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US Pro XCT #2: Bonelli Park 2012

Date range:
March 10-11, 2012

March 10, Elite men cross country:

Torres escapes the chaos for first US Pro XCT win

Ty Kady
March 11, 2012, 22:39 GMT,
March 12, 2012, 16:07 GMT

Cares, Gagne make up the podium

Men's winner Ignacio Torres

Men's winner Ignacio Torres

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In the elite men's race, nearly 70 men rolled up to the line to do battle in the heat of the day at the 1:45 pm start. Unseasonably warm weather meant that the six-lap affair would also be a battle of the elements.

Mexico's Ignacio Torres (Turbo team) grabbed the bull by the horns and led the first lap. Torres' teammate Emmanuel Valencia chased him while Cannondale's Alex Grant, Sho-Air/Specialized's Brendon Davids and Kenda/Felt's Colin Cares were not much further behind.

Davids was the first to make a mistake. A dropped chain late into lap one put the young rider back outside the top 10.

Meanwhile, Torres began to extend his lead pushing a furious pace.

On lap three, riders were spread out everywhere as the hot weather and technical course took its toll. In the meantime, Davids clawed his way back into eighth, passing Subaru-Trek's Russell Finsterwald and others as he joined the tail end of a five-man group including Menso Dejong, Grant, Ryan Woodall. But that would soon change as Davids went down in the back section, crashing and flatting his front tire.

Meanwhile Torres quietly extended his lead and looked comfortable with one to go, oblivious to the chaos behind. Cares put in a strong ride with a hard chasing Raphael Gagne (Rocky Mountain Factory).

In the end, Torres cruised to a 20-second victory, taking the first US Pro XCT win of his career. Cares was second, followed by Gagne, Valencia and the young Kerry Werner of the BMC development team. Werner was the top U23 racer of the day.

Full Results

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Ignacio Torres (Mex) Turbo 1:27:13  
2 Colin Cares (USA) Kenda/Felt 0:00:20  
3 Raphael Gagne (Can) Rocky Mountain Factory 0:01:07  
4 Emmanuel Valencia (Mex) Turbo 0:01:15  
5 Kerry Werner (USA) BMC MTB Development 0:01:35  
6 Menso De Jong (USA) Santa Cruz Bicycles 0:02:21  
7 Antoine Caron (Can) Subway-Genetik 0:02:27  
8 Alex Grant (USA) Cannondale Factory Racing 0:03:14  
9 Rotem Ishay (Isr) Team Jamis 0:03:37  
10 Russell Finsterwald (USA) Subaru-Trek 0:03:58  
11 Tj Woodruff (USA) Momentum Endurance 0:04:08  
12 Peter Glassford (Can) Trek Canada 0:04:14  
13 Ryan Woodall (USA) Top Gear Bicycles 0:04:21  
14 Jeremy Martin (Can) 0:05:06  
15 Dana Weber (USA) Pro Bike Supply 0:05:15  
16 Brendon Davids (RSA) Sho-Air/Specialized 0:05:44  
17 Macky Franklin (USA) Yeti-Sram 0:06:47  
18 Ben Bostrom (USA) Sho-Air/Specialized 0:07:04  
19 Kalan Beisel (USA) 0:07:10  
20 Zachary Valdez (USA) Whole Athlete-Specialized    
21 Andy Schultz (USA) Kenda/Felt 0:08:19  
22 Adam Snyder (USA) 3D Bicycles 0:09:04  
23 Graham Aldredge (USA) Mesa Cycles Racing 0:09:14  
24 Anthony Smith (USA) Whole Athlete-Specialized 0:09:19  
25 Felix Cote (Can) 0:09:37  
26 Brennan Wodtli (USA) 0:09:56  
27 Sean Donovan (USA) KHS/Cytomax 0:10:41  
28 Ernest Watenpaugh (USA) Tokyo Joes 0:10:42  
29 Miguel Ramos (USA) Bear Valley Bikes 0:11:08  
30 Sebastian Cadreux-Duval (Can) Espresso Sports 0:11:41  
31 Garrett Gibson (USA) 0:12:23  
32 Charles Jenkins (USA) KHS 650 Crew 0:12:26  
33 Kevin Bradford-Paris (USA) 0:13:01  
34 Zachary Keller (USA) Focus/Cycling Trek 0:13:11  
35 Hal Helbock (USA) Cytomax/KHS 0:13:14  
36 Michael Hosey (USA) Marin Factory Team 0:13:20  
37 Matthew Connors (USA) Bicycle Ranch 0:14:09  
38 William Curtis (USA) Santa Cruz-X Fusion 0:14:27  
39 Danny Munoz (USA) Socal Endurance 0:15:06  
40 Ryan Clark (USA) Cynergy Cycles 0:15:54  
41 Kevin Smallman (USA) Incycle/Cannondale 0:16:21  
42 Nate Whitman (USA) Herbalife 24/Cynergy 0:16:37  
43 Cole Oberman (USA) 0:16:41  
44 Craig Wohlschlaeger (USA) 0:16:49  
45 Paul Freiwald (USA) Pivot Cycles 0:18:59  
- 2 Laps Max Houtzager (USA) Santa Cruz-X Fusion    
- 2 Laps Tyler Gauthier (USA) Culvers    
- 2 Laps Mike Montalbano (USA)    
- 2 Laps Tsering Alleyne (USA) Marin Bikes    
- 2 Laps Jon Brichner (USA) Winter Park Winery    
- 2 Laps Andrew Juiliano (USA) Mastermind Athletic    
- 2 Laps Alex Wild (USA) Trailhead Cyclery    
- 2 Laps Travis Wilkerson (USA) Surf City Cyclery    
- 3 Laps Travis Glysson (USA) AZ Devo    
- 3 Laps Steve Weston (USA)    
- 3 Laps Derek Hermon (USA) Bear Valley Bikes    
- 3 Laps Zachary Griffin (USA) Bike Bakersfield    
DNF Stephen Dempsey (USA) Freehubmag.Com    
DNF Clinton Claassen (USA)    
DNF Colby Pastore (USA) Santa Cruz X Fusion    
DNF Drew Edsall (USA) Kenda/Felt    
DNF John Nobil (USA) Bear Valley Bikes