Sickmuller powers to win in Derby

German overcomes fall en route to victory

German visitor Johannes Sickmuller powered to victory over a super-fast second round of the National Trophy Cyclo-Cross Series in Derby on Sunday, holding off current series leader Paul Oldham by 24 seconds.

The Stevens RT rider looked strong as he bounced back from a fall on the second lap to take the win in an eventful race.

Oldham took a tumble on the first lap, leaving Sickmuller to race ahead alongside Belgium rival Jan Van Dael, who was second behind Oldham in the opening round a fortnight ago.

Oldham recovered quickly enough to stay in touch and rode with another Belgian rider, Kris Lapere, but when Sickmuller fell and took Van Dael with him, the Lancashire rider saw his chance and attacked.

Sickmuller was up quickly and rode away aggressively out of trouble, and although Oldham chased hard he couldn’t catch his rival.

Full Results
1Johannes Sickmüller (Ger) Stevens Cyclocross Team Hamburg1:00:27 
2Paul Oldham (GBr) Hope Factory Racing0:00:24 
3Jan Van Dael (Bel) Sunweb-Projob0:00:40 
4Kris Lapere (Bel) Mez Team Belgium Snellegem0:01:00 
5Kristof Cop (Bel) AVB - Cycling Team  
6Stuart Wearmouth (GBr) Picarsso-Pulman RT0:01:35 
7Tom Last (GBr)0:02:00 
8David Collins (GBr)0:02:01 
9Rob Jebb (GBr) Wheelbase/Gore Bike Wear0:02:10 
10Daniel Booth (GBr)0:02:25 
11Ben Eedy (GBr)0:02:34 
12Lewis Craven (GBr) Wheelbase/Gore Bike Wear0:02:38 
13Anthony O'Boyle (GBr) Cwmcarn Paraqgon RC0:02:46 
14Dan Duguid (GBr)  
15Thomas Lowe (GBr)0:02:57 
16Steven Ward (GBr)  
17David Nichols (GBr)  
18Rob Parkin (GBr)0:03:30 
19Matthew Barrett (GBr)0:03:43 
20Stephen Adams (GBr) Plowman Craven - Madison  
21Crispin Doyle (GBr)0:03:48 
22Robert Watson (GBr)  
23Chris Metcalfe (GBr)0:04:02 
24Mark Cotton (GBr) Bycka Sport/Archway Insurance0:04:07 
25Lee Shunburne (GBr) Matlock CC/Impsport/Farmers/Wards0:04:17 
26Ben Roach (GBr) Wyre Forest CRC/Fabricolor/DWT0:04:24 
27Ben Simmons (GBr)0:04:27 
28Gareth Whittall (GBr) Beauvale CC0:04:28 
29Darren Barclay (GBr) Arctic - Premier RT0:04:34 
30Shaun Aldous (GBr)0:04:49 
31Stuart Reid (GBr) Wheelbase/Gore Bike Wear0:05:00 
32Sion O'Boyle (GBr)0:05:02 
33Tim Baldwin (GBr) Paul Milnes/Bradford Olympic RC0:05:06 
34Keith Murray (GBr) Hope Factory Racing0:05:40 
35Glenn Sluyts (Bel)0:05:58 
36Tom Haines (GBr)0:06:11 
37Vin Cox (GBr) Team  
38James Furniss (GBr) 
39Tom Payton (GBr) Wyre Forest CRC/Fabricolor/DWT0:07:03 
40Malcolm Lewis (GBr)  
41Nathan Miller (GBr)  
42Peter Banham (GBr)  
43Andrew Waterman (GBr) Dulwich Paragon CC  
44Jonathan Limebear (GBr)  
45Ben Spurrier (GBr) Team Mule Bar  
46James Thompson (GBr)  
47Tim Rowson (GBr) Sportscover/SPIUK/JE James  
48Matthew Wakefield (GBr)  
49Jeremy Hicks (GBr)  
50David Haygarth (GBr) Wheelbase/Gore Bike Wear  
51Edward Sneddon (GBr)  
52James Shaw (GBr)  
53Robert Burns (GBr)  
54Kyle Burleigh (GBr)  
55Jason Hawkins (GBr)  
56Aaron Caseley (GBr)  
57Matthew Hall (GBr)  
58Kenneth Geenen (Bel)  
59Andy Dunn (GBr)  


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