18:39 
470FatBastardRacing1 (14 laps)22:40:23 
4713 hubs and a stud (14 laps)22:48:52 
472Jiggly Bits (14 laps)22:52:39 
473Funky Brew Sportscare (14 laps)23:01:25 
474Puffed Already (14 laps)23:04:43 
475We Heart Your Mumma (14 laps)23:08:27 
476Ticking the Boxes (14 laps)23:16:47 
477HPyoungguns4 (14 laps)23:17:35 
478genset (14 laps)23:35:36 
479Dirtybird (14 laps)23:52:58 
480Cordelta RTFM (14 laps)24:03:04 
481FRASERS CYCLES (13 laps)13:59:00 
482I Think I Can (13 laps)20:43:42 
483The Young Punks (13 laps)20:45:32 
484HP40s (13 laps)21:36:34 
485team brutal (13 laps)22:19:13 
486Nudies Rudies (13 laps)22:21:56 
487Koolaz (13 laps)22:24:05 
488off constantly (13 laps)22:34:29 
489The Rabid Weasels (13 laps)22:42:29 
490Cordelta Gecko (13 laps)22:45:15 
491toyota2 (13 laps)22:52:19 
492So Strong (13 laps)23:04:06 
493Pirates Of The Mont (13 laps)23:17:30 
4944 Bukkake (13 laps)23:23:30 
495Beer Fit (13 laps)23:37:09 
496Wonder Women (13 laps)24:21:31 
497RSM BIRD CAMERON RACING MIXED (12 laps)17:52:07 
498Half Full (12 laps)21:11:24 
499Writers Cramp (12 laps)21:50:54 
500Gravel Rash (12 laps)22:14:33 
501toyota 3 (12 laps)22:16:35 
502Luggsy (12 laps)23:06:11 
503Harem Scarem (12 laps)23:10:30 
504Four Sore Bottoms (12 laps)23:13:41 
505GFCINXS (12 laps)23:31:55 
506Ride Together Stay Together (12 laps)23:52:47 
507Jiggle me Elmo (11 laps)19:01:37 
508Monty Burms (11 laps)21:44:34 
509Fully Loaded Mixed (11 laps)22:02:33 
510Data-flow racing Team (11 laps)22:14:43 
511here and there (11 laps)22:18:33 
512Los Pollos Peludos (11 laps)23:00:43 
513CycleEd Are We There Yet (11 laps)23:01:58 
514Southside Mafia (11 laps)23:06:30 
515zerofive Rhino Racing (11 laps)23:26:37 
516Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (10 laps)15:52:51 
517The Sore Four (10 laps)18:30:01 
518Its Beer OClock (10 laps)20:57:16 
519Metro Massive (10 laps)21:15:15 
520Flying Pelicans (10 laps)22:46:32 
521Los Cojones Grandes (10 laps)23:07:14 
522BDR529 (10 laps)23:49:25 
523fyshwick self storage (9 laps)10:41:52 
524GU old & young (9 laps)12:39:54 
525Team Montes Revenge (9 laps)14:53:34 
526Mountain Bonkers (9 laps)21:47:19 
527Shits and Giggles (9 laps)22:40:43 
528All Slap No Tickle (9 laps)23:40:33 
529Moruya Bicycles plus 1 (8 laps)8:40:35 
530NerdAlert (8 laps)19:50:34 
531GreatBUG (8 laps)20:06:29 
532JetBlack 1 (7 laps)6:48:37 
533Team Chimay (7 laps)6:49:01 
534Tru Blu (7 laps)8:35:00 
535Wynona Riders (7 laps)11:05:53 
536Covenant (6 laps)6:44:27 
537Swell Tits (6 laps)22:25:45 
538Incredibikers (5 laps)17:26:39 
539an injection of youth (5 laps)22:55:24 
540The Dam Busters (4 laps)4:13:55 
541Tinkerbell (4 laps)6:27:29 
542Pinecones (3 laps)3:05:24 
543SYDBMA Masters (2 laps)1:47:38 
544Team FOG (2 laps)14:33:51 
545Gu Boys (1 laps)10:04:48 


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