Von Hoff wins CiCLE Classic

Opie and Tanfield round out podium

Steele von Hoff (NFTO) won the Rutland - Melton International CiCLE Classic, a UCI 1.2 race in Oakham, Great Britain on Sunday. The Australian out-sprinted Great Britain riders Chris Opie (One Pro Cycling) and Harry Tanfield (JLT Condor). It was NFTO's first UCI win of the season.

The 180km race took the peloton through the countryside, including dirt roads, of Rutland County. Although there were several attempts at a breakaway, and one that managed to gain over a minute, the race stayed together for bunch kick. 

"The victory is fantastic. It was really good fun and I really enjoyed the race, it's like the Classics I raced last year and I have a history of mountain biking so I probably was more nervous than normal knowing I should do well here," von Hoff said.

"The boys did a fantastic job today, the whole team did. I honestly couldn't have done it without the support of everyone. Pov and Sid in the car, the boys, the mechanics were incredible, we didn’t puncture all day, so their preparation was sensational. Just the whole support network here, it's starting to feel like my UK family, John's built something really extraordinary, and the proof is in the results we're winning races."

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Steele Von Hoff (Aus) NFTO4:16:15 
2Chris Opie (GBr) One Pro Cycling  
3Harry Tanfield (GBr) JLT Condor  
4Aaron Gate (NZl) An Post - Chainreaction  
5Ian Wilkinson (GBr) Team Raleigh GAC  
6Jurgen Van Diemen (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team  
7Dion Beukeboom (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team  
8William Bjergfelt (GBr)  
9Jasper Ockeloen (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team  
10Dimitri Peyskens (Bel) Team 3M  
11Thomas Moses (GBr) JLT Condor  
12Alex Paton (GBr)  
13Maarten De Jonge (Ned) Bike Aid  
14Andrew Tennant (GBr) Team Wiggins  
15Wouter Sybrandy (Ned)  
16Dale Appleby (GBr) NFTO  
17Oliver Maxwell (GBr)  
18Bram Nolten (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team  
19Erick Rowsell (GBr) Madison Genesis  
20Connor Mcconvey (Irl) Team 3M  
21Yanto Barker (GBr) One Pro Cycling  
22Jake Tanner (GBr) Team 3M  
23Richard Handley (GBr) JLT Condor  
24Marcin Bialoblocki (Pol) One Pro Cycling  
25Rodger Aiken (Irl)  
26Steven Lawley (GBr)  
27Thomas Scully (NZl) Madison Genesis  
28Morgan Kneisky (Fra) Team Raleigh GAC0:00:10 
29Evan Oliphant (GBr) Team Raleigh GAC0:00:13 
30Ian Bibby (GBr) NFTO  
31Peter Williams (GBr) One Pro Cycling0:00:15 
32Mark Mcnally (GBr) Madison Genesis  
33Karol Domagalski (Pol) Team Raleigh GAC  
34Martin Cervenka (Cze) AC Sparta Praha0:00:18 
35Daniel Fleeman (GBr)0:00:22 
36Joschka Beck (Ger) Bike Aid0:00:24 
37Samuel Harrison (GBr) NFTO  
38Tom Goovaerts (Bel) CCT p/b Champion System  
39James Newey (GBr)0:00:26 
40Steven Lampier (GBr) Team Raleigh GAC  
41Callum Ferguson (GBr)  
42Gruffudd Lewis (GBr)  
43Russell Hampton (GBr)  
44Jonathan Mcevoy (GBr) NFTO0:00:29 
45Ryan Mullen (Irl) An Post - Chainreaction0:00:42 
46Armands Becis (Lat) Rietumu - Delfin0:00:52 
47Adriá Moreno (Spa)0:00:56 
48Tom Neal (GBr)0:01:28 
49Carlos Lorente Garcia (Spa) Keith Mobel Partizan0:02:06 
50Conor Dunne (Irl) An Post - Chainreaction0:02:54 
51Pavel Stöhr (Cze) AC Sparta Praha0:03:07 
52Thomas Stewart (GBr) Madison Genesis0:03:25 
53Iain Paton (GBr) Team Wiggins0:03:44 
54Samuel Lowe (GBr) Team Raleigh GAC0:04:23 
55Adam Kenway (GBr)  
56Anthony Moye (GBr)  
57James Judd (NZl) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team0:04:49 
58Tom Barras (GBr) NFTO0:05:36 
59Kristian House (GBr) JLT Condor0:06:49 
60Michael James Northey (NZl) Madison Genesis0:07:53 
61Tobyn Horton (GBr) Madison Genesis  
62Alistair Slater (GBr) An Post - Chainreaction  
63Scott Auld (GBr)  
64Darijus Dzervus (Ltu) CCT p/b Champion System  
65Stephen Williams (GBr)0:09:18 
66Alastair Macaulay (Irl)0:10:56 
67Yannick Mayer (Ger) Bike Aid0:13:27 
68Michael Thompson (GBr) Team Wiggins  
69Lawrence Carpenter (GBr)  
70Daniel Bichlmann (Ger) Bike Aid  
71Hugo Robinson (GBr)  
72Stuart Reid (GBr)  
73Jake Hayles (GBr)0:13:40 
74Bradley Stokes (GBr)  
75David Lines (GBr)  
76Petr Fiala (Cze) AC Sparta Praha  
77James Gullen (GBr)  
78Jan Stöhr (Cze) AC Sparta Praha  
79David Montgomery (Irl) Team 3M  
80Jordan Stannus (Aus) An Post - Chainreaction  
81Max Stedman (GBr)  
82Charlie Tanfield (GBr)  
83Jacob Tipper (GBr)  
DNFEdward Clancy (GBr) JLT Condor  
DNFMichael Cuming (GBr) JLT Condor  
DNFLuc Hall (GBr) Team Wiggins  
DNFJonathan Dibben (GBr) Team Wiggins  
DNFChristopher Lawless (GBr) Team Wiggins  
DNFTimo Schäfer (Ger) Bike Aid  
DNFPaulius Siskevicius (Ltu) An Post - Chainreaction  
DNFHenry Latimer (GBr)  
DNFJez Mccann (GBr)  
DNFHarry Godding (GBr)  
DNFGeorge Atkins (GBr) One Pro Cycling  
DNFJonathan Mould (GBr) One Pro Cycling  
DNFJavier Valero Amat (Spa) Keith Mobel Partizan  
DNFJose Luis Roldan Carmona (Spa) Keith Mobel Partizan  
DNFJuan Jesus Martinez Antolin (Spa) Keith Mobel Partizan  
DNFJuan Jesus Mata Astoroga (Spa) Keith Mobel Partizan  
DNFElliott Porter (GBr) Team 3M  
DNFFabrice Mels (Bel) Team 3M  
DNFRyan Davis (GBr)  
DNFBen Stockdale (GBr)  
DNFRick Van Breda (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team  
DNFIoannis Spanopoulos (Gre)  
DNFAshley Martin (GBr)  
DNFAl Murison (GBr)  
DNFBevan Humphreys (GBr)  
DNFRyan Wills (NZl) CCT p/b Champion System  
DNFTanzou Tokuda (Jpn) CCT p/b Champion System  
DNFJoshoa Haggerty (NZl) CCT p/b Champion System  
DNFSimon Holt (GBr)  
DNFRory Townsend (GBr)  
DNFBen Davis (GBr)  
DNFAlex Orrell-Turner (GBr)  
DNFLewis Craven (GBr)  
DNFAndy Coupe (GBr)  
DNFTom Mazzone (GBr)  
DNFDeclan Byrne (GBr)  
DNFDominic Smith (GBr)  
DNFConnor Swift (GBr)  
DNFAlex Minting (GBr)  
DNFPeter Murdock (GBr)  
DNFJeremy Durrin (USA)  
DNFJindrich Dlask (Cze) AC Sparta Praha  
DNFTomas Holub (Cze) AC Sparta Praha  
DNFFrazer Duncan (Irl)  
DNFChristopher Reilly (Irl)  
DNFJoshua Lawless (GBr)  
DNFAndrew Turner (GBr)  
DNFZack Williamson (GBr)  
DNFJulian Pearson (GBr)  
DNFAndrew Webster (GBr)  
DNFRhys Clegg (GBr)  
DNFJack Pullar (GBr)  
DNFMarius Cordier (Fra)  
DNFStephen Bradbury (GBr)  
DNFMark Baines (GBr)  
DNFEd Clemens (GBr)  
DNFChris Dredge (GBr)  
DNFJack Rees (GBr)  
DNFThomas Timothy (GBr)  
DNFBen Hetherington (GBr)  
DNFWilliam Brown (GBr)  
DNFBenjamin Rowe (GBr)  
DNFJames Locker (GBr)  
DNFAndris Smirnovs (Lat) Rietumu - Delfin  
DNFReijo Puhm (Est) Rietumu - Delfin  
DNFEmils Liepins (Lat) Rietumu - Delfin  
DNFLars Pria (Rom) Rietumu - Delfin  
DNFSimon Lewis (GBr)  
DNFAndy Betts (GBr)  
DNFTony Lock (GBr)  
DNFChris Snook (GBr)  
DNFRichard Wilkinson (GBr)  
DNFMike Harrison (GBr)  
DNFAlex O'sullivan (GBr)  
DNFJohn Backhouse (GBr)  
DNFPeter Barusevicus (GBr)  
DNFMark Perry (GBr)  
DNFMatthew Bulmer (GBr)  
DNFDuncan Moralee (GBr)  
DNFHamish Graham (GBr)  
DNFPeter Cocker (GBr)  
DNFHarry Browning (GBr)  
DNFEdward Pickard (GBr)  
DNFJoseph Perkins (GBr)  
DNFRhys Howells (GBr)  
DNFAndy Hastings (GBr)  
DNFJamie Caldwell (GBr)  
DNFKeiran Brady (GBr)  
DNFLewis Grieve (GBr)  
DNFFraser Martin (GBr)  
DNFSean Noon (GBr)  
DNFRuari Yeoman (GBr)  
DNFDavid Clarke (GBr)  
DNFThomas Bustard (GBr)  


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