Michael Vink claims prologue victory at NZ Cycle Classic

Avanti round out podium with Brenton Jones and Aaron Donnelly


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Vink (NZl) Budgetforklifts Team0:06:13 
2Brenton Jones (Aus) Avanti Cycling Team0:00:04 
3Aaron Donnelly (Aus) Avanti Cycling Team0:00:06 
4Hayden McCormick (NZl) NZCT New Zealand National Team0:00:09 
5Tom Scully (NZl) NZCT New Zealand National Team0:00:10 
6Samuel Horgan (NZl) Budgetforklifts Team  
7Alex Wholer (u23)0:00:11 
8Fraser Gough (NZl) NZCT New Zealand National Team0:00:12 
9Taylor Gunman (NZl) Avanti Cycling Team0:00:13 
10Adam Phelan (Aus) Drapac Professional Cycling0:00:14 
11Thomas Rabou (NED) OCBC Singapore Pro Cycling Team  
12Daniel Klemme (Ger) Synergy Baku Cycling Project0:00:15 
13Paul Odlin (NZl) Armstrong Cycling Team  
14Cameron Bayly (Aus) OCBC Singapore Pro Cycling Team0:00:16 
15Michael Cupitt (Aus) Data#3 Symantec Racing Team  
16James Oram (NZl) NZCT New Zealand National Team0:00:17 
17Pat Shaw (Aus) Satalyst Giant Racing Team  
18Nick Bain (u23)  
19Daniel Barry (NZl) Budgetforklifts Team0:00:18 
20Eric Sheppard (Aus) OCBC Singapore Pro Cycling Team  
21Brodie Talbot (Aus) Budgetforklifts Team  
22Graham Briggs (GBr) Team Rapha Condor JLT0:00:19 
23Scott Thomas (NZl) Total-Pos-SBA Accountants Team  
24Ryan Wills (NZl) Armstrong Cycling Team  
25Elliot Porter (GBr) Team Rapha Condor JLT0:00:20 
26Jai Crawford (Aus) Drapac Professional Cycling  
27Darcy Ellen-Norton (NZl) Team Subaru Albion  
28Edward Laverack (GBr) Team Rapha Condor JLT0:00:21 
29Patrick Lane (Aus) Synergy Baku Cycling Project  
30Toby Atkins (NZl) Hydr8 ZERO Cycling Team0:00:22 
31Christoph Schweizer (Ger) Synergy Baku Cycling Project  
32Michael Schweizer (Ger) Synergy Baku Cycling Project0:00:23 
33Michael Fitzgerald (Aus) Satalyst Giant Racing Team0:00:24 
34Dan Molyneux (NZl) MCS Mobile Communications Team  
35Will Stephenson (GBr) Team Rapha Condor JLT0:00:25 
36Malcolm Rudolph (Aus) Drapac Professional Cycling0:00:26 
37Luke Grivell-Mellor (GBr) Team Rapha Condor JLT  
38Wouter Wippert (NED) Drapac Professional Cycling  
39Sam Lindsay (NZl) Corratec Bikes Cycling Team0:00:27 
40Daniel Bonello (Aus) GPM  
41Benjamin Dyball(Aus) Avanti Cycling Team0:00:28 
42Alex McGregor (Aus) Satalyst Giant Racing Team  
43Scott Ambrose (NZl) Armstrong Cycling Team  
44Floris Goesinnen (NED) Drapac Professional Cycling0:00:29 
45Sam Davies (Aus) Avanti Cycling Team0:00:30 
46Correy Edmed (Aus) Data#3 Symantec Racing Team  
47Kane Walker (Aus) Satalyst Giant Racing Team0:00:31 
48Edward White (Aus) GPM  
49Chris Jory (Aus) GPM0:00:32 
50Alex Grunke (Aus) Data#3 Symantec Racing Team  
51Reon Nolan (NZl) Total-Pos-SBA Accountants Team0:00:33 
52Richard Lawson (NZl) Total-Pos-SBA Accountants Team0:00:34 
53Logan Griffin (NZl) Signmakers Cycling Team0:00:35 
54Josh Page (NZl)  
55Kyle Bridgwood (Aus) Data#3 Symantec Racing Team0:00:36 
56Callum Gordon (NZl) MCS Mobile Communications Team0:00:38 
57James Williamson (NZl) Signmakers Cycling Team0:00:39 
58Theo Yates (Aus) Satalyst Giant Racing Team  
59Yin Hon Yeung (Hkg) OCBC Singapore Pro Cycling Team  
60Rico Rogers (NZl) OCBC Singapore Pro Cycling Team0:00:40 
61Anthony Murray (Irl) Team Subaru Albion0:00:41 
62Scott Mullaly (NZl) Rocket Switch Cycling Team  
63Daniel Whitehouse (NZl) Total-Pos-SBA Accountants Team0:00:42 
64Josh Aldridge (NZl) Team Subaru Albion  
65Saxon Irvine(Aus) Signmakers Cycling Team0:00:43 
66Niklas Ansorge (NZl) MCS Mobile Communications Team  
67Grayson Napier (NZl) Team Meridian  
68Keegan Aitchison (NZl) Team Subaru Albion  
69Jonathan Hazelton (NZl) Team Capital Cycles  
70Lee Evans (NZl) Rocket Switch Cycling Team0:00:44 
71Sam Friend (NZl) NZCT New Zealand National Team  
72Sam Phipps (NZl) Rocket Switch Cycling Team0:00:45 
73Ben Earnshaw (NZl) Corratec Bikes Cycling Team  
74Boris Clark (NZl) Team Capital Cycles0:00:46 
75Jason Thomason (NZl) Rocket Switch Cycling Team0:00:47 
76Douglas Freeburn (NZl) Team Subaru Albion  
77Alex Heaney (NZl) MCS Mobile Communications Team0:00:49 
78Luke McDermott (NZl) Team Meridian0:00:50 
79Yuri Cowan (NZl) Hydr8 ZERO Cycling Team0:00:52 
80Matthew Markby (NZl) Team Capital Cycles0:00:53 
81Jesse Ewart (Aus) GPM0:00:54 
82Chad Gordon Elliston (NZl) Hydr8 ZERO Cycling Team  
83Mikey McCallum (NZl) Team Meridian  
84Ben Wortelboer (NZl) Team Meridian0:00:56 
85Paddy Daly (NZl) Team Capital Cycles  
86Roger Grierson (NZl) Team Meridian0:00:58 
87Rhys Tait (NZl) Rocket Switch Cycling Team0:00:59 
88Pete Smits (NZl) Team Capital Cycles0:01:00 
89Caleb Jones (Aus) GPM0:01:02 
90Stuart Holder (NZl) Hydr8 ZERO Cycling Team0:01:03 
91Karl Postlewaight (NZl) Hydr8 ZERO Cycling Team0:01:06 
92Tim Rush (NZl) Armstrong Cycling Team0:01:07 
93Matthew Payne (Aus) Signmakers Cycling Team  
94Nick Ross (NZl) Total-Pos-SBA Accountants Team0:01:11 
95Vaughn Pretorius (NZl) Signmakers Cycling Team0:01:12 
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