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New Zealand Road Championships 2010

Date range:
January 8-10, 2010

January 10, Elite/U23 men road race: Christchurch - Christchurch 186km

Bauer blasts to national title

Bike NZ
January 10, 2010, 9:28 GMT,
January 10, 2010, 9:36 GMT

Roulston and Dean upstaged, complete podium

Jack Bauer (right) gets the better of Julian Dean (Garmin-Transitions) and Hayden Roulston (HTC-Columbia)

Jack Bauer (right) gets the better of Julian Dean (Garmin-Transitions) and Hayden Roulston (HTC-Columbia)

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Wellington rider Jack Bauer snatched a thrilling victory from two major stars of New Zealand cycling in a sprint finish at the 2010 RaboPlus national road race in Christchurch on Sunday.

A huge crowd saw the 24-year-old Bauer clinch his first national road title ahead of pre-race favourites Hayden Roulston (Ashburton) and five-time Tour de France competitor Julian Dean (Rotorua). All three riders finished on the same time of 4:48:42.

It was a spectacular finish to a gruelling event that saw competitors face 13 laps and 186 kilometres, over the same course used for the 1974 Commonwealth Games.

Alongside the sprint finish, the other major highlight was the performance of 18-year-old Christchurch rider Michael Vink, who made a break on just the second lap and remained clear until the final circuit.

A group that included Roulston and Dean, who were on each other's wheels for much of the second half of the race, finally reined in the teenager who eventually finished ninth overall and fourth in the under-23 battle.

Bauer, the Tour of Southland runner-up and an eight-time winner in Belgium last year, said the title and the chance to take the coveted black jersey to his new Endura Pro Continental team in the United Kingdom was "a dream come true".

"I didn't really think I had the legs to last out there today but I managed to go with Roulston and Dean when they attacked on the hill and when we got down to a bunch of four on the last leg I hung in. It was a quality field so I'm stoked."

Roulston, who turned 29 today, said he was disappointed to miss out on the title. "I rode a pretty good race but you are limited in what you can do on your own," he said.

Dean, a strong sprinter, said he had suffered cramp on the push to the line. "I wasn't really confident about my race condition because I've just had a month off. But I got cramp in that final 150 metres, otherwise, I believe I could have got up to win."

Conditions were perfect for most of the race - mild and calm, in comparison with the strong winds that tested the women's field yesterday. However, the steep climb up Dyers Pass Rd in Cashmere soon saw the 85-strong field separated. On the second lap Under-23 time-trial winner Vink made the first significant breakaway along with fellow Christchurch rider Paul Odlin.

Despite having to change bikes and then have a puncture mended, the former Christchurch Boys' High student was the sole leader by the halfway stage and Vink extended his lead to around four minutes before Roulston turned up the pressure on the hill in the ninth lap. Bauer and Dean were among those who followed the double Olympic medallist.

Vink said he planned to make an early break so he could help his strong Subway Avanti team as much as possible.

"I'm really pleased. I thought I ran a good race and to do well here is the ultimate because it's the toughest race in New Zealand. Hopefully, I've put my hand up for Commonwealth Games and World Champs selection later in the year."

Roulston, Dean and five-times winner Gordon McCauley were among those who hailed Vink as a major new talent. "He showed guts, determination and substantial endurance," Dean said.

National time-trial champion and defending champion McCauley withdrew after nine laps saying he "didn't have the legs today".

Tom Findlay from the Bici Vida team won the under-23 title, finishing just three seconds behind the top three elite riders.

1 Jack Bauer (Nzl) Wgtn 4:48:42  
2 Hayden Roulston (Nzl) Msc    
3 Julian Dean (Nzl) Wbp    
4 Heath Blackgrove (Nzl) Msc 0:00:37  
5 Jeremy Yates (Nzl) Ecni 0:02:20  
6 Eric Drower (Nzl) Sub 0:07:39  
7 Scott Lyttle (Nzl) Ota 0:11:00  
8 Brett Tivers (Nzl) Wcni 0:12:18  
9 Aaron Strong (Nzl) Auk    
10 Justin Kerr (Nzl) Wbp    
11 Nicholas Lovegrove (Nzl) Sub    
12 Glen Chadwick (Nzl) Ecni 0:12:22  
13 Matthew Gorter (Nzl) Sub 0:12:18  
14 Jeremy Vennell (Nzl) Ecni 0:12:33  
DNF Nico De Jong (Nzl) Auk    
DNF Hamish Osborne (Nzl) Auk    
DNF Mike Henton (Nzl) Auk    
DNF Matt Robinson (Nzl) Wbp    
DNF Karl Moore (Nzl) Wbp    
DNF Clinton Avery (Nzl) Wbp    
DNF Gordon Mccauley (Nzl) Sub    
DNF Mark Langlands (Nzl) Wbp    
DNF Peter Latham (Nzl) Wbp    
DNF Samuel Horgan (Nzl) Sub    
DNF Hayden Godfrey (Nzl) Sub    
DNF Joseph Cooper (Nzl) Sub    
DNF Sam Bewley (Nzl) Wbp    
DNF Felix Laufkotter (Nzl) Wheel    
DNF Michael Northey (Nzl) Bici    
DNF Scott Wilder (Nzl) Bici    
DNF Jason Allen (Nzl) Tas    
DNF Andrew Williams (Nzl) Ben    
DNF Marc Ryan (Nzl) Msc    
DNF Michael Naylor (Nzl) Wheel    
DNF Anthony Chapman (Nzl) Ota    
DNF Caleb Hill (Nzl) Wheel    
DNF Jonathan Kalma (Nzl) Wheel    
DNF Paul Odlin (Nzl) Cant    
DNF James Gibson (Nzl) Cant    
DNF Winston Briggs (Nzl) Ecni    
DNS Logan Hutchings (Nzl) Wbp    
DNS Alex Meenhorst (Nzl) Auk    
DNS Carl Williams (Nzl) Bici    
DNS James Early (Nzl) Ben    
DNS Brett Dawber (Nzl) Ben    
DNS Marc Prutton (Nzl) Cant    
Under-23 road race results
1 Tom Findlay (Nzl) Bici 4:48:45  
2 James Williamson (Nzl) Sub 0:00:32  
3 Matt Marshall (Nzl) Sth    
4 Michael Vink (Nzl) Sub 0:04:56  
5 Roman Van Uden (Nzl) Bici 0:12:15  
6 Thomas Hubbard (Nzl) Cant    
7 Hamish Tomlinson (Nzl) Sth    
8 George Bennett (Nzl) Wheel    
9 Jesse Sergent (Nzl) Wcni    
10 Westley Gough (Nzl) Ecni    
DNF Sam Steele (Nzl) Cant    
DNF Brad Carter (Nzl) Wbp    
DNF Simon Finucane (Nzl) Wbp    
DNF Wade Mangham (Nzl) Wbp    
DNF Alex Mcgregor (Nzl) Ota    
DNF Shem Rodger (Nzl) Wbp    
DNF Daniel Seagar (Nzl) Auk    
DNF Daniel Smith (Nzl) Auk    
DNF Joshua Brown (Nzl) Wcni    
DNF Ryan Wills (Nzl) Sub    
DNF Sam Weston (Nzl) Wbp    
DNF Colin Cornberg (Nzl) Bici    
DNF Alex Ray (Nzl) Bici    
DNF Patrick Bevan (Nzl) Bici    
DNF Leon Hextall (Nzl) Ben    
DNF James Mccoy (Nzl) Ben    
DNF Ruaraidh Mcleod (Nzl) Cant    
DNF Jason Christie (Nzl) Msc    
DNF Taylor Gunman (Nzl) Bici    
DNF Jeremy Stephens (Nzl) Ecni    
DNF Sean Joyce (Nzl) Bpn    
DNF Fraser Bermingham (Nzl) Bpn    
DNF Patrick Williamson (Nzl) Sth    
DNF Hamish Presbury (Nzl) Sth    
DNF Logan Edgar (Nzl) Sth    
DNF Daniel Barry (Nzl) Ben