Redlands: Granigan outsprints break for stage 4 win

McGill and Oldham round out podium as peloton loses out again

Noah Granigan (Floyd’s Pro Cycling) won stage 4 of the Redlands Bicycle Classic, outsprinting Scott McGill (Gateway Devo Cycling) as the breakaway survived to the end once again in the Downtown Redlands criterium. Jarrett Oldham (First Internet Bank Cycling) took third on the stage.

The trio were part of a nine-man break in a crash-hit stage which saw two race neutralisations. Eight laps out, the break were a minute up on the peloton after a second restart, meaning the men would follow the women’s race in seeing the break take the win.

Quinn Simmons (Landis Cyclery/Trek Team) put in a big solo effort two laps out, but he was chased down by the Floyd’s and 303 Project-led break. Rounding the final corner, Granigan led out and had too much power to be beaten in the sprint, holding off the fast-finishing McGill to take the win.

"It was a really fun one out here in Redlands," said Granigan after the race. "The break went really early but you see the guys who were in there and they're some of the best in the country. We didn't have anyone in there so I followed a counter and went across solo.

"Axeon have the GC and they probably weren't too worried about the crit stage so we knew we had enough of a leash.

"It's great. I got to meet him [team boss Floyd Landis] last week at our camp in Tucson and getting the first big win for the team is huge. It's great to start the year out with a bang."


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Noah Granigan (Floyd's Pro Cycling)1:30:26 
2Scott Mcgill (Gateway Devo Cycling)  
3Jarret Oldham (First Internet Bank Cycling)  
4Michael Garrison (Landis Cyclery/Trek Team)  
5Michael Hernandez (Aevolo)  
6Eric Brunner (303 Project)  
7Quinn Simmons (Landis Cyclery/Trek Team)0:00:05 
8Chris Riekert (Team Mike's Bikes pb Equator)0:00:08 
9Alex Hoehn (Aevolo)0:01:01 
10Luke Lamperti (Landis Cyclery/Trek Team)  
11Diego Binatena (Above and Beyond Cancer p/b Scheels)  
12Maxx Chance (Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis)  
13Kevin Vermaerke (Hagens Berman Axeon)  
14Ryan Knapp (First Internet Bank Cycling)  
15Kent Ross (Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis)  
16Thomas Reveard (Hagens Berman Axeon)  
17James Hilyer (Pacific Premier Bank Cycling Team)  
18Quinten Kirby (Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis)  
19Bernat Font Mas (303 Project)  
20Sean Quinn (Hagens Berman Axeon)  
21Rene Corella ( Team)  
22Ben Schmutte (First Internet Bank Cycling)  
23Patrick Collins (CS Velo Racing p/b Cannondale)  
24Eder Frayre (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)  
25Tony Baca (303 Project)  
26Robert Sroka (First Internet Bank Cycling)  
27Ethan Frankel (Union Sport Serious Cycling All Stars)  
28Emiliano Mirafuentes (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)  
29Cole Davis (Hagens Berman Axeon)  
30Riley Sheehan (Aevolo)  
31Lucas Bourgoyne (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)  
32Innokenty Zavyalov (Semper Porro)  
33Alexander Cowan (Floyd's Pro Cycling)  
34Tyler Williams (Team California)  
35Peter Olejniczak (Project Echelon Racing)  
36Marko Pavlic (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)  
37Cory Lockwood (Semper Porro)  
38Gabriel Rojas (Aevolo)  
39Stephen Bassett (First Internet Bank Cycling)  
40Robin Plamondon (Floyd's Pro Cycling)  
41Tim Savre (Project Echelon Racing)  
42Andrew Giniat (CS Velo Racing p/b Cannondale)  
43Kyle Swanson (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)  
44Kaler Marshall (Hangar 15 Bicycles)  
45Hugo Scala Jr. (Gateway Devo Cycling)  
46Richard Arnopol (Project Echelon Racing)  
47Carson Miles (Floyd's Pro Cycling)  
48Cortlan Brown (Hangar 15 Bicycles)  
49Robert Skinner (Team Mike's Bikes pb Equator)  
50Finn Gullickson (Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis)  
51Sam Boardman (Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis)  
52David Greif (Project Echelon Racing)  
53Laurent Gervais (Aevolo)  
54Carlos Duarte (Team California)  
55Tanner Ward (Support Clean Sport/BSCG/Guttenplan Coaching)  
56Barry Miller (Pacific Premier Bank Cycling Team)  
57Sean Burger (CS Velo Racing p/b Cannondale)  
58Michael Barker (Union Sport Serious Cycling All Stars)  
59Luis Villalobos (Aevolo)  
60Cooper Shanks (Team Mike's Bikes pb Equator)  
61Johann Van Zyl (303 Project)  
62Sean Gardner (Gateway Devo Cycling)  
63Will Gleason (CS Velo Racing p/b Cannondale)  
64Griffin Easter (303 Project)  
65Abner Gonzales ( Team)  
66Theodore Schwartz (Hangar 15 Bicycles)  
67Timothy Mcbirney (Team California)  
68Eugenio Mirafuentes (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)  
69Chad Hall (Team California)  
70Andrew Vollmer (Aevolo)  
71Alexander Amiri (Support Clean Sport/BSCG/Guttenplan Coaching)  
72Omar Aguilera Garcia (Pacific Premier Bank Cycling Team)  
73Isaac Bryant (Gateway Devo Cycling)  
74Enrique Serrato (Team California)  
75Griffin Park (Hangar 15 Bicycles)  
76Joe Goettl (Above and Beyond Cancer p/b Scheels)  
77Alexander Murison (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes)  
78John Janneck (Union Sport Serious Cycling All Stars)  
79Roman Kilun (Team Mike's Bikes pb Equator)  
80Alex Fraser-Maraun (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes)  
81Grant Koontz (Support Clean Sport/BSCG/Guttenplan Coaching)  
82Samuel Anderson-Moxley (Team Mike's Bikes pb Equator)  
83Ryan Kingsolver (Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis)  
84Andrew Shimizu (Team Mike's Bikes pb Equator)  
85Matt Zimmer (Project Echelon Racing)  
86Jean-Denis Thibault (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)  
87Antoine Lepingard (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)  
88Aaron Boyleston (Union Sport Serious Cycling All Stars)  
89Joey Bacala (Semper Porro)  
90Zach Nehr (Project Echelon Racing)  
91Leo Bugtai (Union Sport Serious Cycling All Stars)  
92Colin Patterson (Support Clean Sport/BSCG/Guttenplan Coaching)  
93Gerardo Medina (Team California)  
94Will Cooper (CS Velo Racing p/b Cannondale)  
95Will Teal (Hangar 15 Bicycles)  
96Evan Bausbacher (Gateway Devo Cycling)0:01:34 
97Wouter Zwart (Landis Cyclery/Trek Team)0:01:36 
98Gianni Lamperti (Team California)  
99Macen Van Allen (Above and Beyond Cancer p/b Scheels)0:01:55 
100Jake Cullen (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:02:11 
101John Jantz (Pacific Premier Bank Cycling Team)0:02:18 
102Rex Roberts (Semper Porro)0:02:44 
103Jure Rupnik (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:04:21 
104Joseph Schmalz (Above and Beyond Cancer p/b Scheels)0:05:04 
105Noah Simms (Floyd's Pro Cycling)0:01:01 
106Joel Yates (Gateway Devo Cycling)  
107Austin Stephens (303 Project)  
108Isaiah Newkirk (303 Project)  
109Jake Silverberg (303 Project)  
110Greg Daniel (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)  
111Evan Hartig (Project Echelon Racing)  
112Jordan Cheyne (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)  
113Fernando Islas Lopez (Aevolo)  
114Cristhian Ravelo (CS Velo Racing p/b Cannondale)  
DNFEdward Anderson (Hagens Berman Axeon)  
DNFRaul Arias (Semper Porro)  
DNFChris Craig (Team Mike's Bikes pb Equator)  
DNFPeter Behm (Landis Cyclery/Trek Team)  
General Classification after stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kevin Vermaerke (Hagens Berman Axeon)7:37:01 
2Eder Frayre (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)0:00:24 
3Jordan Cheyne (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)0:00:27 
4Cory Lockwood (Semper Porro)0:01:08 
5Sean Gardner (Gateway Devo Cycling)0:01:19 
6Alexander Cowan (Floyd's Pro Cycling)0:01:22 
7Thomas Reveard (Hagens Berman Axeon)0:01:24 
8Marko Pavlic (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:01:42 
9Stephen Bassett (First Internet Bank Cycling)0:01:50 
10Samuel Anderson-Moxley (Team Mike's Bikes pb Equator)0:01:51 
11Matt Zimmer (Project Echelon Racing)0:01:52 
12Sam Boardman (Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis)  
13Luis Villalobos (Aevolo)0:02:04 
14Innokenty Zavyalov (Semper Porro)0:02:25 
15Johann Van Zyl (303 Project)  
16Alex Hoehn (Aevolo)0:02:45 
17Barry Miller (Pacific Premier Bank Cycling Team)0:02:58 
18Michael Garrison (Landis Cyclery/Trek Team)0:02:59 
19Zach Nehr (Project Echelon Racing)0:03:06 
20Cooper Shanks (Team Mike's Bikes pb Equator)0:03:40 
21Jarret Oldham (First Internet Bank Cycling)0:03:48 
22Chris Riekert (Team Mike's Bikes pb Equator)0:04:12 
23Cortlan Brown (Hangar 15 Bicycles)  
24Eugenio Mirafuentes (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)  
25Alex Fraser-Maraun (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes)0:04:24 
26Enrique Serrato (Team California)  
27Sean Quinn (Hagens Berman Axeon)0:04:26 
28Carson Miles (Floyd's Pro Cycling)0:04:34 
29Jean-Denis Thibault (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:04:42 
30Timothy Mcbirney (Team California)0:04:56 
31Hugo Scala Jr. (Gateway Devo Cycling)0:05:04 
32Bernat Font Mas (303 Project)  
33Tyler Williams (Team California)0:05:34 
34Andrew Shimizu (Team Mike's Bikes pb Equator)0:05:41 
35Quinn Simmons (Landis Cyclery/Trek Team)0:05:43 
36Sean Burger (CS Velo Racing p/b Cannondale)0:05:56 
37Isaac Bryant (Gateway Devo Cycling)0:06:05 
38Eric Brunner (303 Project)  
39Chad Hall (Team California)0:06:16 
40Gerardo Medina (Team California)0:06:27 
41Colin Patterson (Support Clean Sport/BSCG/Guttenplan Coaching)0:06:46 
42Gabriel Rojas (Aevolo)0:06:49 
43Wouter Zwart (Landis Cyclery/Trek Team)0:06:50 
44James Hilyer (Pacific Premier Bank Cycling Team)0:06:58 
45Noah Granigan (Floyd's Pro Cycling)0:07:04 
46Andrew Vollmer (Aevolo)0:07:11 
47Abner Gonzales ( Team)0:07:20 
48Antoine Lepingard (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:07:37 
49Isaiah Newkirk (303 Project)  
50Kaler Marshall (Hangar 15 Bicycles)  
51Finn Gullickson (Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis)0:08:06 
52Ben Schmutte (First Internet Bank Cycling)0:08:13 
53Joel Yates (Gateway Devo Cycling)0:08:35 
54Will Gleason (CS Velo Racing p/b Cannondale)0:09:15 
55Laurent Gervais (Aevolo)0:09:24 
56Kent Ross (Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis)0:09:30 
57Ryan Kingsolver (Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis)0:09:44 
58Alexander Amiri (Support Clean Sport/BSCG/Guttenplan Coaching)0:09:46 
59Robin Plamondon (Floyd's Pro Cycling)0:09:55 
60Scott Mcgill (Gateway Devo Cycling)0:10:28 
61Lucas Bourgoyne (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)0:10:51 
62David Greif (Project Echelon Racing)0:11:00 
63Richard Arnopol (Project Echelon Racing)0:11:15 
64Evan Hartig (Project Echelon Racing)0:11:32 
65Griffin Easter (303 Project)  
66Diego Binatena (Above and Beyond Cancer p/b Scheels)0:12:05 
67Aaron Boyleston (Union Sport Serious Cycling All Stars)0:12:26 
68Rene Corella ( Team)0:12:33 
69Tim Savre (Project Echelon Racing)0:12:37 
70Evan Bausbacher (Gateway Devo Cycling)0:12:46 
71Cristhian Ravelo (CS Velo Racing p/b Cannondale)0:12:51 
72Luke Lamperti (Landis Cyclery/Trek Team)0:13:23 
73Michael Barker (Union Sport Serious Cycling All Stars)0:13:36 
74Robert Skinner (Team Mike's Bikes pb Equator)  
75Riley Sheehan (Aevolo)0:14:05 
76Patrick Collins (CS Velo Racing p/b Cannondale)0:14:09 
77Alexander Murison (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes)0:14:39 
78Cole Davis (Hagens Berman Axeon)0:15:02 
79Jure Rupnik (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:15:33 
80Roman Kilun (Team Mike's Bikes pb Equator)0:15:39 
81Grant Koontz (Support Clean Sport/BSCG/Guttenplan Coaching)0:15:58 
82Will Teal (Hangar 15 Bicycles)  
83Fernando Islas Lopez (Aevolo)0:16:17 
84Andrew Giniat (CS Velo Racing p/b Cannondale)0:16:37 
85Tanner Ward (Support Clean Sport/BSCG/Guttenplan Coaching)0:16:44 
86Austin Stephens (303 Project)  
87Tony Baca (303 Project)  
88Maxx Chance (Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis)0:18:28 
89Joe Goettl (Above and Beyond Cancer p/b Scheels)0:18:47 
90John Jantz (Pacific Premier Bank Cycling Team)0:19:20 
91Peter Olejniczak (Project Echelon Racing)0:19:26 
92Noah Simms (Floyd's Pro Cycling)0:20:01 
93Griffin Park (Hangar 15 Bicycles)  
94Kyle Swanson (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)0:20:29 
95Joseph Schmalz (Above and Beyond Cancer p/b Scheels)0:21:10 
96Rex Roberts (Semper Porro)0:21:50 
97John Janneck (Union Sport Serious Cycling All Stars)0:22:02 
98Theodore Schwartz (Hangar 15 Bicycles)  
99Quinten Kirby (Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis)0:23:00 
100Michael Hernandez (Aevolo)0:24:30 
101Ryan Knapp (First Internet Bank Cycling)0:24:59 
102Omar Aguilera Garcia (Pacific Premier Bank Cycling Team)0:25:19 
103Emiliano Mirafuentes (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:25:27 
104Jake Silverberg (303 Project)0:25:33 
105Macen Van Allen (Above and Beyond Cancer p/b Scheels)0:25:54 
106Gianni Lamperti (Team California)  
107Will Cooper (CS Velo Racing p/b Cannondale)0:27:53 
108Joey Bacala (Semper Porro)0:29:10 
109Greg Daniel (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:29:53 
110Leo Bugtai (Union Sport Serious Cycling All Stars)0:30:44 
111Robert Sroka (First Internet Bank Cycling)0:31:17 
112Jake Cullen (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:32:02 
113Carlos Duarte (Team California)0:35:30 
114Ethan Frankel (Union Sport Serious Cycling All Stars)0:41:52 
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