Wells solos to victory at Subaru Cup Pro XCT

Ettinger and Plaxton round out top three while Bishop loses points

Todd Wells (Specialized Racing) rode to victory in the Subaru Cup Pro XCT in Wisconsin on Saturday afternoon. He finished ahead of Stephen Ettinger (BMC) and Max Plaxton (Sho-Air/Cannondale).

The prologue lead-out started with a bit of confusion as some riders turned rather than following the lead ATV. This allowed local pro Brian Matter (RACC/Trek/Gear Grinder) to take the lead into the first full lap. Matter held his lead for most of the first lap before settling into his pace.

Wells said that even though the confusion at the start of the race set him back a few places, the leaders had not yet gapped the rest of the field, leaving opportunity to pass.

The cross country course is was filled with steep climbs and very technical descents. The leaders cautiously descended throughout the first lap which gave Wells and others a chance to regroup. Plaxton and Ettinger joined Wells as they pushed away from the rest of the field.

Plaxton took his turn leading, but it was not enough to hold off Olympian Wells. Plaxton dropped back to third place while Ettinger moved up into the second spot.

The highest points in the WORS series went to Tristan Schouten (Rolf Prima Wheels) who made serious movement in the final laps, progressing from 16th place to an overall finish in ninth. He finished by passing his worthy WORS opponent and close friend Matter, who ended with a 10th place overall finish.

Series leader Jeremiah Bishop (Sho-Air/Cannondale) had some misfortunes during the race and finished in seventh place.

Based on the model of World Cup races, Subaru Cup challenges participants while offering several popular spectator points for crowd participation. The day started of with Cat.2 men's and women's races followed by Cat. 1 as part of the ever popular Wisconsin Off Road Series (WORS). Riders were treated to cool temperatures early in the morning that got increasingly hotter and more humid as the day progressed.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Todd Wells (Specialized Racing)1:39:35 
2Stephen Ettinger (BMC Moutain Bike Racing)0:01:14 
3Max Plaxton (Sho-Air / Cannondale)0:02:17 
4Kerry Werner (BMC MTB Development Team)0:02:48 
5Russell Finsterwald (Trek Factory Racing)0:03:09 
6Howard Grotts (Specialized Racing)0:04:23 
7Jeremiah Bishop (Sho Air Cannondale)0:05:22 
8Ryan Woodall (Top Gear Bicycles)0:05:48 
9Tristan Schouten (Rolf Prima wheels)0:06:15 
10Brian Matter (RACC / TREK Gear Grinder)0:06:50 
11Mitchell Hoke (Kenda Felt)0:07:15 
12Troy Wells (Team Clif Bar)0:07:35 
13Joseph Maloney (KS Energy Services/Team Wisconsin)0:07:41 
14Casey Williams (Whole Athlete /Specialized)0:07:47 
15Corey Stelljes (RACC- Gear Grinder)0:08:15 
16Jacob Albrecht (Whole Athlete Specialized)0:08:28 
17Ben Forbes (Kenmore Cycles, Cyclinic, SRAM)0:08:52 
18Menso de Jong (Team Cliff Bar)0:09:43 
19Zach McDonald (Focus Bikes)0:09:54 
20Ryan Standish (Ultimate Ride/Lapierre Austral)0:09:54 
21Darrin Braun (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:10:09 
22Sepp Kuss (Rocky Mountain Chocolate Facto)0:10:09 
23Nathan Guerra (Vision Pro Cycling)0:12:05 
24Robert McCarty (AG Bicycles)0:12:08 
25Skyler Trujillo (Jamis Factory Team)0:12:18 
26Colin Cares (Kenda / Felt)0:12:20 
27Cypress Gorry (Whole Athlete/Specialized)0:12:24 
28Drew Edsall (Kenda / Felt)0:12:32 
29Tyler Gauthier (Border Grill powered by Quick)0:12:38 
30Payson McElveen (Rocky Mountain Chocolate Facto)0:13:11 
31Justin Piontek (Titletown Flyers)0:13:29 
32Ernie Watenpaugh (Jack Daniel's)0:13:58 
33Eric Thompson (Mt. Borah)0:15:52 
34Mike Phillips (Adventure212/Specialized)0:16:06 
35Isaac Neff (5Nines/Cannondale)0:16:44 
36Sam Chovan (Pabst / Mafia Racing)0:50:25 
37Lewis Gaffney (Sycamore Cycles)1:20:25 
38Dallas Fowler (Kuhl / Rocky Mountain)  
Cat. 1 Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lucas Newcomb (Whole Athlete / Specialized)1:25:57 
2Stephan Davoust (Rocky Mountain Chocolate Facto)0:00:59 
3Garrett Gerchar (BJC / Tokyo Joe's)0:01:29 
4Zach Peterson (KUHL)0:03:01 
5Landen Beckner (BMC MTB Development Team)0:03:51 
6Marcus Warrington (SPH/Wheelhouse Cycles)0:03:57 
7Grant Ellwood (Tokyo Joes/BJC)0:04:14 
8Andrew Senderhauf (Wheel and Sprocket)0:04:37 
9Matthew Turner (Summit Bike Club)0:05:58 
10Andris Delins (Gopher Wheelmen)0:07:02 
11Daniel Henderson (Midwest Devo)0:08:09 
12Fletcher Arlen (Team Magnus)0:08:17 
13Steffen Andersen (Whole Athlete Specialized)0:08:40 
14Luke Beemer (Team World Bicycle Relief)0:09:36 
15Brett Poulton (Gear Grinder)0:37:03 
16Collin Kytta (Border Grill Racing)0:43:03 
17Christian Tucker (Midwest Devo)0:56:03 
18Drew Palmer-Leger (Summit Bike Club)0:58:04 
19Connor McColl (Midwest Devo)1:03:03 
20Parker McColl (Midwest Devo)1:11:03 
Cat. 1/2 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Doug Long (360 Racing)1:13:29 
2Bob Boone0:03:36 
3James Schulz (Athens Bicycle)0:04:52 
4kevin seydel0:04:55 
5Kent Jenema (PenInsula Pharmacy. Ace)0:06:00 
6Brad Tennis0:06:29 
7Bob Benedum (Wookiee Juice)0:07:01 
8Steve Kapaun (team extreme)0:07:16 
9David Carignan0:08:48 
10Keith Westendorf (Alterra MTB)0:10:27 
11Rich Mennenoh (TreadHead Cycling)0:10:44 
12Gary Bender (Morvello)0:10:47 
13Jerry Leair (Vision)0:11:46 
14William Peters (Titletown Flyers)0:11:48 
15Bill Styer0:12:09 
16Brad Swenson (Vision/Wheel & Sprocket)0:12:27 
17Jim Feuerstein (Heavy Pedal Velo Club)0:14:11 
18Mike Sherman (Single Speed TNT)0:14:33 
19Bob Ferrara0:14:50 
20Mike Brauer (Heavy Pedal Velo Club)0:16:44 
21Frank Sniadajewski (Point Pursuit)0:17:20 
22Larry Reimer (JVC / Michaels Cycles)0:20:14 
23Kenneth Pearson (Michaels Cycles)0:21:47 
24Jeff Cummisford (Bike Doctors)0:23:19 
25Frank Lobello (Muddy Cup)0:23:37 
26Randy Feuillerat (MIchaels Cycles JVC)0:27:33 
27James Heinecke (I RIDE BIKES- GET OVER IT)0:31:59 
28Robert Langlois0:46:13 
29David Poulton (Activator Cycling Club)1:16:31 
31Amy Michaels (Down Wind Sports.com)0:03:55 
32Lynne Senkerik (Team Extreme)0:07:13 
33Helmy Tennis (Sharks)0:12:13 
34Christine Griesbach0:14:56 
35Marnie Pearsall (ISCORP)0:23:48 
36Cheryl Post (Point Pursuit)0:27:32 
Cat. 2 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kip Biese1:03:28 
2Erik Vangsnes0:02:26 
3Tristan Brown0:03:14 
4Keenan Desplanques0:03:22 
5Taylor Bogdanske0:03:34 
6Cody McGrath0:03:37 
7David Carew0:03:40 
8Mike Spiro0:03:42 
9Zach Giffey0:03:44 
10Adam Gipril0:03:53 
11Rodney Moon0:03:53 
12David Knauf0:03:57 
13Christopher Schmidt0:04:05 
14Stathy Touloumis0:04:07 
15Mike Sherven0:04:10 
16Mikey Verhagen0:04:33 
17Ben Wizner0:04:48 
18Dean Howard0:04:49 
19Paul-Brian McInerney0:04:50 
20Marc Ano0:04:55 
21Fred Hubley0:05:11 
22Mike Bishop0:05:17 
23Jason Gibson0:05:34 
24Jan Van Nuffelen0:05:41 
25Jonathan Kloppenburg0:05:57 
26Bill Burkholder0:06:01 
27Matthew Bohm0:06:04 
28Matt Palomaki0:06:05 
29Chuck Girkins0:06:08 
30Jeremy Ostrowski0:06:08 
31Levi Ballou0:06:12 
32Mitchell Dreher0:06:21 
33Mark Olski0:06:24 
34Nolan Steig0:06:43 
35Chris Fischer0:06:52 
36Preston Bernsteen0:07:03 
37Steve Jeske0:07:03 
38Payton Parkridge0:07:04 
39Brett May0:07:04 
40Maxwell Ackermann0:07:05 
41Michael Hartzell0:07:05 
42Aaron Roecker0:07:08 
43Brad Jalonen0:07:15 
44Carl Morse0:07:15 
45Billy Graef0:07:24 
46Steven Schaefer0:07:31 
47Thomas Eaton0:07:36 
48Chris Fellows0:07:39 
49Stephen Kobs0:07:45 
50Brandon Teske0:07:47 
51Joe Greatens0:07:54 
52John Hughes0:08:03 
53Mark Cole0:08:03 
54Martin Reza0:08:06 
55Cory Marty0:08:14 
56Jake (13) Yackle0:08:18 
57Peter Coenen0:08:21 
58Marek Kulesza0:08:23 
59Matthew Paterson0:08:28 
60Anthony Ferrara0:08:30 
61Will Berger0:08:44 
62Jason Balden0:08:46 
63Paul Roltgen0:09:01 
64Ted Kretzmann0:09:02 
65Jonathan Wollner0:09:03 
66Justin Koski0:09:03 
67Sean Shields0:09:05 
68Chad Tucker0:09:09 
69Brian Paterson0:09:10 
70Ryan Rollins0:09:11 
71Nathan Tock0:09:21 
72Aivis Lindems0:09:22 
73Christopher Richmond0:09:26 
74Kyle Krause0:09:26 
75Jason Ruesch0:09:31 
76Andrew Jennings0:09:32 
77Peter Hall0:09:41 
78Nathan Long0:09:54 
79Ken Krebs0:09:57 
80Ross Lemke0:09:58 
81Jordan Boyea0:10:01 
82Glen Stroik0:10:06 
83Chris Harold0:10:06 
84Blake Mezo0:10:13 
85Michael Ziegler0:10:24 
86Nathan Schneeberger0:10:26 
87Scott Nyland0:10:30 
88Martin Tank II0:10:34 
89Brayden Schott0:10:50 
90Chris Tamborino0:10:51 
91Shawn Cooper0:10:52 
92Dan Szczepanski0:10:56 
93William Ringenoldus0:11:05 
94Krystian Pac0:11:05 
95Patrick Dowd0:11:06 
96Chris Roddick0:11:07 
97Mark Cheyne0:11:08 
98Michael Owens0:11:17 
99Jason Mork0:11:18 
100Terry Prewitt0:11:21 
101Christopher Gabrielson0:11:23 
102Eric Roche0:11:35 
103Brian Christensen0:11:35 
104Eric Grissom0:11:36 
105Jesse Jaehnig0:11:54 
106Pete Ignasiak0:11:57 
107Matthew Tucker0:12:23 
108Dain Trittau0:12:31 
109Todd Fletcher0:12:41 
110Jesse Kusserow0:12:41 
111Dwight Ingalls0:12:44 
112Jon Stoltz0:12:47 
113Lowell Johnson0:12:48 
114Greg Love0:12:48 
115David Dokman0:12:48 
116Darrell Scheppman0:12:56 
117Egor Korneev0:13:05 
118Neil Statz0:13:11 
119Jim Parman0:13:25 
120Michael Giesen0:13:25 
121Jim Marietti0:13:33 
122Jeff Steckbauer0:13:38 
123Michael Jeschke0:13:43 
124Quentin Gniot0:13:43 
125Dave Reich0:13:47 
126Rennis Delgado0:13:54 
127Andrew Douglass0:14:02 
128Daniel Trupp0:14:06 
129Nye Yackle0:14:20 
130Tim Vangilder0:14:21 
131Brendan George0:14:27 
132Christopher Osborne0:14:31 
133Nick Christofalos0:14:38 
134Ben Lasecki0:14:41 
135Emmanuel,Jr. Tinga0:14:44 
136Marty Leum0:14:46 
137Roy Bailey0:14:52 
138Aaron Holtebeck0:14:55 
139George Kapitz0:14:59 
140Joe Vanderpuy0:14:59 
141Larry Hipps0:15:05 
142Darin Olski0:15:29 
143Jason Jilbert0:15:29 
144Bennett Bork0:15:43 
145Steve Ericksen0:16:16 
146Edward Piontek0:16:18 
147James Grenier0:16:19 
148Alvin Ang0:16:27 
149Dale Crowell0:16:29 
150Derek Murphy0:16:30 
151Kevin Lisowe0:16:32 
152Paul Baltus0:16:36 
153Andy Summers0:16:38 
154Jody Arlen0:16:44 
155Matt Luger0:16:52 
156Scott Palmersheim0:17:01 
157Wade Flisram0:17:12 
158Don Iwen0:17:15 
159Ruben Valdez0:17:24 
160Don Freitag0:17:30 
161Blake Schraft0:17:34 
162Robert Zimmerman0:17:53 
163Wally Kunstman0:18:15 
164Alan Myers0:18:17 
165Troy Sable0:18:27 
166Casey Griesemer0:18:55 
167Michael Laufenberg0:18:59 
168Ruperto Caminar0:19:02 
169Nicholas Armstrong0:19:03 
170Jon Holcomb0:19:19 
171Jeff Greatens0:19:23 
172Jeff Wren0:19:24 
173Kevin Crow0:19:25 
174Aaron McGinnis0:19:47 
175Ron Smith0:19:52 
176Jeffrey Hatton0:19:55 
177Seth Boyea0:20:01 
178Matthew Prest0:20:16 
179Brian Benson0:20:26 
180Steve Drecoll0:20:38 
181Mark Badger0:20:41 
182Jim Splittgerber0:20:51 
183Isaiah Schwinn0:20:55 
184John Gretzinger0:20:58 
185Loren Darling0:20:58 
186Cory Spaetti0:21:01 
187Erik Backhaus0:21:13 
188Justin Schroeter0:21:17 
189Thom Hineline0:21:25 
190Dave Hanrahan0:21:25 
191Alexander Dorschner0:21:55 
192Terry Fletcher0:21:57 
193John Senkerik0:22:03 
194Demetrius Banks0:22:05 
195Mike Mennenoh0:22:13 
196Jacek Ubaka0:22:24 
197Tom Macone0:22:34 
198Mason Skudlarek0:22:48 
199Warren Heise0:22:51 
200Dave Diamond0:23:10 
201Brian Coppock0:23:15 
202Arthur O'Neil0:23:33 
203Michael Turner0:23:42 
204Jason Dahlby0:24:03 
205Randy Johnson0:24:08 
206Jesse Steinhoff0:24:26 
207Brad Jorsch0:24:53 
208Cal Collins0:25:03 
209Joe Kuick0:25:52 
210Steven Pirelli0:27:09 
211Paul Cybulski0:27:38 
212Casey Brauer0:27:50 
213John Hocker0:28:09 
214Mark Go0:28:31 
215Scott Knutsen0:28:31 
216Andrew Schirpke0:28:47 
217Riley Kunstman0:28:59 
218Joseph Kuckuk0:29:50 
219Ben Leach0:30:13 
220Kent Kallsen0:30:17 
221Paul Traeger0:30:26 
222Dennis Malmanger0:31:09 
223Elginn Cordes0:31:39 
224Michael Calonia0:31:42 
225Dan Spengler0:32:10 
226Allan Else0:33:24 
227Andrew Hill0:34:49 
228Michael Olm0:34:50 
229Troy Olm0:35:22 
230Erick Braaksma0:35:49 
231Karl Baumeister0:37:40 
232Kevin Schmitt0:37:43 
233David Duecker0:38:37 
234Matt Knowles0:40:28 
235Dave Dahlman0:41:45 
236Marvin Go0:45:11 
237Kevin Knutson0:45:39 
238Ron Kapaun0:46:56 
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